Best X Ray Clinic In Kolkata

James Lee
• Saturday, 16 January, 2021
• 23 min read

Few steps to complete we are authorized collection center of Design Reference Lab(NAIL accredited).we are also doing home collection of any kind of samples like Blood, urine,stool, sputum from anywhere in Kolkata. We are taking booking of ECG, portable Ray, Echo , Usg. Patient Planet is a Kolkata -based agency that was established with the goal of providing on-demand doorstep healthcare services to clients.

waiting area
(Source: gargisdentalcare.com)


Our Core business model is built around the concept of Healthcare on demand whether it is by teleconsultation or by the actual visit at home by the provider. We seek to empower the patient by providing him with a platform to engage with the healthcare system in real time.

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