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If you don't know, a build is a set of Skills and Stats. If you have builds that would add to this page please comment.

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Champion Build : This build is made for staying alive and still dealing a fair amount of damage. Then combine it with one of two options, a Tank Spell for keeping you alive.

Or if you want more damage trade Holy Barrier for Battle Shout. It doesn't really matter the percentage of them just make sure you have more physical than stamina.

It is made to carry lower levels through dungeons. So you will be focused on dealing damage and keeping your friend alive.

(Just a few) So that this way you can swap to Chain Heal and keep your friend alive. Other than that you put The rest of your points into physical power.

And, it has a low recharge, along with a good amount of range. This can be changed out for a skill with movement speed depending on how fast you want it to go.

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So what you will do is use Battle Shout two times and then run into a crowd of enemies, swinging your sword. It's not good, but it's fun if they ever add a PVP this would work great.

This is a full damage build, so you will want all points into spell power. Then moving on to duel Ice Nova, then to Illusion Blast and so forth.

This build is made for large party's of players were the burn mage with move in and out doing damage. Skills like Poison Cloud and Ghostly Cannon Barrage are optional, not as effective but if you want to use them go ahead.

WizardBuild: This is another high damage build, although made for range. Although you will use ranged Mage spells such as Fireball, Lightning Strikes, Ice Needles, Pulse fire, Void Beam, Demonic Spikes, Hand Cannon, Enchanted Shrike, and Earth Kick.

These are the highest ranged Mage skills that You will use in this build. This mage Build can be used for small or large groups, it is made to stay in the back and fire at the enemies through your ally's.

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Blessed Mage Build : This is a carrying build for high levels to carry their friends through dungeons. Full spell power, add a little into Stamina if you are doing Samurai or above.

Support Mage Build : This Mage build is made for large groups of players The support mage is for fighting on the front line using a heal skill and a spell Pulse Heal is recommended. Made for rushing into the enemy's and grouping them up for the Damage dealers.

With this build, your goal is to stay alive, so you can support your ally's use Holy Barrier when rushing in or when you about to get hit. Try to stay near the warriors, or melee damage dealers.

You will want to use Guardian Call and a warrior skill that deals a condition. For example, you will use Rending Slice to deal damage over time while focusing on tanking enemies.

The wizard is one of the oldest and most iconic classes in all Dungeons & Dragons history with access to the most powerful spells in the game. You have to carefully consider your selection as you pick from the largest spell list of any 5th edition spell caster.

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On top of that, each School of Magic (the wizard’s subclasses) brings its fair share of power to the table. **DISCLAIMER: These are meant to be cookie cutter builds, so feel free to tweak and choose for your adventuring needs.

Once a man of the cloth, our mage found enlightenment in the study of ancient tomes and innovation through magical research. He remembers the annals of his god and wields holy magic as needed, but the arcane is now his most potent weapon.

The “Lizard” is a fun nickname for this cleric- wizard multi class, which will probably be the most complicated of the three builds (though not by much). The multi class opens up our options by a lot, but we’re going to focus on combining the School of Abjuration wizard with the Knowledge domain cleric.

Also, multi classing is an optional rule in 5e, so make sure your DM allows it if you want to play a Lizard. This build also gains access to medium armor and shield proficiency and features granted by a cleric domain.

Multi classing into cleric gives our Lizard medium armor and shield proficiencies. Use the standard array for ability scores to get the following: 15 Intelligence, 14 Wisdom, 13 Dexterity, 12 Constitution, 10 Strength, 8 Charisma.

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Use the variant human racial ability score bumps to increase Intelligence to 16 and Dexterity to 14; take War Caster for the free feat. Choose backgrounds that fit with your character concept, or for skills proficiencies you really want.

If your game uses feats, take War Caster or Resilient (Constitution) if you had not already acquired one or the other. At cleric 1/ wizard 10, you get to add your proficiency bonus to ability checks that are part of casting a spell (like with counterspell and dispel magic).

At cleric 1/ wizard 14, you gain advantage on saving throws against spells and halve all damage you take from them for even more durability! For your Spell Mastery feature at level 18, take shield and misty step.

This gives you persistent tackiness (when you’re not counterspelling) and fantastic bonus action mobility. You’ll likely find spells that fit your needs for specific situations, so don’t hesitate to make those choices.

Cleric can trips: guidance, spare the dying, sacred flame Cleric 1st-level spells: healing word, bless, sanctuary, shield of faith Wizard can trips: fire bolt, mage hand, minor illusion, prestidigitation, toll the dead (GTE) Wizard 1st-level spells: absorb elements (GTE), detect magic, find familiar, magic missile, protection from evil and good, shield, sleep, thunder wave Wizard 2nd-level spells: hold person, invisibility, mirror image, misty step Wizard 3rd-level spells: blink, counterspell, dispel magic, fireball, protection from energy Wizard 4th-level spells: banishment, dimension door, greater invisibility, failure’s resilient sphere, poly morph Wizard 5th-level spells: Big by's hand, far step (GTE), hold monster, synaptic static, telekinesis Wizard 6th-level spells: globe of invulnerability, mass suggestion, sunbeam, Tenser's transformation (GTE) Wizard 7th-level spells: crown of stars (GTE), eternalness, force cage, plane shift, simulacrum Wizard 8th-level spells: antimagic field, feeble mind, maze, mighty fortress (GTE) Wizard 9th-level spells: imprisonment, invulnerability (GTE), true poly morph, wish Even as an enemy strikes at her, a magical enchantment over the Blade singer’s body bolsters her defenses against their blows.

