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Carole Stephens
• Tuesday, 17 November, 2020
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WinG ate WildernessTherapy is one of the nation's leading WildernessTherapyPrograms providing teens from Utah proper treatment and substance abuse recovery. They believe in taking a different approach than other therapy programs in that they create an open and receptive environment that makes adolescents want to move forward, to address their issues, and work toward a solution for real change.

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The physical distance placed between struggling teens and the adverse situations that serve to encourage the perpetuation of their issues and unsupportive peers who also contribute to their problems helps adolescents to be more objective about their issues, to see how they and their families are being hurt by it, and then to choose to change and embrace recovery. To further offer assistance, WinG ate WildernessTherapy has consultants available by phone to answer any questions and to guide parents through the admissions process.

WildernessTherapy creates a unique environment where adolescents are unable to rely on escapist tactics they typically employ, such as hiding in their room playing video games or being on social media all day. What happens is amazing in that otherwise defiant or unresponsive teens choose to work toward their recovery and become an active participant in their treatment.

This produces results that last a lifetime and prevents adolescents from falling into old patterns when they return home. These elements allow them to provide effective treatment for teens from Utah who struggle with substance abuse and addiction, behavioral problems, depression, low self-esteem, sexual promiscuity, and even academic failure.

By putting struggling adolescents in a position where they want to recover and where they help to identify the route to do so, the success of that teen is greatly enhanced. While it is empowering, as adolescents learn to push themselves outside their comfort zones, the vastness of the wilderness and the system of natural consequences that confronts their every action and choice has the effect of being humbling.

As teens work hand-in-hand with their therapists toward recovery, they also learn important life skills along the way that help to prepare them for adulthood. Often, in struggling with issues such as depression and substance abuse, adolescents miss out on critical lessons that are needed to be successful, functioning adults.

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Being in the wilderness provides a safe place to heal while simultaneously teaching these necessary lessons in a quick and effective way. What happens is that teens leave the program having realized their inner strength and are better equipped to handle the difficulties that adulthood brings, while remaining true to themselves and holding to their treatment plan.

WinG ate WildernessTherapy is committed to the success and recovery of every participant in their program and offers free coaching and guidance to parents of struggling adolescents from Utah. By calling (800) 560-1599, they can assist with any questions about their program and how it differs from other WildernessTherapyPrograms, as well as coach parents through the admission process for their teen.

The mission of DS AMH is simple: to cultivate health, hope and healing while overseeing the publicly subsidized treatment and prevention policies. If you, a friend, or a family member is struggling with a mental health problem, or an issue with alcohol, tobacco or substance abuse, there is assistant available to you.

The bestwildernesstherapyprograms for troubled teens from Utah are found in the South West parts of the United States. Even though the therapeutic portion of the program takes place in the wilderness, they are safe and effective.

Wilderness therapy programs are very successful and popular with parents of troubled teens with substance abuse issues. Wilderness therapy is a short-term therapeutic program which are affordable and deliver a high impact.

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For immediate help finding the perfect therapeutic option for your troubled child please call and speak with our Family Advocate. Let us help you find an affordable wilderness program, saving you time, money, and years of pain.

The downside to therapeutic wilderness programs is the fact that they take place in the wilderness, and can be physically dangerous. Students are taught to basically survive in all kinds of terrains and outdoor circumstances (extreme heat, freezing, wind, rain, and snow).

Also, it is very difficult to maintain any academic pursuit while the troubled teen is in the wilderness experience. The upside to the therapeutic wilderness program is the fact that students are removed from their cushy home environments, and are forced to take responsibility for their own needs.

Moreover, there is a great deal of individual and group therapy in the wilderness experience. Most wildernesstherapyprograms also provide the parent with an in depth assessment of the issues that led to the child’s rebellion.

They are based on a therapeutic experiential component where demanding physical requirements encourage emotional and spiritual awakening, personal reflection, and responsibility toward self and others. The wilderness setting can help troubled teens and young adults access a deeper understanding of self and how they relate to the world around them, and the therapeutic experience is derived from the intentional, focused outcome facilitated by clinically trained counselors.

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By removing the teens from their daily routine and unhealthy habits, they have a chance to better focus on their feelings, thought patterns, and behaviors, making out-of-state wilderness therapy an excellent opportunity for growth and increased understanding. Bluebird combines many elements and approaches, from evidence-based therapy techniques, to the continued support of expert, nurturing therapists present during multi-day excursions.

It provides a multi-dimensional experience where expeditions into the wilderness are coupled with individual, group, and family therapy, as well as academic and volunteer work. The level of challenge and care that teens from Utah can find at Bluebird Wilderness is designed to help them reflect on their lives and the behaviors that are affecting the quality of their relationships.

