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Paul Gonzalez
• Wednesday, 06 January, 2021
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The shorter days of winter do not provide the required 6 to 8 hours of sun for vegetables, so you will need to use a supplemental light source that provides full UV spectrum light, in addition to placing your window box veggie garden in a southern- or eastern-facing window. Edible plants for windowsill gardens include those that can tolerate some shade and do not require much humidity.

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It is so nice and convenient when you can snip a few fresh herbs from your indoor garden while cooking. Herbs can be grown in almost any type of container as long as it has drainage and is filled with rich soulless potting mix.

Also, if your home is particularly dry, you may need to provide some humidity in the form of a tray with pebbles and water or by misting plants on a frequent basis. Watch for insects that may find a home in your window box herb garden.

A mixture of dish soap and water sprayed liberally on the plants should minimize most pest invasions. Improvise and act, get some window boxes, hanging baskets or make some cool DIY containers.

It’s fun and exciting, and you’ll be successful if you care about a few things: Your window must receive minimum 4-5 hours of sunlight, you should fertilize your plants correctly and the balance in watering must be maintained (avoiding both overwatering and under watering). Fresh green onions can be a wonderful and delicious addition to your salad bowls and sandwiches.

After green onions growing lettuce is one of the easiest things in the windowsill gardening! It doesn’t require a sunny window, a few hours of sunlight is enough, if not, you can also use artificial light.

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And the best part is you can make decorative arrangements, combining red or green leaf lettuces in the same pot or choosing variegated ones. A great way to grow and enjoy fresh, organic, juicy tomatoes indoors.

For best results, choose dwarf varieties (cherry tomatoes, are perfect). Also, some varieties that grow well on windowsill include Early Salad, Red Cushion, Pretty Patio, and Tiny Tim.

A Tip: Cherry tomatoes don’t require a big deep pot, you can use a small to medium-sized container. A Tip: Keep the soil slightly moist and provide shallow but wide planter, a 6 inches deep pot would be sufficient.

Exotic, hot, spicy, and colorful– You can grow chilies on your kitchen windowsill. Growing carrot on a windowsill is possible, and you can expect a decent homegrown harvest in small pots or window boxes.

Growing this root vegetable in containers is easy, and it doesn’t take much space too. In a week, you’ll have a jar full of healthy delicate sprouts that you can sprinkle on salads, add to sandwiches or toss into soups for a delicious and healthful twist on your favorite recipes.

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To harvest the leaves, cut them off with a sharp scissor, only a few inches at a time. A big bowl of green leaves can be a prime source of vitamins A, C, K and folic acid.

And microgreens (aka seedlings of herbs and vegetables) maybe even more nutrient-rich and tasty than the mature ones. A Tip: To grow microgreens you will need seeds of various greens and a wide but shallow tray.

Radishes grow so fast and require little care and don’t mind the small pots. A Tip: Dwarf and bushier bean varieties and peas don’t require any special support, thus more suitable for windowsill gardening.

When you do this you will undoubtedly receive lots of compliments, and it is definitely a conversation starter to have a fruit -bearing plant in your home. Everyone loves strawberries, but most people don’t realize they are easy to grow indoors.

This is because they don’t require that much light, and they are small so it is easy to put a bunch of them in a pot and stick them on your windowsill in a planter. Most people don’t even know what Chameleons are never mind the fact they’re a brilliant plant for growing indoors around your window.

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Chameleons grow on a thin line and this is one of the reasons I recommend them for going in tomorrow because you can simply wrap the vine around about your window, and they will definitely receive enough weight to draw some healthy Cameron fruits. People are normally surprised when I tell them that lemons are one of the easiest fruit to grow indoors as most people presume they need tropical heat and constant sunshine to grow healthily but this is a wrong presumption.

A dwarf Meyer lemon tree is probably the most popular choice for people who want to grow a lemon tree indoors but there are many other options that are also perfectly suited for growing indoors. A Mulberry Bush as an excellent choice if you want to grow fruit indoors.

