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Unforgiving controls were intimidating but very satisfying once mastered. Silver stream was one of the most incredible racing tracks ever conceived.

Licensed music including FOOL, Chemical Bros. and The Prodigy. Many of the tracks were darker giving a cheap sense of difficulty.

Never managed to finish higher than 5th in any race, and spent the entire time driving the tracks alone because all the other cars were well ahead of me. Not fun at all. Then after many years I picked up Wipe out Pure for the PSP.

Amidst the blue skies, a link from past to future. The sheltering wings of the protector... And right now, I can add one more to that list: When you save your settings, your controller config and default name don't load unless you check them in the options yourself.

So if you load your data and hop right into a race, “fire weapon” is back to being Circled (if you changed it to Square like I always do), and after the race you'll have to spend a long time entering your initials. Back before it was released the Nintendo SNES and the SEGA Genesis were still the two latest and greatest consoles, the idea of Sony deciding to make a console was sort of distasteful to a lot of gamers.

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I watched someone play Toshinden and thought “Eh, looks OK I guess.” Then they played the Wipe out demo and my eyes popped out of my skull, it was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen.

Thinking back, Jumping Flash also deserves some credit. I probably would have bought a PlayStation based on Wipe out alone, but Jumping Flash also made a big impression.

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-AI bugfixes-Enhanced game physics-Assegai craft upgraded (speed +1)Icarus craft upgraded (handling +1)-”next race” option after gaining a gold-Auto-load of saved data on game start-Brighter visibility in tunnels-Certain “invisible walls” removed-Larger text size on the menu screens-Numeric characters available for player name entry-Shadows under the AI craft-Perfect lap indicators (a red “P” next to a lap time)neocon replay bug fixed-Weapon pads readout for a second after use (in W3O you had to judge for yourself if they were active)-Different system for unlocking the tracks/craft.-SE asks you to confirm if you want to overwrite your saved game. W3SE felt a little too loose in places, especially on the classic tracks where the slightest imbalance could cause the craft to bounce uncontrollably.

In 1994, the PlayStation launched in Japan, giving its players a way to enjoy beautiful (at the time) 3D games using discs, instead of the expensive price tag that came with cartridges. Ranging from novel-length, narrative-driven RPGs to fast and furious races to mind-bending puzzles, games for the original PlayStation offered a wildly diverse lineup over its 11-year production run.

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It featured some of the most important and influential games of all time, from Metal Gear Solid, to Spiro the Dragon, Crash Bandicoot, Gran Tourism, and Final Fantasy VII. It was the franchise’s defining moment, as the game radically expanded the series’ platforming with RPG loot, progression and non-linear exploration, lending its suffix to the subsequent Metroidvania genre as a result.

It used the CD format to make a massive game filled with rich, 2D sprites, rejecting the crude, early 3D the rest of the industry pursued at the time. Between Thief: The Dark Project on PC and Metal Gear Solid on PlayStation, 1998 was the year that modern stealth video games were born.

The series has since spawned four more critically-acclaimed main entries and various spinoffs, radically expanding upon both its deep gameplay and Kolyma’s baroque, nuclear mythology. Before leading the team behind God of War, designer David Gaffe rose to prominence for his work on the PS1 vehicular combat series, Twisted Metal.

The sequel expanded everything about it, throwing in more vehicles, more arenas, and more custom and multiplayer modes for just dropping in and enjoying the mayhem à la carte. An action-focused spinoff of the top-down RPG series Legacy of Main, Soul Reader is a third-person action game from Crystal Dynamics who went on to earn acclaim with its reboot of Tomb Raider.

Crystal Dynamics was unable to simply layer two different versions of the world on top of one another because of the console’s limitations, thus achieving the effect was no small technical feat. Legacy of Main: Soul Reader is also notable as one of the first major games written by Uncharted series scribe Amy Henning, now considered among the best game narrative creators in the business.

