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Brent Mccoy
• Monday, 16 November, 2020
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Many houseplants will thrive on a windowsill, but there are a few important points to consider before making your choice. Cacti and succulents are the obvious choice for east- and south-facing windowsills, as most need several hours of direct sun to thrive.

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The low light levels of a north-facing windowsill are perfect for shade-loving houseplants, such as streptococcus. Bear in mind that day and night temperatures on your windowsill can vary dramatically and can drop significantly in winter.

Some houseplants that are happy in summer may need moving to a warmer spot in autumn, even if it gets less light. Work out which direction your window faces and how much, or little sun it gets, and choose your houseplants based on their light requirements.

Measure the windowsill and choose your pots or planters based on what will fit. ‘Polly’ is a compact avoid cultivar with glossy, veined leaves with attractive margins.

It thrives in bright, warm conditions, with high levels of humidity. Low-growing and tolerant of a range of light levels, many succulents, such as aloes, agave, Cheerios and capsules, are perfect for growing on windowsills.

Monster delicious will eventually grow too large for most windowsills, but its smaller relative, Monster oblique, has the same penetrate (holey) leaves held on a smaller plant, which will spill over the edge of the container. Streptococcus is native to South African woodland, and therefore thrive in low light levels, including dappled shade.

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While pelargoniums are usually grown outside in summer, they’re not hardy and benefit from being moved indoors for winter. They make perfect houseplants, often continuing to flower well into autumn.

The glorious large, white, star-shaped flowers blushed with pink of this magnolia are a spectacular sight in March and April and signal the arrival of spring. Your garden will brim with color from March to October with this all season collection of clematis.

We recommend some best plants to grow in window boxes, including fruits and flowers. Window boxes provide the opportunity to grow flowers, fruit, veg and herbs outdoors, without the need for a garden.

Finally, to stop your window boxes drying out so quickly, water them regularly and consider incorporating water-retaining gel into your planting medium. Mexican flea bane, Bergeron karvinskianus, is a tough perennial that can be grown in small spots, such as in between paving stones.

Browse sempervivum varieties to grow on our handy Plant Finder. As half-hardy perennials, pelargoniums are perfectly at homegrown in containers, allowing them to be moved somewhere sheltered and frost-free over winter.

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Deadheaded regularly, they’ll provide continuous blooms for months. Metal brackets bolted to the wall can extend your windowsills, as well as help to secure the containers.

The glorious large, white, star-shaped flowers blushed with pink of this magnolia are a spectacular sight in March and April and signal the arrival of spring. Your garden will brim with color from March to October with this all season collection of clematis.

Windowsills receiving full light exposure provide an optimum environment for sun-loving houseplants. With just a bit of effort, your healthy houseplants will add a pop of color that can be viewed and enjoyed from both sides of the window.

Turn the plants pots every week or so to adequately expose all sides of the houseplants to the outside sun for even growing patterns. They grow well grouped together in container gardens, but a single succulent in its own pot can make a statement as well.

All varieties of cactus thrive in windows that receive full sun during the day. A grouping of captures will feel right at home when showcased on a sunny windowsill.

The Martha Washington variety is more delicate and has several flower color choices to choose from. But don’t overlook bringing traditional porch geraniums inside at the end of the season, as they should do just as well indoors.

With its colorful foliage, protons are a good pick for a sunny winter at the front of the house. The leaves start out green with yellow and can show hues of pink, orange and reds, but will change color as it matures and is exposed to the direct sun.

Gardener and Sunday Times Columnist, Laetitia Makeup, shares her top 5 recommended houseplants to give as gifts for this holiday season. Houseplants are an excellent way to introduce color and life to your bathroom and luckily there's a huge selection for you to choose from.

Alongside helping to create a relaxing, tranquil space, many bathroom plants also have air purifying qualities. However, as night falls your bathroom will generally be colder than the rest of your home, so the plants will need to be able to cope with these lower temperatures.

One of the benefits of Snake Plants is their ability to filter out formaldehyde from the air, which can be found in some bathroom cleaning products. They also prefer a level of humidity which isn't found in most other rooms of your home, making them perfect for placement in a bathroom away from the window.

With leaves that can grow up to a foot, these plants are on the larger side, so they are ideally suited to bigger bathrooms. The Dieffenbachia should be rotated every month or so to ensure they grow evenly and will need to be placed closer to a window during the darker winter period.

Although it doesn't like complete shade or direct sunlight, it will thrive on a window-sill which gets moderate amounts of light throughout the day. They are able to grow in a variety of different conditions but favor lighting from a window-sill which receives moderate sun throughout the day.

They need to be watered once a week and have the added benefits or removing pollutants such as carbon monoxide from the air. Aloe Vera is able to handle changes in temperature and won't grow much more than a couple of feet, which makes it a perfect countertop accessory for smaller bathrooms.

Aloe Vera likes lots of bright light, so leave it on or near a window-sill and move it outside for the warmest summer months. Bamboo is a beautifully minimalist plant that requires no soil to grow, which makes it ideal for use inside the home.

With elegant, glossy leaves and pretty white blooms, the Peace Lily is the perfect plant for anyone looking to create a relaxing spa bathroom. It only needs a little indirect sunlight and your shower will bring the tropical humidity it would have in its natural environment.

The leaves of the Peace Lily also have air filtration properties, ideal for bathrooms that have problems with damp & mold. The philodendron is a tropical plant which would naturally be found on the jungle floor, so it likes humid environments and only requires minimal light.

The Cast Iron likes low light environments, needs very little water and can tolerate high temperature extremes, so you can relax in the knowledge that your plant is going to stand the test of time! To keep your Cast Iron healthy you simply need to wait until the soil is completely dry before watering.

The beautiful leaf patterns, and its smaller size make the Chinese Evergreen perfect for small, chic bathrooms. It likes the humidity which comes with smaller bathrooms and needs lower levels of light, so place it on a counter top away from the window.

Black opal Basil is a sort of maroon colored plant that will also bloom a lot like Sylvia. Rosemary is part of the evergreen family and gets pretty little flowers too.

Most plants for food need about 12 to 14 hours a day of full sun and an east facing window will not give you that, so most things will become “leggy” and weak stretching for light. But if you were to give them artificial light such as a small shop light/Florescent bulbs hung no more than a couple of inches from the top of the plants they should do well.

As other have said I would stick with herbs as a tomato plant would need a 5 gallon bucket to get decent growth. Though I have grown baby lettuce indoors under lights with decent success.

Mother of thyme also has lovely pink flowers plus you can use the leaves in cooking. Give it a good pot with proper drainage and water it when dry.

If it gets too big, simply trim it back after flowering, and it'll grow new bushier shoots. It is a vine, so I had to get a trellis for it to climb, it loves filtered sun in a window because the glass magnifies the rays...but overall its 2 years old and flowers only once a year but for a few months at a time...the flowers are soon unusual and smell wonderful.

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