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Happily, this fine action platformer broke with the stereotypical dungeon crawlers, allowing you to hop around, bashing enemies with your Wand of Whatever without a single roll of multisided dice, virtual or otherwise. Wizards & Warriors First Released Sep 27, 2000 Wizards & Warriors suffers from a handful of problems that compromise an otherwise solid role-playing game.

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Whereas you had to jump through all manner of hoops to find out Camus Ran was a cool lady with funky hair in Metro id, Guardian Legend lets you know what's up within five minutes. There was exciting space battles, mysterious planets to explore, upgrades to buy and collect -- really all that's missing is a more coherent story to push the action along.

Just give it a stronger narrative, add some complexity to your protagonist, include different difficulty levels, maybe a crafting system...? Just be sure to make homage to the killer score composed by Matomo Miyamoto and Takes hi Santa.

Developer: Hudson Soft North American Release Date: November 19, 1989 And while there have been other games in the Dragon Slayer series, there have been no other Faxanadu's since the golden age of the NEW.

Some people even say it's better than The Legend of Zelda and Castlemaine, which... is pretty crazy, but who knows what might have been if Xanadu had more console entries. Featuring a war between dwarves and elves, an Evil One from a fallen meteorite, an expansive over world, cool weapon and armor upgrades, and a host of neat temporary items to vary gameplay, Xanadu was basically the game Zelda II: The Adventure of Link should have been.

It seamlessly combined action and RPG elements in a way very few games did during the NEW era. Other than the 1,500 gold in your pocket, the game sort of drops you into a place where you have to figure everything out on your own.

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Which makes me think an Elder Scrolls type of approach could serve this game well provided it was given another shot. Open world to explore, an adventure to complete, but plenty of opportunity to just walk around collecting weird items.

Developer: Nixon Falcon North American Release Date: April 1989 I don't want to blow your mind, but apparently I was a big fan of the Dragon Slayer series as a kid which had a surprising amount of variability in the sort of games it had under its banner.

From tottering grandpa, Duel, to brave daughter, Lyle, there was a broad swath of gameplay styles. You could even play as the family pet, Po chi, who was actually a monster and hence could travel around the game unharmed by other enemies.

It ruled supreme for a long time as the game most likely to get me in trouble with my dad for throwing the controller at the TV. And the idea of having to Metroidvania your way through a fantasy world with multiple different characters within a family of heroes is exactly as intriguing now as it was in 1989.

For all that music talk, though, Milan is mostly a very odd puzzle platformer where you must search each floor of the castle using bubbles to unlock secret doors in order to travel upwards. As a kid I got nowhere in this game and, as an adult, I didn't feel bad while watching a speed run on account of how all over the map the player (literally) has to travel in order to find all the secret doors to win.

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Almost like modern day puzzler, The Witness, what keeps people playing is the grueling process of figuring out all the secrets the game holds. Otherwise, though, a new version of Milan could have the challenging mysteries of The Witness mixed with the difficult enemy battles of Blood borne.

Subtropics, along with the Master System's Ne utopia series, are the Zelda games that, for one reason or another, never got the fan obsession Link and the Tricorne did. With the Zelda franchise limping in many of its more recent entries, now seems like the perfect time to tap young Mike in and give Link a well deserved rest.

Developer: Data East North American Release Date: January 1988 My uncle owned this arcade port of Arno, featuring a Russian ex-circus strongman.

I loved the game so much that my aunt and uncle let me sleep over once, so I could play it for as long as I wanted. As a result, my aunt and uncle decided to hold off on kids for another decade and I lost my taste for butterscotch.

I think it's the interesting art style and challenging boss battles that keep me coming back. Despite appearing as a villain or just a background character in other Data East games, though, Arno never earned himself a sequel.

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Of all the side scrolling Golden-Axe- style games, this one always held a special place in my heart, and I think, much like the brawler genre in general, Arno is just aching for a come back. Alright, so this is a bit of an admitted cliché game -- a knight, Euros, must fight enemies, collect items, face an evil wizard, Mail (WHAT A NAME) and save the princess.

Just think of all the colorful characters and tight gameplay Rare's been responsible for over the years, and then imagine taking a Dark-Souls- style game but giving it that arcade joy. You play a kid, Jason, who chases his frog down a hole (as you do), finds a giant tank, and then pilots it to fight against mutants.

Similar to The Guardian Legend in that it seamlessly combines the gameplay of multiple styles of play. But, there's a key difference, my dudes -- in The Guardian Legend you're a plane -- in Blaster Master you are in a TANK.

The game was massive for its day, full of a horde of different enemies, secret passages galore, and, eventually, a bunch of towers with giant bosses that had bells. Getting hit by enemies often meant getting knocked totally off-screen, frequently to your completely unnecessary death.

