Best Wilderness Pants

Maria Garcia
• Tuesday, 08 December, 2020
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Believe it or not, the clothing you choose to wear and pack for your outdoor adventures play a major role on your chances of survival in the wilderness. One of the clothing items you need to consider carefully before taking off on your outdoor trip is survival pants.

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Choosing the right survival pants can go a long way in making you feel comfortable in the wilderness and help you face any challenge or obstacle with ease. Click on one of the links to go directly to our overview, opinion, and features of each pair of pants.

When you are on the way to the brush or woods, you need pants that will not rip as soon as you step into rough terrain or an area with friars or thorns. Comfortable and flexible : When you are in the wilderness, the last thing you want is a pair of uncomfortable pants that do not allow you to perform the tasks you need to.

You might find it difficult to resist camo as it gives you tactical advantage and also makes you look cool and powerful. A lot of people who see your camo pants might think that you have other great gear on you and wait for the right opportunity to try and steal it.

It is best to choose drab colors, like black or olive green, so you can blend in with your environment as well as with other people. Some pants are designed with fabrics that are better suited for hot and humid climates, while others are made for wet and cold environments.

For instance, you can carry long underwear pants to be prepared for colder weather should the need suddenly arise. Stellar cargo capacity : Last but not least, you should choose survival pants with a well-thought-out storage scheme.

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Made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton rip stop mix, this is a superb pair of tactical pants, perfect for all types of outdoor trips. Lightweight Tactical Pants features durable water repellent (DR) treatment for stain resistance and quick drying.

This is a high-quality pair of survival pants made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton rip stop combo that is treated with HT Teflon wear resistant finish. Lightweight with a fully gusseted crotch that gives you full movement range, these pants are comfortable and flexible enough to make all types of activities in the wilderness easy to perform.

The cargo pockets could do with a bit of sprucing up, like elastic bands to help hold magazines and other items in place. But the 5.11 Tactical 74273 Tagline Pro Pant does come with plenty of pockets for easy access to essential gear.

It is treated with Dupont Teflon Fabric Protector to repel liquids and stains. It features 9 pockets that can hold everything from your smartphone to other essential gear that you need quick and easy access to.

The Proper Canvas Tactical Pant is shrink, fade, and wrinkle resistant. With its high-quality material and rugged construction, the Proper Canvas Tactical Pant is a must-buy for anyone who regularly ventures off into the wilderness.

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Made of 65/35 polyester cotton rip stop, the TRUMPET 24-7 Tactical Pant is another good choice for those who are heading out on an adventure to a warm climate or during the summer months. The TRUMPET 24-7 Tactical Pant features Teflon coating for durability and stain resistance.

Pros : (+) Breathable and comfortable (+) Excellent rip stop fabric for rough conditions (+) Practical and versatile Cons : (-) A bit too expensive for some (-) Cannot be ironed but tends to wrinkle easily The Under Armor Storm Covert Tactical Pants also feature a stretch-engineered waistband that provides you with superior mobility and unmatched comfort.

It is lightweight, comfortable and made with high-quality materials with a DR finish to repel water and stains. Overall, this is an excellent quality product that is a bit on the pricier side, compared to others but still a good option if you ask us.

With its low profile, it is a stylish pair of pants that will help you survive even in the roughest conditions outdoors. The Teflon finish makes it rugged and durable and the pants come with a fixed waistband and fully gusseted crotch for flexibility while moving.

These are a great pair of pants ideal for outdoor trips or to have as your bug out clothes when an emergency occurs. The TRUMPET 24/7 Ascent Pants are also fade and stain resistant and feature a comfort fit slider waistband.

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It has inset cargo pockets and discreet reinforced knees to give you a streamlined appearance. Made of strong, durable fabric, these pants are very good for all types of survival situations.

It features a water repellant treatment to resist spills and stains and make it more durable. Lightweight Tactical Pants has double layer of fabric on the hem, seat, and knees for added durability.

