Best Wilderness Therapy Programs For Young Adults

Carole Stephens
• Thursday, 12 November, 2020
• 8 min read

It’s a type of holistic care that involves participating in outdoor activities. They typically include tasks or adventures that young adults might enjoy.

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With an understanding of this therapy, people can learn about the bestwildernesstherapyprograms for young adults. Keep in mind that some rehab centers refer to young adult wildernesstherapyprograms as adventure therapy.

Believe it or not, one popular wilderness program that young adults tend to love is gardening. Gardening therapy teaches them a lot about themselves and the value of responsibility and hard work.

It’s actually among the most popular addiction treatment programs in North Carolina. Hiking is also helpful at building trust and special bonds with others in rehab.

Feeling included in a group is a major part of therapy. Any outside activity is a great way to stay busy, which is one of the best coping skills for avoiding relapse.

The activities encourage young adults to get up and moving as well as spend time with others. This kind of healthy lifestyle can help them stay sober.

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Within our challenging, yet encouraging environment young adults receive the therapy and treatment they need to gain perspective, grow, and maturity before returning home. Researchers have found that WildernessTherapyPrograms have a positive impact on a young adult’s behavior, mood, interpersonal relationships, and social skills.

Just as it is the case with troubled teens, wilderness therapy has been scientifically proven to be particularly beneficial for young adults struggling with addiction and substance abuse, defiance, impulsiveness, personality disorders, depression, and self-doubt. Also, it often works for young adults who have completed traditional therapy programs without lasting results, as well as those who are in denial that they have a problem in the first place and, therefore, actually require any treatment, whatsoever.

At WinG ate WildernessTherapy, we have helped numerous young adults reconnect with the person they are inside, resulting in changes that are nothing short of life-changing for both the young adult and the people who love them. As a top WildernessTherapy program, WinG ate provides a safe and therapeutic environment for troubled young adults who are struggling with depression, aggression, mood instability, substance abuse/addiction, self-doubt, and other mental health-related conditions.

As a top wilderness therapy camp, WinG ate has a proven track record for providing struggling young adults with the therapy and treatment they need to recover. When removed from their unhealthy environment often filled with negative influences and placed in the serene wilderness, where they receive 24/7 treatment, they have the opportunity to face and address their problems.

WinG ate combines a variety of proven therapeutic interventions, including adventure and experiential therapy and the 12 steps, to help to struggle young adults gain insight into their harmful behaviors and how they began, as well as develop the life and relapse prevention skills that are crucial to maintaining their sobriety after discharge. As reported by the most recent studies, 1 in 25 adults in the United States suffers from at least one type of severe mental illness that significantly interferes with or disrupts their daily life.

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Evoke Therapy Programs, 2711 Santa Clara Drive, Santa Clara, UT 84765 Careers Privacy Policy As soon as they enter our beautiful, 500-acre Sky Valley base camp near Asheville, North Carolina, students begin a wild and adventurous journey outside their comfort zone.

While many of the young adults we help have participated in one or more of these therapeutic programs before, the fusion of multiple approaches creates a uniquely nurturing, challenging environment. Before beginning treatment, our team sits down with each student to discuss their personal goals, explore the challenges they have faced, and celebrate the success they have already achieved.

Some residential treatment programs neglect the connection between parents and children during their stay, but our therapeutic team believes that the family is our strongest and most enduring support system. Although we encourage students to take a break from the pressures and stresses of day-to-day life, we don’t allow them to disconnect from their relationships back home.

Set practical, achievable goals Foster mutual trust, openness, and respect Learn new strategies for communicating with each other Develop a more honest, compassionate relationship Through these activities, our team helps families recognize the values they have in common, the goals they’re working toward together, and the love they feel toward each other.

Every student in our wilderness therapy for young adults program will discover their own strength and skill, no matter their physical fitness level or previous outdoor experience. These skills not only give students a practical pathway back into the “real world,” but also offer a welcome moment of peacefulness and contemplation during busy days.

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Engagement: By mobilizing the body through physical challenges and the mind through problem-solving, wilderness therapy programs help young adults get back in touch with their immense potential. Through outdoor activities like hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, climbing, and kayaking, participants learn valuable hard and soft skills while building confidence in their own abilities.

