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In a world where mutants (evolved super-powered humans) exist and are discriminated against, two groups form for an inevitable clash: the supremacist Brotherhood, and the pacifist X-Men. When anti-mutant Colonel William Stryker kidnaps Professor X and attacks his school, the X-Men must ally with their archenemy Magneto to stop him.

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The human government develops a cure for mutations, and Jean Gray becomes a darker uncontrollable persona called the Phoenix who allies with Magneto, causing escalation into an all-out battle for the X-Men. The early years of James Logan, featuring his rivalry with his brother Victor Creed, his service in the special forces team Weapon X, and his experimentation into the metal-lined mutant Wolverine.

In the 1960s, superpowered humans Charles Xavier and Erik Lesser work together to find others like them, but Erik's vengeful pursuit of an ambitious mutant who ruined his life causes a schism to divide them. Wolverine comes to Japan to meet an old friend whose life he saved years ago, and gets embroiled in a conspiracy involving yakuza and mutants.

The X-Men send Wolverine to the past in a desperate effort to change history and prevent an event that results in doom for both humans and mutants. A wisecracking mercenary gets experimented on and becomes immortal but ugly, and sets out to track down the man who ruined his looks.

In the 1980s the X-Men must defeat an ancient all-powerful mutant, En Sarah Our, who intends to thrive through bringing destruction to the world. In a future where mutants are nearly extinct, an elderly and weary Logan leads a quiet life.

But when Laura, a mutant child pursued by scientists, comes to him for help, he must get her to safety. Deadpool), brings together a team of fellow mutant rogues to protect a young boy with supernatural abilities from the brutal, time-traveling cyborg Cable.

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Jean Grey begins to develop incredible powers that corrupt and turn her into a Dark Phoenix, causing the X-Men to decide if her life is worth more than all of humanity. Five young mutants, just discovering their abilities while held in a secret facility against their will, fight to escape their past sins and save themselves.

Meanwhile, the X-Men proved the ensemble superhero movie could work: Just take off the yellow spandex, add some millennium-era leather, and retain the franchise’s outsider allegories. Critics Consensus: Dark Phoenix ends an era of the X-Men franchise by taking a second stab at adapting a classic comics arc -- with deeply disappointing results.

Synopsis: Rah ne Sinclair (Maisie Williams), Island Rasputin (Anya Taylor-Joy), Sam Guthrie (Charlie Eaton) and Roberto the Costa (Henry Saga) are four... Critics Consensus: Overloaded action and a clichéd villain take the focus away from otherwise strong performers and resonant themes, making X-Men : Apocalypse a middling chapter of the venerable superhero franchise.

Synopsis: Following the critically acclaimed global smash hit X-Men : Days of Future Past, director Bryan Singer returns with X-MEN : APOCALYPSE. Synopsis: The explosive X-Men motion picture trilogy officially draws to a close with this release that finds Rush Hour director Brett...

Critics Consensus: Although its final act succumbs to the usual cartoonish antics, The Wolverine is one superhero movie that manages to stay true to the comics while keeping casual viewers entertained. Critics Consensus: Faithful to the comics and filled with action, X-Men brings a crowded slate of classic Marvel characters to the screen with a talented ensemble cast and surprisingly sharp narrative focus.

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Critics Consensus: Though it threatens to buckle under the weight of its meta gags, Deadpool 2 is a gory, gleeful lampoon of the superhero genre buoyed by Ryan Reynolds' undeniable charm. Critics Consensus: Tightly scripted, solidly acted, and impressively ambitious, X2: X-Men United is bigger and better than its predecessor -- and a benchmark for comic sequels in general.

Synopsis: When a failed assassination attempt occurs on the President's (Cotter Smith) life by the teleporting mutant Nightcrawler (Alan Cumming), it's... Critics Consensus: Fast, funny, and gleefully profane, the fourth-wall-busting Deadpool subverts superhero film formula with wildly entertaining -- and decidedly non-family-friendly -- results.

Synopsis: Based upon Marvel Comics' most unconventional anti-hero, DEADPOOL tells the origin story of former Special Forces operative turned mercenary Wade... Critics Consensus: X-Men : Days of Future Past combines the best elements of the series to produce a satisfyingly fast-paced outing that ranks among the franchise's finest installments.

