Best Wireless Earbuds Under $100

Christina Perez
• Monday, 25 January, 2021
• 8 min read

Just a year ago, functional and reliable cheap true wireless earbuds would have been an oxymoron, but now they’re being released in droves. You no longer have to shell out $150-plus for solid truly wireless earbuds, instead, save your money and enjoy the latest and greatest audio technology has to offer.

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Editors note: this list of the best true wirelessearbudsunder$100 was updated on January 12, 2021, to include the 1MORE Coloreds as a notable mention. These stemmed earbuds merit an IPX5 rating, meaning they can endure high-pressure sprays of water from nearly any direction; suffice to say, they can handle your workouts.

Sub-bass and bass notes are amplified and sound 2-3 times louder than mid, which makes it difficult to hear vocals in particularly bass-heavy songs. Just like the more affordable Anger Soundboard Liberty Neo, these earbuds create a very strong seal to the ear and render low-frequencies 1/2 as loud as they normally sound.

Anger Soundboard ensures optimal audio quality thanks to dual high-quality Bluetooth codec support; both AAC and apex may be used. Not only does it work to relay voices accurately, but it also actively reduces background noise, so friends on the other end of the call aren’t subjected to environment clatters and such.

When you buy a cheap pair of earbuds, even the best true wirelessearbudsunder$100, you’re sacrificing style, build quality, and extra features like noise-cancelling. Just because you’re saving money on your affordable truly wireless ‘buds, doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing basic Bluetooth performance though.

Whether you’re getting a pair of the best true wirelessearbudsunder$100 or the best earbuds you can find, the battery cells will deplete over time, forcing you to reach out to the company for repairs or to buy a new set. Ideally, Bluetooth transfer rates wouldn’t have to make compromises between efficiency and quality, but bandwidth remains limited.

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Companies are always looking for inventive workarounds: Bluetooth SIG teamed up with Fraunhofer to produce LE Audio and the new LC3 codec, which will greatly improve wireless streaming standards and aid the hard-of-hearing community. Our deep dive into IP ratings is a great resource, but if you don’t have time, the higher the number the more resistant a product is to dust or water.

Taking a few minutes to find a pair of ear tips that fit can vastly improve audio quality, specifically bass reproduction. Listeners on a budget will enjoy the Edifier TWS1 for their premium audio features, including apex and Qualcomm True Wireless Stereo Plus support.

For less than $50, listeners can enjoy high-quality audio streaming on Android devices, and all smartphone users reap the benefit of advanced connection stability afforded by Qualcomm. Consistency poses an issue when making commands: oftentimes multiple taps weren’t registered.

What may prove more annoying to listeners is the complete lack of fast charging capabilities, so you’ll have to be patient when topping up both the earbuds and case. Generally speaking, if you’re looking to get a portable package with great sound quality, there aren’t many better deals than the Edifier TWS1.

The first-generation RNA Reconnect true wireless earbuds have angled nozzles, making their fit very secure and ideal for maximizing passive isolation. Their onboard controls are comprehensive, and they offer an IPX5 rating, so these are great for workouts or commutes, and you’ll never have to take your phone out of your pocket to adjust your music.

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Passive isolation is excellent with these earbuds, which can easily handle background chatter and the hum of an A/C unit. It does, however, mean that mid and treble frequencies are more likely to fall victim to auditory masking, making them lose their detail.

The included IP66 earbuds feature a higher durability rating than the Sabra Elite 65t for half the cost. This includes volume adjustment, basic playback and call control, Ambient Aware mode, and more.

Bass frequencies are aggressively emphasized, which is fun at first but can be tiring if you’re casually listening, not breaking a sweat. On the whole, if you’re looking for a pair of true wireless earbuds designed to mimic the AirPods for a fraction of the cost, the Lab Epic Air Sport is it.

This isn’t to fault Creative as media available from the likes of Spotify and Tidal are protected, but it does mean that you may not want to buy the Outlier Gold for its SUFI processing alone. The bass response has been tempered from the original Creative Outlier Air, meaning the Gold reproduces a more accurate representation of all music genres.

Battery life is impeccable for this price: we measured 10.3 hours of playtime on a single charge, which is a huge improvement over last year’s model. The Outlier Gold retains quick charging functionality; placing the earbuds in the case for just 10 minutes affords one hour of listening.

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The Echo Buds cost a bit more than $100, disqualifying them as a top contender, but they’re a great pair of entry-level smart earbuds that retail for much less than the likes of the Apple AirPods Pro. If your home is full of Internet-of-Things (IoT) products, then the Echo Buds make it easy to control your light bulbs, routines, and more, all while keeping your phone in your pocket.

Sound quality, clarity in particular, leaves a lot to be desired, but the selling point is Alexa integration. Athletes may breathe a sigh of relief knowing these are IPX4 water-resistant, and morning commuters may enjoy Bose noise reduction technology.

1More Stylish True Wireless : These earphones use Bluetooth 5.0 firmware and support both AAC and apex high-quality codecs, which is rare at this price point. Anger Sound core Spirit Dot 2 : These earbuds have a stable and comfortable fit along with an IPX7 rating making them great for workouts.

