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• Saturday, 05 December, 2020
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Just kind of ok accuracy and action-feature gimmicks eventually gave way to stunningly accurate detail, insanely complex articulation, and lots of fun. While he is far from perfect in terms of the articulation that would later define the line, his outstanding sculpting and paint ops remain a high point, especially for fans of the Silver Age version of the Toad.

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Featuring the accurate sculpting and paint expected in the line in 2019, the figure goes a bit farther in the wings. Most Archangel figures in the past played it pretty safe in the wingspan department, but this one goes for the gold.

For a brief period toward the end of the aughts and the early 2010s, the line was in a state from transition not just from Toy Biz to Hasbro, but in terms of quality. A rare figure of this member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, he captures the color, menace, and Silver Age zaniness of his first appearance.

One of the greatest stories in X-Men comic book history has also produced one of the best action figures. Part of a two-pack with Cyclops from 2017 that was exclusive to Toys 'R Us (and now very rare), the dark version of Jean Grey is outstanding.

Marvel Legends recently reproduced the classic black and gold costume for the first time, on a retro card inspired by her original '90s Toy Biz action figure (not one of the best ever made). The original Toy Biz Marvel Legends figure from 2004 had shoulder sockets which came all the way out of his body for some reason.

With a Giant-Size X-Men accurate costume, massive size, and a broad range of articulation, Colossus can punch through bad guys, throw Wolverine in a fastball special, and most importantly, look cool doing it. The most popular X-Men has received the lion's share of action figures over the years, and as a result, some best.

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He also comes with an unmasked head sculpt and the empty mask itself, in case Logan decides to do some laundry in between missions saving the world. His short fiction appears in Strange Horizons, Interzone, Shimmer, and other venues.

When Logan died, Laura took up his mantle to become the All-New Wolverine, and while her costume eventually reverted to the grass and blacks she wore as a member of X-Force, her original appearance as the new Movie featured the classic blue and yellow color scheme. Kurt Wagner is many things to his mutant teammates, from a friend, priest, fighter, or family member, but really, Nightcrawler is the heart of the X-Men.

So as any collection would feel empty without the fuzzy elf, Marvel Legends has released a great figure that captures the many sides of Nightcrawler. The Marvel Legends figure comes with additional head sculpts that allow for a full range of customization.

Also known as Mohawk/Punk/Rebel Storm, this Marvel Legends figure captures Promo Munro eat a time in her life when she had lost her mutant abilities and was forced to take on a harder edge, influenced by Wolverine's ninja ally Audio. The lightning accessories are in two pieces and allow for a number of different power options which only add to the appeal of the figure.

The three-pack collection features all three figures in their classic costumes, with multiple accessories including different hands for Quicksilver to simulate running, as well as energy effects for both Magneto and Scarlet Witch. Colossus and the Juggernaut have fought each other quite a few times over the years as the resident strongmen of the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, respectively.

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Buggy even comes with an alternate unmasked Cain Mark head that pairs with a battle-damaged helmet to show the effects of this epic battle. Thankfully the Marvel Legends figure has focused on his most heroic version and has perfectly replicated his abilities with a couple of kinetically charged card accessories and his trusty Beau staff.

The man who would come to be known as Cable is actually Nathan Charles Christopher Day spring Assani'Son Summers, whose name alone reveals his confusing history as a time-traveling mutant hero. Not only does Cable come with the required oversized gun, but the energy effect on his eye and attention to detail overall makes this figure a must-have for any fan of the militaristic mutant.

The highlight of this figure is the incredible tattered cape and the sneering grin that perfectly captures the menace of Mister Sinister. This three-pack from Marvel Legends features the original love triangle of the X-Men, Wolverine, Jean Grey, and Cyclops.

One of the most iconic storylines in the X-Men mythology was Days of Future Past which only ran for two issues, but left a legacy that even led to a film adaptation in 2014. Comic Book Resources has affiliate partnerships, so we receive a share of the revenue from your purchase.

