Best X-men Battles

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• Saturday, 02 January, 2021
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With the Phoenix Force once again headed towards Earth, both teams deduced that Hope Summers was its chosen host. Cyclops, then-leader of the X-Men, wanted the Phoenix to merge with Hope, as he saw this as a way to “rebirth” the mutant population.

Wolverine has often sided with the Avengers, which makes sense since his history with Cyclops isn’t exactly on the best friend level. Cap wanted to save Hope, and Logan reluctantly intended to kill her, thinking it was the only way to avert the crisis.

While this battle doesn’t last more than a few pages, watching the God of Thunder alone against one of, if not the , most powerful force in the Marvel Universe is still a fantastic image. Watching Thor throw Mjölnir into the heart of the Phoenix is not only surprising, but it gives us readers a real sense of its power, and how both the Avengers and the X-Men may not fully understand what’s in store.

Powered by the Phoenix, Enamor attacked Wakanda in an attempt to end the Avengers once and for all. In the aftermath, the Phoenix Force within Enamor flowed into the remaining four, (Cyclops, Emma Frost, Magic, and Colossus).

The relationship between the Black Panther (Avenger) and his wife Storm (X-Man) also came to an electrifying end. To save Hope and the other Avengers while they formed a final battle plan in the ancient city of K'unplug, Spider-Man sacrificed himself to hold off an attack from the Rasputin siblings, Colossus and Magic.

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As per usual, the heavily outmatched Wall-Crawler relied on his wits to not only live through the battle, but cause Magic and Colossus to turn on each other, costing them their Phoenix abilities. Spider-Man isn’t the strongest hero in the Marvel Universe, (don’t get us wrong, he’s no slouch).

Starring together in the Saturday morning cartoon series Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, these two, along with Fire star, fought villains from all across the Marvel Universe. Carol Dancers was in the midst of her transition into Earth’s Mightiest Hero, Captain Marvel.

You also have an Avenger who is still working on the confidence to step up to be the top tier hero on Earth. Seeing the tech guru from each side going head-to-head trying to make the coolest robot would have had a balance of humor and urgency the story epitomized.

Along with films like Spider-Man and Blade, it can be argued that these franchises were responsible for the current superhero boom we are in today. As well as crafting unique stories and characters, the X-Men franchise also generated some classic fight scenes.

From 1 on 1 bloody brawls to epic large-scale battles, the X-Men have participated in a wide variety of fantastic bouts. Volume ideal para introducers all Munro DE Los mutants.

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Ten emos la immortal historian DE Los Sentinels POR Roy Thomas y Los debuts celestials DE Neal Adams en SU major epoch. ESTA Bain, El reencuentro con Xavier de Claremont y Lee Pierce DE Ellen (y lo BS, caramel), pro Buena, disputes DE lo include anteriormente ya serial media demasiado El pretender MAS catalpas legend arias; women Como UN bonus para special a Jim Lee brilliant a MAS no power.

Personalmente pains Que El artist Korean penumbra MAS Como illustrator Que Como narrator y rearmament estate en llamas en quells primers ants DE Los '90. Releyéndolo ho yen did no crew Que LE bajada El pentane pro Tampico Siberia.

Albinos capitals Stan repetition con outros recopilatorios DE Los X-Men. Again special shout out to shark for even deciding to come up with this marvelous idea.

Starting off this epic list is probably one of the most underrated battles in Marvel Comics history, Iron Man vs The Mandarin. In this story arc, right after Extremes, The Mandarin gets his hands on the Virus and attempts to create an army of Super Soldiers.

In a final attempt to succeed against his foe, Iron Man attempts to distract him with a sonic emitter but in the end Iron Man is subdued by the Mandarin and is forced to watch him escape and release the Extremes soldiers. Tony realizes the only way to stop them is to destroy the facility, so he makes the ultimate sacrifice...

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In this, the Scarlet Spider, Kane, reluctantly teams up with Agent Venom aka Flash Thompson to recapture an escaped Cetus Keypad. Carnage does what he does best, kill people, get captured, escape prison, and repeat process.

Maine finally has enough of this however, and in an act of rage he brutally beats battles Carnage to a pulp, preceding to then violently lobotomizes him with one of his claws! It's not a pretty sight, and it shows how different Maine is from Peter Parker, how he's willing to make the tough calls.

This was a pretty controversial arc, Spider-Man achieving his powers by a long line of spirit animals; a totem (a bridge between man and beast) and not by mere chance was a big blow to years of comics. A superhuman creature that walks the world searching for a “pure” host of the totem.

