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Brent Mccoy
• Friday, 15 January, 2021
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Reasons to avoid For those who have even a passing interest in the stories and history of Ancient Greece, Assassin's Creed Odyssey is hard to beat. Set during the Peloponnesian War, it sees you stepping into the sandals of either Alexios or Kassandra as they try to uncover the truth about their history while navigating the turbulent world of Ancient Greece as a mercenary.

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The first-person shooter takes players back in time to World War One and by doing so completely rejuvenates the once stagnating franchise. Battlefield 1's historical setting helps it to stand apart from the rest of the modern military shooters on the market, with all new weapons, vehicles, and level designs that feel fresh and capture the chaos and brutality of war.

Broken into six sections, each following a different character and front line location, the campaign never feels dull or repetitive. The single player campaign even feeds neatly into Battlefield 1's multiplayer mode which, while familiar, also benefits from the much-needed breath of life that the change in setting gives.

The affinity with which Remedy has courted multiple difficult genres both in film and in games with Control and still managed to deliver a mind-bending story evocative of True Detective and Twin Peaks is absolutely remarkable. “Control feels like what would happen if David Lynch licked a Petri dish full of Jungian psychology and SCP entries.

Add to that a fantastic new way to play in Volta, a light-hearted set of modes for couch co-op and some clever, nuanced gameplay tweaks that coax out a more fair and rewarding game of soccer, this is definitely not an in-between year or an easy skip if you’re a franchise fan. In fact, it might be the best FIFA game in a good few years, achieved mainly by responding to fan feedback with healthy design decisions.

Due to “a lack of innovation is long neglected areas” our review states that “there’s little here that you don’t already have in FIFA 20”. The free-to-play battle royale game offers players an energetic and enjoyable online multiplayer experience, and throwing in some building mechanics to set it aside from its competitors.

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Fora Horizon 4, the latest game in the series, carries that tradition forward by taking us to the rolling hills of the English countryside and spoiling us with some of the most exotic cars on the planet. And the new setting feels like something of a love letter from Playground Games to rural Britain; charming, idyllic and made for cross-country road trips.

(Image credit: The Coalition) Reasons to buy +Visually intoxicating+Plenty of multiplayer modes+New mechanics make it feel fresh Players step into the shoes of Wait Diaz for the first time who, following the events of Gears of War 4, is trying to come to terms with the death of her mother, unravel the twisted roots of her family tree and deal with her own personal baggage.

It's worth noting, this game will be getting an Xbox Series X enhancement which will see it run at 4K/60, and also includes new 4K textures. We're used to scale and scope from Grand Theft Auto, but what Trevor, Franklin, and Michael bring us is a staggeringly well-realised city seen from three entirely different perspectives.

Hallo 5: Guardians (Image credit: 343 Industries) Reasons to buy +Superb campaign+Brilliant multiplayer+More fluid, but same great combat Though its single-player campaign isn't the best in the franchise in terms of story, this is Halo multiplayer combat at its most fun, and anyone that loves playing online with friends will enjoy what the various modes have to offer.

Hell blade: Senna's Sacrifice (Image credit: Ninja Theory) The hardest battles are fought in the mind Hell blade: Senna's Sacrifice is developer Ninja Theory's first attempt at publishing its own game, and it's quite an achievement.

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The game follows Senna, a Celtic warrior suffering from psychosis who travels to Hell to rescue her lost lover. Reasons to avoid Minecraft released 11 years ago, but it's still as popular as ever with adults and kids alike.

The new game in the series adds some new combat elements like a shard system that allows for more customization of ORI's abilities, while big boss battles help to make it more memorable and break up the puzzle-solving. If you need something a bit smaller than the average 40-hour RPG, and something less brutal than the latest first-person shooter, ORI offers a 12-hour challenge in a hauntingly beautiful world.

Red Dead Redemption 2 (Image credit: Rockstar Games) Reasons to buy +Huge open-world to explore+Plenty of activities+Exciting story and interesting characters You play as Arthur Morgan, a gunslinger in the notorious Van Her Linde gang as he navigates the trials and tribulations of the changing west.

Between story missions, mini- games, activities and side quests, you will find yourself sinking plenty of hours into this title without even noticing it. Cap com's remake of survival horror classic Resident Evil 2 has gone down a storm with fans and newcomers alike, and it's no surprise.

Rise of the Tomb Raider (Image credit: Crystal Dynamics) Reasons to buy +Accessible entry point for series+Develops Lara’s character+Plenty of explore Despite being the sequel to a prequel about the young life of the Lara Croft, this still feels like a Tomb Raider game that has grown up.

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Senior: Shadows Die Twice (Image credit: FromSoftware) Reasons to buy +Shinobi Deathblows are satisfying+Balances brutality with beauty+Combat is smooth and rewarding If you thought the Dark Souls series was hard, then Senior: Shadows Die Twice is extreme mode.

Reasons to avoid The original Titan fall was a great game and its sequel, Titan fall 2, improves on it every conceivable way: the motion is more fluid, there are more distinct titans to choose from and, hold onto your hats here, there's actually a single-player campaign that might take the cake for the best first-person shooter story of the year. The original Titan fall married ninja-fast on-foot combat to the gloriously thuggish thrill of piloting giant techs, which are summoned from orbit a few minutes into each match.

You're rarely short of things to entertain yourself with in The Witcher 3's quasi-open world, then, and all the better that you're in a universe that involves the supernatural without leaning on the same old Tolkien fantasy tropes. It's invigorating stuff and especially worth picking up on Xbox One as a planned free upgrade for existing owners will keep you playing into the next generation too.

The most played Xbox One game is constantly changing but currently battle royale Apex Legends is extremely popular, as is sandbox Minecraft.

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