Bishop is a time traveler who was raised in a post-apocalyptic future where most heroes are dead and innocent children are sent to camps by a bigoted government. Later, he got a haircut and a huge gray cape after he ever so slightly witnessed Xavier be assassinated and thus became the sole survivor of a dead reality through the Age of Apocalypse crossover.

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Although eventually they form an uneasy alliance and Bishop is indeed generally out of line in his dealings with Mister Le Beau, their tense interactions defined a major part of the ‘90s X-Men reading experience. It’s easy to dismiss Cyclops as an uptight jerk, but it’s a pretty unsympathetic view of a guy whose first girlfriend died in front of him, not just once but many times in his life.

Besides all that domestic drama, his primary mentors were two men that put him through the wringer, aka a disguised Mister Sinister and Charles Xavier. Sure, he’s a serious leader with an inherent disdain for fun, but he’s also a lonely teen orphan desperate for a sense of family and acceptance who goes to a school where his father figure regularly fakes his own death or ditches the team entirely to make out with his hollow-boned Shi’AR girlfriend in space while Scott is left to marry Jean Grey’s clone and have a baby with her that gets sent to the distant future to battle Apocalypse.

Dani is one such character that longtime readers have watched grow through an awkward childhood to blossom into a confident adulthood with all the pitfalls along the way. Yet, even from the beginning as a young student of Professor Xavier, Dani’s best characteristics were already taking form.

Jubilation Lee’s parents were killed, so she moved into a mall and learned how to make money by entertaining groups with tricks based around her mutant powers. When she sees the women of the X-Men, she jumps into a teleportation circle with them and follows them to the Australian Outback, where she pretty much just moves into the attic without telling anyone.

Fate comes into play when she discovers Wolverine crucified to a giant X by a very annoying group of cyborgs called The Readers. Despite being very young and having a power set that was mostly party trick based, Jubilee saved Wolverine’s life and then just wouldn’t leave him alone for years thereby becoming his sidekick.

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Death of Wolverine would have happened about 15 years earlier if not for her, and her dialogue is some of the weirdest stream-of-consciousness avant-garde poetry we’ve read in our lives. She joined the school just after the Dark Phoenix Saga and was almost immediately eviscerated by an alien invader over Christmas Break.

The surrounding subtext many relationships with women and the allegorical quality of an intangible body or the ability to become invisible has been hitting home for LGBTQIA people for decades. Kitty’s relationships with the rest of the X-Men have always been the backbone of her character, from her sisterly love for Storm to her mentorship from Wolverine to her drawn-out affair with Colossus to her gal paling with Island Rasputin, Rachel Summers, X’IAN Coy Main, and, well, every other girl she’s ever met, Kitty is one of the most important players in the X-Men soap opera.

He was a circus performer whose mutant power made it impossible to pass as normal, making him an easy target for bigots. Fortunately, the X-Men provided him with a new way of life in which he had stability and family while finding no shortage of the adventure he craved.

With no exceptions, every single one of the X-Men has been through hell and back, often quite literally, but Kurt is one character that never lets anything stop him from living his life. Idolizing swashbuckling heroes like Robin Hood and the Scarlet Pimpernel, Kurt occasionally gets caught in alternate dimensions while he’s teleporting and segues into lengthy solo adventures in which he becomes the charming pirate he envisions himself as.

Enter: Laura Kinney, the Wolverine clone known as X-23 who had formed a shaky relationship with Logan in his later days that teetered between mentorship and a true father and daughter bond. Not only does Logan help her as much as he is able, but she meets up with other clones, most notably Honey Badger, who easily shares this entry with Laura.

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Unlike Wolverine, Laura is able to curb her anger and reason with others from the start, and her social skills are infinitely better developed. There are some pretty strange individuals at the Xavier Institute, but one of the most genuinely odd characters ever to walk the halls of the mansion has got to be one Mister Hank McCoy.

