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Ava Flores
• Sunday, 15 November, 2020
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Richard Hammond and Amanda By ram fill their festive sacks with 20 brave Brits ready to take on the Winter Wipe out Christmas Qualifier. Richard Hammond and co-host Amanda By ram actively encourage twenty foolhardy Brits to attempt a winter obstacle course.

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Hosted by Richard Hammond and Amanda By ram, this week's episode of Winter Wipe out sees a whole load of brave Brits travel halfway across the world to take on the world's largest obstacle course in a setting of Argentine snow and ice. Richard Hammond and Amanda By ram are back for another chilling episode of Winter Wipe out, all the way from the sub-zero temperatures of Argentina.

Wrap up warm because Richard Hammond and co-host Amanda By ram are back with another frosty episode of Winter Wipe out. Richard Hammond and co-host Amanda By ram return with new obstacles, new contestants and lots of falling in this episode of Winter Wipe out.

Crashes, smashes and hilarious mud splashes are on the cards as twenty contestants take on one of television's largest and most extreme obstacle courses. They journey across the globe to the purpose-built Total Wipe out course in Argentina to put their strength, balance and bravery to the test in the hope of winning the £10,000 cash prize and being crowned this week's Total Wipe out champion.

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Plot Summary | Add Synopsized Trivia A day after completing the course on November 18, 2021, 38-year-old contestant Michael Parades died from a reported cardiac arrest. Tournament of Champions September 7, 2014, September 7, 2014, Season 7 ends with the previous winners from summer 2014 returning in a tournament of champions.

Fraternity vs Sorority September 7, 2014, September 7, 2014, Fraternities and sororities battle as they tackle obstacles that include Spring Broken and Fun Slides, Platforms, Spinning Purple People Beater. My So-Bald Life August 31, 2014, August 31, 2014, Host John Henson loses his hair, while 24 contestants compete on hair-raising obstacles, including Wipe out Shores and Dracula's Condo.

Competitors include “Big Foot Enthusiast” and “Paid to Party.” Boss & Employee: Big Balls, Inc. August 24, 2014, August 24, 2014, Bosses and employees team up to tackle the obstacle course.

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Pairs include: Shaft Squad; Front Desert; and Virus Patrol. August 17, 2014, August 17, 2014, Twelve former couples tackle the obstacle course, including Hot Pants and the Heartbreaker, Dempsey and the Sister Kisser, and Extra Baggage.

Contestants include “Beard Braid” and “Indiana Josh.” Competitors include: Erica Rose; Henley Milan; Michelle Kusama; Are Lundy Jr.; Graham Burn; Kasey Stewart; and Natalie Get.

Standing in the way of true romance are obstacles Angry Organ Grinder, Sergio, and the Sweeper. Flush Hour July 20, 2014, July 20, 2014, Contestants take on the Qualifier and then rush to the bathroom and choose a door at “The Johns,” before facing the Big Balls.

Other obstacles include Space Race and Spinning Purple People Beater. Win a Date With Jill July 13, 2014, July 13, 2014, Twenty four bachelors try to win a date with Jill Wagner.

All-American Wipe out July 6, 2014, July 6, 2014, A patriotic-themed competition features contestants, including “The Bulleted Menace,” “Patriotic Pants” and “Backyard BBQ,” trying to conquer a space-race obstacle in order to win a seat at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Hotties vs. Nerds 4.0 June 29, 2014, June 29, 2014, It's hotties vs. nerds in a battle to determine whether looks or brainpower is superior.

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Contestants try their luck against obstacles like the Donut Run, Crazy Beams and the Toothbrush Sweeper in hope of winning cash. Contestants try their luck against obstacles, including Flaming Killer Surf, Wall Swing and Barrel Run.

Contestants take on obstacles like the wrecking ball swing, the slippery snakes and the pinball spinner to win cash. Contestants try their luck at obstacles, including Foamy Launch Pads, Barrel Run, Smoking Crowbar Sweeper and Killer Surf.

The hosts celebrate the best of the zany contestants with awards such as Dizziest Dummy, Best Big Balls Technique and Best Wipe out ; previously unseen footage includes humorous outtakes and bloopers. Contestants try their luck against obstacles, including Butt Kicker, Topple Towers and Donut Stack Swing.

Contestants face the Human Pinball, Leap of Faith, Big Balls, and Sucker Punch in their quest to win the grand prize. Contestants face the Bubble Bath Swing, Goofy Goggles, Punch Bowl, Big Balls, Triple Threat and Rolling Logs in their quest to win the grand prize.

