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“We offer our heartfelt condolences to the family and our thoughts are with them at this time,” Wipe out producers Endemic Shine North America said in a statement. Hosted by John Cent, Nicole Bye, and Camille Hosted, Wipe out is a TBS reboot of the original, which ran for seven seasons on ABC between 2008 and 2014.

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“ Wipe out will feature twists and new elements that will push contestants’ athleticism and determination to even greater extremes, all while delivering some wildly epic fails !” read the show’s official description. A male contestant needed help and was tended to by on-set emergency personnel after tackling the course Wednesday, sources close to production tell The Post.

The reality competition show, in which contestants navigate an extreme obstacle course featuring giant balls and pitfalls that often result in spectacular crashes, ran on ABC from 2008 until 2014 and is being rebooted by TBS and production company Endemic Shine North America. Two people close to the production said the man had completed the course on the show's set in Santa Clarita, California, when he needed medical attention.

The reality competition show, in which contestants navigate an extreme obstacle course featuring giant balls and pitfalls that often result in spectacular crashes, ran on ABC from 2008 until 2014 and is being rebooted by TBS and production company Endemic Shine North America. Two people close to the production said the man had completed the course on the show’s set in Santa Clarita, California, when he needed medical attention.

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The man in his 30s was declared dead at a hospital shortly before 7 p.m. Wednesday, Los Angeles County coroner’s spokeswoman Sarah Adamant said. The reality competition show, in which contestants navigate an extreme obstacle course featuring giant balls and pitfalls that often result in spectacular crashes, ran on ABC from 2008 until 2014 and is being rebooted by TBS and production company Endemic Shine North America.

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But an attachment to the National Park Service public gathering permit granted to the group lists more than half a dozen people in staff positions for the event who just weeks earlier had been paid thousands of dollars by Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign. The riot at the Capitol, incited by Trump’s comments before and during his speech at the Ellipse, has led to a reckoning unprecedented in American history.

The president told the crowd to march to the Capitol and that “you’ll never take back our country with weakness. But the political and legal fallout may stretch well beyond Trump, who will exit the White House on Wednesday before Democrat Joe Biden takes the oath of office.

Women for America First, which applied for and received the Park Service permit, did not respond to messages seeking comment about how the event was financed and about the Trump campaign’s involvement. The AP’s review found at least three of the Trump campaign aides named on the permit rushed to obscure their connections to the demonstration.

They deactivated or locked down their social media profiles, removed tweets that referenced the rally and blocked a reporter who asked questions. Caroline Wren, a veteran GOP fundraiser, is named as a “VIP Advisor” on an attachment to the permit that Women for America First provided to the agency.

Between mid-March and mid-November, Donald J. Trump for President Inc. paid Wren $20,000 a month, according to Federal Election Commission records. Wren retweeted messages about the event ahead of time, but a cache of her account on Google shows at least eight of those tweets disappeared from her timeline.

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One of the messages Wren retweeted was from “Stop the Steal,” another group identified as a rally participant on a website promoting the event. The Jan. 2 message thanked Republican senators who said they would vote to overturn Biden’s election victory, including Josh Hawley of Missouri and Ted Cruz of Texas.

Wren did not return messages seeking comment, and locked her Twitter account after the AP reached out to her last Monday to ask her about her involvement in the Trump rally and the tweets she had removed. FEC records show Maggie Juliana was earning $5,000 every two weeks from Trump’s reelection campaign, with the most recent payment reported on Nov. 13.

Maggie Juliana retweeted several messages on Jan. 6, including one from the president that urged support for the Capitol Police. The insurrection at the Capitol prompted Mick Juliana to quit his position as Trump’s special envoy to Northern Ireland.

He told CNBC a day after the assault that remaining in the post would prompt people to say “‘Oh yeah, you work for the guy who tried to overtake the government.’” The leaders of Women for America First aren’t new to politics. Amy Kramer, listed as the group’s president on records filed with Virginia’s state corporation commission, is “one of the founding mothers of the modern day tea party movement,” according to her website.

The IRS granted Women for America First tax-exempt status as a social welfare organization a year ago, with the exemption retroactive to February 2019. In a statement issued the same day rioters attacked the Capitol, Amy Kramer denounced the assault and said it was instigated after the rally by a “handful of bad actors,” while seeming to blame Democrats and news organizations for the riot.

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“Unfortunately, for months the left and the mainstream media told the American people that violence was an acceptable political tool,” she said. It is not.” The AP reviewed social media posts, voter registrations, court files and other public records for more than 120 people either facing criminal charges related to the Jan. 6 unrest or who, going massless during the pandemic, were later identified through photographs and videos taken during the melee.

