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(In the comics, the character is an aspiring singer with the ability to convert sound into beams of light and energy.) 21: Gambit/Remy Le Beau Gambit has always been one of our favorite X-Men, which is why we're including him in this list even though 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine” completely butchered his character, shoehorning him into the story instead of giving him the big screen treatment he deserves.

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In the earlier iteration, the scarlet-maned mutant is an extremely skilled assassin with the ability to foresee people's deaths. She fights alongside Logan during his time in Japan, serving as a de facto bodyguard.

17: Colossus/Piotr Rasputin Several actors have portrayed Colossus over the years: Donald MacKinnon had a cameo as the Russian mutant back when he was still a student in the 2000's X-Men, ” but once Piotr Rasputin officially joined the X-Men, Daniel Cud more (left) took over, portraying the hero in “X2,” X-Men : The Last Stand” and X-Men : Days of Future Past.” Our favorite iteration of the character, however, is the CGI-rendered version voiced by Stefan Pacific that appears in 2016's “Deadpool” and its 2018 sequel.

In the two spinoffs, the virtuous and eternally optimistic mutant unsuccessfully (and hilariously) attempts to recruit Wade to the X-Men while trying (and failing miserably) to teach the mercenary how to be a better person. The powerful mutant, who can absorb energy and then fire it off in blasts, is one of Professor Xavier's earliest recruits.

“Dark Phoenix” might not have been a great film, but our love for Jean extends beyond bad reviews! Fortunately, the actor redeemed himself by bringing back the “Mere with a Mouth” in 2016's “Deadpool,” which was equal parts hilarious and action-packed.

The superhero flick made a household name of Hugh Jackman, who portrayed Logan in nine films over the course 17 years. He finally said goodbye to the beloved mutant with the 2017 drama “Logan,” which is widely considered the magnum opus of the X-Men cinematic universe.

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Casting actors to play comic books characters is tough. And having several Oscars under their belt doesn’t mean they are meant to portray someone that can fly or shoot energy beams from their eyes.

Having populated two or three completely different timelines, there have been a huge number of talented actors to have picked up and been dropped from roles. Nothing against the actor Ken Lung, but his role as “Kid Omega” came during a low point in X-Men cinematic history.

Ryan Reynolds, while he’s played a perfect Wade Wilson in two different X-Men continuities, he’s only been a masterful Deadpool once. Reynolds’ first outing did half the job perfectly, but when it came time to become the Mere with the Mouth, it flopped.

Reynolds did more than redeem himself, he may have played a part in ensuring a piece of the Fox X-Men universe survives into the MCU. When I sat in the theater and watched X-Men (2000) for the first time, I was shocked to find out the dull girl hanging out in her bedroom with a boy (unsupervised, strangely) was Rogue.

It’s not Academy Award winner Anna Pa quin which was the problem, but that the Southern Bombshell was closer to her X-Men : Evolution depiction than her more popular versions from X-Men : The Animated Series and the comic books. In other words, she was a moody, teenaged, angst-ridden mess of a character we had to suffer for three movies.

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The last time we saw her (outside the Days of Future Past: Rogue-Cut), she effectively betrayed everything that mattered to the Rogue we knew and loved. There weren’t many bright spots about X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but Gambit’s small part was one of them.

Taylor Kitsch of Friday Night Lights and John Carter fame was able to bring Gambit to life within a movie that for the most part felt like a bad fever dream. Taylor had the look, the swagger, and the smirk to pull off the only, and subsequently the best, portrayal of the Reign’ Cajun.

Seemingly after her Oscar victory and several other successes, it appeared her enthusiasm for the role had lost its pep. One of the few constant great portrayals throughout the early X-Men movies came by way of Shawn Ashore’s Iceman.

Ashore’s Bobby Drake was genuine and fun, but had depth as we saw during his interaction with his family. First, during the final act of X3 and then in the beginning and finish points of Days of Future Past.

Cyclops was written as a starchy, darn near useless excuse of a leader that lost far more than he won. He spent the majority of X2 having his wife wooed by Wolverine before being brainwashed into fighting said, spouse.

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However, judging him by what we were given in the lackluster X-Men : Apocalypse film wouldn’t be fair to the young actor. 21st Century Foxes may have struck out more than a few times when casting some of their roles, however, in both instances of Magneto, they got it right.

