Best X Ray Center In Karachi

Earl Hamilton
• Sunday, 10 January, 2021
• 11 min read

Qualified and competent technicians and doctors in the radiology department ensure a streamlined patient experience. Moreover, the Orthopedic and Medical Institute Hospital Lab is a firm believer in innovation.

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It also has a wide range of testing services, handled by expert technicians and top-notch machines. Its integration of digital technology is paving way for safer procedures as it reduces exposure to radiation.

Established by doctors themselves, the management is well aware of the importance of good diagnostic services. Dr. Essay Lab is trying to remedy this very issue that doctors face by providing them with accurate and high-quality tests.

Disclaimer: The contents of this article are intended to raise awareness about common health issues and should not be viewed as sound medical advice for your specific condition. Writing is her favorite hobby as she loves to share professional advice on trendy healthcare issues, general well-being, a healthy diet, and lifestyle.

Let us help you achieve your targets and improve your business. In conjunction with a pertinent history and physical examination, these tests can confirm a diagnosis or provide valuable information about a patient status and response to therapy.

The laboratory services includes diagnostic medical tests such as Hematology, Microbiology, Cytogenetics, Molecular Biology, Virology, Histopathology, Special Chemistry, Clinical Pathology and much more. The lab is open from 8 AM till 8 PM from Monday to Saturday during which patients can visit for different radiology test.

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The x -racy lab is opposite to tomb of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, check this Google map to know the exact location: Our competent quality management teams ensure the accuracy of tests and the provision of the best services to our patients.

The machine provides the best quality images of the brain, spine, all joints, and organs within minutes without requiring the patient to lie in the scanner for a long time. The immediate detection of brain stroke within an hour of onset and diagnosis of breast cancer is also possible through the MRI.

Ultra Helical CT Scanner is unique in providing high-quality imaging in shorter scan time. Our CT Scan facility can provide maximum diagnostic capabilities and enhanced patient safety because it uses minimum dose of radiation and contrast.

An Exercise Tolerance Test (ETT) can be useful for identifying early signs of coronary artery disease. We have expert cardiologists and technical staff at the facility to monitor the accuracy and results of the test.

Said says: 3/5Sir I am a patient of Multiple Sclerosis (RR). Wanted to know whether Advanced Radiology Center could perform tests for Chronic Cerebrospinal Insufficiency (CCI)> The latest research shows that MS has direct link to CC SVI due to blockage in IVs or Anxious.

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Dr. Nair says: 3/5sir my mother is admitted in private hospital she was diagnosed as pulmonary embolism. Doctor advised for CT pulmonary angiography.

Aisha Harder says: 3/5i want know that whether u had the facility of ct angiography. If yes then was r the charges’m looking forward for your the earliest reply. Farina says: 3/5my son is suffering from tinnitus and partial hearing loss.

Kareem says: 3/5Please inform me the Timings of Dr. Habitat Child Cardiologist Syed says: 3/5i want to know the charges for the tests of E.C.G and echo cardio graph both.

Farina Abbas says: 3/5sir I'm the patient i won't know the charges of MRI of Lumbosacral Spine and give me time and date when I come for MRI ... I will wait for your reply Saiph says: 3/5please let me give the telephone numbers to contact for appointment.

Dr.Arab Fatima says: 3/5salam, I want to ask if MCPS in radiology is carried by you people?can I apply for it? Dr. Syed Than says: 3/5sir, can you please tell me, the advanced studies done to evaluate coronary status in post CABG patients, except path.

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My nephew is only 6 months he is in Jinnah hospital Karachi there was no doctor for that they are on strike kindly help me what should I do? Aft ab Hussain Marathi says: 3/5kindly advise your charges for MRI RH ELBOW JOINT and CT CHEST and Bone Scanning. Kindly advise all tests can be done in one go.

The patient is in Hyderabad and suffering from Parkinson. His movement is difficult. The patient also need some welfare Discount rate for all the above test.... Kindly advise as soon as possible.

Asif says: 3/5Any one tell me the timing Dr. Habitat Child Cardiologist ? Karim says: 3/5I want to know the charges of MRI Pelvis ASAP.

Tandem says: 3/5Can u please tell me what's the price of CT scan brain Fazlullah Siddiqui says: 3/5My Cardiologist has advised me to get echo test from ARC.

Nasruddin says: 3/5 I would like to inform you that by some mistake on your website my Tel. #021- is mentioned for ADVANCE RADIOLOGY, therefore, I receive various call at any time from the patient who want to have an appointment from ADVANCE RADIOLOGY which is also make great trouble.

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Dr Noreen Mustafa says: 3/5Assalam-o-alikum, I want to know that ARC has facility for myocardial perfusion scan and CT CORONARY ANGLO. And how urgent we got an appointment as i m in Saudi Arabia and I need evaluation for my mother.

Tariq Rahim says: 4/5DSA BRAIN TEST AVAILABLE/?IF YES DR NAME AND CHARGES Major says: 3/5please updated and add the telephone numbers for new patients.

Afar Iqbal says: 3/5send me price of DSA BRAIN TEST Shafiq says: 3/5My patient diagnosed Abscess/Pus in liver lobe measuring 7.1 × 5.1 cm which I want to drain out the pus.

They have very poor Service and treating all patients like animals. The clinic is too dirty and lower staff behavior is too harsh...

Week says: 3/5I want to know whether lower limb angiography conducted there if yes then what amount is going to be charged and Anne racial index test? Ajax says: 3/5What are charges of MRI Cervical spines without contrast.

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