Best Wilderness Lodges In Canada

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From the west coast to the east, and everything in between, this country is overflowing with incredible log cabins, luxury clamping resorts and scores of activities centering around nature. Nestled in a beautiful and secluded area of British Columbia is this breathtaking wilderness lodge, with a specialty in grizzly bear viewing.

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The beautiful open lodge is welcoming with its amazing fireplaces, outdoor hot tub, and large dining rooms. Via Bella Cooley Held Sports This remote resort is small, personal and sophisticated, beckoning travelers who are looking for an authentic adventure and life-enriching experiences.

This genuine family-owned ranch is located in cowboy country and legendary for providing guests with the ultimate wilderness experience. This off-grid ranch is determined to offer an authentic wilderness retreat to guests of all ages, including families that tend to head here in the summer months.

Via Nation Geographic Lodges It boasts itself as luxury accommodations in unspoiled wilderness, an intimate secluded resort that caters to anyone looking to escape the ordinary. Picture a massive lodge created out of log walls and beam ceilings, furnished with Tiffany lamps and handmade furniture.

With two dining venues, every guest is taken care of and served the freshest of Canadian seafood along with fresh veggies and organic ingredients. Wilderness Resort is located within the Secret Inlet Provincial Marine Park on the Sunshine Coast and you can expect to share your space with bald eagles, black bears, bobcats, deer and more.

Guests here take advantage of the incredible kayaking, hiking, yoga, bird watching expeditions, sailing and seaplane tours. What awaits you after a full day of fishing, either guided or self-guided, is warm delicious home cooked meals in the main lodge’s dining room, a crackling fire and great company.

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Activities here are endless, from 310 miles of hiking to kayaking, white water rafting, mountain biking, fishing, horseback riding and more. With no televisions or phones, the Cathedral Mountain Lodge encourages you to shut down from your normal life and get outside and explore the beauty that surrounds you.

Via Cathedralmountainlodge.com It is one of the most accessible wilderness retreats in British Columbia, just a three-hour drive or 20 minute float plane ride from downtown Vancouver. Nature is behind the design of the accommodations and guests here should expect spectacular views, private decks, outdoor hot tub, and communal fireplace lounge.

The lodge can only be reached by float plane and sets a maximum of 10 guests per week, making this an incredibly personal and unique experience. Activities here range from fly-fishing in the crystal clear lake teeming with fish to hiking one of many trails that start at the lodge to canoeing and kayaking through the calm waters.

Via Tincup-lodge.com This all-inclusive luxury resort is reached only by helicopter, float plane or boat and has been listed as one of National Geographic’s unique lodges worldwide. This intimate family owned and operated resort promises to deliver the ultimate wilderness retreat to its guests through a variety of activities, luxury cabins, and an incredible dining experience.

In the winter guests enjoy snowshoeing, dog sledding, ice fishing and staring in wonder at the Northern Lights. Visitors to the Layout Wilderness Resort will experience world-class dining, luxury tent accommodations and countless activities to choose from.

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AN INTIMATE FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED RESORT LOCATED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GREAT BEAR RAINFOREST This is the resort that invented heli-fishing on the coast of British Columbia, yet it provides down to earth wilderness experiences that bring guests remarkably close to nature.

With the use of Helicopters and Boats, Jimmy Bay customizes adventure holidays to match anyone's the wildest desires. Canada may be known for its stretches of untamed wilderness where people are few and far between, but that’s not to say these remote reaches are completely without those little touches of luxury.

In fact, The Great White North is home to a number of incredible wilderness lodges that rival their staggering locations in beauty. There are 446 guest rooms, including signature cabins, providing all the comforts of home in the heart of the wilderness.

Year round fun and excitement is assured with the likes of the Columbia Ice fields, Mount Edith Cavell and Whistler's mountain open through every season. World-class skiing takes up the winter months, while hiking, golfing and animal watching are perfect daytime activities through the spring and summer.

Guided tours of Hudson Bay are also available to get up close and personal with playful beluga whales whether you're swimming or kayaking with these gentle mammals. From relaxing weekend's away from the hustle and bustle of life, to romantic getaways amidst the rugged beauty of the British Columbia landscape, Sonora is at your beck and call.

