Best Wipeout Run Ever

James Lee
• Thursday, 17 December, 2020
• 7 min read

I’d been looking forward to trying out WipeoutRun for over a year– ever since I missed their event the day it came to my city last year. So I signed up, counted down the days, and then woke up the morning of the race to frigid air and angry skies.

wipeout run
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I’m a big baby when it comes to cold weather, but even in the freezing rain, I had a pretty awesome time. I danced in line with Dragon while waiting for my turn, but we were in and out in under 5 minutes, with new gear and goodies in hand.

All participants receive a WipeoutRun tee-shirt, rubber bracelets and a temporary tattoo in addition to a numbered racer’s bib that’s pinned to the front of your clothing or costume. Because jumping up and down like an excited six-year-old is a perfectly acceptable way to pass the time while waiting in line for your race to start.

Large globs of racers launch from the start line at set intervals all throughout the morning and early afternoon. Every racer registers for a specific time, so the lines are never very long and move quickly.

Most of the obstacles at WipeoutRun take place across an elevated platform which require a series of ladders and slides to ascend and descend. These ladders are sometimes just small straps or handles embedded into a giant wall of plastic filled with air.

The entire structure wobbles, bends, and waves in the air as people tug, pull, and walk across. If you’re not careful, you can easily get knocked off your feet, but that’s honestly the best part.

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The feeling of not being in control is what makes WipeoutRun so much fun. After climbing to the top of one of the shorter ladders, you’re tasked with running across a narrow beam while a giant rotating padded arm threatens to knock you into the trenches below.

The entire obstacle consists of grabbing an inner tube, scaling to the top and then sliding down into the pool below. WipeoutRun earns my respect for making safety a top priority.

I’ve attended lots of obstacle races and this was the first time I ever saw life jackets handed out to every racer. The wrecking ball obstacle hovers over a pool of water that is maybe four-feet-deep.

Unless you get hit pretty hard (which would be rather difficult considering the balls do not move forward with much momentum) or take a hard fall, I find it highly unlikely for a person to drown. But WipeoutRun doesn’t take any chances– a life vest is provided and required for all attendees participating in that obstacle.

100% correct opinions Supporters 20,007 posts NAMC's Ridge Racer 7 has been the standard-bearer for true 1920×1080p on PlayStation 3 since the system launched, and to this day nothing gets close to what this game is achieving at full raster 1080p.

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Sure, GT5 has a tangibly superior look overall but its mixture of 1280×1080 (in-game) and 1440×1080 (replay) resolutions precludes it from the discussion. Sony Liverpool's WipE out HD is the first big game for a while to be touting true 1080p credentials and regardless of its technical prowess, it's stupidly good value at GBP 11.99.

There's still something about Ridge Racer 7 that makes it a phenomenal 1080p game, but there's no doubt that WipE out HD is the better-looking 1920×1080 effort with some beautiful shader effects and excellent art direction. Basically WipE out HD is the first game I've come across that seems to be operating with a dynamic frame buffer.

We’ve got Trump tweeting about whatever crosses his mind at a given moment; we’ve got the news media and the political world reacting to Trump and to each other, consuming vast amounts of intellectual oxygen. As a born contrarian, I decided to take what I call a sanity strolls as the madness mounted.

I wandered through the neighborhood in which I live, enjoying the weather and treating myself to an iced coffee rather than staying home to watch CNBC, be enslaved by my computer and twitch. So now, I’d like to see if we can collectively do what I did on those three days: step back a bit, take several deep breaths and do some thinking.

You keep reading and hearing that the Fed controls interest rates. It doesn’t control long-term rates without doing the kind of extraordinary things that it began a decade ago.

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I hope that this piece of economic reality makes you see that Trump’s statements about the Fed “going wild” and being “out of control” are ridiculous. I also suspect that if Fed Chairman Jerome H. Powell keeps doing the right thing by shrugging of Trump’s tweets, long-term rates will be lower than they would otherwise be.

(Photo by Mike Weaver/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images) Total Wipe out is set to return to screens with the best -of special as audiences can relive some of the best and worst attempts at the famously difficult assault courses. However, former host Richard Hammond won't be returning along with the big red balls as Freddie Flint off and Paddy Guinness are fronting the program which is set to relive some of the show's highlights during its original run.

The new installment is entitled Total Wipe out : Freddie and Paddy Takeover and is set to run for six episodes with the launch date yet to be confirmed. (Photo by Dave M. Bennett/Getty Images)The trio began fronting the car program in 2019 and received positive reviews for the effort, with the good response prompting a change of channel for the show.

Neither game is exactly a slouch, but as you can see from this video and the rest in this story, F-Zero starts at mach 14 and then only gets faster. Wipe out pioneered the twisty turn rollercoaster racetrack, and without doubt beat the pants off the original F-Zero's Mode 7 pancakes in that area.

But with a proper 3D engine behind it, F-Zero GO took back its territory like a marauding viking. Developed by Sega's AV team, the same guys who made Super Monkey ball, GO took that game's approach to terrain design, pumped it full of cocaine and MDMA, and then threw all concept of gravity laughingly out of a train window.

wipeout fun run fantastic
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Loops, corkscrews, track splits and half-mile jumps come as standard at even the game's most mundane moments. And most importantly, every track in F-Zero GO has a level of personality and imagination that shames every other racer out there.

And the AV boys completely explored these concepts to squeeze every last drop of gameplay out of them. Those pipe and tube tracks in particular force immensely fast reactions and tactical planning in order to reach their speed bonuses and avoid the heinously placed track obstacles while still keeping the inside racing line on bends.

F-Zero GO has the most hardcore track design in any racing game yet made. They're bloody marvelous and take a hell of a lot of skill to master in their own right.

But while their sharply banked turns, loops and whooshes are certainly a crazy delight, F-Zero GO's thrills are batshit insane. Almost impossibly, they manage the feat of making Wipe out feel a bit bland, and I promise you there's no word of an exaggeration to that statement.

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