A countdown of the season's best moments; the hosts attempt to run the obstacle course; favorite contestants answer questions. “ Wipe out readies for the Super Bowl by having 13 cheerleaders compete against 13 couch potatoes in a special episode of the summer hit series, complete with football-themed obstacles.

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Contestants catapult into foam and tackle obstacles like the Gears of Doom and the Zip Line Swing to win the grand prize and title of Wipe out Champion. Contestants tackle obstacles such as Swish Nabob, Big Tag Buoy Run and Sack Launch.

Contestants face the Raging Rapids, the Aqua Launch, the Crazy Sweeper and the King of the Mountain in their bid to win cash and the title of Wipe out Champion. Contestants face the Rocket With Astronaut, Sweeper Mace, Blades of Fury and an obstacle where they must cross a tropical bridge and make it across an icy swing.

A skinny medical student and a 58-year-old grandmother face obstacles such as the sweeper trees, the slippery swing set and the scary-go-round to win cash. New obstacles facing the contestants include the log roll, the wedge turntables and the fender benders as they compete to win the $50,000 grand prize.

Former fan favorites return for an all-star episode in which contestants take on an obstacle course in hopes of winning the $50,000 grand prize. Contestants, including a professional boxer and a stay-at-home dad, face the Ballsy-Go-Round, Mesh Mosh Run and Swinging Cereal Killer.

Contestants face the brush rush, the aqua launch and the buoy run as they compete in an extreme obstacle course to win the $50,000 grand prize. A firefighter and a prison guard are among the contestants who face the Blades of Fury, the Gears of Doom, the Banana Split and the Onion Ring Hurdles in an extreme obstacle course.

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Twelve couples on a first date take on the obstacle course in hopes of winning $100,000. Among the obstacles contestants face in their quest for the $50,000 are Door Knock, Moving Big Balls and the Zip Line Shape Shifter.

In a World Cup-themed episode, contestants face off against the Big Soccer Balls, the Trampoline Sweeper and the Fling Set. Couples tackle the obstacle course as teams in hopes of winning cash.

New obstacles the contestants face on the course include the Smack Wall Sweeper, Organ Grinder and Bruise Ball. Contestants face the Slide Shape Shifter and Diving Board Planks as they traverse the obstacle course in hopes of winning the cash.

Obstacles contestants face on the course include Trick Stairs, Hoop Run and Fling Set. Contestants tackle the Door Knock, Pendulum Shape Shifter and Moving Big Balls.

Twelve teams of family members compete in obstacles, including the Pitchfork Tumblers, Trampoline Sweeper and Fling Set. Contestants face obstacles, including Unbalanced Beams, Pendulum Shape Shifter and Spinner.

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Contestants tackle obstacles, including Organ Grinder, Dizzy Dummy and Smack Wall, while dodging condiments and Wipe out Weenies. Pizza projectiles pelt contestants, including a rock star and math whiz, on a cafeteria-themed Spinner.

Everyday heroes, including police officers, firefighters, and military personnel, face an obstacle course with a patriotic theme. Contestants tackle obstacles, including the Snowplow Sweeper, the Big Balls and the Spinning Ski Lift.

Contestants face a snow-covered course which includes new obstacles like Mogul Madness and the Yule Log. A rocket scientist, a dancer and a river guide face obstacles, including the Ski Lift and Seven-Letter Words.

Contestants are launched 50 feet in the air and face the Motivator and Big Balls in hope of winning $50,000. Contestants face obstacles, including Gingerbread House, Big Belleville and Yule Log Jam.

Contestants take on obstacles like the Snowplow Sweeper and the Wipe out Ski Lift to win cash. Contestants take on obstacles like the yule log jam, the big balls and the polar bear express.

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Contestants tackle obstacles like Flips Daisy, Big Balls and the Spring Fling. Contestants face obstacles including “staircases,” diving-board spring fling, and banana split.

Contestants face obstacles such as Bowled Over and Chocolate Shop, and an Arabian Nights-themed challenge. Twelve engaged couples face a romantic obstacle course, which includes the Love Boat Launch, the Springivator and Big Balls.

A dean of students, a philosopher and a contestant whose parents were on a classic game show compete. Former contestants return for another shot at $50,000 and face obstacles that include the Double Sweeper Dive and Jump the Shark.

