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250/286-3122): A summer camp for the whole family is what you'll find at Stratton Park Lodge, with rustic lakeside cabins and guided activities that range from sea kayaking and fishing to rock climbing and mountaineering. 877/296-4593): Stroll the boardwalk above the waters of the Strait of Georgia to your platform tent -- filled with all the luxuries of a high-end hotel room.

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“Glamour Camping” is all the vogue, and it's hard to imagine a more scenic locale to rediscover tenting joys, particularly from the resort's outdoor “spa without walls.” 800/661-1367): Rustic charm meets upscale comfort on the Tunnel Mountain bluff behind Ban ff.

The woodsy, holiday-card-perfect atmosphere extends to the guest rooms, with fireplaces, slate-tiled bathrooms, and balconies overlooking the forests. The cabins are atmospherically rustic; best of all, you're a mile distant from Jasper's busy town center.

877/866-2330): Forget the wildly overpriced rooms in Jasper Town site and stay here, just .5 km (1/3 mile) outside the park gates. Lovely new cabins plus a handsome older lodge with a good restaurant make this an in-the-know favorite.

British Columbia is a vast province of snow-capped mountains, rugged wilderness, and winding back roads. Breathe in the rich scents of the earth and the pine trees in any of these twenty-five ‘off the grid’ destinations.

If it’s time to escape the pressures, expectations, and ‘business’ of modern life, consider this secluded off the grid resort in the Caribou Mountains of British Columbia. You’ll never want to leave and give up the serenity and the views of Crooked Lake Resort.

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If you come here for your getaway you might just find yourself having a conversation with one of those original commune members and gain an up-close and personal insight into what it was like to truly live disconnected from technology and society but connected to the earth and sea. The protected shores and coves make for safe destinations for marine life.

Tip: consider camping on the east side of the island during peak times (summer months) for a bit more privacy from other campers and kayaks. If you prefer some comforts of home it’s still possible to disconnect and enjoy your vacation off the grid here at Squinty Bay, a prime Eco-tourist destination of the Gulf Islands.

Explore the area by going for a hike or walking along the rocky shore while listening to the waves whisper and rush up the beach. Rise early to catch a dazzling sunrise and remember to breathe and be at the moment as the moon makes its appearance over the ocean.

Perhaps you want to go with family or friends but not everyone in your group is keen on the idea of spending their nights in a tent or their days in a kayak. Spend your evenings around the fire listening to live music (guests are more than welcome to bring their own instruments and jam along with the entertainment) or getting cozy inside with a good book.

A quick drive from Vancouver plants you right smack in the middle of the serene wild; if you stay here you will understand just how that combination feels- and smells. Open year round there is never a bad time to come enjoy this little chalet and take a dip in the outdoor hot tub.

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The only morning news you’ll hear and see here is the sun rising over the lake over which your cabin looks and the birds chirping in the trees all around you. There is no room for cell phones and internet connection when your steps away from crabbing or clam-digging on North Beach.

This village consists of seven cabins and is pet friendly, so feel free to bring your furry companion along to explore the wilderness that will be all around you on this off the grid retreat! Upon arriving at this beautiful lodge near Ainsworth Hot springs guests are asked to put their smartphones away: the focus here is on nature and reconnecting with oneself.

Is a getaway not complete for you unless there is the promise of serene lakes, canoes, and the telltale whisper of casting your line? The perfect combination of luxury and rejuvenation can be found at Flow Wilderness Retreat, an “off the grid clamping adventure”.

Sit down to three-course gourmet dinners served with wine every evening as you eagerly anticipate the day ahead. Stay in the Yurt Room (seriously, this one is cool), Tree House, or Tent Cabin on this island where Bohemian boudoir meets clamping in this off the grid oasis.

Address: East Point Islet, Nelson Island, Sunshine Coast Phone: 604-740-1691 Website First and foremost, the Ankara mission is to help guests reconnect with themselves and with mother earth.

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Off the grid center, located in the mountains of Northern BC, hosts several kinds yoga and spiritual retreats. It was built within five weeks and designed to withstand the intense weather the region receives practically year round.

Don’t compromise on accommodations; it might be small, but it’s luxurious and complete with your own private sun deck with a soaking tub! Strap into your life jackets because Kingfisher Wilderness Adventures is the premier destination in Canada, and perhaps the world, for sea kayaking.

If you really want to immerse yourself in the rugged coastlines, ocean, wilderness, marine and land life, this is the tour for you! Indulge in delicious food or early morning yoga in the sunshine at the tip of Crawley Point.

Address: 4444 Carla Point (Storm Bay), Secret, West Minister District Website All yurt lighting is solar-powered, and their thoughtful designs were intended to connect their guests to the wilderness as much as possible at the edge of the Canadian Rockies.