The review found the crowd was overwhelmingly made up of longtime Trump supporters, including Republican Party officials, GOP political donors, far-right militants, white supremacists, off-duty police, members of the military and adherents of the QAnon myth that the government is secretly controlled by a cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophile cannibals. A woman from California was shot to death by Capitol Police and three other people died after medical emergencies during the chaos.

Trump’s incendiary remarks at the Jan. 6 rally culminated a two-day series of events in Washington, organized by a coalition of the president’s supporters who echoed his baseless accusations that the election had been stolen from him. Another website, TrumpMarch.com shows a fist-raised Trump pictured on the front of a red, white and blue tour bus emblazoned with the words, “Powered by Women for America First.” The logo for the bedding company “My Pillow” is also prominent.

Details of the “DC PROTEST” will be coming soon, it adds, and also lists a series of bus stops between Dec. 27 and Jan. 6 where Trump backers can “Join the caravan or show your support.” Kimberly Fletcher, the Moms for America president, said she wasn’t aware the Trump campaign had a role in the rally at the Ellipse until around New Year's Day. While she didn’t work directly with the campaign, Fletcher did notice a shift in who was involved in the rally and who would be speaking.

I don’t know who was in the background or who put it together or anything.” In addition to the large stage, the rally on the Ellipse featured a sophisticated sound system and at least three Jumbotron-style screens projecting the president's image to the crowd. Videos posted online show Trump and his family in a nearby private tent watching the rally on several monitors as music blared in the background.

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Moms for America held a more modest “Save the Republic” rally on Jan. 5 near the U.S. Capitol, an event that drew about 500 people and cost between $13,000 to $14,000, according to Fletcher. Justin Capo rale is listed on the Women for America First paperwork as the event’s project manager.

Tim Uses, the founder and president of Event Strategies, was the “stage manager” for the Jan. 6 rally, according to the permit paperwork. Another person with close ties to the Trump administration, Hannah Salem, was the rally’s “operations manager for logistics and communications,” according to the permit paperwork.

In 2017, she took a hiatus from the consulting firm she founded and spent three years as senior White House press aide, “executing the media strategy for President Trump’s most high-profile events,” according to her company bio and LinkedIn profile. Vietnam on Monday awarded a license to a unit of Taiwan's Foxconn Technology Co Ltd to build a $270 million plant to produce laptops and tablets, the Vietnamese government said.

Southeast Asian ride-hailing and food delivery giant Grab is exploring a listing in the United States this year, encouraged by robust investor appetite for IPOs, three sources familiar with the matter told Reuters. The IPO could raise at least $2 billion, one of the sources said, which would likely make it the largest overseas share offering by a Southeast Asian company.

Euronews correspondent Galena Polonskaya was on the plane with opposition leader Alexei Navalny before he was detained on arrival at a Moscow airport. Hundreds of vehicles festooned with pink balloons, rainbow signs and anti-bullying messages drove slowly through a riverfront area of Mission B.C.

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AJ Goliath, one of the organizers of the rally, said when details of the violence emerged, he knew he had to do something in response. “For us, just standing by and watching someone get assaulted in a manner that is not accepted by the community and, as a person, I couldn't step back and allow it to happen,” he said from the rally on Sunday while wearing a pink T-shirt with the message, 'Say no to bullying' on it.

The two attackers were arrested and police are recommending charges against them including assault and uttering threats. On Sunday at the rally to support the victim, participants cheered, honked and waved signs that said bullying was not acceptable in the community.

Brad Vi's, the MP for the area said he was overwhelmed by the positive response from everyone who attended the rally. Mission Acting Mayor Jag Gill said the rally would help the community overcome the tragedy.

Republicans remain poised to block most of Biden's proposals, just as they thwarted much of President Barack Obama's efforts on Capitol Hill. But 50/50 control permits action on special legislation that can't be filibustered, and momentum for the popular parts of COVID-19 relief could easily propel an early aid bill into law.

It also means controversial choices such as Ne era Tandem, Biden's pick for budget director, can look ahead to assuming their posts. BUDGET ‘RECONCILIATION’ Democrats also have the opportunity to pass special budget-related legislation by a simple majority, an often-arcane process that enabled Obama to finish his 2010 health care bill and gave President Donald Trump's GOP allies a failed chance to repeal “Obamacare” and passage of a tax overhaul bill.

Biden could use this so-called budget reconciliation process to pass more controversial elements of COVID-19 relief with only Democratic votes, repeal some of Trump's tax cuts or make federal health care programs more generous, for example. That could permit passage of $2,000 direct COVID-19 relief payments and other aid, for instance, and could mean debates on issues like police reform, immigration and climate change.