In their first encounter, it's safe to assume that Peter had no idea what he was getting into and had his butt served to him on a silver platter. It appears he convinced a son, Saar, by his wife Camera, who died before she could give birth to him, but he was born in a cocoon... (I'm not going to explain it more because its just so confusing).

Not to far after that, collateral damage is everywhere and in the middle of the fight, Hulk attempts to rescue some innocent bystanders. In one of the most touching moments in a Hulk comic, a empowered and beaten down Saar is embraced by Bruce Banner, and the two share much needed father-son bonding time.

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During the Civil War, Thor was believed to be dead, so the Preregistration (led by Iron Man and Mr. It wasn't long before the enraged god “brought the hammer down” on his once good friend.

In one of the bloodiest moments in a Marvel comic, the psycho hero that is Moon Knight fights one of his greatest foes; Bushman! Raoul Bushman was a Sudanese mercenary who led a group of that included Marc Spector before he became Moon Knight.

After Spector stood up to Bushman's murderous ways, he was severely beaten and left for dead! However, he was found by Egyptians who offered sacrifices to their god Honshu to bring him back from death's door.

In the end this brings Spector back and creates the persona Moon Knight. Well in a grand finale of the two foes, Bushman breaks both of MK's legs and in the process both plummet towards the ground off of the rooftop.

Silver Surfer recruits Thanos to help in their predicament (out of some strange kindness in his heart, or the fact he could fight Thor and no one would care? Anyway, he succeeds, but when father Odin gets wind of this, Thanos better carry a big stick.

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In this story, the Liberators are a group sponsored by different countries that wish the destruction of the United States, with members ranging from The Abomination to the Crimson Dynamo. I'm going to be totally honest here, in amidst the battles of Second Coming, when Nightcrawler died, I was screaming at the book.

The story is basically a giant battle, although it never felt like one, with the entire X-Men cast fighting against Bastion and his Nimrods. However, the fourth, and arguably most effective, team was organized by Baron Helmut Zero, and should be feared.

The only active Avenger left is Wasp, so in order to defeat them, she must call on the reserve members. This ultimate fight ended with a glorious climax between Zero and Captain America, where the two duke it out on a rooftop (where else?).

Ollowing the aftermath of the Secret Invasion, Black Bolt attempts to marry Crystal to Roman the Accuser, so the Inhuman and Free empires may finally have peace. Not surprisingly, everything goes completely wrong when Vulcan, new Emperor of the Shi'AR, embarks on a rather ambitious plan to conquer the rest of the universe in his empire's name.

In the ensuing decades since World War II, the Chivalry had been slowly putting together a new scheme to take over the Earth. In order to achieve their objective, they infiltrated many key areas of S.H.I.E.L.D., hoping to make a slow build up of their plan.

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Thinking the Ultimate gone, the alien invaders began the invasion by taking the headquarters of the superheroes and capturing the only member left, Wasp. In one of the funniest moments in an Ultimate comic, the rest of the team enrage Hulk by stating the Chivalry question his sexuality, and boy does he get angry.

Just to make the fight even more memorable, the Hulk shows up and saves the Captain by eating his aggressor. This came at a crescendo of things in the final battle after the Anti-Registration assault on the Pro-Registration prison in the Negative Zone.

Cloak used the last of his energy to teleport every hero, both sides, from the already alien infested, collapsing prison. As the battle rages around them, Captain America and Iron Man, whose armor had been compromised by the Young Avenger's Vision, exchange blows.

But before Steve can, several standard emergency service personnel hold him back, and realizing how much damage had been caused by the battle and wishing to avert any more bloodshed, Captain America surrendered. This ultimately leads to Steve's assassination by Crossbones and a brain-washed Sharon Carter, devastating the entire Marvel Universe, especially a guilt-ridden Tony.

The heroes and villains are taken by the cosmic entity known as the Be yonder, to a planet he created called “Battle world” where he wishes to observe these superhuman in action. Spider-Man first getting the symbiote suit, Dr. Doom obtaining the Be yonder's powers and fighting him, Thing leaving The Fantastic Four and having She-Hulk replace him, and Colossus ending his relationship with Kitty Pride (we all know how long that lasted).

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One of them had to pay, so Marvel decided to throw Norman under the bus (a wise choice that impacted the story even more). Once Peter got wind of the Goblin's location, the equally miffed Spider-Man went to put an end to Norman once and for all.

The mature theme of this arc is very showing of its time with other stories like Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns sadly washing it out. This is how the story goes, Spider-Man had just gotten married to Mary Jane (Thanks a lot One Day More), and was out patrolling the city when all of a sudden, Raven attacks and captures Spider-Man.

