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• Sunday, 06 December, 2020
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He suddenly wants to wipe out all prejudice against mutants using a part of his fallen Asteroid M. It also features the vastly underrated Soviet Super-Soldiers. Fantastic Four Versus the X-men (1987) is built on the wounded Shadow cat (Kitty Pride) needing help from Reed Richards to recover from her Mutant Massacre injuries.

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When Richards refuses to help due to a crisis of his own moral convictions, the miniseries lives up to its title. It also is one of the first connections of Franklin Richards to the mutant world and Doctor Doom shows up, because he is always around.

Sadly, it isn’t easily available in digital form or collected edition, but you can track down copies via online stores or your local comic bookshop or look for this collected edition that is out of print. It has some pretty interesting ideas and some cute parallels, but there isn’t major character development in any way.

But when her powers manifested, and she could move between dimensions, she suddenly was in the strange new world of Limbo, where she ages (Time ALWAYS works different in other dimensions), becomes a sorceress and becomes a much darker character before returning and becoming a staple of the New Mutants comics for years to come. This limited series by Chris Claremont and John Buscemi is available on the Marvel Unlimited app or via Kindle and definitely worth checking out.

It may cover the time from when Bobby left the Champions of LA and came back to be on X-Factor. Put best, he loves stories and the best genres that tell them, be it movies, comics, books or video games.

Jump to navigationJump to search Like Uncanny X-Men, most X-books feature mutants, humans born with extraordinary powers due to a genetic mutation. Occasionally, X-books use mutants as a metaphor for racial, religious and other minorities oppressed by society.

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The series featured mostly characters associated with and/or concepts originating in Uncanny X-Men or another X-book; thus The Defenders and The Champions, which featured both X-Men -related and non- X-Men -related characters will not be counted, and neither will series which occasionally featured X-Men characters, such as Marvel Comics Presents, Marvel Team-Up, and What If? Date/Year Title Issues Creative Team Notes 1982 Wolverine vol.

Regattas (W) Al Kupperburg (A) Mike Gustovich (A) 1984-1985 Kitty Pride and Wolverine vol. 1 1-6 Chris Claremont (W) Al Milgram (A) 1985 Nightcrawler vol.

1 1-6 Ann Docent (W) Arthur Adams (A) While Portico (A) Scott Williams (A) 1987 X-Men vs. the Avengers vol. 1 1-4 Roger Stern (W) Marc Silver (A) 1987 Fantastic Four vs. the X-Men vol.

1 1-4 Chris Claremont (W) Jon Bogdanovi (A) Terry Austin (A) 1987 Fallen Angels vol. 1 1-8 Jo Duffy (W) Jon Bogdanovi (A) Terry Austin (A) Marie Severin (A) Val Mayer (A) Tony Zúñiga (A) 1988 Havoc and Wolverine: Meltdown vol.

1 1-4 Louise Simon son (W) Jon Bogdanovi (A) Date/Year Title Issues Creative Team Notes 1993 Gambit vol. 1 1-4 Howard Mackie (W) Lee Weeks (A) 1993 Sabre tooth vol.

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1 1-4 Larry Ham (W) Mark Teixeira (A) 1993 Wolverine and the Punisher: Damaging Evidence vol. 1 1-3 Carl Potts (W) Gary Ermine (A) 1994 The Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix vol.

1 1-4 Mark Said (W) Ian Churchill (A) Lee Weeks (A) Ken Ashley (A) 1994 Rogue vol. 1 1-4 Howard Mackie (W) Mike Wearing (A) Terry Austin (A) 1995 Age of Apocalypse Limited Series Astonishing X-Men Amazing X-Men 1-4 Gambit and the Internals 1-4 Factor X 1-4 Generation Next 1-4 Caliber 1-4 Weapon X 1-4 X-Man 1-4 1995 Streamers vol.

1 1-4 Warren Ellis (W) Carlos Pacheco (A) 1995 Wolverine/Gambit: Victims vol. 1 1-4 Scott Lob dell (W) Jeff Lobe (W) Gene Ha (A) Andrew Sepoy (A) 1996 Magneto vol.

2 1-4 Peter Milligan (W) Jorge Gonzalez (W) Kelley Jones (A) John Beatty (A) 1996 Pride and Wisdom vol. 1 1-3 Warren Ellis (W) Terry Dodson (A) Karl Story (A) 1996 The Rise of Apocalypse vol.

