Best X-ray Lead Aprons

Earl Hamilton
• Wednesday, 13 January, 2021
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We carry a full line of X rayleadaprons for radiation protection, plus lighter-weight lead composite and non- lead aprons. Regular lead aprons contain 100% lead, making these the heaviest X-ray protection aprons we offer.

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Light radiation protection aprons reduce fatigue and upper back stress, making them especially suitable for interventional radiology or operating room procedures. Most of our radiation protection aprons come in a wide range of fabric colors, and many include optional features, such as pockets or embroidery.

Our 3 types of radiation protection aprons meet or exceed recommended lead equivalency and attenuation rates. They're a smart choice to reduce fatigue that could otherwise adversely impact patient outcomes.

Because of our wide range of fabric and size options, most of our radiation protection aprons are made-to-order. But we know that sometimes, staff changes can create a need to get a radiation protection apron to your hospital or dental office quickly.

X-rays provide detailed images of muscles, bones, tissues, and other bodily masses, making it possible to detect fractures, tumors, and other conditions. We've organized our selection of lead aprons by type to make it easy to find the right lead apron for your needs.

Buying a lead apron can be one of the most important purchases you make as a radiology technologist or department manager. Front protection lead aprons are ideal for everyday use in short amounts of time.

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Z&Z Medical is proud to be your number one source online for lead aprons and other radiation protection products. Specification: Name X-ray Protective Apron Material Lead rubber Color Alternative Lead Equivalent 0.25mmpb, 0.35mmpb,0.5mmpb Size S’M,L Capacity X-ray radiation protection Certificate Camp;ISO MOQ 1 PCs Supply Ability 3,000 PCs Payment Term T/T, FOB Qingdao Applicability It is suitable for the protection of the X-ray medical institutions, school laboratory, industry environment, etc Description: The X-ray Protective Aprons are mainly used for the protection form X-ray, the customers can choose the protective products of different specifications according to their needs It is made of international new-style soft camp; comfortable protective materials After the operation, lay the aprons flat or hang them up to avoid breach caused by a long time fold and avoid radial leak When storing the aprons, avoid direct sunlight and keep them away form heat.

6. With high quality products and reasonable prices, we hope to win more customers. We can provide a wide range of personalized services according to the customers&rs quo; needs.

22" x 24" pregnancy panel can be removed at completion of pregnancy to create a standard Flex Guard Apron with 0.5 mm Pb equivalency protection. For full protection, also order our BACK ONLY Care Guard.

We have sold our products to more than 50 countries, like The Democratic Republic of Congo, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Zambia, Angola, Egypt, Kenya, Ghana, Paraguay, Nepal and Myanmar and so on. Some even has FDA certificate special for America market. Our medical products are manufactured under these certificates and strict quality control system to assure our product with superior quality and satisfaction.

We can print your own logo on LTXA07 x-rayed apron, also can customize the retail box packing and other things. *We will guide you how to deal the troubleshooting, and your engineers follow our guidance to solve fault.

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A:For most of our medical products, even order for only one unit is warmly welcomed. We have very professional forwarder to provide the best shipping cost, service and guarantee.

FedEx delivers residential shipments on Saturday but not on Monday. On Fridays only, UPS Next Day Saturday delivery might be available in your area: please call our Customer Service department at (888) 345-4858 for more details.

We recommend that you call and consult with our Customer Service department to verbally communicate all expedited shipping requirements. After placing your order online, we highly recommend that you call our Customer Service department about your delivery requirements at (888) 345-4858.

Free shipping is not offered to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or Guam at this time. Every effort is made to process and ship in-stock items the day the order is received.

As part of the order process, you will be asked to select your delivery location options. As part of the order process, you will be asked to select your delivery location options (if a lift gate is required, a $65.00 charge will apply).

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This item is in stock, and will be shipped from our location within 12-24 hours of our receipt of your order. If items are on back order with the product manufacturer we will contact you with an estimated ship date.

Other items such as exam and treatment tables, medical recliners, blood draw chairs, cabinets, and service carts have longer lead times because they are made in a production facility to accommodate your specific needs. If you have specific requirements or deadlines for delivery, please consult with a member of our Sales staff by calling 1.888.345.4858 or by emailing insidesales@quickmedical.com.

This item is a limited time special purchase and will be shipped from our location within 12-24 hours of our receipt of your order. The Best Price Guarantee covers virtually all products purchased through QuickMedical.

Just call 1-888-345-4858 within 30 days of your QuickMedical purchase and tell our customer service representative where you found the lower price. Liquidation, special order, or custom items are not eligible for this offer.

A QuickMedical sales representative will contact the customer to arrange the product demonstration. In some area’s Demos are not available, however, other options such as video conferencing or factory online presentations might be offered.

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Full-frontal 0.5 mm lead equivalency protection Lead Free protection Middle weight distribution Two adjustable straps cross in back for custom fit Stain and water resistant Ideal veterinary apron 20 color options Five sizes Antimicrobial material available Proudly made in the USA The Wolf Conventional Apron has two adjustable 2 inch straps that cross in the back to assure a snug fit and shifts the load onto the areas of the body that can support it.

Lead Free Aprons are composed of non-toxic metals, including tin, tungsten, bismuth, and antimony which absorb X-Ray photons better than regular lead vinyl. Lead free x-rayaprons are up to 28 percent lighter than conventional lead aprons.

The Antimicrobial Navy Blue fabric color option contains a polyurethane laminate top layer which prevents blood, urine, and other liquids from penetrating the apron. The exterior material is water and stain resistant for easy care and clean-up.

Durability is ensured with double-stitched, reinforced seams, for years of dependable service. Common in technical outerwear, this water-repellent nylon/poly material is constructed in a mini-diamond pattern that resists tearing and features a shimmering finish.

All repairs and replacements made under warranty are FOB factory shipping point. Purchaser's sole remedy for any defect is for repair or replacement pursuant to the foregoing.

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Labor costs are not covered by this warranty unless the product has been proven to be defective as determined by Wolf. All freight costs associated with returning product to the factory must be prepaid.

A Wolf return authorization number must be obtained prior to any enforcement of this warranty. Variable transformers, Ballasts, Switches, and plexiglass panels will be replaced providing notification of defect is received and confirmed by Wolf within 90 days of shipment.

Specifications shown on this website are in effect at the time of preparation and are subject to change without notice. 30 Day Return Policy This product has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

To avoid factory restock fees, please consult with a QuickMedical sales associate to insure the product meets your needs. On site demos or factory approved trial and evaluations can be arranged, and may reduce or eliminate restocking fees.

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