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Newbie developer Endemic took equal inspiration from Golden eye 007 on the Nintendo 64, hoping to create a “super-spy” hybrid genre with stealth, action, and puzzles. Set in the future during a war between Earth and the Moon, you pilot a spacecraft through horizontal, 2.5D levels, destroying enemies and collecting power-ups.

The name, a German word for a one-handed sword, alludes to the core mechanic of your ship’s sole grappling arm, which picks up weapons scavenged from destroyed enemies. Apart from the generally slick presentation, players of the 90s loved the tactical variety enabled by the system of picking up new weapons, as well as the way bosses have discrete parts you can target and disable.

It offers semi-realistic physics and the ability to carry far more missiles than the payload of an actual jet, though difficulty settings allow more hardcore players to fly with greater realism. The Casket family of treasure hunters travels by his side as he journeys across the land and scours ruins for ancient machinery in search of the legendary Mother Lode.

In addition to refining the run and gun mechanics (replete with a fairly deep crafting and customization system), the second game presents a much richer and more character-driven narrative than the structure typical to the core series of “hunt the bosses to get their powers.” The voice-acted cutscenes are particularly entertaining, feeling very much like watching an anime. A radical departure from the cutesy, cartoon mascots of the previous console generation, international treasure hunter Lara Croft was immediately embraced as one of gaming’s most iconic characters, heralding the medium’s maturation.

Eschewing the convention of health bars entirely, character blows either cripple particular body parts or outright kill. Other fighting games like the Soulcalibur series and more recently For Honor have explored weapons-focused “dueling,” but nothing has quite replicated what made the original Bushido Blade special.

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Taken 3, however, tones down the hyperbolic jumping and allows every character to easily sidestep around its opponent, opening up one of the most tactically complex and polished fighting systems in video games to date. Taken 3 instantly became a classic thanks to its large and diverse character roster and truly impressive graphics for a console port of an arcade game.

While some felt that the 2D, sprite-based graphics dated the game, in retrospect, it looks great, and holds up magnificently well as one of the most comprehensive and refined entries in the Street Fighter franchise. Relatively standard (but solid) mechanically, the series is mostly recognized for its anime-meets-gothic-horror aesthetic, with characters like vampires, mummies, demons, and a yeti.

The original PlayStation was a fascinating, transitional period in game design, with a big uptick in processing power and storage opening up a whole new field of possible aesthetics to explore. You play as Abe, an enslaved member of the Moon race, leading a rebellion against corporate overlords plotting to make them a cheap food source.

Released early in the PlayStation’s life cycle, Cayman is a stunningly colorful and charming 2D platformer, using the console’s 32-bit processor to present one of the most vibrant and detailed games to date. The story is light, fantastical nonsense, as the eponymous Cayman fights and jumps his way through various themed worlds to defeat bosses and save the day.

Cayman doesn’t rock any boats in terms of gameplay, but it’s still beloved as one of its generation’s most solid iterations on the platforming genre, which is still alive and well today. En route to vacation, Spiro is pulled through a magical portal into a fantastical world under assault by a warlock who gleefully discovered there were no dragons to bother him.

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The transition from 2D to 3D gaming produced a lot of interesting visual artifacts, but oddly enough, most developers didn’t think to try the intermediary style that’s grown more popular in recent years: 2.5D. Praised by critics at its release, Kronor can be hard to find now, particularly outside of Japan, but is fondly remembered as a solid and enjoyable platformer.

In this third-person platformer you play Spike, a boy tasked with traveling through time and using a variety of gadgets to capture hyper-intelligent apes that meddle with history. Acclaimed at the time and fondly remembered since its debut, Ape Escape a seminal moment in platforming video games for both its cutting edge presentation and mechanics.

In it, Chili versions of Street Fighter and Backsides characters perform a silly battle that reflects what is happening in the puzzles. It employs similar competitive mechanics to Puzo of successful chains dumping garbage blocks onto the opponent’s field, which you can counter with a quick combo in response.