While the sound quality isn’t impeccable, but they have solid Bluetooth connection strength and have a 6 hour, 2-minute battery life with quick charging support. Battery life isn’t quite as impressive as the Outlier Gold (7.78 hours compared to 10.3), but it still exceeds more expensive true wireless earbuds stamina.

Helm Audio True Wireless 5.0 : These earphones support apex for high-quality streaming on Android devices and Bluetooth 5.0 firmware that facilitates efficient power consumption. Sabra Elite 65t : This too is going to run you quite a bit more than the $100 limit, but we crowned it as the best true wireless earbuds for nearly a year.

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Lab GO Air : These true wireless earbuds are just $30 and showcase some of the company’s more premium features like dual connect technology and a uniquely lightweight, slim build. They’re IP55-rated, great for outdoor exercise, and include an integrated USB charging cable at the base of the case.

The Creative Outlier Air microphone is deficient when relaying very low voices, but effectively lessens external noise. Our collective experiences allow us to pick out the good from the bad, or the unremarkable, reducing the time you have to spend doing independent research.

But as time has progressed, it’s gotten easier to find a quality set of earbuds for a price that won’t break your bank account. If you’re willing to buy a brand that’s not as fancy as something like Apple, Samsung or Beats, you’ll still find plenty of worthy options.

1MORE has worked with a Grammy Award Winning sound engineer to ensure the best possible audio quality around across a variety of different genres. ENC mics provide crystal clear call audio, and four different colors allow you to express your personality.

Additionally, they’ll provide six hours of listening, while the pad on the individual bud allows you to fully control the audio (I.e, skipping, pausing, etc. IPX8 waterproofing ensures the rain and sweat won’t cause your buds to go on the fritz, while the shape sits firmly (yet comfortably) in your ear.

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© Provided by SPY ENTIRE Bluetooth WirelessEarbuds Earful is a relatively new company in the audio space, but they’re already making a huge impact. The Airs also took home a CES Innovation Award for how easy they are to use; the ergonomic design does a great job of providing a good audio seal, while its enhanced four-microphone setup allows for crystal-clear calls.

This feature also allows for better clarity during phone calls, while the Bluetooth 5 connectivity ensures you won’t lose your music over a spotty transmission. © Provided by SPY Tectonics SoundLiberty 79 Bluetooth WirelessEarbuds With smart features you’d assume to find in earbuds that are double the price, this set from kanji makes for an incredible value.

Additionally, playback from the earbuds themselves provides clear audio with a great sound and deep bass. © Provided by SPY kanji Bluetooth WirelessEarbuds If you’re the kind of person that has a tendency to misplace things, maybe getting individual earbuds isn’t the best call.

The X4 still connects via Bluetooth but bound together by a wire that’s easy to slip over the back of your neck for some extra security. Alone’s version includes a balanced, high-powered sound with IPX7 waterproof protection and five hours of use on a single charge.

© Provided by SPY Alone Bluetooth WirelessEarbuds Don’t let the hooks on this set of earbuds from Treble fool you, they’re not just there for looks, but rather, for a very practical purpose. Essentially the consumer favorite, these earbuds provide great quality (immersive sound, Bluetooth 5 connectivity, six hours of playtime) for under $40.

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Lab's Epic Air Sport ANC earbuds are great for working out, and everything else you do. I’ve reviewed headphones for numerous magazines and websites like Wire cutter and Forbes.

I’m rarely more than arms-length away from a pair of headphones, but my preference is for something that is comfortable, unobtrusive and, of course, something that sounds great. We inspected the cases, ranging from how well they might fit in a pocket, how easy they were to recharge, and how simple it was to place and remove the earbuds.

To test the microphone, we used Facebook video chat and traditional phone calls. Advertisement test range, historically an issue with true wireless earbuds, we left the phone in one room and walked around the house with each pair, making a note where the signal would cut out.

Most of the headphones fell into two categories “almost perfect” and “I don’t like walls.” The farthest distance was roughly 40ft (12 m) through two interior walls and one exterior. We compared each pair of noise-canceling headphones to high-quality noise cancelers, including the Bose QuietComfort 20 earbuds.

We connected the earbuds to a running device and left them running at a normal listening volume checking back starting at 80% of the claimed battery life about every 30 minutes until one of the two earbuds died. Fit is one of the most important elements when choosing any earbuds, but especially for true wireless models.

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Friction is the only thing holding them in your ears, and the only safety net is your own reflexes to catch them if they fall. Brush the earbud as you put your hair behind your ears, adjust your sunglasses, or in some cases, just tipping your head the wrong way, and those without a firm seating may pop out.

Originally developed for pilots, these headphones reduce the volume of ambient noise around you. Over the last several years they've become a mainstay for travelers, public transit commuters, gym-goers, and those working in distracting environments in the office or at home.

True wireless earbuds increasingly include noise-canceling, but few below the $100 line will offer much more than some light padding of exterior audio. All of these phrases refer to the same technology, which uses tiny microphones on the exterior of your earbuds to filter in sound from your environment.

The purpose is to keep you aware of your surroundings, letting you play tunes while you jog or hike, while still being conscious of dangers or alerts. Not all transparency modes are created equal, though, and how a headphone’s hardware and software handle things like wind gusts can make a serious difference in the feature’s utility.

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