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We start our build by focusing on Blade singing, a School of Magic from the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide. Blade singing gives the wizard notable defensive buffs that allow her to more safely jump into the thick of battle and fight with her weapons.

Since you’re still a wizard, you can act from the back lines, casting spells while also boasting incredible survivability. As you gain more levels, you will likely focus on simply staying alive so that you can use your magic.

For a minute, the Blade song feature bolsters your wizard’s defenses and movement speed. I’m giving AC its separate bullet point because it is the Blade singer’s greatest defensive asset.

Keep in mind that by stacking Blade song’s effects with the mage armor, shield, and haste spells, your AC can reach a range of 27 to 29 depending on your Dexterity score. Just remember that your wizard will still be susceptible to damage and status effects that require saving throws.

Even when your wizard takes damage, you’re more likely to sustain your concentration spells, which will usually be buffs or battlefield control. The Blade singer gains the Extra Attack feature, allowing her to make two strikes on each of her turns instead of just one.

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The Blade singer can cast spells to improve their martial ability, such as buffs to their speed, defenses, or damage. At level 14, while Blade song is active, the wizard adds their Intelligence modifier whenever they deal damage with their melee weapon, too.

Use the point-buy system to generate the following ability score array: 15 Intelligence, 14 Dexterity, 14 Constitution, 10 Wisdom, 10 Charisma, 8 Strength. High elves also receive training in long swords and short swords, which will open up your choice for the weapon proficiency granted by Blade singing.

The Blade singer will take all 20 levels in the wizard class, so you’ll gain the following from the subclass: At level 2, Blade song increases your AC and concentration saves by your Intelligence modifier, increases your speed by 10 feet, and gives you advantage on Dexterity (Acrobatics) checks. The ideal weapon will have the finesse property, allowing you to use Dexterity for attack and damage rolls.

Since high elves already receive short sword proficiencies, this choice will likely be the rapier. At level 10, Song of Defense lets you reduce the damage you take during Blade song by using your reaction and spell slots.

At level 14, Song of Victory boosts your damage with melee weapons, again while using Blade song. If your game uses feats, consider picking up one of the following options: Dual Wield (if fighting with two weapons), War Caster, Mobile, Resilient (Constitution).

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For your Spell Mastery feature at level 18, take shield and mirror image. Mirror image further reduces the chances of you actually taking damage by tanking hits for you; it also uses your high Dexterity for your copies’ AC.

Can trips: fire bolt, booming blade (SCAG), green-flame blade (SCAG), mage hand, minor illusion, prestidigitation 1st-level spells: absorb elements (GTE), expeditious retreat, find familiar, Longstreet, mage armor, shield, thunder wave 2nd-level spells: blur, mirror image, misty step, shadow blade (TGE) 3rd-level spells: blink, magic, fly, haste, lightning bolt, slow, thunder step (TGE) 4th-level spells: banishment, dimension door, fire shield, greater invisibility, poly morph 5th-level spells: Big by's hand, conjure elemental, hold monster, steel wind strike (GTE) 6th-level spells: contingency, disintegrate, Otto's irresistible dance, Tenser's transformation (GTE) 7th-level spells: force cage, plane shift, prismatic spray, simulacrum 8th-level spells: feeble mind, illusory dragon (GTE), mind blank, power word stun 9th-level spells: foresight, meteor swarm, true poly morph, wish The Fate master is the prime form of the generalist wizard, the spell caster that has the tools for any situation.

My approach to this build focuses on the School of Divination’s ability to literally dictate the results of most d20 rolls. Arguably more than any wizard, the Fate master benefits from potentially learning all the spells the class has to offer.

You can make a monster fail a crucial saving throw or, with enough luck, turn an ally’s attack into a critical hit. Part of this effort relies on the results of the d20 dice that a School of Divination wizard rolls each day.

The rest of the work comes from preparing just the right spells, but this could take more effort and prediction on your part as the player to really make effective. You can use the standard ability score array to get the following: 15 Intelligence, 14 Dexterity, 13 Constitution, 12 Wisdom, 10 Charisma, 8 Strength.

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Wisdom also improves an important save, so it takes priority over Strength and Charisma. Lucky gives you three luck points that let you reroll any attack rolls, ability checks, or saving throws you make; you can also force an enemy to reroll an attack roll against you.

This version of Lucky lets them reroll any 1 on an attack roll, ability check, or saving throw. The downside to this racial option is that they don’t naturally have bonuses to their Intelligence score.

The Fate master wants to take all 20 levels in wizard to maximize their access to the spell list. The subclass grants: At level 2, the Fate master gains access to the bread and butter of this build : Portent.

This gives you a choice between four benefits that you can switch during rests: dark vision, ethereal sight, greater comprehension, and see invisibility. The most potent choices are either ethereal sight or see invisibility, but pick the benefit that will most likely come up during your adventuring day.

If your game uses feats, consider the following options: Lucky (if you had not already acquired it), Alert, War Caster, Resilient (Constitution). Shield is a go-to defensive spell for wizards of all kinds and levels, so having it cost no resource is fantastic.

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Hypnotic pattern provides excellent crowd control over a wide area. The Fate master excels at forcing the issue of battlefield control and negative spell effects against enemies.

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