Being off the grid doesn’t stop this resort from serving authentic and inspiring local cuisine. Come prepared to have a marvelous dining experience as well as disconnecting from normal life and immersing yourself in nature.

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Wake to the sounds of birds chirping outside your cabin and the ocean lapping at the shores; to top it off you’ll have freshly brewed coffee delivered right to your door in the morning! Dive into a wild landscape of trees and mountain peaks and turn your smartphone off.

Connect with new friends instead of your smartphone, and with your chin up and your senses alert, you’ll spot all the things the surrounding wild has to offer: soaring bald eagles and mother bears with their cubs are just the tip of the iceberg here. True sustainability meets peace and comfort at Stolen Bluff Eco Retreat.

You might leave this resort feeling inspired and ready to apply some of their techniques and ways to your own life upon returning home. Set your soul on fire in the rugged British Columbian heartland where horses and adventure meet at this family owned luxury lodge and guest ranch.

Arrive by four-wheel drive vehicles on gravel roads to discover off the grid location, or fly in on a six-person bush plane from Vancouver. This destination is ideal for multi generation adventure travel, family or romantic getaways.

Only accessible by plane, UK Tesla is a cabin center in British Columbia’s back country wilderness. With as many options as this, British Columbia has something to offer each and every kind of traveler seeking an ‘off the grid’ getaway experience.

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Whether you desire every day modern comforts or would prefer to dive into an authentic off the grid location is up to you. From the west coast to the east, and everything in between, this country is overflowing with incredible log cabins, luxury clamping resorts and scores of activities centering around nature.

Nestled in a beautiful and secluded area of British Columbia is this breathtaking wilderness lodge, with a specialty in grizzly bear viewing. The beautiful open lodge is welcoming with its amazing fireplaces, outdoor hot tub, and large dining rooms.

Via Bella Cooley Held Sports This remote resort is small, personal and sophisticated, beckoning travelers who are looking for an authentic adventure and life-enriching experiences. This off-grid ranch is determined to offer an authentic wilderness retreat to guests of all ages, including families that tend to head here in the summer months.

Via Nation Geographic Lodges It boasts itself as luxury accommodations in unspoiled wilderness, an intimate secluded resort that caters to anyone looking to escape the ordinary. Picture a massive lodge created out of log walls and beam ceilings, furnished with Tiffany lamps and handmade furniture.

With two dining venues, every guest is taken care of and served the freshest of Canadian seafood along with fresh veggies and organic ingredients. Wilderness Resort is located within the Secret Inlet Provincial Marine Park on the Sunshine Coast and you can expect to share your space with bald eagles, black bears, bobcats, deer and more.

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Guests here take advantage of the incredible kayaking, hiking, yoga, bird watching expeditions, sailing and seaplane tours. What awaits you after a full day of fishing, either guided or self-guided, is warm delicious home cooked meals in the main lodge’s dining room, a crackling fire and great company.

Activities here are endless, from 310 miles of hiking to kayaking, white water rafting, mountain biking, fishing, horseback riding and more. Meals are served in the incredible dining room that looks out onto the Kicking Horse River and is accompanied by fine wines.

With no televisions or phones, the Cathedral Mountain Lodge encourages you to shut down from your normal life and get outside and explore the beauty that surrounds you. Via Cathedralmountainlodge.com It is one of the most accessible wilderness retreats in British Columbia, just a three-hour drive or 20 minute float plane ride from downtown Vancouver.

Nature is behind the design of the accommodations and guests here should expect spectacular views, private decks, outdoor hot tub, and communal fireplace lounge. The lodge can only be reached by float plane and sets a maximum of 10 guests per week, making this an incredibly personal and unique experience.

Activities here range from fly-fishing in the crystal clear lake teeming with fish to hiking one of many trails that start at the lodge to canoeing and kayaking through the calm waters. Via Tincup-lodge.com This all-inclusive luxury resort is reached only by helicopter, float plane or boat and has been listed as one of National Geographic’s unique lodges worldwide.

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This intimate family owned and operated resort promises to deliver the ultimate wilderness retreat to its guests through a variety of activities, luxury cabins, and an incredible dining experience. During the summer, guests should expect plenty of canoeing and kayaking, fishing trips, boat tours, and hiking.

Visitors to the Layout Wilderness Resort will experience world-class dining, luxury tent accommodations and countless activities to choose from. Because of its location in the 350,000-hectare Layout Sound Biosphere Reserve, guests are invited to can catch salmon and halibut, ride horses into the old-grown rainforest, kayak in the Be dwell River and hike along numerous trails.

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