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David Lawrence
• Wednesday, 04 November, 2020
• 8 min read

With Liverpool gone and Omega Collection seemingly not doing amazing numbers, WipEout's future is quite uncertain. While I'm a believer in a new game being made to show off the PS5's speed, the best thing people could do now is assumed that WipE out is gone.

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The dark graphics and scary, heavy music coupled with unconventional gameplay made for an experience that kid me did not like at all. It wasn't until I played it again, a few years later, that the atmosphere and physics just “clicked”, and suddenly I was racing in an almost trance-like state through dark pathways, nailing every corner, all to the beat of heavy electronic music.

WipE out 2097 is one of the best and most influential racing games ever, and what it did to solidifying video games as a whole as a serious medium can't be overstated. Not only does it fix all the problems I had with 2097 by having a great variety of tracks, they went all out on style with some of the best ship design in the entire series.

In terms of gameplay it also benefits from being the third entry in the same formula, making it super polished with a bit of extra depth and strategy in play thanks to the hyper-thrust, just like 2097 it holds up very well nowadays.-------------------------------------------------- WipE out HD felt like a game from the future. The smooth 60FPS, the depth of the gameplay, the incredible graphics, the stylish UI, the music, it's like gaming ecstasy.

Add on the Fury expansion, and now you have the WipE out game with the most content ever, the best ship designs in the series (IMO), and this banging' Main Menu theme:Watching someone nail HD Fury is beautiful. I can't even imagine what crazy track ideas they could've come up with or how mind-bendingly insane the game would've looked.

Wipe out 3 is my favorite of the holy PSX trinity, but I would say HD Fury is probably the clearest, best realized version of the series' ethos and intent thus far. The other two games included there have pretty garish and linear track and UI design and the ships feel a bit boring to control; meanwhile, 2048's tracks are incredibly beautiful and very interesting and fun to race in, and the aircraft feel unbelievably good.

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It had everything I wanted in a Without game, great tracks, wonderful ship design, and an OST that slaps, even a good portion of it was done by one artist (Sasha). So, the real answer to this is Omega Collection since it has 2048 in high resolution with a proper controller.

Uploading your times on wipeoutzone.com and “competing” with people around the world was almost like a glimpse into the future (yeah I know that plenty of online leaderboards must have already existed at the time for PC games, but we didn't have such things on consoles yet). Playing WipE out HD in VR is a transformative experience.

The other two games included there have pretty garish and linear track and UI design and the ships feel a bit boring to control; meanwhile, 2048's tracks are incredibly beautiful and very interesting and fun to race in, and the aircraft feel unbelievably good. I'm actually confused by this because I must be missing something -- to me, it feels like a genuine 10/10 paired up with two 6/10's. But eh, I'm happy enough with just 2048.

Linear is honestly the last thing I'd think of HD Fury's tracks lol. I really hope they release an unlocked frame rate Omega collection on PC. I've tried pretty much all the games that came out later that tried to emulate them, but they didn't quite hit the spot for me.

Dabbled with the older games, but I want to get a good handheld setup for those. I'd love to hear the whole story of Prognosis and Sony but sadly no one is talking.

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I'd love to hear the whole story of Prognosis and Sony but sadly no one is talking. Wipe out 1 and 2 also released for the Saturn after Sony bought Prognosis.

Wipe out 1 and 2 also released for the Saturn after Sony bought Prognosis. I've only played the original DOS port, Pulse and HD Fury / Omega.

More specifically HD as I'm not a fan of the more combat focused modes in Fury and 2048 but having access to those tracks in Omega is cool. HD was the first game that really looked next gen to me, despite playing Gears of War earlier.

WipE out HD was one of the first games I played when I got a PS3 and HDTV for the first time, so for that mind-blowing moment alone I have to go with it. The ULTIMATE love letter to the series. The only thing I can fault it for is the lack of the FURY menu theme.

The Best visual design IMO, from the intro to the concept art in-game gallery. Wip3out Special Edition, but Omega Collection is fantastic solely for the VR and added 2048 tracks.

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2097 is my favorite because of the nostalgia, art design and soundtrack, but 3 Special Editions is technically better among the PS1 generation. Omega is the true best game. HD Fury is very good, but there is a narrowness and busy feeling to the overall track design, that comes from its PSP roots.

Time Extend finally covers the coolest racing franchise of them all. Wipe out is the topic of this ranking, as the boys are joined by writer and podcaster Daryl Baxter to discuss their favorite entries in Sony's cult-classic anti-gravity racing series and why there's still nothing else like it...

It's the thrilling conclusion to the Wipe out ranking, as the boys are joined once again by special guest Daryl Baxter (@darylbaxter) to talk about their favorite moments, music and memories surrounding the trendsetting Antigua racing franchise. Now that feels like the future. I seriously dislike the barrel roll mechanic in the newer games, though.

I'd maybe give it to 2048 for that reason.HD/Fury is just hands down the bestWipeout package, but I admit that if we're talking personal favorites I think 3 might still take it for me. It's just a perfect culmination of everything that was great about the PS1 Wipe outs, and I think is the biggest reason why I love the series so much.