Ian McAllen and Michael Fassbinder are both Oscar-caliber actors that go all out with any role they’re given, and they certainly did that by successfully bringing two versions of the same character to life. His version was set in the 1960s and full of rage and despair, but retained a spark of hope for his people (mutants) throughout.

Just like the other members of her trinity; Kid Omega (Quill), and Callisto (oh, we’ll talk about her later). How they looked at Betsy Braddock and pulled out Melanin’s version of the character from that blows my mind, and it frankly scares me as he is the main-man behind Dark Phoenix.

Melanin’s Locke wasn’t the dynamic, passionate, deadly assassin we were accustomed to. Despite her longevity with the superhero team, Locke is mostly only known to comic book and video game fans.

While a long way from a household name, her fame was enough to draw in former G4TV show host, Olivia Mann, for a relatively small role in X-Men : Apocalypse. While she was only named in First Class, she also had a small cameo in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (played by Tanya Toni).

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There isn’t much to talk about for her Origin’s feature, so let’s look at her larger role in First Class. With Ms. Jones, they hit her look on the head, but that’s about it in terms of being true to the character.

Personally, I would have taken more Emma Frost than Zoe Gravity’ Angel Salvador, as good-looking as she was, in her own right. Unlike the other characters that have a duo of actors portraying them, Quicksilver is unique.

One played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Avengers: Age of Patron (Disney) and the other by Evan Peters in X-Men : Days of Future Past, Apocalypse and the upcoming Dark Phoenix. In a stellar film, he was a shining star that stole the show during his famous “kitchen” scene.

For X-Men movies 2 and 3, actor Aaron Stanford played the role of Pro. Without having to say, we knew from the first glimpse of the character in X1 (played by Alex Burton for approximately 15-seconds) that he’d eventually have to go bad.

I’m not saying Aaron didn’t play the role well, I’m saying the part he was given was found wanting, for lack of a better word. Pro, St. John Allardyce was born in Australia and for a moment or two, I think Aaron tried to float an accent.

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In the two movies he was featured in, I can say the scene out front of Iceman’s home was the high point of the character. Since X-Men : First Class, we’ve been privileged to see actor Nicholas Holt take on the role of Beast.

In action, he was just as impressive; his standout performance arrived in Days of Future Past. As good of a show as Holt put on, there was still another that may have struck a more tender cord with fans.

In X-Men : The Last Stand, Kelly Grammar joined the cast as a mature Hank McCoy. The actor embodied everything fans loved about the character in a form most familiar to them.

Even in his advanced years, Grammar morphed himself into one of the most comic book accurate portrayals of the X-Men. Alex Summers (Havoc), debuted in the First Class as a late teen or early twenty-something.

Seeing as Scott was in his mid-thirties in X1 and First Class took place in the 1960s… well, it’s hard to even imagine that they were even of the same generation, much less, brothers (he also had a small part in Days of Future Past which was set in the 1980s). In Apocalypse, after being reunited with his little brother Scott, Havoc died unceremoniously after accidentally setting off an explosion that not just incinerated him, but also destroyed the mansion.

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With today’s impressive make-up artists, it’s not hard to make an actor look the part. By ‘become’ I mean taking on whatever they are portraying; a man, woman, monster or a blue mutant with yellow eyes and a devil’s tail.

Actor Jodi Smit-McPhee played the lovable elf in Apocalypse to a very enjoyable degree. Up to that point, we as an audience had never seen a mutant power flexed like that and to be honest, perhaps not again until the opening of Days of Future Past.

He takes pride in being able to twist the minds and souls of warriors into becoming his loyal minions. His credo has been and forever will be, ‘survival of the fittest.’ So, yeah, when we got our first look at him as a live-action character it irked us that he resembled Ivan Ooze from the Power Rangers.

Oscar Issac is a fine Thespian, but he didn’t have the physical presence or gravitas for such a role, and it showed. Sir Patrick Stewart graced the X-Men franchise by taking up the role of Professor Charles Francis Xavier.

Over the span of three movies, we saw young Charles begins to show signs of becoming the Professor-X that Patrick Stewart mastered. Callisto is a familiar name to both comic book readers and fans of the animated series.

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Even after every single cast member around him had been replaced by a younger actor, or just completely phased out, Jackman’s Wolverine remained in full swing. Days of Future Past was the swan song of the original X-Men trilogy cast.

He was criticized for not looking the part, mostly due to him being well over six-feet tall when Wolverine barely breaks average male height.

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