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Maria Garcia
• Thursday, 14 January, 2021
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We try to recommend products that believe are of high quality and from reputable brands that care about customers. Only a true outdoor enthusiast knows the vital role that a survival lighter plays.

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It can also be the thin line between keeping warm and freezing during cold and hard climates. Nowadays, you will find a wide range to pick from, each with its own pros and cons.

You should make sure that you choose a quality survival lighter that suits your needs and purposes. When you are out in the great wide open, there are different types of climatic phenomena that can be against you, such as rain and snowstorms.

In situations like this, it is crucial that you have a suitable quality survival lighter to help you in such extreme conditions. There are many unexpected things that can take place in the wild, so you need a high-quality survival lighter that can function in different conditions and situations, even the tough ones.

Butane lighters are terrible too but tend to be pretty unreliable in cold conditions. You will find wick-based lighters which many people like as they work well in the cold, but they can be a problem as their fuel often tends to leak.

The bottom line is that every type of lighter has its own set of pros and cons. Durable : When you are out on your outdoor trip, the last thing you want is a lighter that breaks as soon as it falls on the ground.

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These days you will find multi-purpose lighters that do more than light a fire, freeing up your hands for other tasks. Also, hands-free versions of survival lighters act as a source of heat which can be highly useful at times.

The Hippo Emergency Fire Starter comes with 4 waxed tinder sticks with a perforated spine for ease of use. Although you may find the tinder a little difficult to use, this is a quality survival lighter that ticks all the boxes.

This is a butane lighter that comes with the addition of a nifty built-in bottle opener or a handy 3-foot utility tape that easily tears off and sticks to almost anything. The ECO Storm proof Lighter is refillable, waterproof as well as windproof, making it an excellent product.

This survival lighter features an adjustable triple jet flame that can be used easily under any weather condition. With ABS and silicone construction, this product is extremely durable and can hold enough butane for about 700 ignitions.

The ECO Storm proof Lighter includes an aluminum Carabiner that allows you to attach it to your backpack or belt. Opinion : Let’s start by saying that ECO Storm proof Lighter is an excellent pick for survival kits, camping/hiking as well as EDC.

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However, many users expressed that the lighter is easy to refill, gives you 100% spark with every click and the adjustable flame makes it really useful. A small complaint that we have is the quality of the Carabiner, we think it feels like cheap plastic rather than any type of metal or alloy.

Small problems in an emergency situation or the wilderness can make your lighter unusable. The Exotic Lighter shirtsleeve is designed, and field tested to make sure that it works flawlessly under even the harshest conditions when you really need it.

It ensures that your lighter stays dry and works whenever you need to light a fire. A great thing to know about it that the shirtsleeve is 100% waterproof, so you never have to worry about not being able to light a fire with your lighter after getting drenched in the rain or a swim.

This is a tough survival lighter that you will love having on your outdoor trips, bug out bag and for EDC. Review: To start off, we believe that the Windmill Classic Storm proof All Weather Lighter is a sterling product that has stamina and durability.

It is tough and sturdy, making it ideal for all types of outdoor adventures and survival or emergency situations. To finish off, we can say the Windmill Storm proof All Weather lighter is the perfect choice for camping, hunting, emergencies, and EDC.

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Prisons(+) Suitable ergonomics(-) A tad small for some users(+) Convenient to carry(-) The flame needs adjustment at high altitudes(+) Excellent quality Although it might not work as expected in higher altitudes, this lighter is an exceptional product that is definitely worth the buy.

The Blazer CG-001 Refillable Torch is an excellent survival lighter to own, that is why we included it on our list. Apart from these features, the Hippo Matte Lighter comes with a lifetime guarantee as well as a warranty with an “it works, or we fix it free” policy.

This is an awesome advantage to have in case you bang up your lighter during your frequent camping or hunting trips or in a survival situation. Although it is not waterproof, the Matte Lighter is a superb choice for your backpack and survival or EDC kit.

FeaturesDetailsOur Rating:4.3 stormwater Resistant:Windproof:Refillable:Refuel: Lighter Floodlight:2.0 oz The Everstryke Pro has been given an all-new design with great features including a replaceable flint and wick which lasts 10 times longer.

Made of solid stainless steel, the Match Pro Lighter is compact, tough, durable, and easy to use. Although it is not the most windproof survival lighter, the Everstryke Match Pro is definitely a good purchase.

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FeaturesDetailsOur Rating:4.2 stormwater Resistant:Windproof:Nonrefillable:Refuel: Lighter floodlight:1.0 oz Survival lighters today are designed with the outdoors man/survivalist in mind, so you can bet they are sturdy and durable.

They are made with various high-quality materials to ensure that they last many years and perform reliably when you are out in the wilderness or in an emergency situation. A survival lighter is the perfect tool to rely on when you really need a fire to cook or stay warm in the wilderness.

Also, be sure to read through the Frequently Asked Questions to learn about the most common concerns regarding this essential survival tool. Perfect for backpacking, hiking, and hunting, the Dual Arc Lighter uses an internal lithium-ion battery instead of liquid fuel.

The battery is easily rechargeable via USB port and can be utilized at any altitude without the need for an oxygen intake adjustment. The lighter is started with a simple push-button operation and contains a blue indicator light that lets you know when it’s turned on.

