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• Monday, 16 November, 2020
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When compiling this rating, I decided not to limit it to time-honored names, but also to add great landscape photographers who will define this genre going forward. Thomas is a British photographer who specializes in landscape and traveling genres and is rapidly earning his place at the top.

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His portfolio includes a stunning variety of different styles, and Eaton also runs an inspiring YouTube channel, where he uploads encouraging videos about landscape photography. His fans love his sincere, energetic vlogs and images and consider him to be the best landscape photographer out there.

Thomas adores hiking and focuses on finding the perfect location at the most opportune moment rather than chasing after expensive camera gear. Eaton’s other sources of income come from publishing his photographs in popular magazines and organizing workshops dedicated to his favorite genre.

Ted is a California-raised landscape artist who managed to get worldwide recognition thanks to his refined style distinguished by unconventional compositions and alluring photo editing. Gore’s photographs demonstrate his impressive versatility and capability to turn even an odd and seemingly unpleasant scene into the best landscape photo ever.

Staying in tune with current trends, Gore has no trouble admitting the value of image post-production and relies on several techniques to guarantee his work tells the story he wants. Other than hosting workshops, Gore also produces popular instructional videos that give his audience useful knowledge on how he creates his work.

Erin began as an art historian, who used photographs for her lectures and research before transitioning to the role of a wilderness photographer. Bank has an energetic, revealing style that combines risky adventures, contemporary techniques, and classic art education, allowing her to take one-of-a-kind landscape photos.

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Regardless of whether you’re reading her book or attending a workshop, you’ll get to enjoy Erin’s amazing mixture of historical, philosophical, and teaching thoughts, which made Bank one of the best landscape photographers and speakers of her generation. Daniel is a Russian-born photographer who began his career taking amazing landscape photos of a lake in the Moscow region.

Korean’s pictures convey the beauty of nature like no others while featuring an abundance of mesmerizing golden lights. Cord ran won numerous photography prizes and his works were published in Digital SLR and Discovery among many other magazines.

Catherine is a self-educated photographer and illustrator that grew up in Canada, all the while capturing the beauty of the wilderness and nature around her. At one point, she abandoned her career as a stylist and model in Quebec, spending the next four years traveling around the globe and sharing photos of her followers, primarily via Instagram.

Nowadays, Catherine made world exploration her full-time job as she keeps taking some of the best landscape photos and artworks you’ll ever see while hosting photography workshops and sharing her knowledge worldview with her fans. Catherine’s main drive is to encourage her followers to venture outside, witness the beauty of our world with their own eyes, and understand why we have to preserve it.

You can also often find a single human figure in his landscape photos as Max loves to show the scale of things to make the scenes even more visually impressive. Rive has a prestigious IPA award in his collection, which serves as proof that he belongs to any list of landscape photographers.

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Mandy is an American landscape photographer who built her entire life around her work as she travels across the country in a small teardrop camper. Lea is currently conquering the Grand Canyon with fellow photographers and moviemakers while taking astonishing photos in the process.

Other than hosting workshops, recording videos and guides, Lea also designs beautiful calendars that feature her works so consider getting one for yourself. Michael is a great example of the “early bird catches the worm” rule in action as he began his path as a photographer and moviemaker when he was only 16.

Shainblum quickly became known for his imagination and knack for taking creative, surrealistic pictures and videos that always told a captivating story. You can also see Shainblum’s amazing landscape photos in popular media channels like National Geographic and the Wired Magazine.

Hillary isn’t just one of the great landscape photographers of her generation, but she also manages to find time to work as a community nurse. She states that the sunset and sunrise hours allow her to use light and color in the most subtle of ways, transforming everyday landscapes into revered scenes and taking photos with vibrant tones and interesting details that have an aura of mystery.

He moved to Canada dreaming of a career as a winter sports athlete, but his passion for traditional landscape photography quickly took over his competitive ambitions. In a couple of years, he learned how to use a camera like a pro, acquired the necessary business and creative skills, and became a full-fledged landscape photographer.

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She doesn’t shy away from changing an image during post-processing completely so that it better reflects the scene she imagined when taking it. You can find Isabella’s works both on the web and in notable print media such as National Geographic, Daily Mail, and N-Photo.

Tobacco is the winner of several international contests namely Monochrome Awards, IPO TY, OPO TY, and numerous others, making her possibly the best landscape photographer today. Bags haw was originally known as a hiker and mountaineer, but the desire to immortalize his adventures in the form of slide shows soon led him to photography.

Moreover, Sean can spend up to 3 months each year in search of the ideal lighting conditions while sleeping in a truck or tent, whichever makes it easier for him to take the perfect picture./p> Being brought up in such a scenic region, Add quickly became passionate about hiking across the nearby woods, hills, and ocean, all the while falling in love with photography.

Other famous photographers characterize Elizabeth’s work as fairytale-esque, magical, serene, and oozing wanderlust. She strives to take the best landscape photos possible to inspire other people to establish a more meaningful connection with nature and their inner selves.

His blog contains heaps of useful knowledge as Frye uses it to tell the secrets of landscape photography and gives an insight into his workflow. She has a passion for hiking, landscape, and lifestyle photos, and draws most of her inspiration from visiting new locations and being acquainted with foreign cultures.

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Over the years, she amassed together a diverse travel photography portfolio, having cooperated with popular companies and tourism agencies such as Sony, Amazon, Destination Canada, and Apple. You can find Nguyen’s photos in Huffington Post, USA Today, Cosmopolitan, and several other media outlets.

Patricia collaborates with Fuji Love Magazine, Scott Kelby's blog, and Visual Wilderness. Her love for nature and desire to show ordinary things in an interesting way made her one of the best landscape photographers.

