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Danielle Fletcher
• Monday, 18 January, 2021
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They’re relatively new and come loaded with features like watering and nutrient reminders, plus automatic full spectrum LED lighting. Most high-level industry-standard hydroponic rigs that you would see in a commercial garden are extremely expensive and hard to set up.

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Unfortunately, most hydroponic kits do not come with automated grow, instead, they generally have a very simple water >> lighting >> menu button system. For those who are willing to spend a little extra cash, always go for automated grow, it’ll save you a lot of time and potential frustration (especially if you’re the type of person who constantly forgets to water your plants like myself).

Each year companies like AeroGarden, Click and Grow, and IRS Garden come out with incredible kits that make the previous models look archaic. The Aerogarden Bounty Elite is seriously the gold standard kit for indoor gardening.

There is simply no other product that provides the same level of ease, plant-growth speed, and additional growing features for such a low price-point. Not to mention, the Bounty’s LED lighting system only consumes 50-Watts, so you don’t need to worry about any sudden spikes in your electricity bill.

Automatic grow is usually not offered within this price range, but AeroGarden makes good with an easy-to-understand LCD control panel which reminds you when to water and add food. The Gearbox is a little less expensive than the Smart Garden 3 system and still packs a powerful punch.

My mind was changed after seeing a friend and fellow gardener’s Basil yields sprout within roughly thirty days. It has an innovative, compact full spectrum LED light setup that compliments the growth reservoir’s sleek design.

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You’ll also receive 3 light-weight and remarkably sturdy coconut coir planting pots. Window sill herb garden kits are a great way to start gardening indoors while also growing useful culinary herbs for your meals.

This Recycled Steel Windowsill Box Garden Kit with Organic Culinary Herbs from Earth Easy is a gorgeous option for either a gift or for something lasting for your own kitchen. You’ll grow basil, garlic chives, and parsley with this adorable little herb garden kit.

The pail is made of recycled steel and the growing soil includes shredded coconut husks for good drainage. This 9- Herb Window Garden by Planter’s Choice includes nine individual plant pots that fit into three drip trays.

This herb growing kit includes seeds for sage, cilantro, basil, and oregano. The herb kit comes with organic seeds to grow basil, cilantro, thyme, and parsley.

The garden kit includes seeds for growing Italian parsley, cilantro, common chives, sweet basil, and Greek oregano. This Organic Herb Growing Kit by Planter’s Choice is another simple indoor herb garden option.

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The kit includes seeds to grow basil, dill, parsley, oregano, and cilantro. While this is one of the more expensive window sill herb garden kits, it is beautiful and would make a lovely gift.

No matter how tiny your apartment or how limited your time, you can make room for a miniature window herb garden. First, its curled green leaves and long stalks make pretty window dressing.

But the real clincher is that basil can be fragile, requiring even moisture and light, and often performs much better indoors than in the garden. Unlike basil, mint is very easy to grow and will offer you large yields of fresh-smelling, delicately textured leaves year round.

When your plant starts to flower, yank up the entire thing and hang it upside down to dry. Silvery sage will make your entire house smell amazing, and if you believe the hype, can also cleanse your home's energies.

The fresh leaves release a summery, peppery odor and flavor that pairs amazingly with rich dishes. Its tiny leaves, either used as sprigs or chopped and crumbled into baked goods, release a light and lemony flavor that pairs with sweet and savory foods.

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Whether you have 5,000 square feet of house sitting on acres of garden -ready land, or a tiny loft with one window and a few cubic feet to spare, you've got room for a collection of herbs on your windowsill. They're easy to grow, fragrant, and will instantly upgrade anything you can put fresh herbs on…even if it's just a frozen pizza (speaking from experience here).

Unfortunately there are lots of containers, dishes, bowls, jars, and glasses that would be cute to put herbs in, but if they don't offer any drainage, they're a no-go. Then choose a container that has a hole in the bottom for drainage, and a tray or saucer to protect whatever it is sitting on.

Separate pots are a great idea, as some plants like drier or wetter soil than others. Fresh oregano is actually milder than dried, so it's handy to have around if you find yourself cooking a variety of international dishes.

A must-have during the holidays, sage also looks gorgeous growing before getting clipped for stews and dressing. By growing mint inside, it can't take over your yard and garden.

Despite its health and economic benefits, gardening might be neither practical nor doable for most people in cities and urban neighborhoods. This popular Italian herb likes full sun and moist, fertile soil.

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Start basil from seeds and place the pots in front of a window that gets the most sun. Basil can be planted in a separate container or alongside other herbs that share the same needs, such as parsley and thyme.

This classic herb is ideal for soups, stocks, meat dishes, pasta recipes and the like. Bay also needs proper air circulation to stay healthy, so it’s best to keep it in a separate pot or container.

Chervil, or French parsley as it is sometimes called, is best planted during the late summer months so that it can bloom in the fall. It likes cold temperatures ranging from 65 to 70 F. It also does not require full sun, and it can tolerate a bit of shade.

The plants are best suited for container gardens indoors and often reach about 10–12 inches tall. Seasoned gardeners like to start theirs from stem cuttings of an outdoor oregano plant.

Sage likes moist soil, and the plant itself can add a nice aesthetic touch to an indoor garden. Tarragon likes the cool fall temperatures, but it needs regular mulching to protect its roots.

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