But passage of such legislation would require support from Republicans, which gives the minority party enormous leverage. Moderate Democrat Joe Man chin of West Virginia says he'll block any attempt to eliminate the filibuster, so party progressives may be wasting their breath on this topic now.

But issues like increasing the debt limit instantly become partisan, and the political incentives for many Republicans heading into the 2022 midterms and the 2024 presidential election are to vilify Biden and Democrats controlling Congress. That means impossible-to-pass ideas like “Medicare for All” and a Green New Deal aren't going to be the focus of Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

In a much-anticipated retrial on Monday, the Seoul High Court found Lee guilty of bribing then-President Park Geun-hye and her close confidante to win government support for a 2015 merger between two Samsung affiliates. Lee’s lawyers had portrayed him as a victim of presidential power abuse and described the 2015 deal as part of “normal business activity.” It wasn’t immediately known whether he would appeal.

Lee, 52, was sentenced in 2017 to five years in prison for offering 8.6 billion won ($7 million) in bribes to Park and her longtime friend Choir Tonsil. IL reside à Marine, main travails pour DES medias aux square coins Du mode.

Deputy 2013, Sébastien Thibault realism claque Anne one flee DE contrast d’illustrations, environ 200 à 250, à temps plan days son petite bureau DE Marine. Acres avoid grand à Marine, Sébastien Thibault quite SA Villa Natalie Au debut DES annexes 2000 pour s’installer à Québec LE temps DE SES études universities.

J’AI adore EU’on plissé free DES illustrations pour supporter DES ended, of meme amen er LE letter à lire SUR UN suet », s’est enthusiasm Sébastien. Elfin, IL recoil son diploma en 2003 ET deviant graphite days one fire DE graphite ET marketing, Au dace, site à Sainte-Anne-des-Monts.

Mai's IL n’a pas commence immediateness à free DE l’illustration d’edition; IL a fall attendee queues annexes savant Que Thibault SE lance days Le Monde illustrate. C’est en 2005 environ Que Sébastien commence à illustrated, uniqueness come passe-temps, just pour s’amused.

IL contact aloes LE media Montreal Urania, quit a etc son premier client. DE film en Anguilla, IL offer SES services à d’actress clients Quebecois.

« C’Étaín UN beau Eve d’Eyre represented par Anna, car Elle represented clusters illustrates quit m’intéressaient ET Que JE sulkies », an about Thibault. ET en 2021, cell era 10 ans Que Goodson LE represented ET Que la pair travails ensemble.

Tan dis EU’UN graphite, TU travails pour LE client, salon SES demands ET envies uniqueness. Son travail debut par la reception d’UN texted’UN client, Que CE soil l’article complete of UN court résumé Du suet.

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Adjourn’Hui, TU pub free one illustration ET days cine here, IL fact EU’Elle soil live », a precise Thibault. ET pour UN contract EU’IL deceit DE normal », come LE magazine L’Actuality, UN product put Lew prepare 3 à 5 hours.

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Acres cine ans à designer pour The Guardian, IL said Que tousles DEU Maris Du moist, IL aura UN contract à produce pour LE media Britannia. « Claque foil, JE me dis Que j’arteries copper LE contract, car c’est top de-stress.

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Regard en savant Pour SES illustrations, IL multiple LES PRI ET reconnaissances international deputy clusters annexes, prove DE son success retentissant. Dan's LE future, IL suite tout DE meme SE laser surrender par LES nauseates à senior.

For example, IL a recommend travails Alec la companies telephone Fizz pour DES publicizes. » ET IL s’amuse à LES developer. Claudie Arsenault, Initiative DE journalism local, Mon Matane.

The move to integrate Smart with WhatsApp will allow hundreds of millions of users to order products from Reliance without having to leave the app, Mint said, citing two officials aware of the development. A powerful earthquake that struck Indonesia's Sulawesi island last week has killed at least 84 people and displaced more than 30,000, according to search and rescue agency (Bananas) data on Monday.

The 6.2-magnitude quake, one of a string of disasters to hit Indonesia in recent weeks, struck West Sulawesi early Friday morning, sending thousands fleeing from their beds. As search and rescue operations continued on Monday, Bananas official Did Hamza told a news conference that 84 people were confirmed to have died.

Ron.” Thus was born the tradition of departing presidents leaving a handwritten note in the Oval Office for their successors. The missives' contents start off as confidential, but are often eventually made public by archivists, references in presidential memoirs or via social media after journalists and others filed requests to obtain them.

