Best Wilderness Survival Youtube Channels

Maria Johnson
• Friday, 11 December, 2020
• 8 min read

There are literally thousands of hours of videos on YouTube alone that specifically focus on bush craft and wilderness survival. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best teachers and most interesting wilderness survival and bush craft YouTube channels right here below.

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If you want to dive into some great videos that teach new skills and offer a look inside the wilderness survival and bush craft world, any of the channels listed here will get you started. He has many longer videos where he basically brings very little materials out into the wild with him on a trip and then goes about making himself comfortable for however long he is intending to stay there.

Paul Hartley is a bush craft expert and has been a professional outdoor skills' instructor for the last 20 years or so. His YouTube channel is loaded with videos that offer some of the best tips, advice, and tricks for surviving out in the wilderness with almost nothing.

In his shorter videos, he just covers knots, canoeing skills, fires, tarps, and he will even answer questions that his viewers send in. This YouTube channel is run by Michael Milton who has spent much of his life growing his knowledge of bush craft, the outdoors, and sustaining oneself with nothing but their own skills and simple tools.

Many of the MCQ Bush craft & Wilderness Life videos focus on skills needed to survive in the outdoors. The real treasure of this channel is for the videos on how to hunt, field dress, and cook whatever you might catch while in the wilderness with whatever you have.

There are also plenty of videos on foraging and other essential skills for survival but if you want to learn about small game, this is the channel for you. This channel is great because Zed is honest about his journey in learning wilderness survival skills, so viewers are along for the ride with him.

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This means that there are no modern tools of any kind used, and they only use natural materials that come from the earth to build what the videos show. They are constantly uploading new videos on all things Bush craft especially primitive housing structures that look just beautiful against the tall pine forests where they are working.

There are plenty of videos focusing on fishing and hunting skills but also shelters, knots and lashings, and crafting things while out in the wild. Not only does she cover things like archery and shelter building, but she also has videos on everything from tool restoration to fire starting.

His channel focuses mainly on living off the grid in a log cabin that he built using only simple tools. My Self Reliance offers a wealth of information for anyone who is thinking about living off the grid or wants to give homesteading a try.

The videos that Stephanie Market makes for her YouTube channel are very interesting and informative when it comes to wilderness survival and camping. She is very open and honest about her experiences in the woods and takes viewers inside her adventures whether it is in a tent, a van, or roughing it on the forest floor under a tarp.

She stopped posting for a little while but seems to be back to uploading videos and offering tips again on wilderness living to viewers. The videos are super informative and cover an incredibly broad range of topics from sleeping in a variety of different situations to making a fire in wet conditions.

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The YouTube channel Native Survival is a great place to learn a lot about wilderness survival. A lot of the SensiblePrepper’s videos on his YouTube channel are geared towards prepping for long term situations.

He has lived around the world learning about wilderness survival in many areas so the amount of information he gives to viewers with each situation or skill he teaches in awesome. He has his own style of wilderness survival and bush craft but there is plenty to learn from Greg who has become an expert in the field.

Billy Sioux is a great host on his YouTube channel which focuses primarily on living an outdoor lifestyle. There is great specific information on mistakes that you can make as well as videos that review all types of survival gear you might need to use like knives, radios, and camp stoves.

If you are thinking about living a homesteading lifestyle, you need to check this channel out for the great tips and information you might not otherwise know. There is even plenty of videos on bush craft projects that he completes to make life more comfortable while out enjoying nature.

He seems to be a former military member who has a wealth of knowledge on living off the land, wilderness survival when you have almost nothing with you, and just life in general. This is a great channel that takes an interesting approach to wilderness survival making it worth checking out.

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His videos are on the shorter side but always will completely teach you a new skill or craft to use once you’re back in the wilderness again. Check out their channel for creative ways to sustain yourself and for other cool tips on how to live without the help of modern society.

The main thing that PREPAREDMIND101 does on his YouTube channel is create in depth reviews of all different kinds of survival gear. The Living Survival YouTube channel is dedicated to reviewing survival like tools and gear that you can use while camping or that you can even carry with you in everyday life for use as needed.

They basically review all different types of camping gear so that you will know exactly how well things you want to buy are made and whether they are worth purchasing. Wrangler star’s YouTube channel is loaded with survival information and product reviews so that you know just what you’re buying and how it works.

Les Shroud is one of the most well known survival experts in the world today and for many years he ran a show on TV called Survivor man. Front to back these are some of the coolest survival videos out there and there is a reason why Les Shroud is one of the most renowned teachers around the world.

Not every channel will be for you but if you do enough dig, you will find at least a couple of YouTubers who can teach you something you don’t already know or anything you want to learn about. I can easily say that I watch more YouTube than I do normal television, especially when it comes to YouTube survival shows, prepper methods, and homesteading hacks.