Building up items and strength required legendary grinding, but it was easy to save your password incorrectly and lose all that work. There's nothing technological holding Deadly Towers back any more from having one of the most labyrinthine world maps ever.

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Given a little forethought, the secret levels, the items, the boss battles -- they could actually make sense! But, in secret, dark forces have relearned the advanced sciences and are combining them with magic to rule the world.

Crystals right from the jump is a rad story, with plot details way more intricate than any other popular NEW game. The game's writers were influenced by Hayes Murasaki's animated epic, Nautical of the Valley of the Wind, and it shows.

Crystals is a perfect combination of deep RPG storytelling and exciting action based gameplay. To me Crystals felt like Subtropics meets Phantasm Star aka two of my favorite games of all time.

It doesn't just deserve a sequel, it deserves a time machine, so someone can go back in time, slap the totality of INK in the face, thus ensuring that Crystals had sequels on every console from the SNES onward. For every Mega Man, every Castlemaine, every Final Fantasy, there are infinitely more classic games from your youth (or your parents' youth, as the case may depressingly be) that lack the kind of franchise longevity they deserve.

Whether they were good ideas gone bad or franchises long forgotten, there are countless games that need a remake, a sequel, a reimagining or a resequelmagining. And let's start with the Nintendo Entertainment System (Miss AMISOM, if you're nasty), not just because it's the system your Grammy Any grew up on, but because it so thoroughly dominated the gaming market in the '80s and early '90s that there's a spoil of riches worth of forgotten games to march forward into the modern era.

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I want you, dear reader, to comment with your own list, which I assume will definitely include both those excellent titles, especially Legend of Age, which keeps getting re-released on every console for some reason. Wizards & Warriors is a platform video game developed by Rare for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NEW).

It was published by Acclaim and released in North America in December 1987, and in Europe on January 7, 1990. In the game, the player controls Euros, “Knight Warrior of the Books of Excalibur “, as he sets out in the Kingdom of Elton to defeat the evil wizard Mail.

The player fights through forests, tunnels, and caves, while also collecting keys, treasure, weapons, and magic items. Wizards & Warriors was the second game Rare released for the NEW, after the skiing simulator Slalom (1987).

In the months surrounding its North American and European releases, Wizards & Warriors was featured in a number of video game magazines, including Nintendo Fun Club News, Nintendo Power, and Videotapes & Computer Entertainment. The game was praised for its graphics, sound, difficulty, and arcade-style gameplay.

In 2010, Retro Gamer called Wizards & Warriors “a unique experience for NEW gamers in 1987” that was “technically well ahead of other games for the console at the time”, but attributed the game's relatively low difficulty to allowing unlimited continues without penalty. Wizards & Warriors is a platformer in which players control Euros as he makes his way through the forests of Elton to Castle Inspire, where he must defeat Mail and rescue the princess.

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The castle consists of a series of mazes in which players must use keys to open doors and possibly find other damsels who can be rescued. At the end lies the final confrontation with the wizard Mail.

Here, Euros is about to obtain the red key, which will open the red treasure chest below. Players use the control pad to move horizontally and to crouch. Euros can attack enemies by using his Bright sword or with other weapons and magic.

He can attack enemies while in the air or while standing by holding the sword in position. The objective of the game is to collect the various weapons and magic as well as the gems and treasure along the way; players use these items to make it past the enemies and other obstacles and hazards.

Players collect gems in order to “bribe” the creature who guards the entrance to the next level; if players do not have enough gems, they cannot progress to the next level. At the end of each level is a boss creature that has been empowered by Mail's black magic.

Bosses have an “Enemy's Black Magic Power” meter that shows how difficult the boss is, how many hits are required to defeat it, and what type of weaponry needs to be used. Euros has a life meter that decreases as time passes and when he sustains damage from enemies.

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The game ends when all three lives have been lost, but players have the choice to continue and restart at the level in which they lost their last life; upon continuing, players keep all their items obtained up to that point, but their score goes back to zero. Along the way, players can replenish Euros' life meter by collecting pieces of meat scattered throughout the levels.

Acorns, torches, and treasure chests contain objects for players to collect. Chests are color-coded and require a key of that matching color to open the chest; the same color-coded keys are used to open doors of matching colors.

