Best Wipeouts Of All Time

Bob Roberts
• Wednesday, 30 December, 2020
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Category: Greatest Wipe outs Page 1 of 7 Total Videos: 95 Watch: The Greatest Wipe outs of 2016 (12/24/16) From Albee at Jaws to Gold at MAV's, here's a year of carnage in review 'I'm Looking at a Brick Wall Coming at Me; If I Hit It, It's Lights Out' (12/01/16) Will Studio breaks down one brutal Nagar beating Greatest Wipe outs : Aaron Gold at Maverick's (10/30/16) “I was trying to stick it all the way to the bottom,” Gold says.

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'I Thought My Leg Was Broken; I Was in Fetal Position' -- Tyler Lawrence, Jaws (09/29/16) The story behind how Pea hi almost breaks Maui charger's leg The Greatest Wipe outs : Brad Dome and Scott Breeds at Maverick's (08/29/16) Double whammy at Normal's favorite beat-down The Greatest Wipe outs : Albee Layer's Near Neck-Breaker at Jaws (07/28/16) “My body folded in half super awkwardly” Greatest Wipe outs : Kip Paddy gets Nixed at Ship stern's (06/30/16) There's no correct way to wipe out at Ship stern's, but here's a valiant attempt The Greatest Wipe outs : Matt Becker at Maverick's (05/30/16) “The lip literally blew me up” Greatest Wipe outs : The MAV's Wave that Shattered Garrett McNamara (04/30/16) GMAC walks us through his season-ending injury at MAV's GREATEST TIMEOUTS : TWIGGY BREAKS DOWN HIS EDDIE FREE-FALL (03/29/16) “Luckily, my split second decision was to jump,” Twig says The GREATEST TIMEOUTS : TOM ISLAND AT JAWS (02/27/16) Bail before the lip or become one with it: Tom wisely chooses the latter The GREATEST TIMEOUTS : NIC VAUGHAN AT MAVERICK'S (01/31/16) 'A full bell-ringer': through the spin cycle at MAV's with Local charger THE GREATEST TIMEOUTS OF 2015 (12/17/15) The most harrowing, heinous and hilarious biffs of the year are here The GREATEST TIMEOUTS : TYLER HOLLMER-CROSS AT HIPSTERS' (11/22/15) 'It wasn't a nice wave, really; I should've just pulled out' GREATEST TIMEOUTS : NICCOLO PURCELL AT TEACUP'O (10/27/15) Teapot pinball featuring Niccolo Purcell and... the reef For many years we have seen a great deal of insane wipe outs and also goalie mistakes.

Switzerland’s Lara Gut wiped out an entire group just 17 seconds into her run in the slalom skiing event. As a nation we’re now all too familiar with the cruel sport of short track speed skating, following British hope Elise Christie’s heartbreaking exit from the Games.

After he fell in the men’s slalom competition he put on a brave face and sidestepped back up to the start, only to fall again two seconds later, losing a ski and all hope. The second semi-final of the men’s snowboard cross competition saw all but one of the six competitors scattered, like snowboarder-shaped confetti, on the floor throughout the course.

You’d think the one place you’d be safe from the embarrassment of ending up on your backside would be the serene haven of the curling arena. It’s hard to tell which wipe outs are worse: Real athletes nearly drowning at the mercy of the wild sea, or wannabe athletes bouncing around an obstacle course over water on my favorite show, Wipe out.

Here, in no particular order, I’ve compiled a list of the worst wipe outs, from real life and TV. Editor’s Note: This piece was originally published on The Kind land, and you can find more work like this from the author here.

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Image Vote For The Best Surf Wipe out As Part Of 2020 Big Wave ... Image Terror Vault': Watch An Australian Wave Dish Out A Can Of ...

Image Some Wipe out: Hawaii Big Wave Surfer's Board Floats 8,000 km ... Image Surfers, Surf Industry Hanging On To Hope After Coronavirus ...

Image Big Wave Surfer Lucky To Be Alive After Brutal Nature ... Image Watch Surfer Niccolo Purcell Survive A Huge Wipe out At ...

