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For example, some sections of the book address anatomical problems: lobar collapse, pleural abnormalities and the like. Other sections focus on clinical problems such as dyspnea, cough and chest pain.

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Yet other sections focus on visual problems: nodules, white-outs, “one lung looks blacker,” etc. The anatomical drawings are excellent and help the readers see the relevant pathology and understanding the underlying anatomy.

You could start by spending a few minutes taking the handful of key characters, places, or terms in your book and adding a short description of each (like the examples above). Think about what additional context or background would add color and depth to a reader's understanding of your book.

100 Objects Inserted and Ingested in Places They Shouldn’t be by Rich E. Green; Murdoch Knight; Marty A. Sindhi an: This multi-faceted book is a collection of X -rays and explanations of unusual items that have ended up in the human body, accidentally or on purpose. At first glance, it is simply a fun and slightly eccentric book but at a closer look, the X -rays and what they represent provide a glimpse of human imagination and nature.

Amazing X -Rays by Paul Becker: This series of children’s books has three parts” the human body, wild animals and pets. Through stories and illustrations, it tells of the doctors and scientists who have worked hard to further the field of medical imaging and the patients whose lives have been changed and saved by the technology.

You should have seen examples in clinical practice of ultrasound, CT and MRI in action and have an understanding of when they get used. The detector on the other side of the subject is a piece of film or (more commonly) a digital plate.

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X -rays can be used in a wide variety of situations, such as investigating fractures, pneumonia or confirming nasogastric tube position. However, they do make use of ionizing radiation and their use is limited to the situations where there is a clinical need because of the risk of cancer induction.

A CT can be taken within minutes of entering an emergency department and can help direct future management of the patient. Some disadvantages of CTs include their cost to purchase and maintain, and the high dose of radiation.

Due to the potential effects on a fetus, a CT scan of the body is not usually permitted on pregnant women. In the same manner as conventional radiographs, the density of each pixel corresponds to the type of tissue imaged.

By adjusting the window you can highlight certain fields to maximize the diagnostic power of the CT. Ultrasonography (US) Ultrasound probes produce high-frequency sound waves instead of x -rays to create images.

Sound waves travel inside the patient and 'bounce back' off of internal structures such as bone or organs. These reflected waves are read by the same probe and are converted to produce a real-time image on the machine.

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Tissues are described by their echogenicity, with bone being hyperechoic and white, while fluid is hypo echoic and dark. US can also be applied to increase the accuracy of biopsies (e.g. breast or thyroid mass) or can be used internally in transvaginal or transesophageal studies.

They are especially good at differentiating between types of soft tissue, such as cystic (fluid-filled) or solid lesions. The main disadvantages are related to operator error and its inability to see past air and bone, as the sound waves are all reflected back and deeper structures cannot be visualized.

The physics involved are complicated but in a simplified manner, the magnetic fields cause certain atoms to release radio waves which can be picked up by the scanner. Hydrogen nuclei (comprised of one proton) have a positive electrical charge which makes a very tiny magnetic field.

The MRI manipulates these protons to align with its own magnetic field and release energy that can be collected and turned into an image. MRI is applied to view diseases in muscles, ligaments, brains, livers, masses and more.

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The presence of the rad tech’s initials, however, is often a matter of company policy rather than medical or legal necessity. Important positioning information can include if the client was supine or erect or if the image was taken while the affected body part was weight-bearing.

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