This story was only made even darker when the reader finds out Raven commits suicide. Each Thor is from a different time period in his own life, each with a personal vendetta against Gore; The God Butcher.

After being defeated by present day Thor, Gore travels back through time and successfully captures a Younger version of his conquered. Like all good villains, Gore goes into a nice monologue about what he plans to do with the Gods of the universe.

Seeing an opportunity to escape, Young Thor attempts to destroy the Bomb with the remains of a star, which does nothing to it. However, in a rematch that leaves them worn, with the help of the prayers of the remaining gods, present Thor manages to subdue the blast of the God bomb, and repower Gore.

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More chaos ensues, and Galactic is freed and flips out, single-handedly takes on the Annihilation Wave. Meanwhile, Phyla-Vell and Nova attempt to finish off the Negative Zone leader, but they soon realize he is too power for them to take on.

Nova finally delivers the killing blow (literally, its pretty sick) by basically sticking his hand down Annihilate' throat and tearing out his organs, or something pink and squishy. Bucky Barnes was the longest Marvel comic book character to stay dead, that is until Ed Breaker decided to bring him back.

During this time, investigations were made by Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D., and Captain America discovered the true identity of the Winter Solder. The two engaged in combat, with the two seemingly even until Rogers gained possession of the Cube and used its powers to restore Bucky's lost memories.

Overcome with remorse, Barnes used the cube to teleport away and went underground to search for Lu kin. There goes the old top of only characters who stay dead are “Bucky, Jason Todd and Uncle Ben”.

Grab those tissues guy and gals, this one will hit close to home for the Ultimate Universe fans. In a final personal vendetta against Peter Parker, the Ultimate Green Goblin releases Electron, Raven, Sandman, Vulture and Dr. Octopus from the Trillion.

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After Otto refuses to join, Goblin literally beats the doctor to death! When the Sinister Six... err Five arrive at Peter's house they come across his best friend's Iceman and Human Torch.

Johnny and Bobby manage to overpower Goblin, rendering him unconscious, but the rest of the team takes them down. After swinging his friends to safety, Ultimate Spider faces an empowered Norman who throws a horde of fireballs at him.

Spider-Man then picks up the truck after MJ gives him one last kiss, and smashes it on top of Norman Osborn before it explodes seemingly killing them both! With only a few lasts breaths left he gives his tearful goodbyes... smiling that whole way.

The last biggest tear-jerking imagine is when he reaches Uncle Ben who gives him a hug telling him, “You did good, kid.” But this classic Frank Miller Daredevil battle appears to have a strong fan base.

Bullseye was shocked at how capable she had become with her even managing to draw blood using one of her trusty said. But me… I'm magic” he threw a playing card directly into her throat, slicing her jugular.

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As she stumbled, clutching her injury, Bullseye walked over to her and using one of her own said, he plunged the blade deep into her chest. Leaving her to bleed out, she crawled her way to Matt Murdock's apartment where she died in his arms.

Readers didn't have to wait long for Daredevil to enact his revenge, with him and Bullseye finally battling it out. Their fight ends with Bullseye dangling over a some power lines with Daredevil having to make the tough choice of whether he should let him live... or die.

However, it is the boob-flashing Wasp who saves the day by crawling into the Hulk's ear and using her sting power to blast his skull repeatedly from the inside until he collapses and reverts to Bruce Banner. As SHIELD agents come by to arrest him, Captain America gs in one last shot, kicking the helpless Banner in the face.

Number 2 is also the most recent on this list, and the most satisfying of Marvel Event finale's in a long time. Old and new fans got to be reintroduced to the Mighty Thanos and the new characters that are his Cull Obsidian or the Black Order.

By the time they return, the planet is at war, with the Earth's remaining heroes fighting for her survival. Hulk is the first to find them, but that discovery is short-lived as Thanos knocks the green giant away from him, just as the rest arrive.

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With their leader defeated, Thanos' remaining forces retreat, and the Avengers take a much-needed break. The legendary Story line the Infinity Gauntlet continues to hold up after all these years.

After defeating Eternity, Thanos leaves his body and becomes the living embodiment of the universe,” (Yeah now everybody is skewed). Another battle with the heroes and cosmic deities ends with Adam Warlock taking possession of the Gauntlet, after which Thanos appears to commit suicide.

Later, Warlock and his companions discover Thanos working at a farm while contemplating his loss and, satisfied that he is no longer a threat, decide to leave him be.” Wow, no wonder this story is still reverenced as Marvel's crowning achievement in crossover events.

You guys are awesome :p It took longer than I expected, and I truly apologize, but I believe the finished product was worth it.

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