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• Wednesday, 13 January, 2021
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FEATURES APPLICATIONS- An interesting application interface!- Fascinating mode scanning X Factor! Any content not owned by the developer, and belongs to their respective owners.

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Oct 17, 2017 Thanks you all hope you all doing well literally one of these ratings with five stars do u actually think this app is real it’s not it doesn’t actually ray your phone or device doesn’t have the things to take a ray and if u think it does your crazy because it doesn’t otherwise we wouldn’t be paying for x-rays we would just use our devices. It says that the app is fake in the description thing so please do not get mad this doesn’t actually work so sorry for all you all who think it is.

You can download this app for your Android and iOS smartphone for free. With the development of modern technology, mobile app developers also started to work on the next level of futuristic projects.

So Nomad APK also a result of that kind of project. Normally people use the camera app on their smartphones to take photos and selfies.

The best thing about Nomad APK is you can download this app for your Android smartphone or tablet for free. After that go to the download APK file and open it.

Basically this is a camera app that you can easily install on your Android smartphone or tablet. Just like the other camera apps you can use Nomad APK to take your photos, selfies, and videos.

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But when you activate the hidden features you can understand that this is more than a regular camera app. Nomad APK also called as Ray Camera app.

The reason is the user can scan the surrounding people to see them without clothes. But with the Nomad APK smartphone camera lens can identify a certain wavelength of light to see through the fabrics or clothes.

So the app developers of this app used some secret codes to manipulate the smartphone camera lens to identify that wavelength. So to activate this feature you have to open the app and shake it twice.

You can use Nomad APK in any region or country without any issues. If yes, then your dream is going to be true with our Ray apps for android / iPhone 2021.

This application uses video camera in order to simulate ray. All you need is to open Ray scanner application and then point the camera at the person’s hand.

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It is a game, lets you, as a joke, to do Ray scan of an entire body! With this application, you can look at the human skeleton with a Ray device just as a joke.

After selecting body part, put the phone in and start the procedure as a joke! This app will scan head or stomach to find parasites and worms in the body just as a joke.

In order to use this app, turn on x -rays, and the camera will automatically connect. Now analyze on the part of the case, to bring more realistic to the whole person.

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