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Maria Johnson
• Friday, 27 November, 2020
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X-23 actually first appeared on the animated series X-Men : Evolution before transitioning to the comics, where her name was revealed to be Laura Kinney. When Logan died, Laura took up his mantle to become the All-New Wolverine, and while her costume eventually reverted to the grass and blacks she wore as a member of X-Force, her original appearance as the new Movie featured the classic blue and yellow color scheme.

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Kurt Wagner is many things to his mutant teammates, from a friend, priest, fighter, or family member, but really, Nightcrawler is the heart of the X-Men. So as any collection would feel empty without the fuzzy elf, MarvelLegends has released a great figure that captures the many sides of Nightcrawler.

Also known as Mohawk/Punk/Rebel Storm, this MarvelLegends figure captures Promo Munro eat a time in her life when she had lost her mutant abilities and was forced to take on a harder edge, influenced by Wolverine's ninja ally Audio. The lightning accessories are in two pieces and allow for a number of different power options which only add to the appeal of the figure.

The three-pack collection features all three figures in their classic costumes, with multiple accessories including different hands for Quicksilver to simulate running, as well as energy effects for both Magneto and Scarlet Witch. Colossus and the Juggernaut have fought each other quite a few times over the years as the resident strongmen of the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, respectively.

Buggy even comes with an alternate unmasked Cain Mark head that pairs with a battle-damaged helmet to show the effects of this epic battle. Ever since his first appearances with the X-Men, Gambit has been one of the most popular X-Men, though his affiliation with the team over the years has been inconsistent and riddled with controversy.

Thankfully the MarvelLegends figure has focused on his most heroic version and has perfectly replicated his abilities with a couple of kinetically charged card accessories and his trusty Beau staff. The man who would come to be known as Cable is actually Nathan Charles Christopher Day spring Assani'Son Summers, whose name alone reveals his confusing history as a time-traveling mutant hero.

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Not only does Cable come with the required oversized gun, but the energy effect on his eye and attention to detail overall makes this figure a must-have for any fan of the militaristic mutant. MarvelLegends already knew that and sculpted this fabulous figure based on Marvel's mad mutant geneticist.

The highlight of this figure is the incredible tattered cape and the sneering grin that perfectly captures the menace of Mister Sinister. One of the most iconic storylines in the X-Men mythology was Days of Future Past which only ran for two issues, but left a legacy that even led to a film adaptation in 2014.

Scoot Allan (617 Articles Published) Entertainment reporter, writer, and all-around geek, Scoot Allan has written for print and online media sources like Geek Magazine, GeekExchange, GrizzlyBomb, WhatCulture, RoguePlanet.TV and the Urban 30 before joining CBR, Screencast, GameR ant and The Gamer as a staff writer. The inclusion of a flat hand, so you can balance Beast like he is in the image is a really neat addition, as well.

Even if you’re not a fan of Beast, this figure is a must for Marvel Legends collectors. The outfit has all the right grooves and textures, and the head sculpt is exquisite (the image doesn’t do it justice).

It’s also around an inch taller than other 6-inch Legends, making it as close to the character as possible. Maw features all the articulation you’d expect from Marvel Legends, but thanks to the slightly longer arms, this figure has so many posing options.

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I ended up going with clasped hands, but you’ve got the option to pose with a hand on the chin, behind the back, a fighting pose… The options really are endless. Ebony Maw isn’t the most popular villain in this wave that features a buildable Thanos, but it’s too good of a figure to pass up.

This is the wave of excellent head sculpts, and Blink is no exception. The face is right, the hair is a great mold, and the markings really pop.

It’s a shame the waist belt/dress combo isn’t sculpted on but as that could hinder articulation in the legs, I’m not going to lose any sleep over it. Going a bit deeper, Hasbro has finally managed to get a grip on what looks good when it comes to stationary hair versus hair that’s moving.

Gambit’s hair is in motion, but it still looks good, rather than like a slug with a Ferrari engine (looking at you X-Force X-23). The coat doesn’t hinder articulation either, something I was cautious of when I first saw the promo shots for this figure.

All in all, it’s a great figure, and we’ve all been after a decent Gambit since the Tobit range of Marvel Legends. What’s great about this is despite the jacket hanging over the legs, mobility isn’t hindered in any way.

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A lot of it comes down to personal choice, so your mileage may vary. But after Hasbro sent me the X Men Marvel Legends Caliban Wave, so I could get some hands-on time with them, I can safely save this is a wave that’s worth picking up.

Beast, Weapon X, Blink, Jubilee, and Gambit all have their own reviews on here. As for others, Skull buster is a random pick, but the figure has tons of detail and looks great on display.

Forge isn’t everyone’s favorite X-Man, sure, but you’re buying him to finish the build-a-figure, and he will fit into almost any Marvel Legends collection. As it’s the entire wave, always double check before you hit purchase that buying the figures separately doesn’t work out cheaper.