You can successfully grow a Mulberry Bush indoors as long as you get it around 6 hours of sunlight, and it doesn’t even have to be direct sunlight, so you should be able to achieve this by placing it either in front of a window or on a window sill. Blueberries are an excellent plant to grow in low light situations as it only requires 6-8 hours of sunlight for it to successfully produce lots of berries.

Bananas are a wonderful choice for growing indoors some people think because in the wild they grow into a massive tree that it has to be that way but if you choose a dwarf variety and prune it correctly it can be kept down to a reasonable size that is suitable for your house. Banana plants only require around 6 to 12 hours sunlight every day which is achievable for most people by placing it on a sunny windowsill or in a conservatory.

I’m sure the temperature in your home will be perfect for growing bananas, but you will have to watch out that your plants soil doesn’t completely dry out as this can happen quickly when using indoor temperatures, I normally water my banana plant every 1 or 2 days. Some people recommend you simply cut the top off and plant it in soil but if you do this it will stink of rotten pineapple before it starts to sprout roots.

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I am also growing leeks for their leaves, broad beans for their tips, peas for their shoots and a pot of sprouting seeds. I’m using 1L pots as these fit nicely on my windowsill and can hold a good amount of seed.

To cultivate these crops on the windowsill, sow approximately 10 seeds per 1L pot at a depth of 2–3 cm. Leave the pot in the sink to soak water overnight These crops are quick to germinate.

John’s beetroot microgreens (left) and beetroot seeds in the pot (right) Grow lettuce, beetroot and leeks for microgreens Surface sow quite thickly on the top of your pot Leave the pot in the sink to soak up the water overnight Wait for the first two true leaves to show on your beetroot and lettuce before harvesting Leeks will sprout in the pot like blades of grass. Left: Add a spoon or two of sprouting seeds to a jam jar.

I spend my weekends collecting new plant babes, watering them, and watching them flourish in our well lit, sunny home. For those of you not understanding my references to natural light and windows, check out my failed tiny home living experiment.

When we moved, I actually threw a House Greening Party. In addition to all of my new plant friends, which I most definitely name, I bought several herbs from the local nursery.

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However, if you wind up with some plastic pots, you can always return them to the nursery where they’ll typically reuse them. I say this because no matter how you feel about your gardening skills, I want you to give it a try.

You might kill some plants but having an edible windowsill garden is awesome for several reasons. You no longer have to buy expensive plastic clam shells full of herbs.

You can regrow a lot of other scraps, but I find that these work best for the windowsill ! When regrowing scraps, you need to first start them in a cup of water.

Pack big harvests into small spaces with these veg pot recipes. With a few pots and containers placed on windowsills, you can have fresh veg and salad leaves within snipping distance of the kitchen table.

Carrots don’t mind jostling among other veg, but they need depth, so a round variety is essential for container gardening. Grow spring onions with them as they’re an easy filler crop and will help deter carrot root fly, as will chrysanthemums.

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Carrots are not as sensitive to drought as many veges, so should be happy until they mature in this unconventional home. The chives will repel aphids and can be added to tomato salads, and the marigolds will help prevent white fly.

The onion is planted to repel aphids, while oregano covers the soil like a mulch. Extend your sills by placing an old garden table, bench or chair in front of it.

The extra warmth means you can experiment and keep sowing to keep your outdoor larder well stocked The bigger the container, the better, but almost any receptacle can be used if it fits on the windowsill, has drainage holes and is secured safely Salad leaves can tolerate just 15 cm of compost, but most veg needs more, especially heavy crops like tomatoes and peppers. Keep pots irrigated daily, especially in hot weather, as they dry out quickly Tomatoes need picking when ripe, or they quickly go over, chilies should be harvested frequently to keep the plant producing fruit (and get hotter the longer they’re left on the plant) Pick peas from the base of the plant up and spring onion leaves from the outside in.

Aromatic, summer flower spikes and a bushy habit combine to make this evergreen shrub a must-have. A great garden variety, not too vigorous, yet fruiting early to mid-season in Jul-Aug, they can also be grown in large containers.

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