1 1-4 Terry Kavanaugh (W) James Elder (W) Adam Polling (A) Mark Morales (A) 1996 Sabre tooth and Mystique vol. 1 1-4 Jorge Gonzalez (W) Ariel Olivetti (A) Pier Brit (A) cover reads Sabre tooth and Mystique, but India is Mystique & Sabre tooth 1996 ×.S.E.

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1 1-2 John Stranded (W) Bryan Hitch (A) 1996 X-Men : Clandestine vol. 1 1-3 Keith Geffen (W) Terry Kavanaugh (W) Cedric Noon (A) 1997 Daydreamers vol.

Regattas (W) Todd Delano (W) Martin England (A) Howard M. Shut (A) 1997 Domino vol. 1 1-3 Ben RAAF (W) David Person (A) Harry Candela (A) 1997 Deathblow/Wolverine vol.

1 1-2 Richard Bennett Aron Bielefeld 1997 Gambit vol. 2 1-4 Howard Mackie (W) Terry Kavanaugh (W) Klaus Jason (A) 1997 Imperial Guard vol.

1 1-3 Brian Augustan (W) Chuck Wojtkiewicz (A) 1997 Kitty Pride, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1 1-3 Larry Ham (W) Jesus Redmond (A) Sergio Media (A) 1997 New Mutants : Truth or Death vol.

1 1-3 Ben RAAF (W) Bernard Chang (A) Mark Pennington (A) 1997 Locke & Archangel : Crimson Dawn vol. 1 1-4 Ben RAAF (W) Salvador APROCA (A) Art Tibet (A) 1997 Wolverine : Days of Future Past vol.

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2 (1997), #1-4 Gambit 1/2 (sometimes listed as 0.5) (one-shot) Wizard mail-away exclusive Gambit & Bishop: Genesis (one-shot, 2001) Gambit and the Champions: From the Marvel Vault (one-shot, 2011) Gambit and the Internals (4 issues, 1995) Gambit and Bishop (6 issues, 2001) Gambit and Bishop : Alpha (one-shot, 2001) Generation M (5 issues, 2005) Generation Next (4 issues, 1995) Generation X #1/2 (sometimes listed as #0.5) (one-shot, date unknown) Wizard mail-away exclusive Generation X Collector's Preview (one-shot, 1994) Generation X Holiday Special (one-shot, 1998) Generation X Underground (one-shot, 1998) Generation X / Genre (one-shot, 1997) this comic also had a 3D edition Generation X: Ashcan (one-shot, 1994) Ghost Rider and Cable: Servants of the Dead (one-shot, 1991) Ghost Rider/Wolverine/Punisher: Heart of Darkness (one-shot, 1991) Ghost Rider/Wolverine/Punisher: The Dark Design (one-shot, 1994) Giant Size X-Men 40th Anniversary (one-shot, 2015) Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men (one-shot, 2008) Giant-Size Wolverine (one-shot, 2006) Giant-Size X-Men (4 issues, issues #1-2: 1975, issues #3-4: 2005) Giant-Size X-Men : Fandom (one-shot, 2020) Giant-Size X-Men : Jean Grey and Emma Frost (one-shot, 2020) Giant-Size X-Men : Magneto (one-shot, 2020) Giant-Size X-Men : Nightcrawler (one-shot, 2020) Giant-Size X-Men : Storm (one-shot, 2020) Giant-Size X-Men : Tribute To Wan & Cock rum (one-shot, 2020) Giant-Sized Gambit (one-shot, 1999) Guardians of the Galaxy & X-Men : The Black Vortex Alpha (one-shot, 2015) Guardians of the Galaxy & X-Men : The Black Vortex Omega (one-shot, 2015) 3 (one-shot, 2011) Magneto : Dark Seduction (4 issues, 2000) Magneto: Not a Hero (4 issues, 2012) Marvel Collectible Classics: X-Men (6 issues, 1998) all comics have chromium covers, also incorrectly spelled as “collectible” instead of “collectible” Marvel Collector's Edition vol.