The charming 2D graphics and solid competitive puzzling mechanics are beautifully aged, maintaining this game’s reputation as a delightful cross-genre curio. The smooth forms and inorganic materials of cars have always been an excellent test case for the cutting edge of realistic graphics, and as such Gran Tourism 2 was one of the first racing games where you might glance at the screen and think you’re watching live television.

The sequel’s most notable expansion is the enormous roster of real-world cars (over 600, the largest in any game to date), a robust customization system, and more flexibility to take part in races à la carte, rather than necessarily structured as tournaments. Gameplay revolves around extremely high speeds, power-ups, and utilizing air brakes for drifting turns around tight corners.

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Unlike Mario Kart games, Crash Team Racing progressively unlocks additional characters and modes as players complete the story. Crash Team Racing doesn’t shake up the formula in any substantial way, yet it’s a solidly designed, attractive, fun game.

Set in open-world urban environments inspired by real cities, Driver looked forward to the sort of hi jinks that would come to define Grand Theft Auto games, like escaping from cops or smashing up other cars. Before Harmonic made the genre explode with Guitar Hero on the PlayStation 2, Harappa the Rapper was the name in rhythm games.

Although Vib-Ribbon is one of the most visually primitive games ever released for the original PlayStation, ironically it could now most easily be mistaken for a contemporary indie title. In this minimalist rhythm platformer, you play Vicki, a rabbit who must traverse courses generated procedurally from the music, all rendered in simple, white-line vector graphics set against a black background.

Lightweight visuals mean the game can completely load into the console’s RAM, and thus players can generate levels based on any music CDs they insert. Breaking away from the gritty sci-fi trajectory created by FF7 and FF8, FF9’s return to the stylized, chili aesthetic and light-hearted fantasy of the series’ original entries displeased many fans.

FF9 follows the roguish Zidane, the rebellious princess Garrett, and their assembled friends taking on the sinister Queen Brahe and her world domination plans. Perhaps the most famous entry of the premier Japanese RPG franchise, FF7 was a massive, breakout event for the series by throwing out 2D visuals for 3D rendering.

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FF7 tells the story of mercenary Cloud Strife and his ragtag friends taking on the sinister Shira Corporation as it drains the planet’s life force. The chunky, polygonal visuals haven’t aged well, but characters like Sephiroth and moments like the death of Aegis loom large for gamers (as evidenced by the hugely hyped remake in the works), making this still one of the most influential and well-regarded Final Fantasy games of all time.

Like the first game’s different eras, Throne Cross primary narrative conceit is jumping back and forth between two parallel timelines, one of which sees the protagonist die as a child. Long and ambitious, it amazed some and perplexed others with the plot’s complicated political and religious themes, along with a healthy dollop of Jungian psychoanalysis.

You play as the amnesiac young man FEI Long Wong in a quest to save the world from Zeus, an ancient planet-killing weapon that gained sentience. Gameplay features both conventional, Final Fantasy- style active time battles and fights in the eponymous Gears (giant Mecca suits) that involve managing action points and developing combos.

The first Square soft RPG to feature voice acting and anime cutscenes, Engages was a leap forward in the medium’s potential for mature and cinematic storytelling. Rather than assembling a ragtag crew of wacky misfits to save the world, you play Ashley Riot, a single knight sent after a cult leader who kidnapped a noble family and absconded to a ruined medieval city, Lea Mode.

Combined with an elaborate weapon crafting and armor system, it provides a rich and focused tactical playground that players enjoyed experimenting with over the years. Square essentially reconned the game into Iva lice, the world of Final Fantasy Tactics and XII, but even without that, it stands alone as a beloved classic for its mature story and mechanical depth.

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Following the explosive, global success of FF7 was a tall order, but Square managed to keep aggressively evolving the series for its immediate sequel, Final Fantasy VIII. The story revolves around Squall Leon hart and a party of other freshly-trained Seed mercenaries in a quest that quickly turns from political to world-ending stakes.