Not only are they made of high quality, durable material, they are also treated for resistance to wrinkles, stains, and fading. Lightweight Tactical Pants are great for all types of outdoor activities as well as for work.

These pants come with a loose, more relaxed fit to provide comfort no matter what type of situation you are in and a great pocket design for storage space for essential gear you need to keep within easy reach. They feature the signature Moisture Transport System that wicks sweat, ensuring you stay light and dry.

Made of durable rip stop fabric, these pants can stand up to the toughest and roughest conditions. When it comes to tactical or survival wear, Under Armor is a well-known company committed to delivering quality products.

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The Vertex Original Tactical Pants is an excellent choice for warm to cold climates. Made of 98% cotton and 2% Lycra, these tactical pants for women are durable and provide a flattering fit to all body shapes.

Made of top-notch materials, these pants are just what you need to survive the elements and the different conditions you will come across in the great wide open. Now that you have an idea of what is available for you to choose from, you can go ahead and pick the best survival pants for your needs and budget, and be comfortable no matter where you are.

And if you are one of the many thrill-seekers hoping to set out on the trail for days or maybe even weeks at a time, one of the most crucial things to consider is how to protect those beautiful legs of yours. PictureNamePocketsConvertibleMoisture WickingWeightPriceRating Columbia Silver Ridge 6YesYes10.8 oz.$$4.5 Outdoor Research Ferrari 6YesNo11.3 oz.$$$4.8 REI Co-op Sahara 6YesYes11.4 oz.$4.0 Prank Stretch Zion 5YesYesAround 13 oz.$$$4.9 KOHL Renegade Rock 8NoYesAround 17 oz.$$5.0 Ex-officio Runaway Sand fly 5NoNo7.1 oz.$$$4.4 REI Co-op Memory GTX 2NoYes (Waterproof)Around 10 oz.$$$4.7 Marmot Arch Rock 5NoYesAround 10.1 oz.$$4.5 Royal Robbins Alpine Road 6NoNoAround 15 oz.$$4.6 Under Armour Ramble 6NoYesAround 9.6 oz.$$4.5PictureNamePocketsConvertibleMoisture WickingWeightPriceRating Specs Convertible : Yes Weight : 10.8 oz.

This makes them a great option for anyone seeking a pair of pants that will last you a while and provide ample storage, comfort, and protection from the rugged activity of hiking. The lightweight construction of the Silver Ridge Convertible is perfect for overnight hiking that may last days at a time.

The tappable legs allow you to effortlessly switch these pants into cargo shorts for unexpected temperature or weather changes. Considering the price tag attached to such a versatile pair of pants, the Silver Ridge Convertible from Columbia are perfectly oriented to the value-seeking hiker with a hunger for different scenarios.

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Some may be very straightforward and simple (think flat and straight) while others are chock-full of rock scrambles and mud patches that require some flexibility to overcome. This is something the Ferrari Convertibles from Outdoor Research achieves wholly, thanks no doubt to the partial-spandex construction.

The convertible design also grants the Ferrari’s users with the option of easily turning them into cargo shorts at the flick of a wrist. Give the Outdoor Research Ferrari Convertibles a chance if you are in the market for a comfy pair of trail pants that will remain rip-free no matter how wide your step.

Features Durable Water Repellent (DR) Provides Ample Waterproofing Flattened Seams Help To Prevent Chafing Tappable Leg Cuffs Make Fitting Over Boots Easy As Pie These two things alone make the Sahara Convertibles a prime choice for the shopper that is seeking extreme comfort at a fair price.

Moreover, tappable ankle cuffs allow you to effortlessly fit these over a pair of boots, both for hiking and rock climbing. Overall, REI Co-Op’s Sahara Convertible is a great option for the deal-seeking adventurer who has comfort at the top of their list of needs.