1 (1963) #1, 9 & 28 Marvel Milestones: Beast & Kitty Pride (one-shot, 2006) reprints stories from Amazing Adventures (1970) #11 and Uncanny X-Men (1981) #153 Marvel Milestones: Jim Lee and Chris Claremont X-Men & The Streamers (2 issues, 2006) reprints Uncanny X-Men vol. 1 #2 Marvel Milestones: Wolverine, X-Men & UK: Cave boy (one-shot, 2005) reprints Marvel Comics Presents #1, Uncanny X-Men #201 and Captain America Comics #1-2 Marvel Must Haves: Astonishing X-Men #1-3 (one-shot, 2004) reprints Astonishing X-Men vol.

(4 issues, 2004) Sabre tooth : Back to Nature (one-shot, 1997) Sabre tooth : Mary Shelly Overdrive (4 issues, 2002) Sabre tooth : Special (one-shot, 1995) Scholastic X-Men Marvel Encyclopedia (2 issues, 2006) does not have the word Scholastic on the cover. 1 (6 issues, 2006) Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk: Director's Cut vol.

(one-shot, 2010) X-23: Target X (6 issues, 2007) X-23: The Killing Dream (one-shot, 2011) collects X-23 vol. 2 (4 issues, 2002) X-Factor: Prisoner of Love (one-shot, 1990) X-Factor: The Quick and the Dead (one-shot, 2008) X-Force & Spider-Man : Sabotage (one-shot, 1992) X-Force Magazine (one-shot, 1996) X-Force Special: Ain't No Dog (one-shot, 2009) X-Force vol.

2 (6 issues, 2004) X-Force / Cable : Messiah War (one-shot, 2009) X-Force / Young blood (one-shot, 1996) second part of a two-part crossover; Part 1 is: Young blood / X-Force : Legacy of Vengeance (one-shot, 2008) X-Force : Sex and Violence (3 issues, 2010) X-Force : Shatter star (4 issues, 2005) Infernos (4 issues, 2009) X-Man: All Saints' Day (one-shot, 1997) X-Men #1/2 (Sometimes listed as #0.5) (one-shot, date unknown) Wizard mail-away exclusive X-Men 2 Movie (one-shot, 2003) X-Men 2 Prequels: Nightcrawler (one-shot, 2003) X-Men 2 Prequels: Wolverine (one-shot, 2003) X-Men 2099 Special (one-shot, 1995) X-Men 2099: Oasis (one-shot, 1996) X-Men '92 vols. 1 (6 issues, 2001) X-Men Giant-Size (one-shot, 2011) X-Men Gold (one shot, 2014) X-Men : Grand Design (2 issues, 2018) X-Men connect Edition (one-shot, 2001) free comic sent to new subscribers of Marvel's ISP “marvel online.net” X-Men Interactive Comic Book (one-shot, 1996) X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse (one-shot, 2005) X-Men Movie Adaptation (one-shot, 2000) X-Men Movie Prequel: Magneto (one-shot, 2000) X-Men Movie Prequel: Rogue (one-shot, 2000) X-Men Movie Prequel: Wolverine (one-shot, 2000) X-Men Movie Special Edition (one-shot, 2000) X-Men Movie Special Premiere Prequel Edition (one-shot, 2000) X-Men Mutant Search R.U.

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X-Men : The Animated Series was the gateway drug for millions of comic book fans around the world. X-Men : The Animated Series, or XMAS, opened up a whole new world for kids and brought to life epic storylines and fan-favorite characters for existing fans.

XMAS was at its best when they dove into long-form arcs, and until this series, it was nearly unheard of in a syndicated show for kids. They soon discovered that it was carrying a savage beast which was released from confinement by the Readers, and an old foe of Wolverine’s, Lady Death strike.

When it was freed, it immediately attacked the Readers and then began to prey on the Warlocks, the subterranean colony of mutants. In the distant future, Cable is at war against Apocalypse’s forces when time itself begins to unravel around him erasing everything and everyone.

Cable came to the unfortunate realization that he has to work against the X-Men and essentially assist his greatest enemy to save his world from destruction. In the first arc we got Bishop seemingly assisting the X-Men in stopping Apocalypse’s plans to unleash the Legacy Virus, but it ultimately ended in tragedy for everyone.

The second part had Cable traveling back and undoing what Bishop set into play and ultimately righting both of their timelines. It was an extremely intricate story for a Saturday morning cartoon and I loved the producers for trusting that we could handle it.

