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Depending on which Wisp on you have equipped to your Avatar, you will be able to attack enemies and use various abilities. They are divided by the type of element they utilize for their attacks and abilities.

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When you have a Wisp on equipped, you can use its ability when you have collected Wisps Capsules in a level and have energy stored. Some abilities will give you a boost to your speed the you gather rings, while others will attract capsules and items to you while moving.

More will be added to this page as additional Weapons are discovered in SonicForces. Hold the fire button to continue shooting flames.

Creates a platform, even in mid-air Asteroid Lock onto multiple enemies at the same time using clones. Flies you through the air, can also save you from falling into pits Void Sucks in enemies and Rings with a black hole Teleports you in the direction you are facing.

In gameplay, the Weapons can be equipped to the Avatar to grant them unique abilities. As a part of the storyline for SonicForces, the Avatar was intended to be a regular citizen with no special abilities, like Sonic's speed.

To compensate for that, Sonic Team created the weapons for the Avatar. As the contents of the game changed however, the Wisp on concept was created based on the preexisting Wisps in the Sonic series.

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Each model comes in a distinct design that combines the design and color scheme derived from a specific Wisp breed's anatomy with portable tools, like handguns, hammers, drills, and similar mechanical devices. The Weapons' signature function is their ability to harness the Hyper-go-on energy from Wisps and use them to channel the properties of the respective Wisps' Color Power without causing the user to undergo a transformation.

Each distinctive Wisp on model can only draw power from the Wisp breed that it is designed to match however. This means, for example, that the Burst Wisp on can only harness a Red Wisp's power.

Each Wisp on model also possesses an offensive combat function that matches the respective Wisp used to power it, such as the Burst Wisp on functioning as a flamethrower and the Drill Wisp on manifesting a piercing drill. The Avatar using the Drill Wispon's basic attack.

The nature of the attack depends on of the variety of the chosen Wisp on, although they can all take out multiple foes at once. To use the basic attack in gameplay, the player must press / /.

The nature of the action depends on of the variety of the chosen Wisp on ; when using the Burst Wispon's special action for example, the player can perform midair jumps (like the Red Burst). Using a Wispon's special action drains the Wisp Gauge, and once it empties, the Wispon's special actions gets canceled out and become unusable.

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The Wisp on the Avatar possesses is displayed on the HUD in the lower left corner of the screen along with any active skills attached to it. After clearing an Avatar or Tag Team stage and setting a time record on it, the Wisp on used when the record was set will be displayed next to the time.

Image Name Associated Wisp Basic attack Special action Burst Wisp on Red Wisp Attacks with fire. Press and hold the button to continue spouting flames.

Asteroid Wisp on Indigo Wisp Locks on to multiple enemies at the same time using clones. Hover Wisp on Green Wisp Blows away enemies with a shock wave.

Void Wisp on Violet Wisp Sucks in enemies and Rings with a black hole. Sonic Forces Character Creation Feature Announced.

“ Shun Nakamura (as translated by board's translator): Yeah of course, uh, a lot of the fan quirk and everything that's going on around the Sonic universe thought has inspired to make, uhm, a-a character creation, but all the arts we did, uh, for the game was made internally, and uhm... the idea behind the Avatar was that you're not going to the... you're not going to play the hero this time, you're going to play a normal citizen in the world of Sonic, which, uh, cannot, HHH, blast at high speeds like Sonic does, so that's why we also created the Wisp on system to give you a little power to compensate for the lack of speed Sonic would have, but... still allowing you to progress through the game and enjoy the adventure alongside Sonic.” Brian Shea (13 June 2017). Head Of Sonic Team Talks Introducing Custom Characters.

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It also has a black handle on the back that allows the wielder to hold it in a comfortable grip. As its name implies, the Burst Wisp on can harness the power of the Red Wisp.

Through this method, one can channel the power of the Red BurstColor Power through the Burst Wisp on, thus allowing the Burst Wisp on to produce combustive fire bursts powerful enough to send its user flying into the air. The Burst Wisp on also serves as a flamethrower that can spew flames hot enough to make Banks explode.

In gameplay, the Burst Wisp on can destroy Banks with ease. The initial basic Burst Wisp on is given after creating an Avatar for the first time during a new game.

Wisp on no. Skill description First millisecond skillThird skill 1 N/A N/A N/A 2 Makes Wire Attacks faster. Awards bonus points when you collect a chain of Rings.

Grants invincibility for a short time after collecting 100 Rings. Promotional artwork featuring the Avatar with the Burst Wisp on.

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For example, the Cat helps you stay alive if you're the type of person who runs into enemies a lot, the Bird is nice for precise air control, and the Wolf is wonderful for collecting Power-Ups and Red Star Rings. Completing most Challenge Missions earns you various articles of clothing and the occasional Wisp on (read: Weapons).

The Missions involving collecting Red Star Rings, however, unlock Extra Stages rather than clothes or Weapons. Be sure to take advantage of it and do as many stages as you can in order to earn loads of Experience for your Avatar.

Additionally, when you complete a Red Star Ring Mission, you unlock an Extra Stage. Secret and Extra Stages are difficult levels that put your abilities to the test.

Green SOS -- Complete the stage by playing as your Avatar with the ability to switch to the character in distress. Blue SOS -- Save the character in distress by freeing them from their cage found within the stage.

There are a bunch of different paths that you can take; some may be faster, others may be hiding secrets, but they're important to uncover. Each Wisp on type has its own unique ability meant to help you traverse the stage.

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Sometimes these are required to open the road to tricky collectibles or achieve the fastest times, so be observant. Be sure to check out our Walkthrough Section of this Wiki guide for detailed information about every stage in the main campaign of SonicForces.

Be sure to check out our walkthrough section of this wiki guide for SonicForces with info on every stage of the game! Completing these challenges will give you rewards in the form of extra items in the Avatar Closet and XP Bonus.

Complete these Daily Challenge Missions to immediately gain the XP Bonus as you play. XP Bonus multipliers do not stack on top of each other, since they end after 30 mins of the day they are scheduled.

You can gain even more additional XP for your Avatar by completing SOS Missions that appear on your World Map. You will still have to complete the SOS mission with any requirements it has, but its worth the extra boost in XP to increase your avatar's ranking.

Other times, you can use a different wisp on to defeat groups of enemies or deal damage to bosses much easier that before. You not only need to complete the level without dying once, finish it in a fast time, collect 100 rings, and defeat many enemies throughout the stage.

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When you pass through the stage goal at the end, your totals will be tallied up, and you'll receive a ranking and XP towards your Avatar. In order to get that coveted S-Rank in every stage, you will need to replay them multiple times to find the best and fastest routes to the goal.

This usually means you'll have to boost in sections where you're given a Wisps Capsule and enemies to smash and increase the boost meter, hit every grapple point you see, as well as take any shortcuts and boosters on the stage to keep your speed high. In some levels, there are QuickTime events that will require you to hit a button prompt at just the right time to execute an action.

If your timing with the prompts is wonderful or perfect, you'll receive a boost in your score that will be added to your total at the end of the stage. You can return to stages that you have completed before to search for more Red Star Rings you may have missed, but you can also find new collectibles.

Collecting them all within a stage does not unlock anything for your Avatar or on the World Map, but they are tied to Achievements & Trophies for when you find them all. If you restart the stage or return to the world map, you'll lose anything you have gathered and will have to search and obtain them once again.

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