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Earl Hamilton
• Tuesday, 29 December, 2020
• 9 min read

It says that the app is fake in the description thing so please do not get mad this doesn’t actually work so sorry for all you all who think it is. I don’t want to be mean to anyone or call them dumb stupid because that’s not the kind thing to do and u don’t know them so please be kind and love one another there is no need for hatred unless they have done something rawfuland yeah u get the ppoint,but yeah just like think of it this way what if someone reads tthat, andthey only think about the bad things people ssay, andthey take their own life I know it sounds very weird because I’m writing a review on a xxrayapp, butit could be any app any post or anything it ddoesn’tmatter just try to be kind if u don’t have anything to say that is nice or doesn’t need to be said don’t say it I’m not aanadult or anything so don’t come after me for this I just want people to understand that the importance of words is powerful and can really impact someone’s life and how they take it.

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As it is completely free, and you can use it without an internet connection! Thank you for playing with us leave us your feedback, and we will make the game even better and more interesting for you! Oct 29, 2021 I deleted the app because I wanted a ray of my legs plus I was laying down.

I understand that it is just a simulation and all but instead of taking an ray it took a picture of an entire body laying down not in the position I was in. I downloaded this app and the start button won’t respond, I restarted my iPhone l, deleted and reinstalled the app multiple times, me and my sis wanted to play doctors office, but now we have nothing to do during this quarantine.

So than I scan my leg and guess what it shows me a picture of a rib cage . The developer, Maria Iva nova, has not provided details about its privacy practices and handling of data to Apple.

The developer will be required to provide privacy details when they submit their next app update. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Amaze your entourage today, when they see the shocking news of the tool you have on your mobile device. To use, you must select an item to scan, wait a few seconds and wait for the funny result. Please keep in mind that with today's technology it is not yet possible to perform such analyzes.

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You can enjoy the process of this farce no real radiation x -rays. To do this joke work in the best way possible, you need someone to play with your phone and discover this by himself application, or you can show it to him.

Select body elements which made the results of the analysis in this way, you can surprise your victim even more and really make him feel that it is shocking, it happened in front of his eyes. The key to making a good joke, is to practice.

This can be hilarious at social gatherings or other place where you are anxious to break the ice, and you do not have another good tool for this. Thank you to leave your comments, so we can update our application to suit your particular needs.

It was completely pitch black and you guys know that a table it’s not a human. I did it on a TV and I just saw a stomach of a person and then I knew this game was fake.

This is a perfect prank application that you can use with your family and friends for a fun night or a weekend getaway. Start scanning with the app simulator, and tap the photo that you are going to use.

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Body Camera Scannerappapp is just for fun however its algorithm did not work originally body scanner just edit the picture and shows the specified result. If yes, then your dream is going to be true with our Ray apps for android / iPhone 2021.

This application uses video camera in order to simulate ray. All you need is to open Ray scanner application and then point the camera at the person’s hand.

It is a game, lets you, as a joke, to do Ray scan of an entire body ! With this application, you can look at the human skeleton with a Ray device just as a joke.

After selecting body part, put the phone in and start the procedure as a joke! This app will scan head or stomach to find parasites and worms in the body just as a joke.

In order to use this app, turn on x -rays, and the camera will automatically connect. Now analyze on the part of the case, to bring more realistic to the whole person.

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