The external housing features a compact, impact-resistant ABS Zinc alloy design that fits easily in your pocket. Finally, this lighter can withstand winds up to 80 mph and comes with a 10-second time-out safety feature to make sure you don’t drain the battery unnecessarily.

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The reliable spark works in all weather conditions and the tinder sticks have a perforated spine so that they can easily be torn for quick lighting. This survival lighter receives the prestigious Seal of Approval from the North American Hunting Club.

Designed for water-based excursions but still perfect for backpackers, hikers, and hunters, this survival lighter remains waterproof even after it has been submerged to three feet for up to 30 minutes. The MUST Floating Lighter is a buoyant, waterproof wilderness lighter designed to maintain optimal performance at elevations up to 8000 feet.

It maintains performance as you climb using an adjustable flame that provides proper oxygen mix for your conditions. This makes it an ideal choice for backpackers and hunters that need a lighter to perform in mountainous environments.

This survival lighter boasts an O-ring sealed cover and locking clasp to keep water from damaging its critical components. This survival lighter is designed for adventurers that don’t want to rely on a flame that can be affected by wind.

It boasts a fuel level indicator that visually reveals how much quadruple-refined butane is left before a refill is needed. The Windmill Delta STOREROOM Lighter is made with a catalyzes coil that provides a flame capable of withstanding winds up to 80 miles per hour and burning up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

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The lighter’s piezoelectric ignition system eliminates the need to worry about a drained battery or faulty flint. This pocket torch is best used at altitudes under 5,000 feet, but it features a strong, wind-resistant burner and powerful electric ignition.

Great for lighting stoves and lamps or soldering metal and melting snow, this powerful torch produces a flame that can reach temperatures up to 2300 degrees Fahrenheit. This survival lighter has applications beyond simply lighting cigars, pipes, and cigarettes, although you can certainly use it for those purposes as well.

It’s a butane-refillable torch lighter that boasts a wide flame and comes in a durable housing that makes it ideal for outdoor use. The Blazer CG-001 boasts a flip-top safety cover and a key ring latch for easy, one-touch operation.

It houses a piezoelectric ignition system, which utilizes a pressurized molecular reaction to provide a reliable spark every time. The MUST Tektite Lighter boasts a lightweight design and easy-starting operation that makes it ideal for backpacking, camping, and hunting trips.

All essential components of this lighter are housed in a rubberized case that allows for easy grip and comes with a wrist lanyard to attach for safety. This survival lighter runs on a built-in, lithium-ion battery, which means it doesn’t require butane fuel or need flame adjustments at higher altitudes.

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The 300-mAh battery is rechargeable via any USB port using the included cable and the Tektite boasts a green indicator light that lets you know when it’s in use. Our ability to manufacture warmth in the outdoors is still vital to making our backpacking, hunting, and camping trips much more enjoyable, not to mention its applications for cooking delicious meals in the backcountry.

Selecting a reliable survival lighter is arguably one of the most important gear choices you’ll make. In this Buyer’s Guide, we will highlight the most important factors to keep in mind when choosing between the best survival lighters on the market today.

Survival lighters are preferable to their disposal counterparts because they are more rugged and capable of being tossed around a bit. But all survival lighters aren’t created equal and some are made with cheaper plastics that can easily crack when dropped or exposed to severe elements.

The main benefit of this plastic is that it can be heated to its melting point, cooled, and re-heated again without significant degradation. There are other types of lightweight polymers used in the construction of survival lighters today, but ABS is the most common example.

Ultimately, the lighter you choose needs to be resistant to the types of elements and environments it’ll be subject to once it’s in use. If this lighter go with you on strenuous mountaineering expeditions, on the other hand, finding a flame that will work in heavy winds is paramount.

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If you find yourself in one of these situations, you don’t want to be relying on a fire starter that’s only made for a single use or a disposable lighter that could run out of fuel. The last factor we’ll discuss in this guide is choosing between the types of fuel survival lighters use to function.

It is a combustible fuel that you’ll be able to pick up for refill purposes at your local grocery, convenience, or outdoor store. Most survival lighters, however, include rechargeable internal batteries and those that do tend to be more resistant to wind and water splashes because of the lack of a flame.

From a scientific standpoint, there is some debate over the technical differences of plasma and electricity (5), but for all practical purposes, lighters that use these fuel sources function almost identically. Some main uses of a survival lighter include, but aren’t limited to, making a fire to stay warm, cooking food, boiling and sterilizing water, illuminate your camp and surrounding areas, and keeping potential predators away.

With a Hippo lighter, for example, gasoline and diesel fuel can, in theory, work, but it isn’t recommended trying unless in dire conditions. Regular cleaning will prevent excess buildup and make it easier to keep the lighter performing at its optimal potential.

They require care less often because they tend to have less moving parts, but still need to be bled and cleaned to any residual film that is deposited when the butane is burnt. As you move higher in elevation, there is less oxygen and, subsequently, many butane lighters can begin struggling to create and maintain a strong flame.

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In addition, strong winds also become an increasing factor as you climb higher in elevation in most places. For these reasons, many high altitude expeditions carry flameless survival lighters that rely on an electric or plasma ignition source.

Once you choose a new survival lighter, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that you’re prepared for those unpredictable events that can happen when spending time in the great outdoors.

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