The original X-Men movie gave birth to the superhero era that has been the highlight of 21st -century cinema. This movie officially begins the journey of a twenty-year-old franchise with Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, and Ian McAllen as Wolverine, Professor Charles Xavier, and Magneto.

When a young mutant named Rogue runs away from home, Professor X sends his fellow X-Men to find her before she falls into the wrong hands. Joining forces with Magneto, the evil mutants are prepared to kill anyone who comes in their way of destroying the cure for mutations.

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While the movie was not a huge critical success, it played a significant role in the development of the X-Men universe. However, things start to unravel when Logan falls in love with a teacher and quits the program of Stryker.

With a new cast and timeline, X-Men : First Class reinvigorates the franchise by narrating the story of the younger Magneto and Charles Xavier. With James McEvoy, Michael Fassbinder, and Jennifer Lawrence in lead roles, the film explores the relationship between Professor X and Magneto, and how they eventually became frenemies.

Set during 1962, the movie follows Charles Xavier and Erik Lesser as they discover their powers and try to locate others like them. However, the action scenes and the return of Wolverine after four years make it a good watch nonetheless.

With a plot that relies heavily on time-travel, the film gives birth to alternate timelines in the X-Men universe. With only a few mutants left, Wolverine has to go back in time to change the events and prevent the catastrophe from happening in the future.

Taking the help of both the past and present versions of his friends, Logan must change the timeline and stop the world from extinction. While it relies heavily on humor, the film’s strong plot and exceptional performances make it one of the best superhero movies of all time.

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However, disturbed by what the procedure has done to his body and face, Wade begins a journey to track down his assailant and get his revenge by killing the person who destroyed his life. However, X-Men : Apocalypse fails to give competition to Deadpool with its weak plot and mediocre CGI effects.

While the film fails on many fronts, it manages to introduce a new batch of X-Men heroes, including a young Jean Grey, making way for a potential dark phoenix movie in the future. Directed by James Man gold, the movie marks the end of an era and stars Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, and Daphne Keen in lead roles.

Starring Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brain in lead roles, the film is easily one of the best movies of 2018. The film also came out with a version for its younger audiences known as ‘Once Upon a Deadpool’ which excluded mischievous scenes from the original cut.

Thirteen years after the release of the first dark phoenix movie, the X-Men universe dives again into the character of Jean Grey, played by Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner. When the X-Men encounter trouble during their space mission, Jean steps in to help but ends up merging with the dark phoenix.

When a girl loses her entire village in a strange accident, she is detained in a secret facility. While the movie aims to reboot the series once again, the weak storyline makes it impossible to fall in love with the film.

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I respected the filmmaker’s desire to try something different but the comic books that have inspired this series are not complicated. They are adventure stories about emo misfits cursed with powers who are constantly saving a world that hates them.

I liked New Mutants, unlike bloated misfires like X-Men : Apocalypse or the over-stuffed X-Men : The Last Stand (a bad movie with one brilliant casting decision: Fraser Crane as furry genius The Beast). Eventually, Marvel Studios is going to reboot X-Men, giving us new actors playing new versions of Wolverine, Magneto, and Storm.

Director Matthew Vaughn’s colorful and imaginative prequel introduces us to young Professor X and Magneto in the swinging ’60s. The movie featured Jennifer Lawrence as shape shifting Mystique a year before she became a mega-star thanks to The Hunger Games.

This movie took the X-Men seriously, first and foremost by casting veteran actors like Patrick Stewart and Ian McAllen, stars like Halle Berry, and charismatic newcomers like Hugh Jackman. The opening sequence is one of the greatest scenes in the entire superhero genre: a blue devil named Nightcrawler uses his teleportation powers to break into the White House.

The casts of First Class and the original X-Men movie team up for a time-travel saga ripped right from a classic comic-book storyline. The movie is a gritty, blood-splattered western starring a dying Wolverine, and an elderly Prof. X, who can’t control his telepathic powers anymore.

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I love the Deadpool movies because they're like anarchic live-action Loony Tunes cartoons that make fun of superheroes. The movies are successful at mocking the X-Men because they understand Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s creations.

The main heroes in the X-Men comics start out as awkward teens, but they end up as adult teachers at Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters in Westchester, New York. There’s a scene in the first Deadpool where he lectures an eye-rolling student code named Masonic Teenage Warhead about the importance of breakfast.

Wolverine is at his best when he’s teaching kids in a classroom instead of slicing up killer robots with his unbreakable claws.

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