Best Windowsill Nepenthes

Bob Roberts
• Saturday, 26 December, 2020
• 9 min read

Nepenthe amaze BE-3736 (Large) For a window sill you need a plant that does not require a lot of intense light and can handle the typically dry air inside a house.

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It is no surprise that Mexican Pinguicula do well in this kind of environment, but many Nepenthe do nicely too. Houses present unique challenges for growing plants.

Unless you have a “modern” design house with high amounts of natural light or have an atrium or a sun room there are probably not many places in your house where you can grow plants that expect more than a minimal amount of light. Who wants to have a light fixture in front of a window presuming you can do it in the first place.

A second challenge for growing carnivores as houseplants is humidity. Most carnivorous plants do not require as much humidity as you might expect considering where they live in the wild.

I have had Nepenthe growth tips die from the cold draft off windows in the winter. Mexican Pinguicula are probably the best candidates for houseplant carnivores.

I use a heavier soil mix than would be advised for plants in a greenhouse and keep the pots always sitting in water. Pings need seasonal light queues in order to survive long term.

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You are not going to impress many of your non-carnivore friends with Pinguicula but generally a fine Nepenthe will get their attention, especially when you point out the pitchers where you have deposited dead flies. Light intensity may also be a factor for species that normally grow in full sun.

Generally lowland, partial sun species with thick, leathery leaves will stand up best to low humidity. Nepenthe rafflesiana, N. bicalcarata, and N. truncate are good lowland species for beginners.

If your house is humid enough, and you have a window providing 4 hours of direct sun a day, that is great. Saracens rose, Dionne muscular, Hephaestus follicular, and many Drovers species may do well.

In response to a different topic I decided to share a bit more about the Nepenthe I grow in my windowsill. I believe the 10C drop in the night is the most important condition to grow healthy plants in the windowsill.

I achieve the 10C drop by keeping my window open at night. I planted my rajah in a very tall pot, and it seems to be doing fine in that.

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This way it takes way longer for the soil to warm up, so this should keep the roots cool. If it really gets too hot, I put rainwater in plastic bags in the freezer, creating ice cubes.

I try to keep humidity at a minimum of 50%, preferably higher, but this is quite a challenge. Because my humidity is lower, I have difficulty getting my news to pitcher.

N. Hamata N. Louisa (I have taken some cuttings, which I put outside per experiment. I noticed it is more difficult for me to grow lowland or intermediate.

N. Louisa, N. spectacles and N. ventral are producing plenty of pitchers. The rest I'm hoping will start to produce pitchers later in the year for me.

I put a lid from a yogurt pot on the soil. The microfiber soaks up the water, so that it's evenly distributed around the plant.

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I am a vegan who lives vicariously through her plants Posts: 47 Throughout my research I've come across a few species considered to be the best to grow via windowsill.

Abbotsford bc have grown orchids for years just got into nepenthe Posts: 1,375 You've got a good list going, but I would remove rafflesiana, it much prefers it hot and humid.

Pretty much all the intermediate elevation Nepenthe grow well in a window. I am growing N. Alta without troubles in a window type environment.

The online I'm growing in the window right now is my Sanguine and although it isn't directly in the window it's just below on a ledge where I crack the blinds enough to give it filtered sunlight so to speak. I used to have my robcantleyi, my Copeland in the windows as well but the rob is too special to bother risking even if IIT was doing fine for the short couple months last year.

I am a vegan who lives vicariously through her plants Posts: 47 I feel your pain Keeper, I can't seem to figure out where to keep my ventricle x Havana....

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I want to keep it in my sunniest window, but do I want to risk giving it too much light. There are films that can be applied to windows to defuse the light.

I've been reading nepsaroundthehouse for tips and recommended plants. I searched for my copy of The Savage Garden, but I failed to find it (lost in storage, probably eaten by rats/birds).

The way I do this is by putting a stainless steel SOS pad in a water tray, and sitting the pot on top of that, and filling the tray up to the bottom of the pot. If I were ruler of the world, anyone who defined a nepenthe ne as a “companion plant” to orchids would be fired from a cannon atop CT.

I grow N. ventricle, Alta, 'cocaine', and 'ventral' in windows. They grew really well during the summer; they've slowed down a lot now that it's winter.

Putting out new pitchers like crazy. I grow them in plastic pots with attached water trays (like they sell at Home Depot for less than a dollar), in pure LFS, and water a few times a week.

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They also won't grow as fast, but that's not such a bad thing if you have limited space.like I do. I think that misting might help, so long as you make sure to do it regularly.

Take a look at this: http://www.sarracenia.com/faq/faq6010e.html Plants to look for would probably be hirsute and thick-leaved varieties such as Vietcong, Chadian, pilot, petioles, or truncate, and hybrids of those and other such species. Also, larger, more mature plants will naturally tend to be hardier regardless of variety, so it might be worth it to be choosy and buy a few adult plants rather than a bunch of starts.

O//~ Living' like a bug ain't easy / My old clothes don't seem to fit me / I got little tiny bug feet / I don't really know what bugs eat / Don't want no one stepping' on me / Now I'm sympathizing' with fleas / Living' like a bug ain't easy / Living' like a bug ain't easy... o//~ I find that News are a lot tougher then they are given credit for.

When I was first reading about them and the high humidity requirements they need, I thought I would never be able to keep one outside a terrarium. Since news can get large I could not confine the plant into a terrarium.

So I started to experiment with growing them as windowsill plants and have had great success with several news this way. Furnace does not run much, sun shines in the room where I grow the plants and heats the area up.

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Winter / Fall temps: I keep the house cool. (humidified air feels warmer then dry air) During the day it can hit mid 70s with the sun shinning in the room where I grow the news.

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