President Donald Trump has refused to accept the results of November’s election and vowed not to attend Joe Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday. Presidents often write reflectively at the end of their time in office, including George Washington, who stated that he was “tired of public life” in recording why he wasn't seeking a third presidential term.

“It speaks not only to his grace, but ultimately what the presidency should be all about, which is thinking about your country first,” said Mark K. Undergone, a historian and CEO of the Lyndon Baines Johnson Foundation, who has written about the Bush family. They wrote a sort of kids' guide to the White House for Malia and Sasha Obama, then 10 and 7.

Undergone said even if the note tradition stops with Trump, it could easily start again when Biden leaves office. Sunday's Games (All Times Eastern) NHL Pittsburgh 4 Washington 3 (SO) Florida 5 Chicago 2 Dallas at Tampa Bay, PPD.

--- NBA New York 105 Boston 75 Chicago 117 Dallas 101 Utah 109 Denver 105 New Orleans 128 Sacramento 123 L.A. Clippers 129 Indiana 96 Philadelphia at Oklahoma City, PPD. --- NFL Playoffs Divisional Round Kansas City 22, Cleveland 17 Tampa Bay 30 New Orleans 20 --- This report by The Canadian Press was first published January 17, 2021.

China's economy picked up speed in the fourth quarter, with growth beating expectations and poised to expand further this year even as the global pandemic rages unabated. Two communities in the Northwest Territories' Echo region asked visitors to stay away as concern grew over a cluster of COVID-19 cases in Fort Lizard.

Fort Lizard, which now has three confirmed cases of the disease, is under a containment order that effectively shuts down many activities in the hamlet, including all gatherings, until January 30. While territorial officials have said there is no exposure risk in Echo communities, leaders in Samba K’e and Jean Marie River said turning away visitors was necessary to protect residents, particularly Elders, from the threat of COVID-19.

Sanchez said he will work to ensure community members wear masks both within Jean Marie River and when they travel elsewhere for supplies and groceries. “You’ve got to use your mask, keep wiping your hands down, and trying to wipe things down when you do things in your vehicle, especially if you do travel.” On Monday, Sanchez said, contact information will be added to the sign, so people can reach community leaders with questions or concerns.

Minister Shane Thompson, MLA for the Amended region that includes many Echo communities, said on Facebook there was “no exposure risk identified in Fort Simpson or Johann Butte in the course of the investigation at this time.” Thompson urged people to follow pandemic health guidelines and promised updates if anything changes.

“The direction to everyone in the territory is to self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19, stay home if they’re feeling unwell, and contact their local health center to get a COVID-19 test at the first sign of any illness,” Thompson wrote. At a news conference on Sunday, Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Kali Angola reiterated that message, saying the territorial government had a “good grasp” on close contacts from the three Fort Lizard cases to date.

Must Hassan, owner of the village’s Unity Store, said masks were now mandatory inside the building. The Johann Inn is open for takeout only and asked residents to wear a mask when picking up orders.

Mandeville will open on Tuesday for takeout only, with patrons required to wear a mask when coming to pick up orders. Fort Simpson Beverages and Gardens, the village’s liquor shop, is keeping its regular hours and said it would continue its existing sanitizing and cleaning protocols.

The fitness center will remain open due to a low number of users, though masks are now mandatory at all times within the facility. East Ferris residents opposed to a rezoning application for a light industrial operation on MacPherson Drive can’t be blamed if they started to smile when first reading a municipal update Friday.

Greg Kirkton, manager of planning and economic development, wrote that Paige Engineering has withdrawn its applications. “These files have been closed and will not proceed any further with the Planning Advisory Committee or Council,” he said, referring to the contentious issue that was set for a second public hearing.

Numerous letters of opposition were gathered since the last meeting Dec. 16 and a new petition, urging the municipality to help the business find a better-suited location, is nearing 100 signatures. Concerns about traffic and pedestrian safety were among those raised last month because the garage is situated at the beginning an ‘S’ curve on a rural road with little shoulder, no sidewalk and not much of a parking area.

Other issues raised included the big gap between the existing Official Plan designation of agricultural to land for economic development and the rezoning from rural residential is a leap to light industrial. Paige Engineering wants to outfit trucks and equipment with explosive storage and delivery components it designs for mining and construction clients, both domestic and international.

The withdrawal of the applications would have been rare good news in the middle of a pandemic as the province endures another strict lockdown. “However, Paige Engineering would like to make the committee aware of their intention to re-apply for a Temporary Use By-law under section 39 of the Planning Act,” Kirkton wrote in his letter to the PAC, while also circulated to nearby residents and those who registered to speak and receive updates.

