Best Wilderness Slayer Tasks

Danielle Fletcher
• Sunday, 08 November, 2020
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On top of a generous amount of Slayer Points, you'll also have a chance of receiving additional drops while on Wilderness assignments. While killing any monster you've been assigned to slay by Kristina, you will have a chance of receiving a Slayer's Enchantment drop.

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When using Magic Dart with this staff equipped, the spell deals substantially higher damage when cast on a monster which you have been assigned as a Slayer task. Much like the Slayer's Enchantment, when killing a creature assigned by Kristina you will also have a chance of receiving a Tier 1 Mysterious Emblem.

The Equipped icon for the Dragon Defender (t) has been adjusted, so it does not clip the slot border. Using a Bands God sword Special attack on Teuton now has a similar effect to the Dragon War hammer: the minimum defense drained is now 10, even if you hit a 0.

The sound made by Skeletal Magi when a weakness spell is cast has been improved. The Farmer's straw hat will no longer stay visible during fairy ring travel.

It's also great for making cash, Mysterious Emblems go for about 125k, and they're very common, usually at least one per task. A looting bag is essential for tasks with lots of bones, herb drops and enrolled heads etc.

The tasks are separate from other Slayer Masters, so you can't complete 9 with Naive and then the last with Kristina to try and get more points. Watch out for teams on Elder Chaos Druid tasks, be ready with a one click teleport and bank often.

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The wild lever teleport is also a hotspot, make sure to hover over the log out button when using it, and click if you see a white dot on arrival. It lets you train strength at the same speed as the whip, and frees up a protected item slot for B Ring, D Legs etc.

Also, the Row picks up coins for you and activates the Rare Drop Table. For the record, the ring of wealth only increases your chances of getting a rune spear, dragon spear, and shield left half, but the coin collection feature is pretty useful and (while imbued) it's a must-have for anybody who wants to get clues during their tasks.

The shortcut at Fire Giants not only means you don't have to run past the Shadow Spiders which drain your prayer, but it's also a great escape from Peers. Also, the Easy Diary gives you the option to teleport to Seville with the lever, which is handy.

Pray range for Scorpio and hop in every couple of minutes to reload the cannon. I love this task, 25 points in 5 minutes, but watch out for the Chaos Elemental who can snipe you.

You can cannon Green Dragons in the Rev Caves, it's always empty, and you're below level 30, so you can tele away. I wouldn't recommend killing Black Dragons at the Rev Caves, it's near the Revenants, so it's often checked by teams, and you can't instantly teleport away.

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They're super AFK, and they drop Mysterious Emblems pretty commonly. Skip, or kill 3 if you want that slight pet chance and a 5k Slayer Exp bonus for completing a Boss Task.

Actually Wing the Ends you kill will make your task last forever and isn't worth it unless you have 75+ WC. Only cannon this task on a 1500+ world, because you will attract tell blockers like ants to a picnic.

The Seville Lever, Canoe Station, Burning Amulets, Cemetery, Annual + Horror Teleports and a Games Necklace (Corp Beast) will take you nearly everywhere you need to go. Skip / Block Bears, Spiritual Creatures, Ends and Ice Warriors.

Bears = Callisto, Scorpions = Scorpio, Skeletons = Vet'ion, Spiders = Venerates. I'd recommend taking Vera's for Venerates and Callisto, as their defense is so high that the Slayer helm isn't ideal.

Spiritual Creatures also isn't bad if you have the Mages; I killed at Southwest corner and with a blowpipe, it went decently quick. I used Barack teleport to get to the southern entrance of the Rev Caves; it might not be the best way, but it seemed to be quickest for me.

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Step 3:Extend all demon tasks + ankle Step 5:When you stop caring about slayer points, I advise skipping all non-extended tasks so that you only have extended demon / ankle tasks and Chaos Druids.

Results: 50k+ Slayer XP Per Sourdough Warren's Keys to cover costs of cannonballs / craws bow ether100k+ “free” Range XP /HourExpect additional profit from drops Side Note:You rarely ever see Peers, and even if you do, a glory amulet (which you should be using) can teleport out of most tasks.

Same with earth warriors, its single-combat in a very confined space, so it just takes too long to complete the task. The one's I listed are just my personal most hated tasks due to the length of time it takes to complete them, the XP you get, the weight, and the money making potential.

Gold Mew Posts : 9Reputation : 3Join date : 2021-08-07 I've done around 30 or so vet ion kills, it's just super slow because of all the peers, lol.

Gold Mew Posts : 9Reputation : 3Join date : 2021-08-07 I've done around 30 or so vet ion kills, it's just super slow because of all the peers, lol. Definitely not.

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I keep hearing about profitable slayer tasks / levels but can't describe what that looks like if you quizzed me. Heard gargoyles are good but that requires 75 Slayers which is up there. Thank you for the info here, been getting ready to do some Wild slayer myself and get some of those Warren keys for the Dagon'HAI set to complete the collection log.

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