Best Windowsill Vegetables

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Improvise and act, get some window boxes, hanging baskets or make some cool DIY containers. It’s fun and exciting, and you’ll be successful if you care about a few things: Your window must receive minimum 4-5 hours of sunlight, you should fertilize your plants correctly and the balance in watering must be maintained (avoiding both overwatering and under watering).

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It doesn’t require a sunny window, a few hours of sunlight is enough, if not, you can also use artificial light. And the best part is you can make decorative arrangements, combining red or green leaf lettuces in the same pot or choosing variegated ones.

A great way to grow and enjoy fresh, organic, juicy tomatoes indoors. For best results, choose dwarf varieties (cherry tomatoes, are perfect).

Also, some varieties that grow well on windowsill include Early Salad, Red Cushion, Pretty Patio, and Tiny Tim. A Tip: Cherry tomatoes don’t require a big deep pot, you can use a small to medium-sized container.

A Tip: Keep the soil slightly moist and provide shallow but wide planter, a 6 inches deep pot would be sufficient. Exotic, hot, spicy, and colorful– You can grow chilies on your kitchen windowsill.

Growing carrot on a windowsill is possible, and you can expect a decent homegrown harvest in small pots or window boxes. Growing this root vegetable in containers is easy, and it doesn’t take much space too.

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In a week, you’ll have a jar full of healthy delicate sprouts that you can sprinkle on salads, add to sandwiches or toss into soups for a delicious and healthful twist on your favorite recipes. When the leaves dry, dig up the soil to harvest the garlic bulbs.

A big bowl of green leaves can be a prime source of vitamins A, C, K and folic acid. And microgreens (aka seedlings of herbs and vegetables) maybe even more nutrient-rich and tasty than the mature ones.

A Tip: To grow microgreens you will need seeds of various greens and a wide but shallow tray. Radishes grow so fast and require little care and don’t mind the small pots.

A Tip: Dwarf and bushier bean varieties and peas don’t require any special support, thus more suitable for windowsill gardening. From baby beetroot to edible flowers, there are a whole hosts of amazing vegetables you can grow on your windowsill.

This peppery favorite is one of the easiest vegetables to grow on your windowsill, and is perfect to add to a salad or sandwich at lunchtime. You don’t even need compost to grow cress, as it can be grown on wet tissue or cotton wool.

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Line a tray or container with wet tissue/cotton wool, sprinkle the seeds over and press them in. Place the tray on a warm windowsill with plenty of sunlight and gently water them daily.

Try growing in compost for bigger, more nutritious plants with a stronger flavor. Follow the same process and cover the seeds with a thin layer of compost once you’ve scattered them.

Delicious in stir fry and salads, these little guys are a gem in the world of windowsill gardening. You can grow them using whole dried peas you find in your supermarket or local shop.

To activate the dried peas and get the best results, you’ll need to soak them overnight in water. Place the container on a sunny windowsill, and within a few days they will start to sprout.

Top tip The pea shoots will grow back again for a second time after you’ve cut them, so keep them on your windowsill for ongoing greens. Packed with vitamins, herbs can brighten up any dish and make a plain bowl of pasta or rice come to life.

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Basil, parsley and mint are great choices that are simple to grow. Simply grab a pot or container with holes in the bottom so that excess water can drain.

Parsley windowsill herbs, Nintendo La Lu/Unsplash Kale is one to try if you have a garden, balcony or window box as it grows happily outdoors in pots. Top Tip If you want slightly bigger plants, you can prick out a few of the seedlings and replant them in individual pots.

Kale, Ellen Male © RBG New You can grow beetroot in pots for a harvest of tender, baby roots. Species such as bumblebees and honeybees love collecting nectar from the purple flowers.

Calendula is another edible flower that will brighten up your windowsill with yellow blooms. Top tip It’s best to pick edible flowers just before you intend to eat them, so they’re still firm and full of flavor, or you can store them in the fridge in a plastic bag.

Keep the soil moist and in about four weeks time, you should have some tasty pink radish to pull up and enjoy. You can grow edible plants like tomatoes, peppers, carrots, onions, garlic and some others.

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And specially, your family will have fresh and organic vegetables that are good for health at any time. These plants only need a period of sunlight from 5-6 hours per day, and the window is a suitable location for their growth.

If you want to add something hot and spicy in your meal, chilies that is grown in your kitchen windowsill is a great way. Their leaves are also edible, and you can make a wide range of delicious dishes to treat family from them.

Don’t need large garden, growing carrot on a windowsill is possible in small pots or window boxes. In a small space like a windowsill, you can grow green onions to serve for your delicious salad bowls and sandwiches.

You can combine red or green leaf lettuces in the same pot to make decorate. Green leaves contain a lot of source vitamins A, C, K and folic acid, these are good for health.

In the planting, all you need is a quart jar, a few tablespoons of sprouting seeds and water. In a week, you’ll have a jar full of healthy delicate sprouts that you can serve for some favorite dishes like salads, sandwiches, or soups.

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Now that winter has put an end to gardening outdoors it’s time to think about what you can grow successfully in the house. Squash, cucumbers, root crops, beans and a host of others is best reserved for outdoor growing.

This article from the Bees and Roses website describes ten vegetables that grow well indoors. This tasty plant only needs a few hours of sunlight every day, and should be watered every few days.

Place seedlings in a deep pot of 8 to 10 inches to keep up with growing needs as it matures. Many houseplants will thrive on a windowsill, but there are a few important points to consider before making your choice.

Cacti and succulents are the obvious choice for east- and south-facing windowsills, as most need several hours of direct sun to thrive. The low light levels of a north-facing windowsill are perfect for shade-loving houseplants, such as streptococcus.

Bear in mind that day and night temperatures on your windowsill can vary dramatically and can drop significantly in winter. Some houseplants that are happy in summer may need moving to a warmer spot in autumn, even if it gets less light.

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Work out which direction your window faces and how much, or little sun it gets, and choose your houseplants based on their light requirements. Measure the windowsill and choose your pots or planters based on what will fit.

‘Polly’ is a compact avoid cultivar with glossy, veined leaves with attractive margins. It thrives in bright, warm conditions, with high levels of humidity.

Low-growing and tolerant of a range of light levels, many succulents, such as aloes, agave, Cheerios and capsules, are perfect for growing on windowsills. Plant your cacti in porous terracotta containers in a gritty compost, to provide them with adequate drainage and reduce the chances of them rotting.

Grow Venus fly trap, Dionne muscular, on a sunny windowsill, ideally in a bathroom, as the humid conditions will mimic its native subtropical habitat. While pelargoniums are usually grown outside in summer, they’re not hardy and benefit from being moved indoors for winter.

They make perfect houseplants, often continuing to flower well into autumn. The glorious large, white, star-shaped flowers blushed with pink of this magnolia are a spectacular sight in March and April and signal the arrival of spring.

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