Best Windowsill Herbs

Maria Johnson
• Monday, 14 December, 2020
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There is nothing quite like the taste of fresh herbs to really add a boost to your homemade recipes. Many gardeners enjoy growing herb s outside during the summer months, but winter temperatures will kill them off for a while.

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Each fall, I make sure to take cuttings of the plants that I grow outside in my deck garden and bring them inside to root. This gives me plants for free and allows me to enjoy the use of basil all year long in recipes.

There is nothing quite like the taste of twice baked potatoes topped with sour cream and a big sprinkle of fresh chives. Keep the soil evenly moist and mist it occasionally to add extra humidity.

It adds a lovely taste to chicken and I adore AHI tuna in a tarragon butter sauce. If you grow tarragon outside during the summer months, bring it indoors when the leaves start to die back.

Give parsley a semi sunny spot in a window that faces east or west and keep it evenly moist, but allowing it to dry out on the top layer of soil between watering. Oregano is a herb that needs plenty of sunlight so give it a really sunny spot like a south facing window.

It roots easily from cuttings and is often used in condiments for Indian cooking, or as garnishes for desserts. One of my favorite fall main courses recipes is my roasted pork loin with mint sauce and plums.

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I also love to use mint in soothing teas to warm the scratchy winter throats. It is great tucked under the skin of a fresh chicken or used it to flavor my grilled rosemary and garlic pork chops.

Rosemary tends to like to be a bit on the dry side so be careful of over watering the plant. With Thanksgiving just around the corner having a pot or two of fresh sage on hand to make sure that my turkey gets lots of extra flavor.

I also love to use it for beer brined pork chops with a sage rub for a hearty fall meal. Be careful of getting water on the fuzzy leaves since they tend to rot if they get overly wet.

Sage will tolerate the low humidity of most homes but needs a south facing window to grow well. I just strip the leaves from the thyme stems and add them whole to my recipe to give a lovely flavor to main courses and salads.

It prefers full sun but will also do okay in an east or west facing window indoors. This peppery herb adds a spicy touch to Mexican dishes like my margarita steaks with cilantro and lime recipe.

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Gardening can be done in many creative ways, and here we’ve prepared a list of herbs that require nothing more than sunlight and a dainty cup. Once you’ve experienced the joy of going to your window sill to pick the garnish for your lovingly prepared roasted chicken or evening cocktail, you’ll never go back.

Not to mention, these precious herbs bring life to a dull room, and most of them are natural air fresheners! Plants are incredibly resilient organisms, and many of them can get the nutrients they need from water and sunlight.

Whether you’re looking to extend the life of your favorite herbs during the winter months, or you never know how to possibly use all the cilantro they sell in bunches at the grocery store (you know what I’m talking about), all you need is running water and a cup. Clear glass will allow more light in and algae will grow sooner, but the water can always be replaced.

Opaque glass lets in less sunlight and water won’t need to be changed as often. There’s nothing more satisfying than picking a few leaves of fresh basil to garnish an omelet or pasta dish.

If you want your basil to keep growing, pluck away the flowers as they develop (these are edible and make for an intensely delicious garnish) as this indicates the end of the plant’s life cycle. Placing your leftover cilantro in an opaque jar will ensure this beautiful herb won’t go to waste.

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Harvest your cilantro before it blooms, as this indicates the end of its life cycle, and the lovely flavor quickly dissipates. Simply save the bulb and place it in a short water glass, ensuring that the snipped end isn’t totally submerged.

It smells incredible, it can help with indigestion, it can reduce feelings of stress, and is even able to help with deeper sleep. Rosemary is an excellent herb to keep on your windowsill, as it is a natural air freshener and doesn’t need to have its water changed all too often.

Just make sure leaves growing below the water are clipped away, and enjoy this tasty herb all year. Pro Breakfast Tip: one of the best omelets I’ve ever made was just blue cheese, fresh rosemary, and little rolled up sausages.

Frying sage makes for an incredibly unique and crispy garnish, and tones down that intense flavor. Thyme starts to root after a couple of weeks, it can either stay submerged in glass or be planted into a small pot.

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No matter how tiny your apartment or how limited your time, you can make room for a miniature window herb garden. First, its curled green leaves and long stalks make pretty window dressing.

But the real clincher is that basil can be fragile, requiring even moisture and light, and often performs much better indoors than in the garden. Unlike basil, mint is very easy to grow and will offer you large yields of fresh-smelling, delicately textured leaves year round.

When your plant starts to flower, yank up the entire thing and hang it upside down to dry. Silvery sage will make your entire house smell amazing, and if you believe the hype, can also cleanse your home's energies.

The fresh leaves release a summery, peppery odor and flavor that pairs amazingly with rich dishes. Its tiny leaves, either used as sprigs or chopped and crumbled into baked goods, release a light and lemony flavor that pairs with sweet and savory foods.

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While a windowsill in the kitchen is most convenient for its proximity to meal prep, any window in your home will work. Cover with a plastic wrap or dome to keep moist and promote germination.

Starting herbs from seeds is possible and rewarding, says Toby Adams, Director of the Edible Academy at the New York Botanical Garden, in Bronx, New York, but will take significantly more time to grow to the size necessary to begin harvesting. He recommends sourcing herbs from seedlings, which are young plants that grew from seed rather than a cutting.

“ Culinary herbs like full and direct sun, so it is important to locate a windowsill with this in mind,” Adams explains. Mint, rosemary, basil, oregano, chives, parsley, and thyme all grow especially well on a windowsill, and you'll likely use these most in the kitchen.

If there's another herb you love and cook with regularly, you should feel free to try planting it. Its root system needs space to grow and if it doesn't, it won't be able to support the plant.

If you want one container to hold a few different plants, make sure they all have the same sun, temperature, and water needs. Jeanne KessiraLifestyle It’s hard to constantly make creative and flavorful dishes when you’re stuck between classes, homework and whatever extracurriculars spark your interest.

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Add water daily to the saucer every day, or when the soil is dry. Make a herbal syrup for infused water, drinks or quirky desserts.

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