In its day, fans latched onto the romance between Squall and fellow party member RINO, which features an original vocal track (a series first), “Eyes on Me” by Chinese singer Faye Wong. It’s an odd system that wasn’t used in subsequent entries, but demonstrated the franchise’s ongoing willingness to reinvent itself in core ways.

Spoken II features both standard turn-based party battles in the vein of Final Fantasy and large-scale, strategic engagements on a grid more reminiscent of Fire Emblem. Legend of MANA is the fourth entry following the fantastic Taken Densest 3 for SNES, which is still not officially localized in the west.

A recurring theme on this list, Square didn’t leverage the PlayStation’s storage and processing power to make crude stabs at 3D graphics. One of the first RPGs released for the PlayStation, Wild Arms stands apart for its highly-unconventional setting that blends traditional RPG fantasy tropes with visual elements from the American old west.

Sony may have set unreasonable expectations for The Legend of Dragoon by marketing it initially as a “Final Fantasy Killer,” but this Co-developed RPG endures as a cult classic of the era. You play Dart, an orphaned survivor of a destroyed city rescuing a childhood friend that’s kidnapped by a rebel army.

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While much of the flourishing RPG genre simply followed in Final Fantasy’s footsteps, Legend of Legal had the hipster appeal of trying to do something different. You assume the role of a martial artist from a village at the edge of the world that sets out on a quest to beat back the Mist.

Rather than have a generic “fight” option in battles, players target different strikes as left, right, high, or low, chaining them together into increasingly elaborate combos as the game proceeds. Adapted from a popular, contemporary Japanese novel of the same name, Parasite Eve is a bit of a genre hybrid from developer Square.

Equal parts action RPG and survival horror, it follows a New York City cop trying to stop an entity named Eve from destroying humanity through spontaneous combustion. Critics praised its interesting and immersive design at the time, though its legacy was somewhat overshadowed by the era’s more “pure” RPGs and survival horror games, respectively.

In retrospect, its infusion of RPG progression systems into a survival horror framework can be seen reflected in more modern games such as The Evil Within, though its passable real-time combat has been less explored subsequently. Several years before the original Call of Duty game kicked off the now-oversaturated WW2 first-person shooter genre, Medal of Honor set the bar.

Steven Spielberg developed the story, working with the same historical military consultants he collaborated with on Saving Private Ryan. The original Tony Hawk Pro Skater was an enormous success when it launched in 1999, but the follow-up a year later truly cemented it as one of the most beloved skateboarding games of all time.

The action centers around arcade-style gameplay, with the player flipping and grinding over open levels to rack up as many points as possible from tricks and combos within two minutes. The series continued through the ill-received Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 in 2015, but for many, the second remains the definitive entry and still one of the most highly rated sports games of all time.

Final Fantasy Tactics, however, opened up into a much richer, isometric, grid-based encounter reminiscent of X-COM, with an elaborate job system allowing for deep, strategic party customization. Set in the world of Iva lice (which was featured in later entries like FF12), it tells a mature tale of competing noble families, warring nations, and the intersection of church and state.

This sequel picks up two months after the events of the original, as the Umbrella Corporation’s zombie plague spreads from the company’s labs to nearby Raccoon City. But unlike the first game, players can use the “Zapping System” to revisit scenarios multiple times as different characters, offering unique challenges designed for each.

Where the early Resident Evil games rely more on jump scares and zombie movie tropes, Silent Hill takes a decidedly more psychological and surreal approach. He searches through a thick fog that blankets the entire town, though it’s mostly in place due to the system’s draw distance limitations.

You play as American Special Operations Agents Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine who enter a zombie-infested mansion on the outskirts of Raccoon City to find their missing teammates. If you like the survival horror styling of Resident Evil auteur Shinji Miami but aren’t into zombies, Cap com still has you covered.

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