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Players control anti-gravity ships which are owned racing corporations (effectively referred to as 'teams' in-game). All craft is equipped with an energy shield which absorbs damage sustained during a race; energy is lost whenever the player's ship collides or is hit by weapons fire.

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If the shield runs out, the player's ship will explode and is consequently eliminated from the race. Nine games modes will appear in Omega Collection : Zone, Tournament, Speed Lap, Time Trial and Single Race from HD ; Zone Battle, Eliminator and Detonator from Fury ; and the Career Mode from 2048.

The campus will still house Sony's External Development Studio Europe (Dev) among other departments. In 2015, Sony Worldwide Studios President Shula Yeshiva stated on a possible Wipe out for the PS4 “Never say never.

In 2016 Nick Duncombe, co-creator of the original Wipe out, commented “If (my latest project) Table Top Racing is successful, I know I can put a team together for it as I get asked every week if we’re making a new Wipe out. The game was announced by Sony Interactive Entertainment on 4 December 2016, during the annual PlayStation Experience expo for a Summer 2017 release.

Those who pre-ordered the game digitally were gifted a dynamic theme for their PS4 UI as well as access to the Vancouver ship. Those who pre-ordered the disc version where be given an exclusive steel book as well as static themes for their PS4 UI.

Later in around August 2017, ADDITION challenged players to remix Shake It (Wipe out Omega Instrumental Edit). The winner's track would get chosen, and they would receive a PS4 Pro with Wipe out Omega Collection.

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Miguel Conception gave the game 9 out of 10 concluding that “While each of the three games exude style and stimulation in their own distinct ways, they collectively showcase the best elements of franchise's engrossing racing and silky smooth visuals. Timothy Tunes of PlayStation Universe gave it 8.5 and heavily praises the updated graphics, saying “It's brilliant to see WipE out back.

James Cole's of Impulse Gamer further comments “It’s fair to say, if you’re a Wipe out veteran, you’ve probably played these three games and their modes until your eyes have melted, but that doesn’t mean that WipE out : Omega Collection isn’t worth your time.” Dominic Leighton of TheSixthAxis also criticizes the choice of music, saying “...the emphasis is on modern electronica, and though its heart-pumpingly intense beats fit perfectly with the action and with the series’ outlook, it seems a shame that there aren’t a few more nods to where the series has come from.

Of course, you can just fire up a Spotify soundtrack and listen to as much Left field and Orbital as you like, but there needs to be some Cold Storage to really hit the spot.” On June 10, 2017, Wipe out Omega Collection became the first game in the series to gain the UK All Formats No.1.

Wipe out Omega Collection has different sound effects as compared to the original game, especially with the weapons (the same in both HD and 2048 modes), to the sounds of all the ships accelerating, which are highly distinct from team to team. This is due to ADDITION serving as the sound designer for the Omega Collection.

The sounds of FEI SAR, AG Systems, Apricot, Fire and Piranha ships are always identical, no matter if they're played in the HD or 2048 modes. The details of the visuals have been improved to such an extent that previously illegible text and graphics on the ships can now be seen clearly.

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While the Vancouver ship was originally a pre-order exclusive, it has since been included in the digital edition of the Omega Collection as extra content. In selected regions (such as North America), it was also included in physical copies via a redeemable code.

Despite the user interface being similar to HD, the Fury option for the menu style is no longer available. A glitch may occur when selecting FEI SAR, Apricot, Piranha, AG Systems, or Fire in an HD mode, causing the announcer from 2048 saying the team's name, but not its class.

All ships feature voice overs announcing which weapon has been picked up and whether a shield or autopilot has been activated, similarly to the classic Wipe out games. Others like Got 45, Hartman and EG-X use the voices of Piranha, Apricot and Fire's onboard computers, respectively.

For unknown reasons, the female announcer from HD is used in both 2048 and HD game modes, alerting players on incoming weapons and critical shield energy if their ship takes too much damage. The Wipe out Digital Art book contains concept art for the Omega Collection, specifically Iron, Vancouver, and an early version of FEI SAR.

However, following the release of Update 1.04, it is possible to select both teams for Zone Battle using their Fury VR ships only. Each ship shares the same stats as their HD, Fury, and/or 2048 Speed, Fighter, Agility and Prototype class counterparts; in the case of Iron and Vancouver, the stats for their VR HD and Fury ships are identical.

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VR versions of the Zone and Detonator ships were also added for HD / Fury ; in Zone Battle, all Fury VR ships can be selected, including those for Iron and Vancouver. This update also enabled 3D audio support, taking advantage of the PS VR headset's capabilities.

1.04 also allowed players to listen to Viable Rifle's remix of ADDITION's 'Shake It' song in-game. Barker, Sammy (June 6, 2017) Review: WipE out Omega Collection.

Read on for our selection of WipE out Omega tips, tricks and techniques you need to race to first place every single time. Like most WipE outs before it (mainly because it’s made up of three of the previous entries in the series), the Omega Collection has a feature known as Pilot Assist switched on as standard.

