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• Tuesday, 12 January, 2021
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A wobble board is a piece of exercise equipment with a round platform on top of a dome allowing for 360° of motion. It’s used to improve balance, strength, flexibility, coordination, and range of motion and can also be an aid to speedier recovery from injury.

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The design of the fixed center point is ideal for beginners, but it is also an excellent option for exercisers who want to add an extra level of difficulty to their workouts. It’s also a relatively affordable and accessible tool that can be used by people of different ages and ability levels.

There are several reasons to consider adding a wobble board to your collection of exercise equipment, including the following: Work on proprioception: Improving your balance is the number one reason to consider adding a wobble board to your workout routine.

Improving proprioception can help you avoid falls and perform everyday movements with ease as you get older. Working on your balance with a wobble board is a suitable, safe indoor alternative for skiers, snowboarders, and surfers.

Try low-impact exercise: A wobble board is an excellent low-impact workout tool that doesn’t require any jumping or bouncing. A strong core is the foundation of good posture and essential for performing everyday functional movements without experiencing premature fatigue.

Work out the whole body: A wobble board doesn’t just improve balance and core strength. You can also perform a variety of exercises on a wobble board to strengthen the legs, upper body, and other muscle groups.

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You can read more about the different types of balance boards by checking out our comprehensive guide. When working out with a wobble board, start with easy exercises before moving on to more challenging compound movements that include lifting weights.

Don’t forget to check the weight limit of the wobble board before getting started. If you plan on performing dumbbell exercises on your wobble board, pick one with a higher weight limit.

Some wobble boards allow you to adjust the tilt angle by changing the size of the dome. While wood is incredibly durable, thick plastic is a suitable alternative and often less expensive.

The balance point of a wobble board may be made of plastic or coated in rubber. If you’re working out on hardwood, choose a board with a coated ball to prevent scratching the floor.

Whether you’re choosing to work out wearing shoes or barefoot, a textured, drippy surface prevents slipping even when you sweat. A mat or carpeting can also help decrease the level of difficulty when using a wobble board.

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Don’t hold your breath as you work on balancing atop the wobble board. The Maduro Sport Balance Board has a 14-inch nonslip surface for a safe workout.

The sleek Fitter first Professional Balance Board features a wide 16-inch platform and a durable wooden design. The balancing sphere offers up challenging angles while the drippy surface is safe to use even without shoes.

Finally, the GABON Board is a highly adjustable wobble trainer that can be customized to the difficulty level you need. Use your wobble board for simple balance training or stand on the unstable platform while lifting weights to make the movements more challenging.

There are myriad ways to add interest to your regular workouts using a wobble board. Choose a board that includes a workout DVD or guide if you’re unsure where to begin, or look online for plenty of ideas for using your new piece of equipment.

If you plan to work out regularly with your wobble board, spend a bit of extra money on the highest-quality model you can afford. Check the manufacturer’s guidelines to find out what the upper weight capacity is for a particular board.

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Remember to factor in the weight of any additional exercise equipment you plan to use while standing on top of the wobble board, such as a balance bar or dumbbells. Speak to your physiotherapist or doctor before starting any kind of workout routine after an injury.

Wobble line dance not only burns lots of calories, but also is a very fun group activity. If you are looking for some offbeat idea for exercising, include this dance form in your workout.

Today, you can see people doing the wobble everywhere, right from parties to weddings to reunions. In these dances, a group of people stand in one or two lines and do similar steps.

The best thing is that anybody can wobble ; yes, it’s very simple and super fun. So ladies and gentlemen, young and old alike, it’s time to do the wobble.

Do not immediately start the steps; get into the groove first, feel the music, loosen your body, and then begin. Jump forward (one- step distance) in such a way that both your feet touch the ground simultaneously.

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Jump back to your original position to start the four-count step again. Twist to the left, and repeat the wobble of the shoulders and hips.

You can do the hand roll at chest level or cross them as well according to the beat. Enjoy the dance by wobbling your body like a waving flag.

When your shoulders are in front, your hips should be at the back and vice versa. Now start swaying your body from side-to-side and cross your arms to the beat.

Gradually turn your body to the left and continue the wobble. Turn very slowly and naturally, continuously swaying your body.

Repeat all the above steps, complete the entire circle, or continue this pattern till the song ends. Dance is about losing all your inhibitions and having fun, so just relax and let yourself loose.

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Don’t get too mechanical with the steps; feel the music and do the wobble ! The Wobble Board is a Dutch-designed toy which is really not much more than a very well-made, sturdy wooden semicircle.

Our kids use the Wobble daily and have even taken it over to friends’ houses because they didn’t want to part with it! The Wobble was a bit of an investment, and it does take up some place in our house, but it is a great toy which I’m sure will be used extensively for many years to come.

We’ve had the small rainbow version for a few years now, and it’s always used in our kids’ pretend play. Once they start to pretend play, they can use them in all sorts of ways: fences for the animals, beds, tunnels, huts… The possibilities are endless.

Autoplay is a super fun Dutch Design toy existing of 100% child safe rubber road segments that can easily be put together like a puzzle. Unbreakable, suitable for any surface AND water/weatherproof, children can roll out roads wherever they feel like and start playing.

It is called De Failing, and it sells all sorts of beautiful and natural toys, clothes, crafting materials and books. On the counter, they keep a wicker basket full of the most beautiful little felt fairies -- perfect little presents for birthdays, or just because.

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The shop offers the most elegant toys, all carefully selected not only for their heirloom qualities and sustainable, toxic free materials, but mostly to promote imaginative play and encourage the development of skill building, ... It's the sort of place where you lose track of time when you're discovering all the most wonderful toys and imaginative finds.

You will find intriguing science kits, amazingly cool musical instruments, a want-able collection of cards, stamps and ...

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