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Paul Gonzalez
• Saturday, 09 January, 2021
• 7 min read

Many people won’t believe you when you tell them about ray glasses that have the ability to see through objects and certain types of clothes. Some people have never even heard about this type of see through devices and just shake their heads in disbelief and are quite surprised when they are shown that ray glasses such as this exist.

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The ability to see through clothes and objects like dark sunglasses or dark windows makes this infrared device ideal for identifying persons and objects. They are great for law enforcement operations, banks and jewelry stores as well as detecting forged documents.

The images are shown and recorded in real time and as you can imagine, gives you great flexibility to move around. Before you buy, just make sure that the item is a allowed in your country, as ultimately it is your responsibility to ensure that you use it legally.

Ray vision glasses have the ability to s e through clothes, but it is not what you should be buying it for. In other words, the tool enables you to see parts of your home that would be impossible to see otherwise, at least not without considerable hassle and disruption.

As useful as an inspection camera might prove for a serious home improvement project, the tool can also come in quite handy on an everyday basis, helping you locate and retrieve lost items. Because not only does the camera give you the ability to see under heavy, unwieldy furniture, but with its hook and magnet attachments, it can even work to snag an errant earring from under the bed, or an elusive cat toy from behind the media cabinet in the living room.

You can use it as a regular surveillance camera as well as use it in seeing through some types of materials or even tinted windows. No, not at all, this camera is fully equipped with special filters.

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After I receive the product how do I know that it can see through some materials without having to go out and test it in public like the beach or swimming pool area. Along with your purchase, we provide you with testing materials (actual clothing material) that will prove the product's performance in seeing through some type of materials, so you can make sure it works before you go out and test it at the beach or swimming pool area.

Is the camera color or is it black and white? The recorded video or images will be in color if you purchased the color version, excellent quality motion pictures.

Some type of materials nowadays, uses UV pass color to dye the materials in order for people to get sun tan without lines. Some color used to dye the material is not only UV pass but also are IR pass making it possible for the camera to see through it like seeing through glass!.

If the materials are UV pass, why not use UV pass filters instead of IR. What type of materials actually does this camera see through.

A. Swimwear and all types of synthetic materials are the best candidate. In the USA (summer) in public areas, do expect about 1 out of 20 for normal clothing.

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The Sensor features internal metal casing and shock absorption, living up to demanding operator environments. Backed by the proven reliability of thousands of installations, EVA offers a durable sensor coupled with the highest standard of technology.

Choose just the right image you need with five capture modes: standard, bite wing, orthogonal, TMJ and sinus. Features include precision options, sliding focus, eight white LED lights and an easy USB connection.

It is small enough to no longer seem intimidating and is designed in a familiar shape- your run-of-the-mill photographic camera. It is easy to imagine this scenario: You simply tell one of your young patients it’s time to get a photograph of their smile.

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