Bachelor of team rider Elijah Pyle casually slashing, boosting, and carving all over the resort. Like for instance, if Kelly Slater tells you he rode a 15-foot wave, chances are it was more like 20.

The guys who helped pave the way for big wave surfers like Brock Little, Richard Schmidt, and Ken Bradshaw. The most prestigious contest in the sport is held in honor of Eddie Aka, who was lost at sea in 1978.

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Held at Aimed Bay, Hawaii, it takes a very uncommon enormous swell to hold such a contest. Without the jet ski assist this ride would have been much, much, shorter and arguably much more dangerous.

Many claim the noise and exhaust fumes made by jet skis pollute the sport and take away the “soul” of surfing. Others argue having a watercraft capable of racing in and out of dangerous situations helps save the lives of many.

A jet ski can zip in and grab the surfer before he or she is bombarded by the other waves. Located in Mexico, Puerto Escondido is a worldwide famous beach break.

This makes Escondido slightly less dangerous, but the risk of drowning remains the same. Mike Parsons believes a 100-foot wave can be ridden and Cortes Bank is the place that this might happen.

Located in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California, Cortes Bank is a very shallow chain of underwater mountains. Mike was one in a small group of surfers who rode a massive swell in 2001, putting Cortes on the map for big wave riding.

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Like Mike Parsons, Manor has dedicated his life to riding giant waves. When it comes to catching huge waves the ones who choose to paddle into them are considered a bit more serious and dedicated.

Shane of course is a very well known, very respected, big wave surfer who most would agree is completely out of his mind. As you can see from the clip above this wave is basically the ocean folding over on top of itself and Shane struggling not to fall.

Once again that wave is breaking over a very shallow sharp reef and to fall would mean an almost certain death. Mark had caught an overnight flight from Hawaii to catch the massive swell.

The body was soon cremated and on December 30th over 800 people celebrated his life at Aimed Bay, Hawaii. Pronounced “Choppier” or “Hopes”, this break in Tahiti is arguably the most dangerous wave in the world.

Because of the thick sharp reef and extremely shallow water, this particular ride is widely considered to be the most dangerous wave ever ridden. Laird was towed into this wave using a jet ski, as it would be near impossible to safely paddle into such a beast.

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BONUS: The worst wipe outs from the 2009 In Memory of Eddie Aka Big Wave Invitational. Gibson.com has posted what it feels are the 50 greatest guitar solos of all time, and boy, did they forget a few folks.

Most conspicuous by his absence is Texas blues-rock legend Johnny Winter. I, for one, am getting sick and tired of so-called experts ignoring the huge cache of stunning solos the albino picker has laid down over the years.

Have they not heard him rip it up on “Still Alive and Well”, “Rock Me Baby”, or “Can't You Feel It”? They got all sidetracked giving four picks each to Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix, and three each to Eric Clapton and Eddie Van Halen, and didn't bother doling even one out to Winter.

“Beat It”, Michael Jackson (Eddie Van Halen) It was great to see Jeff Beck's version of Stevie Wonder's “Because We've Ended as Lovers” up there, as well as the tune that inspired it, Roy Buchanan's “The Messiah Will Come Again”.

I'm also glad that Rory Gallagher snuck in there at number 47 with “Off the Handle”, although his “Tattooed Lady” might have been a better choice. Skynyrd's “Free Bird” was an obvious pick, but it's companion piece by the Outlaws, “Green Grass & High Tides”, should have also made the cut.

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And Eddie Van Halen definitely kicks it on “Hot For Teacher”, but I'll take his impassioned solos on “I'll Wait” and “Little Dreamer” any day. Brian Robertson's solo on Thin Lizzy's “Don't Believe a Word” is killer, but there's twice as many wicked guitar wipe outs on Lizzy's “Cowboy Song”.

Isn't Tom Schulz's solo on “More than a Feeling” that band's ultimate six-string statement? Here's 10 guitar solos from some fairly well-known songs that should have been on the Top 50.

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