Substance Abuse: Many young adults dabble with drugs and alcohol, but these initial “experiments” can quickly spiral out of control. Dependence on addictive substances can rapidly and totally destabilize a young adult’s academic or professional life.

They make even exciting activities like attending classes, pursuing job opportunities, or enjoying time with friends and family feel like an insurmountable task. Destructive Relationships: The stress from toxic friend groups or unhealthy family patterns makes many young adults feel lonely, unsupported, and rootless.

Wilderness Therapy Programs: A Comprehensive Guide For Parents Skip to contents to content We are closely monitoring information related to COVID-19 and have implemented additional safety precautions to mitigate risks.

Our enhanced admissions screening and program guidelines are informed by the CDC and Utah department of health. These roles contribute to his broad overview and deep understanding of Aspire as a whole, allowing him to effectively lead through experience.

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His passion for adventure therapy, his vast clinical and leadership experience, plus his genuine ability to connect with others make Ryan a dynamic leader. Ryan therefore creates numerous opportunities for his staff to learn and improve both physically and mentally, and motivates them to continually strive for excellence, in order to provide the best service possible to the students and families that come to Aspire.

As an original member of the Aspire Leadership Team, Josh has fulfilled several roles at Aspire including Clinical Wilderness Therapist, Clinical Supervision, Admissions Director, Strategic Development, and currently serves as the Chief Marketing Officer. Certain people will respond best to more hands-on, alternative approaches to addiction treatment, such as wilderness rehab programs, which offer adventure and immersion in nature.

Wilderness drug rehab programs can be ideal for teens, young adults, and even pre-teens who have a dual diagnosis. Having a dual diagnosis means they are struggling not only with addiction but with mental illnesses, such as depression or attention-deficit disorder.

These programs help individuals build trust in their peers and their own abilities. They bolster the patient’s confidence by letting them solve the challenges that come with interacting with the outdoors.

The program also supports families whose loved ones suffer from addiction and mental health issues. Inpatient treatment here teaches patients the skills necessary to navigate the wilderness, which cultivates awareness, insight, and self-reflection.

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They also receive individual and group therapy, though these sessions are held outdoors around a campfire. Patients are given journals to use throughout the residential rehab program, and adventure therapy teaches them new sets of skills and coping mechanisms.

Patients are then let loose in the wilderness for 72 hours, though still under the supervision of the staff. However, it is also challenging to navigate, and mastering survival skills during wilderness treatment helps to bolster the self-esteem of a person struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Field trips that include hiking in the mountains or swimming teach the addicted person that they cannot only master skills but can have fun even when they’re sober. This Joint Commission-accredited substance abuse program for men is found on a working farm and involves wilderness treatment for addiction.

Phoenix Outdoor is a CARF-accredited inpatient rehab program that treats patients between ages 14 and 17 with a dual diagnosis. Part of this drug rehab program embraces wilderness therapy, where the patient learns skills such as building traps, making fires, and hiking.

Outdoor therapy includes walking on nature trails, hiking, and tours of Montana’s parks and waterfalls. This helps the patient’s physical and psychosocial health and enhances their cognitive functioning and bonds with their community.

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Other parts of the drug rehab program include mountain climbing, fishing, hiking, exploring, and learning to meditate in the wild. The Treehouse is Joint Commission-accredited and also provides alternative addiction treatment in the form of equine therapy.

Equine therapy, like wilderness therapy, has proved especially effective in healing patients with co-occurring disorders. Found on a 5,900-acre dude ranch, this wilderness rehab program is for young men ages 14 to 24.

Wilderness Treatment Center follows the Minnesota Model, which utilizes the 12-step program with the support of professionals and peers who are in recovery to help patients heal from their addictions. Because there are wilderness rehab centers around the United States, an individual seeking recovery shouldn’t reject the idea of traveling to a rehab center away from home to find treatment.

A wilderness rehab program may be the best -fit addiction treatment for a person struggling with substance abuse. In this case, the journey to find the best rehab program will be worth the distance traveled.

These include peer-reviewed journals, government entities and academic institutions, and leaders in addiction healthcare and advocacy.

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