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James Lee
• Friday, 08 January, 2021
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Over the last few years wireless charging has gone from novelty concept to a conventional function of any modern iPhone. We won’t pretend that wireless charging is always an ideal substitute for plugging in, but it’s a very hassle-free way to keep your phone topped off throughout the day.

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Freed from the bother of plugging and unplugging, a wireless charger on your desk is as good a place as any to set your phone, knowing the battery is being steadily replenished, and ready for your next outing. A wireless charger by your bed makes it easy to grab and go in the morning, or just to “check one thing” without fussing with the lightning cable.

Apple officially gave up on its ambition to bring the Airpower wireless charger to market back in 2019. MagSafe combines a ring of magnets for secure attachment, a single-coil NFC to identify accessories, and a magnetometer to know when an item is attached, all around a more powerful Bio-based wireless charging coil (up to 15 watts, up from 7.5 watts in other iPhones).

Since MagSafe accessories are not all just for charging, and require an iPhone 12, we'll round those up in an article separate from this one. A pad is great for your bed-side table or lying inconspicuously on your desk, but there are times when a stand makes more sense.

This makes it a lot easier to unlock your phone to quickly check something without taking it off the charger. If you want something clean and simple to put on your bedside table or desk to charge all that stuff at once, Logitech's Powered 3-in-1 dock is a quality solution, though at $129, it's going to cost you.

The dock is a little on the large side, but with clean lines and a nice matte finish that keep it from being an eyesore. The charging cable is a proprietary DC barrel connector, which is more annoying than USB-C or micro-USB, but not uncommon on these multi-device chargers.

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Mosh says it’s “Inspired by Danish furniture” and the name is meant to invoke its purpose: an ottoman for your phone with QI wireless charging. That might be a bit of a stretch, but the subdued gray fabric and slim profile does look good on almost any end table or nightstand.

This is a great wireless charger, it just needs to cost a little less given that it doesn’t come with a power adapter and the included cable is shorter than I’d like. Manpower's latest charging stand is a nice improvement over its previous models.

It's got a sleek, unassuming design with a nice big rubberized pad to rest your phone on, and two coils, so your iPhone will charge in either portrait or landscape orientation. The angle is steep, almost entirely upright, which made us worry that Face ID wouldn't work well.

This new charger supports 5W and 10W modes on Android phones, and Apple's own 7.5W standard on the latest iPhones, too. At $230, the Base Station Pro costs several times more than most wireless charging pads.

The included 30W USB-C power adapter and braided cable are certainly nice touches, and the hefty aluminum frame and leather pad have excellent build quality. Rather, the price is meant to be justified by the 18 overlapping coils and custom power delivery hardware and software that allow you to charge three devices at a time, no matter where on the pad you place them.

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And no matter how fancy the design or materials, it's hard to recommend paying $230 for the mild convenience of placing your device anywhere on the charger. Like the Otto Q charging pad, the Lounge Q stand is “Inspired by Danish furniture.” They’re quite obviously parts of the same line, with dark brushed metal accents and muted gray fabric.

Like the Otto Q, the Lounge Q uses a proprietary coil design that Mosh says delivers the fastest wireless charging performance out there. With the right USB-C power adapter (not included) it can wirelessly charge up to 15W, but the iPhone wireless standard tops out at 7.5W.

It does deliver a solid charge with multiple iPhones I tested, including those with a pretty substantial case on them. The pad slides up and down on the metal stand, so you can better place the coils to suit your phone.

The included USB-C charging cable can't be detached from the charger, which is kind of annoying, but it's a nice matching gray color and a reasonable four-foot length, though I would prefer it be a little longer. That's not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you have a lot of them lying around, but it brings us to the Lounge Q's biggest drawback: it's price.

$60 is a lot to spend on a wireless charger that doesn't include a power adapter, despite the excellent design and build quality. But with so many perfectly good wireless chargers out there, and not enough difference in performance between them, it's not worth paying a premium for this one.

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That's understandable on multi-device chargers that need more current, but on a simple single-device pad I prefer some sort of USB plug that could be used for other devices as well. The $40 asking price is a little on the steep side for a wireless charging pad, especially when the included power adapter can't be used for your other devices.

A couple of small LED charging indicator lights are gone, and the finish is matte instead of glossy, but that weird retro-future circular pod design is the same as it ever was. I had no trouble getting a solid charging connection with a relatively thick case on my iPhone XS Max, too.