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Being able to see a lot of the projects, methods, and tips that content creators upload every single day is a great way to learn things that I might not have mastered, or to find new ideas for weekend projects and ways to innovate my own self-sufficient journey. If you search for survival or prepping content on YouTube, you will have countless hours of outdoor, or in-the-home hacks at your disposal.

Because I am always watching this type of content on YouTube, I made this extensive list of top survival -related YouTube channels that are worth checking out. I have ranked them in order of subscribers, which in the YouTube world, is a good measure of popularity and excellent survival hacks.

There are a lot of channels in this list, so you might want to bookmark this page, and come back later on for some survival weekend viewing. What’s best is that never once has he used a tool from the real world, it’s all mud, sticks, clay, and things that he finds on the jungle floor around him to build his empire.

Even if you are never thinking about survival in the wild, this guy is just perfect for the entertainment of seeing the amazing things he creates. Because he is one of my favorite YouTube survival shows, I made a selection of his greatest how-to videos over in my post on bush craft skills.

It is also quite refreshing to see her popularity as a female survivalist, as survival and prepper channels are primarily males. This channel has a strong focus on Canadian bush craft style camping trips with Joe and his dog Scout.

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A lot of his videos aim to show the realities of being out in the bush, whether it be an overnight er in the woods, or an extended, 10-day fly-in canoe/fishing trip. He leaves in a lot of his failures in the videos as a way to provide more educational and informative content.

A lot of his content is very practical survival advice that is well-explained, detailed, and for the most part, very interesting as it is shown in an easy-to-understand way. I’ll be honest, when I watch his videos I turn them up loud as I feel as though I am there with him and his golden retriever dog Cali.

There’s a very rustic sense of nature that comes with this guy’s videos that make you feel like you’ve experienced a slice of his relaxing, no technology escape. Sensible Prepper’s Youtubesurvival channel has a strong focus on the practical side of SHF survival and prepping.

Michael Milton, AKA MCQBushcraft, is a UK-based outdoors man who started hunting and fishing with his friends and family as a little boy. His passion is learning and teaching core survival skills to sustain yourself in the wilderness, which says are a lost art in the UK and one that he thinks is important in any type of education.

He loves being outdoors and practices old skills, as well as trials new ones that give him a connection to the land and his surrounding environment and shows that passion in his videos. Engineer 775 runs a very effective educational and project-based channel on living off-grid, covering a variety of topics from Homesteading to Renewable Energy, from Water pumping to Hydroponics, from Gamification to Air Conditioning.

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The Prepared Mind is a channel that provides reviews on prepper gear and EDC items, as well as preparedness tips. While sporting an outright entertaining British humor in his videos, Alfie Aesthetics doesn’t upload much in the way of content, having only really one post per month, but when does upload a video, you can be sure as hell these things are packed with pieces of survival information you will ever get your hands on.

But she definitely does do a lot of practical bush craft and survivalist trips such as the famous overnights that many YouTube survival shows are based on. The Canadian Prepper has featured in a number of survival and prepping blogs for his innovations in must-have gear for when the SHF.

Southern Prepper 1 provides various content on practical prepping with his country property as the backdrop to most of his videos. This channel is a great resource for anyone interested in practical EDC and bug out bag contents.

Bryan Stevens is a survivalist that joined the boy scouts at such a young age and, for the most part, it seems he never left. Equip 2 Endure’s survivalYoutube channel is the fusion of varying topics including WildernessSurvival, the Outdoors, Camping, Hiking, K9 Training and Emergency & Survival Preparedness.

If you are into hiking, backpacking or hammock camping, you might enjoy this guy for the wealth of budget knowledge and information he churns out in each video. A lot of his content focuses on SHF prepping, military tactics and some great honest gear reviews.

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In his movies, he rarely talks, but you can see the passion for his outdoorsmanship, mother nature, and enjoying the wilderness just by how he works and survives. Brooke Ripple, aka the Girl In The Woods, is a filmmaker, educator, and speaker for the outdoors.

She has recently kicked off her career as a survivalist after surviving 49 days in the wilderness in Vancouver Island with her husband on the History Channel’s ALONE. She has a wealth of survivalist knowledge from a background as an adventure and survival book writer and is definitely running a great channel.

For me, as a survival and prepper blogger, I write about this subject because it is something I am greatly interested in and do myself, whether it be survival in the wilderness or practical preparedness, but I also enjoy watching these shows because I whenever I am indoors, I think of being out in the snow, or the sand, or the forest, and using the environment as your home. I recommend you make a bookmark of this page so that you can come back to it and view the rest of these channels and their great videos.

If you have any other YouTube survival shows or YouTube prepper channels you follow, please leave their link in the comment section below.

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