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Or so they thought… Morph, the X-Men that was lost during the series premier returned to wreak havoc on his former friends. He started by impersonating the reverend at the wedding, sent Professor-X and Magneto on a goose chase, put Jubilee on a fake mission (for trying to “replace him”), tricked Gambit into kissing Rogue, and sicked an angry mob upon Storm putting her in the hospital.

All seems to be on the up and up until it is revealed that Magneto was only able to achieve this feat by relying on the mutant Cortez to augment and maintain his strength. Loosely adapted from Fatal Attractions, Sanctuary is just a cool story told over two episodes, which is a feat all itself because it surely could have gone another one or two.

It was the first time we saw Magneto’s Acolytes mind you without chief priest Exodus, Gambit had seemingly switched sides, Xavier had an old lover involved and the X-Men were in space! The mutant Bishop is counted among those few until he successfully apprehends several fugitives, including an aged Wolverine.

Bishop suddenly finds himself on the other side of the fence and joined forces with the same people that he helped imprison. Free, he and Wolverine visited Forge who had a plan to journey into the past and stop their world from ever coming to be.

Days of Future Past was action-packed and fairly intricate as far as your typical Saturday morning show went. Under the orders of Master Mold, Trevor Fitzroy traveled back from the future into the distant past and assassinated a young Charles Francis Xavier.

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Bishop and his sister Shard discover what Fitzroy had done in the past and traveled back to thwart his plans, but not before making a pit stop in the new present day to recruit Wolverine and Storm. I say this because it is the story that inspired the massive Age of Apocalypse 1990s crossover event which itself would go on to affect the X-Men comics for years to come.

In this rare case, the comic book-based series made a huge impact on its own source material (this only happened two other times with Harley Quinn and X-23 making their ways into the books after first being introduced in TV shows). Out of all the weird things we saw in that tiny glimpse we got of the new present-day timeline, I don’t think I’ll ever get over seeing Wolverine wearing eyeliner.

With the intention of erasing all existence and starting over, he sets out to gather together every telepathic mind he can get a hold of from all across time and known space. The X-Men, Cable, Bishop and several others like Archangel, and Shard are in a race against time itself as they put it all on the line to stop Apocalypse, rescue the taken psychics, and save all existence.

Amazingly, Beyond Good and Evil was supposed to be series finale and it's evident by how the producers pulled out all the narrative stops. They didn’t kill off half their cast as we thought should have happened in Game of Thrones, but they gave their biggest villain, Apocalypse, even more, godlike power as he had taken control of the Nexus of Time (a physical location that acts as the way station for all timelines).

Other than a truly epic set-piece and the luxury of having both Cable and Bishop involved we finally got to see fan-favorite Locke make her animated debut. She even spent a fair amount of time around her classic comic romantic interest, Archangel.

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After saving the galaxy from destruction at the hands of a mad intergalactic tyrant, Jean, still possessed by the Cosmic Entity known as the Phoenix Force returned to earth. After weeks of intense psychotherapy, the Phoenix refused to leave Jean and even starts to speak independently of her altogether.

In hopes of luring the powerful being into their fold, the Hellfire Club began to telepathically manipulate the Phoenix through Jean’s mind and ultimately her emotions. It’s pretty funny to see a billion-dollar movie studio attempt to adapt this story not once, but twice and fail both times.

It was emotional and strangely deep as it explored infidelity, capital punishment, mental health, betrayal, and sacrifice. In an attempt to provide Jubilee with help for her “problem,” her foster-parents report her to the Mutant Registration Act authorities who immediately dispatched a Sentinel to her home.

They defeat the mutant-hunting automaton and rescue the teen, but now have to contend with the true face of the Mutant Registration Act. Mind you, Morph’s apparent death would be the only one throughout the series, save for Jean’s temporary sacrifice at the end of the Phoenix Saga (Child of Light).

After battling the Shi’Ar representative, the alien double-agent, Erik the Red, the X-Men escape the doomed station, with the help of Jean. As she’s piloting the shuttle to safety, she’s overcome by the cosmic entity called the Phoenix Force.

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After the Phoenix and Jean merge, it is revealed that the mad emperor of the Shi’Ar Empire, D’Ken seeks to use the power of the M’Kraal crystal to dominate the entire universe. The XMAS producers and writers crammed so many new characters and concepts into the mythos, the series would never be the same in terms of its scope.

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