I started the series with HD Fury and honestly found it hard to go back to earlier entries, there was just such a big difference. Omega Collection is by far the best nowadays (60fps + PS4 Dead destroys), but there are certain parts I like more about HD and others I like more about 2048, so I don’t think I could come up with a definitive winner.

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It’s a crime games like Wipe out and F-zero are dead when stagnant, generic, same-old racers are dime a dozen. Plot Summary | Add Synopsized Trivia A day after completing the course on November 18, 2021, 38-year-old contestant Michael Parades died from a reported cardiac arrest.

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Unforgiving controls were intimidating but very satisfying once mastered. Silver stream was one of the most incredible racing tracks ever conceived.

Licensed music including FOOL, Chemical Bros. and The Prodigy. Many of the tracks were darker giving a cheap sense of difficulty.

Never managed to finish higher than 5th in any race, and spent the entire time driving the tracks alone because all the other cars were well ahead of me. Not fun at all. Then after many years I picked up Wipe out Pure for the PSP.

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Amidst the blue skies, a link from past to future. The sheltering wings of the protector... And right now, I can add one more to that list: When you save your settings, your controller config and default name don't load unless you check them in the options yourself.

So if you load your data and hop right into a race, “fire weapon” is back to being Circled (if you changed it to Square like I always do), and after the race you'll have to spend a long time entering your initials. Back before it was released the Nintendo SNES and the SEGA Genesis were still the two latest and greatest consoles, the idea of Sony deciding to make a console was sort of distasteful to a lot of gamers.

I watched someone play Toshinden and thought “Eh, looks OK I guess.” Then they played the Wipe out demo and my eyes popped out of my skull, it was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen.

Thinking back, Jumping Flash also deserves some credit. I probably would have bought a PlayStation based on Wipe out alone, but Jumping Flash also made a big impression.

Two bats, a ball, and a score: that's the entire concept behind this extremely basic launch title, designed by the father of the games' industry Ralph Beyer. The masterpiece that affirmed Nintendo as the global leader in console gaming, Shiner Miyamoto's delightful epic either invented or revolutionized every trope of the scrolling platformer, filling the Mushroom Kingdom with imaginative enemies, beautifully designed puzzles and dozens of secret features.

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The sense of perfectionism that Miyamoto and his team brought to every facet of Super Mario Bros., from the exact angle and length of jumps to the pixel-perfect placement of obstacles, inspired a generation of game creators. From the beginning of its conception, Sega pitched the Mega Drive as a true home arcade machine capable of bringing the latest coin-op hits straight into your living room with few graphical compromises.

The scrolling beat-'em-up, set in a lurid version of Ancient Greece, boasted large, well-animated characters, huge bosses and varied environments, and its gleeful violence established the Mega Drive as a teen-friendly rival to the family-orientated Nintendo machines. Launched alongside the wonderful but familiar Super Mario World, F-Zero represented something quite new for Nintendo; a lightning fast futuristic racer, not to mention one which made breathtaking use of the machine's Mode 7 graphics engine.

Though the eight characters, each constructed from around 1200 polygons, look block by today's standards, the swooping cameras and intricate fighting moves were extremely advanced, setting up a fierce rivalry with PlayStation's Taken series that would last for years. With its fast-paced polygonal visuals, ultra cool sci-fi world design, and trendsetting dance music soundtrack, WipE out arguably created the image of the PlayStation generation, a year after the machine's Japanese arrival.

While Ridge Racer was a great arcade conversion, WipE out set the PlayStation apart from its rivals, pitching the machine at twenty-something clubbers and music festival goers, cleverly broadening its appeal. Sega's Sonic Team completely reinvented its mascot for this Dream cast killer app, using the 128-bit power of the machine to create a lavishly detailed environment, filled with sub-quests, mini-games and lush cinematic sequences.

As well as showing off the console's graphical capabilities, the game also allowed players to discover and look after virtual pets named Chao, which could be managed on the Dream cast controller's unique Visual Memory Unit. Bungee's beautifully designed game, which brought the exactness and attention to detail of a Nintendo platformer to the first-person shooter genre, gave Microsoft's machine an instant fan base.

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We came for the exciting story, weighty gun play, and engaging enemy AI, but stayed for the competitive multiplayer modes which pointed toward the online future of the Xbox franchise. Ridge Racers showed off the console's 3D graphics credentials, but Lupines from ex-Sega designer Testy Mizuguchi was the real star, a superb combination of Tetris-style puzzling, hallucinogenic visuals, and blissful dance music.

Designed and developed in-house (in this case by PS4 system architect Mark CERN) to illustrate the potential of the new machine, Knack's varied, colorful environments and use of new features like the DualShock's built-in speakers made it a friendly, approachable introduction to the PS4 era. Utterly engrossing, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild perfectly illustrated the value of being able to switch play from your TV to the built-in display: like a wonderful fantasy novel, it was capable of transporting you to a different world, wherever you were.

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