“The intention of Paige Engineering Limited is that, if approved, they will use this 3-year temporary approval in order to explore permanent options elsewhere in the community.” Sylvie Hotter, who lives adjacent to the subject property, was not impressed with the change in tack, especially after spending most of the last month before and after the holidays organizing opposition twice already. Time will tell if letters of opposition gathered from residents might also need to reference the new application terms, even though fighting a three-year operation doesn’t change the chief concerns for Hotter.

Hotter said they are not being told important details, such as environmental protection plans, parking configuration, drainage, and water services, etc. Hotter maintains it doesn’t make sense to cause so much disruption in so many lives when East Ferris is planning to develop a 22-acre industrial park on its Cal lander Bay Drive border.

Brian and Debbie Callahan, who live on the other side of MacPherson Drive, are among the residents who submitted letters of opposition. “We have lived across the street from this location for over 20 years and have come across several problems with traffic on this section of MacPherson Drive,” Callahan's wrote.

Due to traffic travelling towards Centennial Crescent, the school board deemed it unsafe to have the bus pick up our children at the end of our driveway due to a very sharp corner affecting the safe flow of traffic,” he wrote. Traffic does not slow coming around the sharp corner, posing unsafe conditions in front of our residence as well as the property in question.” The Callahan's said this kind of change to the Official Plan would give those considering investment in East Ferris a reason to reconsider because property owners don’t know what will be approved next.

Also, worrisome to them was “continuous hammering and construction taking place at the property in question” in recent weeks. “The big problem is the prospect of having the doors open during the summer with manufacturing taking place inside.

Biden takes office on Wednesday amid a prolonged stalemate in negotiations aimed at dismantling North Korea's nuclear and missile programs in exchange for U.S. sanctions relief. Moon, who had offered to be a mediator between Pyongyang and Washington, said he will seek an early chance to promote North Korea as Biden's foreign policy priority so that he will follow through on an agreement reached by Trump and Kim at their first summit in Singapore.

Harrison Butler added three field goals for the Chiefs, who nearly blew a 19-3 lead but held on to become the first AFC team to host three consecutive conference championship games. Baker Mayfield threw for 204 yards with a touchdown and an interception for the Browns, who were coming off their first playoff win since the 1994 season.

Mahomes ran for the first and let Travis Hence turn a dump-off into a 20-yard catch for the other, making him the first player since Steve Young in 1995 with three straight playoff games with TD's on the ground and through the air. In fact, Mahomes was so sharp passing in the first half that he even completed a celebratory heave to a lucky fan in the far reaches of Arrowhead Stadium's upper deck following his touchdown jaunt.

First, the Browns held the Chiefs when Mayfield threw an interception and Butler missed a field goal off the upright. He was eventually helped to the blue tent on the sideline, then ran to the locker room, where he was evaluated for a concussion.

The momentum finally turned, the Browns began to lean heavily on their vaunted run game, which had produced just 18 yards in the first half. Chubb converted on fourth down with a hard run, then Hunt followed another fourth-down conversion on the same drive by hitting the end zone against his former team to make it 22-17 with 11:07 to go.

Pro Bowl OF Joel Antonio and CB's Denzel Ward and Kevin Johnson also were back from their illnesses. His backup, Kendall Lamp, left with an elbow injury, forcing Blake Dance to make his second NFL appearance.

Chiefs: RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire (ankle) was inactive after returning to practice this week for the first time since mid-December. The latest news on COVID-19 developments in Canada (all times Eastern): 6 p.m. Alberta is reporting 750 new COVID-19 cases and 19 related deaths over the past 24 hours.

Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Deena Henshaw says in a series of tweets that there are 12,234 active COVID-19 cases in the province, with 738 patients in hospital and 123 in intensive care. It says 975 doses of the Pfizer vaccine have been sent to North Battle ford this weekend, where clinics will begin delivering them to priority health-care workers on Monday.

The next day, doses will go to long-term care residents and staff in North Battle ford, Wilkie and Lloyd minster. --- 2 p.m. for The Latest: New Brunswick is reporting 36 new cases of COVID-19, the largest single day total in the province since the pandemic began.

Health officials say 24 of the cases are in the Edmundson region, which will be moved to the red alert level of virus precautions at midnight. Officials say that as a result of the case, they are asking passengers who travelled on Air Canada Flight 7480 from Montreal to St. John’s that arrived on January 13 to call 811 to arrange testing.

The case in the central zone involves a student at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax who lives off-campus. The province says, however, that a data transmission delay means the number of cases is incomplete and will be adjusted in a future update.

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