Material : 97% Nylon / 3% Spandex Pockets : 5 UPF : None Ventilation : Gusset Vent Ports Moisture Wicking : Yes Fortunately, prank’s Stretch Zion Convertible work as a great option for a durable set of cargo pants with adequate flexibility.

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Unlike many other hiking pants, the Stretch Zions seem to reflect many aesthetic and material similarities with standard cargo shorts. The leg cuffs of these pants can be easily and comfortably rolled up and secured with the convenient set of snaps.

Features Articulated Knees Grant Additional Mobility Cinching Mechanism In Leg Cuffs Allow For A Secure Fit Microsuede-Lined Waistband Offers Superior Comfort They may not be as versatile due to their lack of convertibility, but their design, adjustability, and added comfort make them a great option.

Thanks to the articulated design of the legs on these pants, no longer will you have to worry about restricted knees when getting over steep rock scrambles. And a waistband that flashes a microsuede lining will help prevent painful chafing and general comfort.

The Renegade Rock pants from Kohl also have a whopping total of eight pockets, giving you plenty of reliable storage. Overall, these are a set of pants that will resist the elements, keep you comfy, mobile, and offer immense storage all in one neat package.

Material : 100% Nylon Pockets : 5 UPF : 30 Ventilation : Mesh Gusset Moisture Wicking : No Hiking is a great way to relax, but that can be made difficult when you’re spending most of your trail time swatting at bot flies and mosquitos.

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Insects are an inevitability for a vast majority of hiking regions around the world, but that doesn’t mean you have to bite the bullet and learn to ignore them. Ex-officio’s Runaway Sand fly hiking pants offer a great tool for protecting your legs from pesky bugs.

Features Boot Hooks For Securing Legs In Areas With High Vegetation Articulated Knees Provide Ample Comfort And Range Of Motion Gore-Tex And Durable Water Repellent (DR) Make These Impenetrable To Rain The Memory GTX from REI Co-Op is an excellent choice of hiking pants for those unexpected rainy day scenarios.

Thanks to their Gore-Tex laminate and durable waterproof repellent (DR), these pants will keep your legs dry and cool in even the heaviest of downpours. The 100% polyester construction gives these pants unmatched protection against the elements, such as heavy rain, humidity, and even high wind speeds.

With the articulated knees and boot hooks, these pants will hug your body and bend effortlessly to its every movement. Lastly, these pants can be packed down to a fraction of their size into the front left pocket, which greatly makes up for their lack of convertibility.

Marmot’s patented Decline moisture wicking design helps keep these pants extremely comfortable in almost any scenario. Plus, the knee articulation and gusseted crotch provide a fantastic range of motion that will never feel restrictive, no matter what you are climbing over.

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They offer up an immensely durable and protective pair of pants that bear a casual look and great comfort. The Alpine Road Pants feature a partial spandex construction coupled with a four-way gusseted crotch and articulated knees.

Six pockets, adjustable leg cuffs, and powerful ultraviolet light protection seals the deal for an overall great pair of hiking pants. Best of all, these pants won’t let rainy days be an excuse to stay inside because of the patented US Storm waterproofing they feature.

A cotton interior and stretchable waistband makes the Ramble Pants a top dog for overall comfort. Fortunately, the partial polyester construction also offers fair breathability despite a cotton interior.

Be sure to look into the varying methods of breathability that are often used in hiking pants to make sure you choose the most effective and reliable option before spending your hard-earned cash. To fully achieve this, you’ll want to pick up a pair of pants that can be adjusted and fit to your leg shape with extreme accuracy.

This isn’t some esoteric concept; prices matter to almost everybody, and you want to make sure you don’t overspend on a cheaply made pair of pants. Customer reviews exist for this exact reason, so always be sure to refer to the points made by your fellow adventurers.

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When reading reviews, it’s always a smart idea to collect opinions from a wide array of websites and experts to get the most diverse list of pros and cons. A frequently-used mesh material sewn within boots that offers waterproofing without reducing breathability; often identified in item names with “GTX”.

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