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• Friday, 06 November, 2020
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We’ve used the original rankings of Erie and combined them into one single list with all the different types, Combat, Blast, Speed, and Universal. When putting together your perfect team, we recommend to keep other things in mind as well as individual potential, such as roles and synergy between characters.

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The game takes place in the Marvel universe and features all your favorite superheroes and villains, many of which have multiple uniforms from different eras, movies, or comics. In MarvelFutureFight players can play single player, or team up with their friends and challenge powerful bosses and waves of enemies.

MarvelFutureFight is a role-playing and action battling game of Marvels Universe characters being developed specially for mobile phone game players. More than 200 characters of the Marvels Universe are available in the game including superheroes and the villains.

The famous characters of superman, Spider-Man, x-man and many more are present in the MarvelFutureFight mobile game. MarvelFutureFight game gives a feature of default attack mode.

In this mode, your character will automatically move forward toward the enemy and attack them with the help of Artificial intelligence. You can accomplish these missions in multiplayer mode by adding friends into your side.

To play the MarvelFutureFight game, you must have a mobile phone with the android version of 6.3.0 or above. The most prominent characters in the group A are Yellow Jacket and White Fox.

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With such a large and varied team of superheroes, it is difficult to know which heroes are the most advantageous in combat. As a support character, he reduces the waiting time to use the special abilities of the other heroes.

Captain America is one of the protagonists of the Story mode and is the most accessible character on the team. His shield attacks are basic, but the strength of this superhero is enough to knock out the most powerful enemies.

Level 1/60 Physical Attack 22/5520 Physical Defense 14/4001 Defense Energy 15/4201 HP 118/16442 Thor is the God of Thunder, defender of Asgard, son of Odin, and an important member of the Avengers. His hammer Mjölnir summons thunder that paralyzes and destroys entire armies.

Putting Thor as Leader, he and the other two heroes gain resistance to attacks by enemies with elemental properties of thunder by 10%. We can play Thor in the MarvelFutureFight tutorial, and later he can be recruited with a superhero chest.

It is not strong, but its agility makes it difficult to catch and its cobwebs are perfect for temporarily incapacitating enemies. Venom is an antihero who can be recruited with a superhero chest and is one of the bosses in phase 3 of chapter 3 of the story missions.

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But its Mortal Jaw is especially dangerous, as it induces fear in enemies, temporarily incapacitating them. Doctor Bruce Banner has been exposed to gamma rays and, when he is furious, turns into a giant green monster.

He is an impressive character in the combat category because his strength is so incredible that he can throw heavy objects. The Incredible Hulk can be recruited with a superhero chest and is a recommended addition to any team that wants to level up quickly.

All of these advantages make the Hulk an important element in the squad of Marvel superheroes. However, its slowness is offset by its main advantage: it manages to regenerate at the same pace as Venom (about 5%).

Groot is a character that can be recruited with a chest or obtained through Dimensional Rift missions. And like Captain America, Iron Man is one of the main protagonists in the history missions.

Their physical attacks are not as good as those of the War Machine, but when you unlock Unified and Missile Rain, enemies are screwed. Level 1/60 Physical Attack 22/4727 Physical Defense 14/3533 Defense Energy 15/3808 HP 111/14480 The Ghost Rider belongs to the characters of the universal category and is a tough guy in combat.

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The chains of the Ghost Rider have an impressive range, and he also uses his bike to attack multiple enemies. It is a superhero that can be acquired through a chest and is another highly recommended addition to the team.

Level 1/60 Physical Attack 19/4815 Physical Defense 13/3650 Defense Energy 14/3833 HP 104/14667 Carol Dancers is Captain Marvel, a universal superhero and one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel universe. Level 1/60 Physical Attack 21/5285 Physical Defense 13/3440 Defense Energy 12/3096 HP 114/15724 The White Tigress belongs to the team of the New Avengers, is an ally of Spider-Man and an excellent character specialized in combat.

The White Tigress may not be the most powerful in the combat category, but thanks to speed, she attacks quickly and jumps to the next enemy in an instant. Tigress’ best ability is the Ambush, in which she unleashes the spirit of a giant tiger that attacks and temporarily paralyzes several enemies.

Once you get accustomed to the game mechanics, there’s plenty to do to keep you busy for hours each day, while the competition between players is more alive than ever. Of course, there is a Pay to Win aspect to MFF, but this is not to say that F2P players don’t stand a chance to compete.

Provided that you log in on a daily basis, you can earn a bunch of Character Selectors and pick between top-notch heroes to add to your team. By choosing them, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to complete more missions, earn more resources, and win more Timeline Battles.

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Not only does he pack a massive punch individually, but he also has a fantastic Leadership bonus, which decreases skill cooldown by 24%, increases energy attacks by 15%, and boosts lightning damage by 15% for all allied units. Although he is one of the best characters in MarvelFutureFight and part of the Epic Quest “First Family,” we would save him for the second or third Selector, following Morgan Le Fay and Iron Hammer.

Like Human Torch, she has a passive ability that increases her dodge rate and, thus, her sustainability, while most of her active attacks focus on physical damage. In addition to biting off chunks of your enemies’ health, Minerva constantly buffs herself with more damage, CRT rate, and speed, which ultimately turns her into a beast by the time you reach the stage boss.

Captain America (Sharon Rogers) is arguably one of the best heroes in MarvelFutureFight, even when judged against characters that can only be bought with real currency! No more than a couple of hours in the game, you can parade your gorgeous (and deadly) Captain America through story stages, special missions, and epic quests.

