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Bob Roberts
• Tuesday, 22 December, 2020
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Having an accurate sensor that tracks consistently and precisely will help you always land your shots and navigate the game world as quickly as possible. Wireless gaming mice offer some of the easiest control in games because you never have to account for the increased resistance of a cable connecting it to your PC.

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That friction can be trouble enough when precision is of the utmost importance, but it's only a bigger inconvenience when the cable somehow snags on the back of your desk. Fortunately, there are many wireless gaming mice to free you from that tether without introducing negative impacts to performance. See It Sensor: Optical HERO 16K Sensitivity: 16,000 DPI Shape: Right-handed Buttons: 11 Connection: Light speed wireless Battery life: 60 hours Weight: 114g (up to 130g)The G502 was a fan favorite gamingmouse, and it's been made even better with Logitech's faster than wired Light speed Wireless technology.

The Logitech G502 Light Speed Wireless (read our review) has it all: a laser-accurate 16,000 DPI sensor, customizable ergonomics, plenty of buttons, and excellent comfort. See It Sensor: Optical Pix Art PMW3325 Sensitivity: 10,000 DPI Shape: Right-handed Buttons: 6 Connection: 2.4GHz wireless done, Bluetooth Battery life: 45 hours Weight: 99gThere's a lot to love about the Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless (read our review).

The biggest checkmark in the plus-column is its super affordable $50 price tag, putting it on par with wired mice when it comes to your wallet. It's sturdy and comfortable and has a DPI range of up to 10,000. The Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless also comes with Bluetooth connectivity to go with its 2.4GHz dongle, so you can easily swap between using it with two devices.

Ultimately, the point of buying the G903 is to also purchase the $100 Overplay mouse pad, an expensive but brilliant accessory. See It Sensor: Focus+ Optical Sensor Sensitivity: 20,000 DPI Shape: Right-handed Buttons: 11 Connection: Wireless, wired Battery life: 100 hours Weight: 107gRazer’s Basilisk Ultimate (read our review) is one of the most comfortable and accurate ergonomic wireless gaming mice we've ever used.

This all comes thanks to Focus+ Sensor and Racer's optical mouse switches that feel a hair faster than your traditional gaming mouse buttons. Of course, you get a ton of RGB that not only lights up the scroll wheel and logo, but also two long side strips on this peripheral.

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See It Sensor: Pix art PMW3391 Sensitivity: 18,000 DPI Shape: Right-handed Buttons: 10 Connection: 2.4GHz Slipstream wireless, Bluetooth Battery life: 24 hours (wireless), 50 hours (Bluetooth) Weight: 130gThere are a lot of great mice out there, but if you have bigger hands, sometimes even the best mouse can start to feel a little cramped. When it comes to an enjoyable gaming session, especially a longer one, comfort is essential, and that applies to the mouse, too.

So, if you want a wireless mouse that's going to be a great fit for your bigger hands, the Corsair Ironclad RGB Wireless is it. It has a large profile, letting you spread your fingers out a bit, and the thumb grip is nice and spacious.

It's 130 grams of heft give it a substantial feel. You won't miss out on the capable experience of other mice with the Ironclad RGB Wireless. It has a highly accurate Pix Art sensor and connects to your PC over Corsair's latency-free Slipstream wireless or over Bluetooth when you don't need maximum performance.

See It Sensor: Optical HERO 16K Sensitivity: 16,000 DPI Shape: Ambidextrous Buttons: 7 Connection: Light speed wireless Battery life: 60 hours Weight: 80gThe Logitech G Pro (read our review) is a great wireless mouse from Logitech designed for Esports, or people who just want a mouse with great battery life and stoppable side buttons. Like the G903 you add magnetic side buttons to whichever side you like. It uses the company's newest sensor, the Hero 16K, so it's got plenty of range to fit anyone's needs, and you can also drop the USB transceiver into the bottom of the mouse too, so you won't lose it when you travel.