Therapy Gone Wild : An interesting article featured on the site of the American Psychological Association takes a look at the experience of psychologist Steve Debris, PhD, who works with wilderness therapy for adolescents. The center’s site also provides an overview of medications used to treat different problems, tips on healthier living, and resources on treatment options available for families.

When it comes to finding the right solution to help their young adults, many concerned parents turn to boarding schools. While they work well, in general, there is extensive evidence in support of wilderness therapy being an effective alternative to traditional boarding schools.

Wilderness therapy camps and programs serve as the “wake-up call” many troubled young adults need to get back on track with their life, relationships, and academics. Those young adults in Utah who are struggling with substance abuse, defiance, lack of motivation, sexual promiscuity, and other harmful behaviors find wildernesstherapyprograms to be the optimal choice for therapeutic intervention.

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WildernessTherapyPrograms are proven to have significant impacts on the improvement of psychological issues, dysfunctional personality patterns, and behavioral problems. Through WinG ate WildernessTherapy, struggling young adults in Utah will learn healthy ways to overcome negative thoughts and behaviors, all while residing in the serenity of nature.

Consultants are available from WinG ate WildernessTherapy to provide more information to concerned parents of struggling young adults in Utah. WinG ate is also an affiliated member of the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs, meaning they are dedicated to providing the highest quality of services to the parents and young adults they serve.

WildernessTherapyPrograms provide young adults with highly effective experiential treatment, combined with traditional individual and group therapy 24 hours each day. Struggling young adults have a much greater capacity to develop interpersonal relationships with peers and staff, while taking in the serenity of the surrounding nature.

In general, wildernesstherapyprograms do provide therapeutic benefits to struggling young adults in Utah just by being in a natural environment. However, typical programs do not always address the specific issues that the participating young adults are struggling to overcome.

Therapists and staff members at WinG ate reach out to struggling young adults with a proven no-resistance approach. Having a non-traditional curriculum further gets through a typical young adult’s resistance to authority, allowing therapists and staff members to gain clinical information while promoting internal growth and healing.

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Wildernesstherapyprograms provided struggling young adults with an experiential treatment that have been proven to be highly effective, as well as traditional individual and group therapy 24 hours each day. One of the most notable aspects of wildernesstherapyprograms is the fact that many distractions that are recurrent in traditional therapeutic programs (e.g., mobile devices, internet) are not permitted.

This means that the young adults within the program will have far fewer distractions and, thus, will remain focused on their recovery goals and therapeutic treatments. The therapists and staff members at WinG ate WildernessTherapy reach out to struggling young adults using a proven no-resistance approach.

Their mission is to change the understanding and treatment of mental illness, through the use of clinical research, creating a pathway for recovery, prevention, and a cure. To reach its goals, the Institute must foster innovative thinking and make certain that a broad range of different scientific perspectives is used to advance discovery concerning the evolving science of behavior, the brain, and experiences.

The mission of DS AMH is simple: to cultivate health, hope and healing while overseeing the publicly subsidized treatment and prevention policies. If you, a friend, or a family member is struggling with a mental health problem, or an issue with alcohol, tobacco or substance abuse, there is assistant available to you.

Many parents look to wildernesstherapyprograms in Utah to provide the structure and counseling that troubled teens need. According to state code R501-8-1, all youth outdoor programs must be licensed by the Department of Human Services.

Also, according to state code R501-8-4, any instances of suspected or proven child abuse will face harsh punishments and license revocation. Teens cannot be deprived of any equipment as a punishment, and should always have essentials available like sunscreen, insect repellent, and camping gear.

Also, staff are required to keep a detailed log of all events surrounding the teen, from medicine intake to progress reports, according to state code R501-8-5. According to state code R501-8-6, directors of Utahwildernesstherapyprograms should have at least a bachelor’s degree and training in a related field, possess 2 years of outdoor youth program experience and more.

All wilderness therapy camps in Utah must have at least 2 supervisors at all times, and there must be one female and one male if the teens are mixed sex. Food menus are strictly regulated and must include fresh fruits and vegetables, and this is all according to state code R501-8-11.

According to state code R501-8-23, if there is even one violation of any safety or wellness rule, the wilderness therapy program will have its license revoked. We screen all the different wildernesstherapyprograms in Utah very carefully, and we will only recommend those that meet our high standards.

You will make the final decision of where to send your teenager, but we will arm you with plenty of information, so you can feel good about what’s going to happen. Our free telephone consultation is the first step toward helping your troubled teenager, and we’re happy to guide you, answer questions and supply resources whenever you need it.

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