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Take your pick between rooms, suites or private themed villas, each offering the comfort and style of a 5-star resort with uninterrupted views of some of Mother Nature's most impressive landscapes. Take a guided fishing tour in search of the mighty Chinook; spot bears as they trundle through their natural habitat; hike or bike the many mountain trails for rewarding views over the jagged mountain peaks or go for a cooling swim in Florence Lake.

At the end of the day, enjoy the gourmet spoils of executive Chef Terry Anchor or swirl and sip a fine drop from the onsite wine cellar as you gaze out at the sun setting over the mountain ridges. Only reachable by seaplane or helicopter, this string of nine luxurious cabins perched on the fringe of the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia allows guests to immerse themselves in this outstandingly beautiful location.

Scenic flights, wildlife tours, kayaking journeys, hiking treks ... your days can be filled with exploration of all types as you spot soaring bald eagles, majestic Orca whales, curious grizzly bears and more. Even better, all-inclusive packages allow you to book your holiday and take advantage of these premium tours as well as the lodge facilities and luxurious accommodation.

From fantastic meals in ramshackle joints to stumbling upon a best kept secret, I love those fortuitous travel moments that couldn't be planned if I tried. During your holidays in one of our adventure lodges, you can partake in as many activities as you like or simply relax in the backyard or on the shore of a private lake.

Choose an easily accessible luxurious lodge in the city center or step out into the wild and just get away from it all in fly-in rustic cabin in the middle of nowhere. If you’re looking for a true Canadian adventure, spending your holiday in a remote wilderness lodge will give you just that.

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Aside from the countless health benefits of spending time outdoors, wilderness lodges also offer you the unique opportunity to craft a holiday itinerary that is perfect for you and your family. Depending on your chosen destination and time of the year, wilderness lodges usually have an abundance of outdoor activities for you to choose from.

You can hike in the wild and explore the surrounding area, spot a grizzly bear or moose, and go fishing, kayaking, or rafting during the summer months. In the winter, some wilderness lodges offer dog sledding, a Northern Lights hunt or snowmobile tours, while most of them will provide ice fishing, snowshoeing, wildlife and bird watching activities.

You won’t need to plan extensively if you decide to spend your holidays in a wilderness lodge in Canada’s northern regions. Bella Cooley Valley: Enjoy the Canadian summer in the spectacular Tweedsmuir Provincial Park.

During the winter, you can feast your eyes on the Northern Lights dancing across the sky, learn how to build an igloo, and lamp camp in the middle of the lake. The memories from a holiday in the Northwest Territories will stay with you long after you’ve left, and you’ll be inspired to come back here during the summer as well.

We operate our wilderness lodge adventures from chalets in British Columbia and the Northwest Territories. Located just under an hour’s flight from Yellowknife, our lodges in the Northwest Territories are the perfect destination for adventure seekers, who want a taste of the wild.

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Located just under an hour’s flight from Yellowknife, our lodges in the Northwest Territories are the perfect destination for adventure seekers, who want a taste of the wild. Accessible only by plane, it offers comfortable accommodation with all the amenities a solo traveler or family would ever need for a holiday in the Great Canadian North.

In the winter, days are very short and temperatures can drop from -4 °F (-20.1 °C) to -18.4 °F (-28.2 °C) which usually allows for clear skies and a great chance to witness the Northern Lights. There is a main building with a restaurant, a fully stocked bar, and a chill out area lit by a cozy fireplace for socializing.

In the main building, there’s a dining area, bar, fully equipped rooms, each with free Wi-Fi and able to accommodate up to 4 people. Our lodges are located out in the wild, where lights from the city don’t pollute the night sky and your chances of spotting auroras increase.

Vancouver Island’s celebrated luxury outpost, Layout Wilderness Lodge, is only a seaplane away. To start off, this dream resort is set among Vancouver Island’s magnificent conifer forests.

That means you’re saying bye to the concrete jungle and saying hello to adventure-filled days, sustainable dining, fine wines and Luke guest tents. These contemporary interiors feature period and local artisan-designed furnishings that are totally decadent while still feeling homey.

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Situated right on the shore of Tin cup Lake close to the Plane National Park in Canada’s Yukon Territory, surrounded by mile up upon mile of unspoiled natural landscape, Tin cup Wilderness Lodge enjoys a truly unique location. The surrounding Ruby Range mountains provide views of breathtaking beauty from dawn to dusk.

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