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Christina Perez
• Thursday, 19 November, 2020
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There are 35411 x men wall art for sale on Etsy, and they cost $31.94 on average. The most common x men wall art material is stretched canvas.

Marvel's merry mutants have been “protecting a world that fears and hates them” for over half a century now, and with several popular cartoon series' and a multi-billion dollar film franchise behind them, they're on course to stick around for at least another 50 years. The idea of dedicating your life to helping and serving others, despite not always been liked or even tolerated by them, sends a powerful, aspirational message that clearly resonates with a big audience.

“The main objective was to show that bigotry is a terrible thing,” Rolling Stone quotes co-creator, Stan Lee. X-Men has also remained relevant by boasting a sprawling cast of eclectic characters of different shapes, sizes, colors, genders, ages and, of course, their shared defining trait: mutant powers.

Though the X-Men struggled to complete with Marvel's Blisters initially, they hit their stride in the mid-'70s -- about a decade after their inception -- when the introduction of new characters like Storm, and later, Wolverine (and some much-needed wardrobe changes) reinvigorated the series. One way to measure the strength of a fan base is by its output, and X-Men devotees have been creating volumes of content to show their mutant adoration for years; from fiction, to cosplay to artwork.

“The idea here is that the X-Men villain, Apocalypse, has been hibernating beneath the desert for some time,” the artist writes, “and is now awakening in an unfortunate settlement of nomads.” For those who were disappointed with Oscar Isaacs' live-action portrayal of the ancient mutant baddie, this titan-sized version crawling his way out of the sand offers an exciting glimpse at what could have been.

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This piece was painted by Christopher Stevens in oil on panel, who says his favorite part is the color combination he chose. But, we're far more used to them being the troubled, mutant offspring of Magneto, and Panzer's work is too good to leave off a list dedicated to X-Men fan art.

Novas is a digital artist from the Philippines who specializes in recreating comic book and animated characters in fleshed-out, three-dimensional glory, which is exactly what he's done for Gambit in this great piece, posing the Reign' Cajun in a dynamic action shot. His visible mutation -- inherited from his shape shifting mother, Mystique, and his demonic baby daddy, Azazel -- has plagued him his entire life.

This makes Kurt an empathetic favorite for many fans, including the commissioner that artist, KES Seller drew this piece for. The erudite doctor inadvertently triggered the transformation after exposing himself to an experimental hormonal extract while working for the Brand Corporation.

Since then, his inner mutant ability of enhanced strength, speed and durability became exaggerated by an animalistic outer shell, which itself has gone through even more evolutions. This impressively realistic portrait by German concept artist, Oscar Rome, shows a younger, leaner Hank, perhaps not long after his initial transformation.

This political analogy paints Max Engelhardt (formerly Erik Lesser) as a well-intentioned extremist in stark contrast to his old comrade's championing of mutant/human harmony. A big part of Magneto's enduring appeal is his complexity as a villain, and these shades of gray (and purple) are captured perfectly in this work by British video game artist, Joshua Summary, whose shadowy rendering of the Mutant Brotherhood's leader is intimidating yet somber.

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Though Jean's green and gold catsuit is probably the most famous of her costumes, her classic yellow and blue one holds a lot of nostalgia. Deadpool 2 introduced the wider world to Cable's covert X-Men team, formed in the comics back in New Mutants #100 in 1991.

This black and white sketch by Ryan Aside in marker and pencil shows the surviving members of the team looking like they mean serious business. Island Rasputin is the younger sister of Piotr Rasputin, aka Colossus, who became trapped in the hellish pocket dimension known as Limbo at the age of six.

On Earth as Magic, she's still incredibly powerful, helped by her Soul sword and her ability to manifest teleporting stepping discs, as illustrated in this excellent piece of fan art by Lynne Joshi. Piotr Rasputin just wanted a normal, peaceful life helping maintain his Soviet family farm.

He also happens to be a skilled artist himself, and he'd probably approve of this beautiful digital painting by Van Quiet ; a snapshot of the metal mutant lost in quiet contemplation on a train. This atmospheric piece is the work of fantasy artist, Andrew Had, featuring the diminutive Canadian mutant looking even shorter than usual; leaping impossibly high into the air to take on a T. rex emerging from the yellowed mist of what we can assume is the Savage Land.

This image is actually the first of a two-part set, with Logan squaring up against his foe in the first and then sitting atop the slaughtered beast “chill axing” -- as the artist's describes -- after his victory in the next. With line-work by Ryan and colors provided by Juan Fernandez, this piece is both violent and beautiful, with the falling cherry blossom petals evocative of classic anime battles, which, whether intentional or not, is befitting of Wolverine's strong ties to Japan.

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What's particularly impressive is the feeling of motion that Danish illustrator, Stanton Fend has managed to create the illusion of in the work. You can really feel the speed that Logan is swerving at to try and shake the multiverse mercenaries, Wade Wilson and Head pool, off his bike.

The X-Men chronology is tangled enough to give even the most ardent readers a headache trying to unpick it all, and seeing a family portrait of this size is evident of that.

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