Shari is a decent Speed-type unit with good survivability and DPS, which helps her compete against other characters in the game. Ask any player who’s spent a couple of weeks on MarvelFutureFight, and they will all tell you the same thing: Luna Snow is an OP character.

Match her up with Shari and Sharon Rogers/Morgan Le Fay/Iron Hammer (as the situation demands) and you’ve got yourself an unbeatable combo. Once you get these characters to join your team, don’t forget to check out our guide to upgrading and leveling heroes quickly, so that you can put them to good use during missions and quests right away.

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Several iconic & fan favorite characters made their debuts in Firefight this year. *Results will be published at the end of the voting period (January 5th-ish 2021 **.

View Entire Discussion (0 Comments)More posts from the future _ fight community I finally ticked off one of the biggest things from my MFF bucket list.

I'm extremely satisfied to have made this clear with zero crafted cards and zero forged Caps. Also, I used fewer characters with rages overall (ten) than when I went till floor 120 a few months back (I used 12 then).

In fact till floor 120 I used only two characters with rage this time. If I had a single damage dealer, I found the worst stages damage wise were those which had enemies with mixed typing (most of the waves and some relays), or had universal typing (e.g. Thor relay).

I have been doing GBR and story missions regularly, so I have a good collection of 1* to 3* type enhancement kits. In tight matches where I timed out by a few seconds or missed a little damage, I found upgrading the type enhancement for the main damage dealer to at least 3 stars did the trick for me quite often.

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For this reason I had to do wonky skill rotations with Moonstone (who I advanced to t2 just 30 minutes before using her) and Cable to keep them alive. For Moonstone, only when I had a single enemy left could I do her proper skill rotation.

And if only “uni” word is mentioned assume the latest uniform. FloorEnemyTeam/ Character Time remaining (seconds)Custom earmarks/Skill rotation1Spiderman RelayDrax (uni)CRT DMG + 4s InvincibleInstant cancel 3 into other skills for Perm immunity.

Red Guardian unawakened.74Sister Grimm relayHogun, Hawk Eye* (uni) LVL 6632Destruction75Agent venom nonhuman Torch69Fire DMG + Recovery + 200 proc5c3 channel76Destroyer bossStryfe LVL 7041Authority4c2c3,1c577New Avengers rumbleWiccan, Gwen pool (uni)43Cold DMG + 200 proc5c4,32c4,32c78Yondu waveKingpin, Hulk t2 (uni) LVL 7033Refinement35479Spiderman relayUltron, Blade* (uni)13110 proc80Hulk rumble Bishop, Emma Frost* (Marvel now uni) LVL 7036Crit DMG + 180 pro, Mind DMG + 200 Protestant with Bishop 3c5, switch to Emma. This took forever (30 tries) until I changed Emma's custom gear.81Agent Venom bossMolten Man LVL 7076Fire + 120 proc3c54282She Hulk relation Hammer, Iceman* LVL 643Cold DMG + CRT DMG + 160 proc53483Wasp rumbles, Rogue* (uni) LVL 7013Crit DMG + 200 proc5234 (pro con 5, if not then 4)84Black Widow rumbleLizard, Kamala Khan* (uni)26Crit DMG + Recovery + 200 proc5,3c4dc585Destroyer boss Minn Era (uni) LVL 7031Crit DMG + 200 proc5dc3c4,186Punisher rumbles, Iron Man* t2 (EG uni) LVL 66, Invisible Woman (uni) LVL 64263s Invincible, Max HP + 180 pro, CRT DMG + 140 proc87Winter Soldier relay Lincoln, Thor* t3 (IN uni), Heimdall3GBI + Lightning DMG + 200 proud everything to pro con 5 only88Black Widow rumbleUlik, Möbius* LVL 6511Crit DMG + 140 proc53,42c.89Spiderman Delaware Machine, Scream×11Crit DMG + 140 proc543ic90Hulk rumbleElectro, Mysterious* LVL 70 (uni)12Double Mind + 160 proc91Black Widow rumbleThane, Venom* t2 (uni) LVL 7028Crit DMG + 140 pro, 160 proc5p,324c92New Avengers rumbles (uni), Masonic* LVL 70, Shadow Shell LVL 7026GBI + 4s Invincible, 180 pro, Poison DMG + CRT DMG + 180 foreshadow Shell potential transcended.93Wasp rumbleViper, Scorpion×3Poison DMG + 180 pro, Poison DMG + Recovery + 180 proc53c2,4dc94New Avengers bumblebee Dragon, Sunbird2Lightning DMG + 180 pro, Fire DMG + 140 promote potential transcended.95Black Widow rumbleDeathlok (uni), Sabre tooth* (uni) LVL 7018180 proc96Lash rumbleThanos t326Regen97Iron Man relay Elsa (uni), Quicksilver t3 (uni)46200 proc98New Avengers rumble Moon Girl, Locke* LVL 70 (uni), Spider-Man 2099 (uni) LVL 70604s Invincible, Mind DMG + 180 pro, Destruction99She Hulk relayVictorius, Gambit* LVL 7012Crit Rate + 180 proc54c3100Sister Grimm relay Goliath, Winter Soldier* t3 (uni)9Destruction101Sister Grimm relabels, Spider Gwen* (uni), Scarlet Spider33180 proc3c5c6,3c5c4.

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