See It Sensor: Steelers TrueMove3+ Optical, Depth Sensitivity: 12,000 DPI Shape: Right-handed Buttons: 7 Connection: Wireless, wired Battery life: 24 hours Weight: 121g (up to 153g)The Steelers Rival 600 won top pick in our list of the bestgamingmouse and the wireless version is just as good here. The Steelers Rival 650 (read our review) utilizes the same dual Truelove 3 Optical sensor system that ensures accurate tracking even if you lift your mouse off a desk. Just like regular Rival 600, you can also remove the two sides up to 16g in weights if you like a really heavy gaming mouse as we do.

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See It Sensor: Pix Art PAW 3335 Sensitivity: 16,000 DPI Shape: Right-handed Buttons: 6 Connection: Warp wireless, USB-C Battery life: 180 hours Weight: 104gAt 104 grams, the HP Omen Vector Wireless may be a middleweight gaming mouse, but it's a heavyweight when it comes to battery life while gaming. See It Sensor: Optical HERO 16K Sensitivity: 16,00 DPI Shape: Right-handed Buttons: 15 Connection: Light speed wireless Battery life: 240 hours (5.5 months Bluetooth) Weight: 135g (with battery)Whether you want all the buttons you could need readily available at your fingertips to conquer in MMOs and Mobs or you just want one of the best gaming mice you can get your hands on, the Logitech G604 Light speed (read our review) is well worth your time.

Better still, that lower price didn't prevent the G604 Light speed from getting the HERO sensor, which is a performance champ. Though the innards are thereby exposed, you don't have to worry about that, since Steelers has designed the core components to be safe from water and dust.

There are plenty of brilliant, and affordable, options available to those in the UK, with all the big brands set and ready to take your orders. Where once it was a question of sacrificing latency and accuracy for the freedom that only a cable-free connection can offer, that is no longer the case and wireless models are up there with the best gaming mice around.

(Image credit: Color wave)Advances in sensors and communication protocols by the likes of Logitech, Corsair, and Racer, means that the performance you get out of the bestwirelessgamingmouse is practically indistinguishable from what you'd get with the rodent wired directly into your gaming PC. Compared to the best gaming mice with tails, there are still a few additional features you need consider with a wireless mouse.

Ousting the versatile G903, the G502 Light speed Wireless is the latest iteration of a long-standing favorite for Logitech veterans, the G502 Proteus Spectrum. Initially being upgraded with a 16K DPI sensor, Logitech took the next logical step by pairing this beast of a gaming mouse with its Overplay technology, allowing it to remain charged continuously and connected.

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Everything that made the original G502 great is present here, from its adjustable 16g weights to its unlocked mouse wheel and 11 buttons. While its aggressive, Bat mobile aesthetic may not appeal to everyone, the comfort and performance of this mouse is second to none.

While the G903 remains an excellent alternative, especially for southpaw shooters, the added customizability and macros let the G502 inch ahead of the competition. This wireless version of this venerable warhorse is the spitting image of its ancestors and the pinnacle of uncompromising performance when it comes to wireless gaming rodents.

DPI: 20,000 | Sensor: Racer Focus+ Optical | Battery: 70 hours | Interface: USB charging | Buttons: 7 | Ergonomic: Right-handed | Weight: 3.1 oz (88g) Racer has unleashed a trinity of wireless gaming peripherals this year, building upon the V2 editions of its most popular products.

The wireless V2 Pro has the exact same super-comfortable, stylish design, and the Focus+ sensor is as swift and as accurate as any wired rodent you could find. With the Hyperspace wireless tech plumbing you into your gaming PC practically latency free, and with around 70 hours of gaming battery life too, the DeathAdder V2 Pro is now the ultimate version of this long-lived rodent.

It still sits just behind the Logitech G502 Light speed wireless in the stack, largely because I adore the infinite scroll wheel which I still miss now that Katie has stolen my version. At a mid-range price, it's competing directly against some high-performance wired mice, but there's no compromise here in terms of performance or design.