Edward Burtynsky's works differ from the photos of classic landscape photographers, as his main goal is to depict the effects of human intervention in the world of nature. Justin Minn's is engaged in traditional landscape photography, and he collaborates with English Heritage and National Trust on a regular basis.

David uses such techniques as Silver Gelatin, Platinum Palladium, Bro moil, and Rotogravure that are almost abandoned by his younger colleagues. His father taught him the basics of landscape photography, which motivated Brett to keep developing his skills and vision.

Weston Jr. made a real revolution in the world of landscape photography, producing abstract, a bit fancy pictures with increased contrast. Fontana organizes master classes at the universities of New York, Brussels, Tokyo, Rome, Paris, Toronto, and Barcelona.

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He was a student of the Forestry Department at Tokyo Agricultural University, but quitted it and began working as a naturalist, and later as a photographer. Unlike pictures of other great landscape photographers, only very few photos of this artist can be found on the net.

However, the photographer managed to achieve great success and present the world with many outstanding works. Rowell preferred to use reliable and compact Nikon FE and FM2 cameras instead of bulky professional equipment.

Galen spent several hours in harsh weather conditions, trying to catch the moment with the best lighting and capture the gracefulness of the nature in front of him. Carr took a lot of pictures of the US national parks because he thinks that one and the same place may look completely different after a couple of years.

Carr Clifton's photographs demonstrate the pure beauty and grandeur of surrounding landscapes. She did not just photograph beautiful scenes, but studied the history of the area, collaborating with specialists from different science fields.

At the age of 23, he completed a trip around the world which turned him into a passionate traveler. Media outlets such as CNN, The Telegraph, BBC, the National Geographic and GEO Magazine used his work.

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Mandy is living on the road in a small teardrop caravan. She was born in Colorado, where she developed her great love for nature.

Then she felt that the routine was ending in a burnout, so she quit her job and moved into a trailer. She was touring from Alaska down to Mexico and wrote a blog about the journey.

Mandy met her partner on her journey, and now they are travelling together in a teardrop trailer called Rocky. Erin studied art history and took photos because of research and teaching.

She fell in love with nature photography and started to focus on wilderness. She likes to focus on details and how the landscape affects our senses.

Bank claims that she always wears shades of purple when she goes out for shooting photos. During that time, she explored Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and Peru.

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Now she is a full-time traveler and wants to inspire people to get outdoors and admire our planet. Max was born in the Netherlands, but his nature photography shows how much he loves mountains.

He conquered landscapes from Scotland to the Himalayas, always chasing mountainous scenes. Max’s photos often feature one single person to provide a good sense of scale.

Daniel grew up in the beautiful lake region near Moscow. As time went by, Daniel drifted away from art and studied physics.

But his passion for nature remained, and he became a guide for mountain climbing and hiking. Daniel is spending most of his time in the Often Islands and in Tuscany.

Ted is one of the best landscape photographers and lives in California at the moment. He teaches workshops and creates useful videos on how he processes his images.

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With his words: “My work extends beyond the boundaries of what a photograph can be and fully utilizes the amazing technology that we have at our disposal in this day and age.” Joel is a photographer who first found himself fascinated by nature as a child.

From all kinds of animals in their national habitat to using aerial shots to show conservation stories. Christopher Odds got his love for nature and wildlife during backpacking trips.

Photographing, leading safaris and teaching nature photo workshops. Their travel gallery includes landscapes, ancient places, plants, and world cultures.

They have a goal in mind, and that is “to inspire people to celebrate and conserve the natural wonders of our planet.” He makes his mark in outdoor photography by focusing on landscapes and nature.

It’s full of tips and techniques to help the viewers capture better images. His friendly and insightful approach to his work brings him many appreciative followers.

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All the work fried his brain, and he found comfort and solace in travel. He works a lot with Nikon, and they don’t back poor landscape and outdoor photographers.

According to his website, he specializes in a dramatic landscape and exotic wildlife images. By exploring the globe, he finds beautiful natural landscapes, epic or intimate.

He says his favorite shooting locations are Alaska, Hawaii, and the South Pacific. In most of his art, he likes to showcase the “natural beauty of birds, sharks, and whales “.

His images also sell as stock photos to commercial and editorial clients. Cabárceno with pictures from three years spent in the largest Wildlife Park in Europe.

A Canon ambassador since 2015, she represents the field of nature and wildlife photography. She has also held exhibitions and talks in Cape Town, London, La Havana and Korea, to name a few.

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It’s very easy to feel small when looking at the images of Jame Justus Out. He shows us the big and the bold, with a dash of people thrown in.

He likes trekking and hiking, photographing water spots and scene from up on high. Paths and walkways are his biggest content, so it shows you how much he likes those leading lines.

They range from simple, stunning landscapes, to well-thought-out lifestyle shots. The stories he tells of our world make you not only want to travel but become an outdoor photographer too.

The extraordinary imagery he captures happen while climbing and skiing in high-risk environments. They range from Photo District News (PAN), Communication Arts, to the American Society of Magazine Editors.

His years of experience bring an authentic and unique perspective to his storytelling. The film captures Alex Hold as he becomes the first man ever to climb El Capitan without any protection or external tools.

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Daniel is a German freelance nature and travel photographer, based in Frankfurt. He travels the world and shoots nature, adventure, and lifestyle images.

Marc Adams is a landscape photographer famous for his ultimate dedication and respect for nature. As an adventurer, he finds and shoots countless undiscovered locations.

He’s based in Western North America, but he’s spent his career pursuing and capturing beautiful landscapes all over the world.

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