A retired rock star and a poker player are among the contestants who make their way through the Wipe out Car wash. Contestants face obstacles including the Bucking Broncos, the Monkey Inhalator and Double Barrel.

Contestants learn what it feels like on the receiving end of a flyswatter and face challenges such as Driver's Ed, Double Barrel and Ballsy's Underwater Aquatic Adventure. Twelve couples compete for $100,000 by facing obstacles that include Love Train and Big Balls.

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Contestants face obstacles such as the Snowboard Half Pipe, the Snow Boot and Avalanche Alley. After tackling the Buzz Saw, contestants go on to face Big Balls, Snow Fall and the Penguin Party for a chance at winning $50,000.

In honor of Valentine's Day, couples tackle special obstacles that include Love Struck and the Wipe out Wedding Reception. Military men and women compete, facing obstacles including Private Benjamin, Drill Sergeant and Hangover.

Contestants face obstacles including Henson Headshots, Slappy Meal and the Spin Psycho. Contestants face obstacles including Suddenly Ridiculous, Swinging in the Rain and Swept Away.

Competitors face obstacles including Monkey Business, School Daze and Gold Rush Petrified Forest. Single men and women form teams of two and tackle obstacles that include Head Over Heels, Lovers Lane and the Wipe out Nursery.

Contestants face obstacles including Batter Up, Panic Hammocks and the Spin Psycho. Twenty-four quirky contestants tackle obstacles that include the Bar Crawl, Hill-Bullies and the Petrified Forest.

Former Wipe out champions team with memorable, but less-successful former contestants and tackle obstacles that include Mash-Mallows, Grin and Bear It, and Big Balls. Contestants face obstacles including Boat Boys, Swept Away, Ocean Commotion and Panic Hammocks.

Contestants face obstacles including Snakes on the Plains, Pulling Teeth and the Hangover. Contestants face obstacles including Surf's Up, Wipe out Subway Car and the Fairgrounds.

An oversized gunslinger takes aim at contestants as they run through the Qualifier; obstacles include the Cactus Chaos and Spin Psycho. An audience of students watches as teachers compete for the prize, facing obstacles that include the Cruel Bus and Wipe out Skate Park.

Contestants tackle obstacles including Big Balls, Bars Bot 3000 and Octopus in hope of winning $50,000. Contestants encounter zombies as they tackle obstacles that include the Pork Chopper, the Tropic Blunder and Tongue Twisters.

John Henson reveals a slew of wild ideas for contestants; players tackle the Killer Crop and bust out of Wipe out Jail. Teams of two family members tackle obstacles that include It's No Picnic, Aunt Patty Cake and Octopus.

Teams of bosses and employees tackle obstacles like Cuckoo Crazy, the Wipe out Break Room and the Miami Pound Machine. Teams of exes face obstacles, including Miami Pound Machine and Sugar Smacks.

Twelve just-married couples tackle obstacles that include the Cradle of Tough Love and the Honeymoon in Pare. Contestants tackle obstacles that include The Tether Beater, Trip pity Skip pity Flip pity Dew and Wipe out Breaker.

Former beauty pageant contestants face obstacles including Tropic Blunder, Chopping Mall and Miami Pound Machine. Contestants tackle obstacles which include Wipe out Dump, Sushi Bar and Octopus.

Couples on blind dates tackle obstacles that include Love Birds, Ant Farm and Spinning Sweeper arms; contestants can win $5,000 during a special, no-elimination round. Twelve nerds and 12 beauties battle it out as they face obstacles that include Medieval Castle, Candy Shop and Octopus.

Contestants who have made careers out of their own dirty jobs get messy on the course; obstacles include Proper Scooper, Custodian and Roach Poacher. Pairs face obstacles including the Shed Zone, Big Balls Bonanza, and the Classic Sweeper.

Twenty-four all-American contestants -- including The Bulleted Menace and Patriotic Pants -- tackle the Backyard Barbecue and Baseball Bash. Twenty-four brand-new contestants -- including Keyed Up and The Alienated -- roll up their sleeves to tackle wild obstacles like The Johns and The Ball-hemoth as they compete for a massive cash prize.

Standing in the way of true romance are obstacles Angry Organ Grinder, Sergio, and the Sweeper. Bachelors and bachelorettes tackle obstacles that include The Beaver and Deviates, Gym Class and The Big Balls.

Bosses and employees form teams and tackle obstacles that include The Pink Slip. John Henson may have lost all of his hair, but twenty-four new contestants compete on hair-raising obstacles for the big money prize.

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