People tend to focus on how his intimidating physical form doesn’t seem to match his eloquent speech and gentle demeanor, but that is run-of-the-mill trope stuff. The real root of who Hank is as a person is all in the fact that he obsessively experimented on himself and gave himself all that blue fur, then continued to do so without telling anybody, thereby mutating even further.

In fact, nearly every single alternate reality features a Hank McCoy whose bizarre tendency to use himself as the sole test subject for his experiments has led to extreme physical transformations. This is obviously not standard procedure in a lab, and the fact that Hank seems to be completely unable to stop himself from doing it tells us a lot about what kind of X-Man we’re dealing with here.

Beast is incredibly charming and sociable when pressured to behave as such, but seems to get his greatest enjoyment working away in his lab day and night. When he disagreed with Cyclops’ actions, rather than reasoning it out with his lifelong friend through extended discussion, he instead saw fit to bring the original five X-Men as teenagers, himself included, out of the past and into the present to shock Scott into being a better person.

Sure, a lot of people would call the White Queen more of an X-Men villain than an X-Man, and even after decades of time-serving as a hero in the Marvel Universe that is still pretty true. In light of things like Xavier recruiting an entire team of teenagers that he immediately sent to their deaths or that time a cosmic entity imitating Jean Grey and committed genocide by destroying an entire planet, Emma is pretty much a saint.

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Many X-Men are at the school because they had nowhere else to go from a very young age, but Emma experienced trauma and failure and eventually came to the Institute because it was where her skills as a teacher would be best utilized. Indeed, many fans had only known Locke as the purple-haired ninja and were baffled to discover that the backstory behind her ethnicity was offensive on almost a surreal level.

That story is bizarre, and it’s difficult to discuss Locke outside its mention considering the fact that it was the one that defined her physical form for most of her existence. Seemingly addicted to violence and death, envisioning herself as a metallic, emotionless warrior, romantically involved with equally unstable teammates, but always struggling to be a better, redeemable person somehow, Betsy Braddock remains compelling despite it all.

Reconciling her backstory is nearly impossible, but her battles against villains like Sabre tooth and The Shadow King remain some of the most iconic fights in comics history. Not only was her brother, Emulate, a kind of emotional vampire that fed through his hands, but her body was also occupied by her younger sisters for the first few years of her appearances in Generation X.

Her defining characteristics of condescension and self-absorption were still in place, though she was slowly humanized via admissions to teammates that her extreme pride was only a wall she put up to defend her actually quite a frail ego. Though she seldom sees much of the spotlight, M is a character that always enters and exits every room with a biting criticism of whoever happens to be her least favorite teammate at the moment lightly veiled as a polite observation, and that deserves some recognition after all this time.

Besides, her perfectionism is admirable, and anyone that has had to put up a prickly demeanor just to survive everyday social interactions in a cruel world will find Monet to be highly relatable. The young girl who is told she is too powerful by a man that fears her strength that goes on to confront those that held her back while becoming a true hero is obviously an exciting and important premise, and indeed Jean has had truly iconic moments when she fought with all her strength against the predetermined destiny that she has been handed by the patriarchal figures in her life.

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This is a woman who has gone from being an orphaned thief on the streets of Cairo to being worshiped as a goddess to being one of the X-Men to eventually leading the team while going through a highly stylish punk phase to being the literal Queen of Wakanda for a hot minute then back to the X-Men again. The commitment that Storm puts into achieving a peaceful home and building a life with her loving chosen family would seem to exist in direct contrast to the intensity and scope of her power and the theatrical brilliance of her approach to super heroism, yet the thought and focus she puts towards understanding the parts of herself that are at odds with one another is nothing short of amazing.

Storm’s inner struggle between needing stability and her own desire for ultimate freedom has defined much of her development, and the juxtaposition it creates makes Promo a fascinating hero. From the best Star Trek captains to our favorite strong female characters, we're honoring the greats all month long.

The X-Men are a group of superheroes that started as a clumsy analog for the Civil Rights movement told via prep school kids. People around the globe have interpreted the stories in many ways and found meaning with the X-Men to the point that it’s impossible to deny the impact of these characters.

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