Items include the following: “Boots of Force” that can kick open chests and doors; magical potions that temporarily grant Euros invulnerability, extra speed, or extra jumping ability; gems to help bribe the end-of-level guardian; a shield to protect from enemy attacks; the “Potion of Levitation” that allows Euros to float upwards; the “Dagger of Throwing” and the “Battle Axe of Ago” that are thrown at enemies and return like a boomerang ; the “Feather of Feather Fall” that slows Euros' falling speed; the “Wand of Wonder” and “Staff of Power” that shoot out balls of ice and fire, respectively; the “Cloak of Darkness” that makes Euros invisible to enemies; the “Boots of Lava Walk” that allows Euros to walk on the lava; “Exploding Eggs” that destroys all on-screen enemies; “Alarm Clocks” that stop all enemies for a brief period; knife and axe upgrades and an item simply called a “horn” (trumpet) that had many players confused as it appeared to be useless, its purpose was to reveal hidden doors to gem caves in some places. Rescuing the damsels in the levels also increase the player's score.

Wizards & Warriors pits the story's hero Euros, the “Knight Warrior of the Books of Excalibur “, against the main antagonist, the evil wizard Mail. He was considered one of the greatest wizards in the land, such that Merlin was one of his students.

However, the aging Mail has gone mad and has started using his magic for evil. As a result, Mail has captured the princess and holds her prisoner in Castle Inspire, deep within the forests of Elton.

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The game's protagonist, the brave knight Euros, is summoned to venture through the forests of Elton. He is armed with the legendary Bright sword, a sword that is powerful enough to beat demons, insects, undead, and the other creatures that have fallen under Mail's spell.

With the sword, he ventures out through the forests of Elton and the various caves and tunnels and to Castle Inspire, where he must defeat Mail and rescue the princess. Wizards & Warriors was developed by UK-based video game company Rare for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

The game would be featured again in Nintendo Power's November–December 1989 issue, where it was chosen as the best game to use with the NEW Advantage controller, saying that the joystick would allow players to concentrate on other strategic gameplay elements. In 1989, Wizards & Warriors was nominated by the magazine for Best Graphics & Sound” and Best Character” (Euros) for its “Nintendo Power Awards '88”, but it did not win in either category.

However, he noted that the high level of difficulty is offset by the ability to continue at exactly the same spot in which the player left off. Overall, the reviewer praised Wizards & Warriors for its “excellent graphics and sound”, arcade-style gameplay, and overall challenge.

In a retrospective of the entire Wizards & Warriors series, UK-based magazine Retro Gamer gave a positive review of the first title, saying that “Euros's first adventure was a unique experience for NEW gamers in 1987, and technically well ahead of other games for the console at the time.” The review said that the game, while a platformer, placed much emphasis on finding treasure and items.

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The review said that most gamers found fault in relatively easy difficulty level, most symbolized by its unlimited continues in which players can continue at the point right where they left off. Rare asked them to develop a sequel to the game, which would become Iron sword: Wizards & Warriors II.

In another retrospective of Rare as part of the company's 25th anniversary, Gamer looked back on the game, calling it “unique at the time” due to the unlimited amount of continues players received. Wizards & Warriors has received scant coverage from modern video gaming websites.

JC Fletcher from Joystick called the game “a simple action-platformer about a guy in thick armor who kicks open treasure chests in order to bribe knights”. He also notes the variety of good and bad items such as the “Staff of Power” which inflicts much damage to enemies and conversely the “Cloak of Darkness”, which he says “makes Euros invisible to you but not to enemies”.

He said that the game has an arcade feel, with unlimited continues, a high-score list, name entry for high scores, and good music. Houston Press JEF Rounder lauded the game's music and animation, and noted its high difficulty level, especially during boss battles.

IGN listed Wizards & Warriors at #56 on its “Top 100 NEW Games” list, reviewer Sam Claiborne said that the game was inspired by Dungeons & Dragons -type RPGs, but it went further in incorporating action platforming elements along with more traditional RPG elements. Columnist and comedy writer Sean baby criticized the game for items that did not work as intended, including the “Cloak of Darkness” and the “Boots of Lava Walk”.

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Wizards & Warriors was one of the eight games that were novelized for the Worlds of Power series of NEW game adaptations, published by Scholastic Corporation ; the novelization was written by the series' creator Seth Odin, under the pseudonym “F. X. The book was the only one in the series in which no effort was made to edit out the protagonist's weapons on the cover.

The novelization is about a boy named Matthew who is having trouble using his imagination for a creative writing class, when he accidentally brings his father's knight figurine to life. He is then spirited away to the land of Elton to help Euros defeat Mail.

As with the other books in the series in which nobody actually “died”, all the creatures that they killed were made from the lives of the people of Elton, and whenever a creature was slain, a person was returned to their normal state. Further, in the novel, the two save Euros' sister in the pink caves.

While Matthew was invulnerable at the start of the mission, as the two drew closer to the evil wizard, he becomes more vulnerable to the attacks of Mail's villains. ^ Wizards & Warriors Release Information for NEW”.

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