WipEout’s sheer speed can be a little disorientating if you haven’t played an entry before, so don’t be afraid to keep Pilot Assist switched on as you get used to the sharp turns, jumps and gravity-defying loops that make the series’ track design. In the meantime, as you grow more accustomed to the minutia of controlling of superfast floating ship, you’ll start to notice Pilot Assist actively costing you precious seconds as it defaults to the most reasonable speed on a given corner.

Outside of most traditional racing simulators, everything from kart racers to physics-defying off-road games usually feature a trick that enables you to launch out of the starting grid with a little extra speed. To pull off a successful Boost Start, you’ll need to press down on the accelerator button (it’s ‘X’ by default) just before you hear the word ‘Go!’.

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It’s a tricky timing to nail down, but you’ll know when you have pulled it off as your engines will glow a successfully fiery red. Sounds mad, we know, but the narrow track design of WipE out requires careful and short adjustments.

Unlike a lot of other racers, inertia plays a huge part in how you navigate the twisting chicanes and undulating stretches. A lot of this comes to instinctively knowing a track’s design, learning how long it takes to reach one corner from another.

Hitting every single one is key to getting gold medals in the offline modes of the game, but they also serve another important purpose. Okay, this one might seem incredibly obvious, but you’d be surprised just how often it can happen in WipE out and just how disastrous it can be if you’re a) racing with a fast time in mind or b) fighting to secure that elusive gold medal finish.

WipE out might love its weapons, but the best offensive in this super-fast series are fast times and smooth, confident handling. We found getting close to a pocket of enemy racers and firing off a Plasma power-up was perfect for taking out more than one at once.

First introduced in Fusion way back when, the brilliant yet utterly brutal Zone mode is a must if you’re looking for the full WipE out experience. The game makes use of the new input methods of the console, with the touch-sensitive screen used for firing and absorbing weapons, and the rear touchpad used for acceleration; it also features optional tilt control improved from Wipe out HD using the accelerometers and gyroscopes.

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For multiplayer, the game features cross-platform online racing, with the press preview allowing players from the PlayStation 3 version of Wipe out HD/Fury to play the HD/Fury tracks against those on the handheld console. Online multiplayer is based on the campaign structure, featuring missions that each player must undertake, such as sticking to the top tier of the course or finishing in the top half of the leaderboard; these missions allow novice players to progress as well as unlock new content.

Set in Studio Liverpool's interpretation of New York City in the near future, races are three-tiered, with lower levels showing off architectural details, while higher levels show off the modern, futuristic elements of the city. Tracks are also wider than previous entries, which the team hope will allow for greater use of combat.

*AG Systems' ships specialize in handling, ideal for technical circuits, but their durability and weapon power are not the best. *Fire's strengths are weapon power, ideal for combat, with ample durability to match, but are permitted for semi-skilled pilots.

*Apricot are known for incredibly durable craft that can still take fights with decent weapon power, but still require precise control. *Nirvana have the fastest ships available, with decent firepower, but are the hardest to control and typically have weak durability.

There are 20 ships in the game, divided into four categories: Speed, Fighter, Agility, and Prototype. They can't pick up Quake and Bombs due to their smaller figure and aerodynamic shapes.

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Fighter ships, on the other hand, excel in health and firepower at the cost of speed and handling. They can't pick up Mines, which defeats their purpose, not to mention the fact that their weapon loadout is already heavy.

With their weight standing between the Speed and Fighter classes, they can fire two Rockets and four Mines too. This expansion includes all content from the original Wipe out HD/Fury on the PlayStation 3 to be playable for the Vita version with the same graphics as 2048.

This DLC is also meant to complete the collection of ships and tracks for the Cross Play mode. However, as a Cross-Buy DLC, for those who have already purchased the HD/Fury full game on the PS3 will receive both packs for the Vita or vice versa for free.

The intro shows the evolution of racing from the post-war to the ARC days with vehicles using FEI SAR's color pattern. Fictional vehicles from Motorsport: Apocalypse make brief cameos in the same intro's 2025 scene, such as the Patriot V8 XR, the Wolff DT566M, and the Outs Black sun J-GT.

This game features weapons capable of destroying ships, barrel rolls, and Mag-Strips before they became available in the previous entries (2097, Pure, and Pulse respectively), meaning they were probably banned when the ARC ended in 2050, which also led to no race season in 2051 due to Pierre Belmont's calls to revise and standardize the regulations before the F3600 the year later. Upon closer inspection, ships in Wipe out 2048 have gearboxes equipped as in modern automobiles.

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There are some cut content and features that were planned to be added into the game, but didn't make it likely due to time constraints, such as a “zombie” mode, a possible combat mode focusing on eliminating ships rather than points for causing damage, as well as weapons/items such as the “Autoshield” (which may explain the Autopilot activating a shield when used), and the return of the Repulsed and Shrike from Pulse.

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