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The small wireless dongle can be stored inside the body of the mouse, but critically, the left- and right-click buttons are separate pieces from the removable palm rest, ensuring a reliable and satisfying click. The shape of the G305 is based on a small, ambidextrous design Logitech has been using for years, and they haven't messed with a good thing.

Corsair's refreshed Dark Core RGB Pro SE improves on what became one of our favorite wireless gaming mice when it debuted back in 2018. Thanks to a lot of small improvements, such as 18,000 DPI, QI wireless charging compatibility, and 2,000Hz Hyper-Polling tech, the Dark Core RGB Pro SE is back with a vengeance.

The Dark Core RGB Pro SE also works well when paired with the QI wireless charging mouse pad of your choice, that's the special bit in the 'special edition' naming. Since QI wireless charging mouse pads are becoming more popular, the Dark Core is a good future-proof mouse.

The Basilisk Ultimate takes full advantage of Racer's Hyperspace wireless tech, making it one of the fastest gaming mice out there. The comfortable right-handed mouse sports a total of eleven buttons, the 20K Focus+ sensor, and 14 zones of custom RGB lighting using Racer's Synapse software.

Other than that, it's a fast wireless mouse that fits well into your hand with over 100 hours of battery life... with RGB lighting off. Billed as mostly an FPS gaming mouse, playing games like Apex Legends and Halo: Reach worked well, especially when handing precision weapons like the Wingman or Battle Rifle.

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The paddle on the mouse makes changing your DPI on the fly super easy. As someone who still plays Star craft 2, I was able to micro-manage my Zero brood with relative ease as my 'lings tore into some poor Space Marines.

DPI: 16,000 | Sensor: Optical HERO 16K | Battery: 240 hours | Interface: 2.4GHz wireless / Bluetooth | Buttons: 10 | Ergonomic: Right-Handed | Weight: 4.7 oz (135 g) Its insanely long battery makes it the perfect mouse for gaming on the go.

If you're a big gamer, you already know a lot of gaming accessories don't cater to your massive mitts. As wireless gaming mice trend smaller and lighter, it's easy to feel like you're on the verge of crushing the darn thing.

The Spathe is a large, hefty gaming mouse that's almost double the weight of the lightest rodent on the list. Its six programmable buttons on the side are large enough and spaced out sufficiently so that they are easy to distinguish to prevent miss-clicks.

That's a problem for other gaming mice that try to cram as many buttons as humanly possible into one spot. What the Spathe has going for it in its niche market, is what's always worked against it in the bigger scope of things.

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If you have medium to small-sized hands, the bulky design will feel uncomfortable, and some buttons are hard to reach. If you're used to a lightweight, zippy mouse, you'll have to look elsewhere too, but if you crave something with a little mass behind it then Asus' big-boy is a worthy choice.

DPI: 20,000 | Sensor: Focus+ Optical | Battery: 70 hours | Interface: Hyperspeed Wireless | Buttons: 8 | Ergonomic: Ambidextrous | Weight: 2.6 oz (74g) This wireless, ambidextrous esports gaming mouse is for the serious competitor who wants something fast and accurate.

The Viper Ultimate comes equipped with Racer's Hyperspace Wireless transmission, which gives the mouse a latency of less than 0.2ms, making it just as fast as its wired counterpart. If you value accuracy and speed above all else, the Viper Ultimate's performance can compete with some best gaming mice out there.

It has fewer programmable buttons than its competitors too, such as the Logitech G502 Light speed or even the Basilisk Ultimate, but comes in at the same hefty price range. Thankfully, its speed, 70-hour battery life, and ambidextrous design makes it the bestwirelessmouse for competitive gaming around.

For a $40 mouse, the Qatar Pro manages to never actually feels like a budget product. On the downside, the Qatar Pro Wireless is a lot less flashy than Corsair's usual offerings with no RGB to speak off.

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But the bestwirelessgaming mice today perform almost indistinguishably from wired ones, without a hint of the traditional lag or stutter to be found. We used each wirelessgamingmouse for several days, at minimum, getting a sense of how the mouse felt in our hands, the grip and material, and the feel of its buttons.

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