The closest we may get to the long-lost Airpower experience may be something like Sophie’s 3-in-1 wireless charging pad, which has a spot for your phone, AirPods, and Apple Watch. It’s available exclusively from Sophie and Apple, but the company makes a slightly more squarish-shaped version with a soft felt top surface that you can buy on Amazon for the same price.

First, as with many other Sophie products, the pad is powered by a rather large wall wart and a proprietary barrel connector. Second, there are two distinct charging spots, clearly marked with a thin silver line, and you have to be quite particular about placing your devices right on them.

When charging two devices, one’s natural tendency to place them apart makes it easier to be “casually accurate.” You may think this is fine, because you’ll have your AirPods on one side all the time, but there’s no little divot for their placement like there is on Sophie’s 3-in-1 charger, and I found myself sometimes knocking them out of alignment by accident. If you have a side table, kitchen counter, or some other area where multiple people often place their phones to charge at the same time, this is a good solution.

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It’s a single, elegant, attractive pad that easily charges two phones at once with a port for another when needed. I think most wireless charging pads sit on desks or bedside tables where they are used by a single individual, and this is not the best solution for that.

Anger’s new Power Wave products greatly improve quality over its older wireless chargers, but they bump up the price to match. A small blue charge indicator on the front is subtle enough to use on your bedside table.

The angle is steep enough to make it suitable for unlocking your iPhone X with Face ID while your phone is resting on your desk. Anger’s spec sheet says it’s three feet long, already a little on the short side, and we measured it at 34 inches.

The power coils inside cover the entire back of the stand, so we had no trouble charging our iPhones in either portrait or landscape orientation. Like its flat charging pad cousin, Samsung’s fast-charging wireless stand isn’t much of a looker.

The round shape is all wrong for a stand, as it sticks out awkwardly to the sides when you put your rectangular phone on it. Still, at least it loses the clear plastic coating in favor of a uniform glossy black finish.

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It works, in that it charged my iPhone XS Max, Apple Watch Series 4, and second-generation AirPods just fine. This is a reasonable cut-rate facsimile of Airpower, and the $99 price isn’t terrible, but if you aren’t going to have charge-anything-anywhere capability, there are better multi-device chargers that don’t require you to supply your own power adapter.

Anger’s Power Port Wireless 5 stand is a decent choice for iPhone X users who want something with the right angle for Face ID, but a number of small annoyances keep it from being a clear winner. Anger employs two charging coils for excellent coverage, and as a result the stand works great whether your iPhone is in portrait or landscape orientation.

And finally, while the price tag looks pretty good (typically around $27 online), that’s without a micro USB adapter. Anger’s new Power Wave products greatly improve quality over its older wireless chargers, but they bump up the price to match.

Best of all, Samsung throws in a 2A micro USB power adapter, so you don’t need to repurpose one of your own or buy a new one. It’s a good size, heavy, with a nice rubberized outer coating that prevents slipping.

You can get good quality wireless charging pads, with adapter, for half that price. Second, the AC adapter connects to a little round DC barrel connector, while most other wireless charging pads use micro USB.

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Welkin’s Boost Up shares a lot in common with Sophie’s Wireless Charging Base. And it includes an AC power adapter that connects to the charger via DC barrel connector rather than micro USB.

Do you like the matte black rubberized circle of the Sophie base, or do you like the glossy white Welkin, with its reversed slope giving it a sort of “floating” look? Sign’s fast-charging wireless stand has a nice A-frame design, but the extra-large lip at the bottom is a bit of an eyesore.

It’s very stable to be sure, but we found that an iPhone X is often positioned too far back to easily work with Face ID. This gives the stand great coverage and makes it easy to get a good charging connection whether your phone is turned to landscape or portrait orientation.

You’ll need to purchase a fast-charging micro USB adapter separately to make full use of it. Lets com’s 3-in-1 charger will charge your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch all for the bargain-basement price of about $27 (and it’s often on sale for even less).

There’s a special cutout for you to slot in your Apple-made Watch charger, coil up the loose cable, and plug it in to the internal USB-A port. But it is really inexpensive (if you don’t count the costs of the power adapter and Apple Watch charger you need to supply) and it does work.

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It’s a wireless charging pad with an integrated USB cable that tucks away inside. The Bimini site proclaims it to be, “The world's thinnest wireless charger plate to date,” but the Anger Power port Wireless 10 is definitely thinner.

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