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James Smith
• Wednesday, 11 November, 2020
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You’ve seen 28 Days Later, like, one hundred times, and you have really strong feelings about The Walking Dead (both the show and the comic books). Teams of civilians, including our protagonist Mark Spitz, are tasked with getting rid of these infected squatters, but of course things don’t end up going according to plan.

What happens when people’s loved ones come back to life, rise from their graves, and then return home? Read this book if you feel like what your zombie books are missing is a thoughtful examination of grief and loss.

Twenty years after the spread of this virus, two bloggers are on a mission to discover the truth. When Mary starts to suspect corruption in the village, her desire to leave intensifies.

Without giving much away, people all over the world have been infected by a fungus that takes over people’s brains and effectively turns them into zombies; however, what makes Melanie and those like her specials is that the disease has affected them differently: while they still hunger for human flesh, they are also able to think, reason, and even love. The May halls discover Stony as an infant, undead in his dead teen mother’s arms, and Wanda May hall, the family matriarch, decides to take Stony home and raise him as one of her own rather than alerting the authorities.

But what happens when Stony begins to grow and goes out into the world to find other undead people like himself? This is the second novel in the Brooklyn Brutal series, and as the title suggests, this book is about witches.

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Speaking of humorous slants on the zombie book genre, here’s another one that fits the bill. In Husk, Sheldon Funk is a struggling actor turned zombie who’s trying hard to make his desire for human flesh work with all of his other real life responsibilities.

Can Sheldon launch his acting career, handle his mother’s dementia, and hold on to his hot-but-vapid boyfriend, all while decomposing? If Finding Nemo was about people rather than fish, and zombies were what stood in the father’s way rather than human beings, well then you would have this book.

Jim Thurman is one of the few humans left alive in a world ridden by zombies. But Jim can’t just hide and wait for the zombie uprising to end because his young son is in danger several miles away.

So along with an unlikely group of companions, Jim travels across the country to rescue his son. Now she wanders a nearly barren post-apocalyptic wasteland of a world, in search of some sanctuary and some salvation.

Alien lifeforms are spreading a zombie -like plague across the world in an attempt to gain control over the planet by pitting humans against one another. Undead Girl Gang is a brand new 2018 release that I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time.

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Teenage Wicca Mila Flores knows exactly what to do when her best friend and two other girls from school die under mysterious circumstances: bring them back to life so that she can find out who killed them. Unfortunately for Mila, the reanimated corpses have no memory of their deaths, and zombies are easily distracted.

There are a couple of storylines going on simultaneously in this novel, but the most interesting plot line to me was the story of Jonas, a man immigrating from Haiti to America. On his boat ride over to the U.S., however, something goes terribly wrong and many of the passengers turn into undead creatures who crave human flesh.

Equal parts funny and sweet, this novel tells the story of a zombie man who falls in love with a human woman. If you’ve already read Warm Bodies and enjoyed it, the sequel The Burning World was just released last year.

Mobile phones become the harbinger of technological warfare, wiping users’ brains and leaving them with nothing but aggression and desire for destruction. What keeps this novel different and interesting is the way that it looks at the zombie outbreak from a truly global scale, with story lines taking place on opposite sides of the world.

Joe Ledger is a Baltimore detective who has just been recruited by the government for a secret mission. He will be leading a rapid response group tasked with stopping a terrorist organization from releasing a dreadful bio-weapon that can turn ordinary people into zombies.

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At this point, there are several books in the Joe Ledger series, so if you enjoy this character, you can follow his many other cases. You might have thought it was cool when West world mashed up two of your favorite genres: Western and Science Fiction.

When a redheaded cowgirl called “Red” saunters into a saloon, Trace knows that he has to join her in her zombie -killing adventure. What he doesn’t know about “Red” is a much longer list, including secrets Trace is not prepared for.

But what’s most interesting about this novel is this couple’s journey, which is both hilarious and touching, again very much like a good romantic comedy. Picture this: a group of Somali school girls turned soldiers, a former United Nations weapons inspector, an undead man named Gary who seems much smarter than the average zombie, ancient mummies…the list goes on.

Sloane Price watches the rest of her classmates as they struggle to survive, and she thinks to herself that she might just be ready to die. It soon becomes clear that the true dangers aren’t the zombies outside those school doors, but rather the people inside.

Angel is a high school dropout with a criminal record living in Southern Louisiana with her alcoholic father. She has very little memory of what happened the night before, and on top of that she receives an anonymous letter telling her she has a job.

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As if dealing with her new life as a zombie wasn’t enough, the morgue begins filling up with decapitated victims of a serial killer. I’m sure I’ve left off some of your favorites, so be sure to let me know what you would add to the list in the comments section.

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