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• Saturday, 26 December, 2020
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This is a select list of the best famous Wilderness poetry. Reading, writing, and enjoying famous Wilderness poetry (as well as classical and contemporary poems) is a great pastime.

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Written by Elizabeth Barrett Browning | These are examples of famous Wilderness poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets.

PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous wilderness poems. These examples illustrate what a famous wilderness poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

Don't forget to view our wonderful member Wilderness poems. Some things can speak to us without saying a word and evoke feelings that lie beyond the reach of human language.

If you’ve ever watched the sunrise in the mountains, felt the ground shake after a thunder or were put to sleep by the soundless waltz of five thousand gleaming stars, you’ll know our world is full of wonders which by the virtue of their fundamental beauty will forever elude any attempt a man can make to do them justice with ink. Poems, novels, songs, paintings and even religions have praised nature since the day we’ve learned to articulate our thoughts and emotions, and today we continue our efforts with the aid of cameras, recorders and drones.

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While it’s easy to visit Instagram, buy a copy of National Geographic or turn on the Discovery Channel and revel in a lifetime’s worth of sublime photography and stunning footage of our planet, written word injects our hearts with that quaint romance of the time long past and a sense of connection with the many generations that knew no other way to express their passions. Below is a short list of my favorite poems and excerpts to stir your soul when the country is far and your spirits low.

A series of notes, prose- poems stories, bits of play & dialog Aphorisms, epigrams, essays -Moment of inner freedom when the mind is opened & the infinite universe revealed & the soul is left to wander dazed & confuse'd searching here & there for teachers & friends.

Moment of Freedom as the prisoner blinks in the sun like a mole from his hole Ladies & gentlemen: please attend carefully to these words & events It's your last chance, our last hope.

In this womb or tomb, we're free of the swarming streets. The black fever which rages are safely out those doors My friends & I come from Far Arden w/ dances, & new music Everywhere followers accrue to our procession.

Tales of Kings, gods, warriors and lovers dangled like jewels for your careless pleasure My hands- how they move balanced like lithe demons My hair- so twined & writhing The skin of my face- pinch the cheeks My flaming sword tongue spraying verbal firefly I'm real.

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Rich vast & sullen like a slow monster come to fat & die ~~~ The secret flurry of rumor marched over the yard & pinned us unwittingly Mt.

Worship w/words, w/ sounds, hands, all joyful playful & obscene-in the insane infant. Young girls worship, exotic, Indian, w/robes who make us feel foolish for acting w/our eyes.

We can do it on a sunny floor w/friends & make any sound or movement that comes. Roll on our backs screaming w/mirth glad in the guilt of our madness.

Better to be cool in our worship & gain the respect of the ancient & wise wearing those robes. Rare meat, corn, water & wine.

An angel runs Through the sudden light Through the room A ghost precedes us A shadow follows us And each time we stop We fall ~~~ Shrill demented sparrows bark The sun into being.

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The cars- a rising chorus- Then workmen's songs & hammers The children of the schoolyard, a hundred high voices, complete the orchestration ~~~ Running, I saw a Satan or Satyr, moving beside me, a fleshy shadow of my secret mind.

Now I can't walk through a city street w/out eying each single pedestrian. I feel their vibes through my skin, the hair on my neck -it rises.

The Wolf, who lives under the rock has invited me to drink of his cool Water. Not to splash or bathe But leave the sun & know the dead desert night & the cold men who play there.

Hitchhiker drinks: “I call again on the dark hidden gods of the blood” Death of you will give your life & free you from a vile fate.

-If I could see you again & talk w/you, & walk a short while in your company, & drink the heady brew of your conversations, I thought To plunder green gold on a pirate raid & bring to camp the glory of old.

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-You're rambling boy what of the rest the jazz hi way he winks. -did I… What was I doing of course we danced plenty She had nice sides the cop hit me Stop, I don't remember.

(I saw this cat run out of the ocean, one night, and beat-off into a fire) I'm going down to Mexico To this border town I heard about & I'm going to buy me a girl & bring her back up here & marry her, it's true.

She looked so sad in sleep Like a friendly hand just out of reach A candle stranded on a beach While the sun sinks low an H-bomb in reverse ~~~ When out there the World awaits & abounds w/heavy gangs of murderers & real madmen.

A dog howls & whines at the glass sliding door (why can't I be in there?) A car engine revs & races against the grain- dry rasping carbon protest.

I am a guide to the labyrinth Come & see me in the green hotel Rm. Insane old country woman come to nag the haunts of town Hairy legs w/open sores.

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A soldier bails out, leaving his entrails fluttering, billowing. Scoop'd down, windy midwife, wrench'd by the world from her rich belly, my metal mother, ripped cord, down & frozen.

O Wow he's shot & the scarlet news (hoarse mute confusion of the witness crowd) ~~~ Only a loose puking moan could frame its dark interiors.

Most of the people fell instantly under its dull friendly terror. They looked to the calm ones but saw only a green military coat.

Disciple Scar death Magic Prison Garden Shelter Princess of Sorrow Wilderness Angel dancing wings of envy Call Me Tomorrow Bones Landing Gold Arrival ~~~ Land of rainbows & scarlet rare islands.

The barn is burning The race-track is over Farmers run out w/ buckets of water The horse flesh is burning their kicking the stalls (panic in a horse's eye That can spread & fill an entire sky.) Some people have a hard time describing sailors to the undernourished.

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Now we need something & someone new when all else fails we can whip the horse's eyes & make them cry & sleep ~~~ France is 1st, Nogales round-up Cross over the border- land of eternal adolescence quality of despair unmatched anywhere on the perimeter Message from the outskirts calling us home This is the private space of a new order.

Now who will come Now hear this We have started the crossing Who knows? The actors are assembled; immediately they become enchanted I, for one, am in ecstasy enthralled.

“Oh God, she cried I never knew what it meant to be real I thought all this was a joke, I never let the horror, or the sweetness & the dignity penetrate my brain” Dark Riders pass in the sunset coming home from raiding parties.

The taverns will be full of laughter, wine, & later dancing, later dangerous knife throws. Antonio will be there & that whore, Blue Lady playing cards w/silver decks & smiling at the night, & full glasses held aloft & spilled to the moon.

Drugs sex drunkenness battle return to the water-world Sea-belly Mother of man Monstrous sleep-waking gentle swarming atomic world Atomic in social life Smoke drifts through these chambers Murders occur in a bedroom.

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My wild words slip into fusion & risk losing the solid ground Bourbon is a wicked brew, recalling courage milk, refined poison of cockroach & tree-bark, leaves & fly-wings scraped from the land, a thick film; menstrual fluids no doubt add their splendor.

Sometimes when it's all spun out and all that is ugly recedes into a deep sleep There is an awakening and all that remains is true. As the body is ravaged the spirit grows stronger.

By dying, nobly we could exist like innocent trolls propagate our revels & give the finger to the gods in our private bedrooms Let's rather, maybe, perhaps, get fucking out in the open, & by swelling, jubilantly Magnificently, end them.

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