But what sets this pack apart from other Hawkeye and Widow figures is the introduction of additional heads, namely Nebula, Ant-Man, and Iron Man. You couldn’t do this with other figures (although the idea of Hawkeye’s head on a Black Widow body amuses me) but with the new team suits, a male and female body mold works with different character heads.

But if you want a Nebula or Ant-Man or Iron-Man Marvel Legends in the new team suit, this pack is the way to go. In terms of awesome figures, the only one I wasn’t sold on was Nighthawk.

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The head sculpt is near perfect, the body is only missing shoulder swivels in terms of articulation (the shoulder joints, ab crunch and everything you’d expect is still present), and the coloring on the Infinity Gauntlet is incredible. The well-designed figures and the build-a-figure that goes with it makes this set well worth a purchase if you’re into Marvel Legends.

Price: $329.99 Shop now at Amazon From Amazon Although broadly speaking, the old Tobit line of Marvel Legends wasn’t that great, they did create an awesome Sentinel build-a-figure. As if sensing the desire for a new one, Hasbro took a stab at doing their own superior version.

It’s such a nice little touch that wasn’t needed but adds to the overall design. It’s an old-school comic-accurate get-up, so boots are replaced with spandex, and it’s a slightly slimmer design.

Chances are most collectors will already own a Wolverine figure of some description, but considering how not great the Tobit Weapon X figure is, the Hasbro version improves on an iconic moment tenfold. The facial grimace is just right, the hairy arms are very Wolverine, and the height of this figure is comic-accurate (read: He is small, yo).

My favorite thing about this figure is the fact it comes with extra sheathed hands. Wolverine figures understandably always have his claws out, so to have the option of them retracted for once is a nice change.

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It’s all the little details, like the extra tendrils of symbiote, that make this figure looks so great. It’d be impossible to talk about this figure without mentioning the superb head sculpts.

Both Carnage and the Cetus Keypad heads are both perfect. First things first, this figure doesn’t have shoulder swivels, an ab crunch, or hip spin articulation.

The reason being, when you add extra limbs to the torso, you have to make sacrifices to articulation otherwise the cost of a new, more intricate mold is going to put the price up. Although the extra articulation would have been nice, I understand why it isn’t there, and the rest of the figure makes up for it.

The shoulders have movement, and the waist is actually a swivel rather than a traditional twist. Back in the day, there was a build-a-figure version of Jubilee, but I didn’t rate it.

Saying that, it’s worth mentioning the bubble is a soft plastic, so it could potentially break (mine hasn’t, but it’s better to go in being safe, you know? From the cloudy fishbowl on Mysterious to the guitar accessory with Spider-Punk, this set really has some well-designed figures.

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The head sculpt is flawless, and how much consideration has gone into the design (the tail has articulation!) As the wave has come and gone, getting hold of individual figures is a bit of a gamble.

Hence, why biting the bullet and buying the entire set can work out cheaper. The real stars here are the absolutely gigantic wings and the additional heads, so you can customize it to get the version of Angel you want.

Where things could have been messed up is in the face, which manages to capture X’s comically-angled eyebrows perfectly. Weapons can often feel lackluster when compared with the quality of the figure, but Hasbro has nailed the flaming whip accessory.

Price: $27.39 Shop now at Amazon From Amazon It’s also easy to imagine there won’t be another X-23 Wolverine figure moving forward, so if you want to avoid price hikes when this becomes rare, now’s the time to pick it up. Also included is a hoodless version of Laura which, although I normally don’t use alt heads, I prefer.

The spider logo on the chest stops abruptly due to the shoulder swivel, but, in my opinion, it’s for the best. Adding the white spider to the swivels would have meant it only lines up in certain poses, which when you’ve got this much articulation, is a bad idea.

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This figure also comes with extra hands and webbing, so if you don’t want him constantly in a web-shooting pose, that’s totally fine. If you’re buying a Mystique figure, chances are you’ll be wanting to keep the head as is.

That said, more options are always going to be welcome, especially when Hasbro’s ethos is to “create the world’s best play experiences.” The bad: The head sculpt isn’t perfect.

Great coloring, six interchangeable hands, a board, and a reuse of the Doctor Strange magic effects, which aren’t needed, but I’ll never turn down getting more, rather than less. As this was a wave-less solo figure, expect to pay a little more than your standard Marvel Legends.

Price: $55.00 Shop now at Amazon From Amazon There was a previous Venom figure released not long before this one, with a tongue-out head, but it didn’t sit right on the body. This time we get a head that sits right, but the Eddie Brock is too big for the body.

Ignoring the problem with Brock’s head, the rest of the figure is great. And if you happen to pick up the Spider-Ham from this wave, you can build the Ham-infused symbiote, Pork Grind.

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Price: $69.66 Shop now at Amazon From Amazon Thankfully, that isn’t the case, because this set is too good to pass up on if you’re looking to build out your collection with enemy runts. What a few collectors have been doing with this is buying two sets, simply because there are four different heads included.

Four heads plus four bodies mean you can, in total, make four different Hydra soldiers. As you can probably guess, having all four soldiers out on display looks brilliant if you’re into posing your Marvel Legends.

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