Best Zapier Workflows

Christina Perez
• Thursday, 03 December, 2020
• 9 min read

Up until two months ago, I spent countless hours doing manual work I didn’t realize could be automated. Zapier not only saves me 10+ hours of “busy work” weekly but has also supercharged our customer support and sales processes.

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I’ll share how we use Zapier at Payphone and how you can use it to automate processes, save time, and accelerate growth. Before I jump into our workflows, let me share a bit about what Zapier is and how it works.

Zapier is a workflow automation tool that connects to and moves information between different applications you use. So instead of manually copying and pasting information between spreadsheets and your email marketing tool, for example, you can create Zapierworkflows (or zaps) to do that work automatically.

A trigger is an event that you’re waiting for in order to execute a workflow. Let me share seven workflows we use here at Payphone to automate the boring stuff, so we can focus on building a great product and delighting our customers.

You may have happy customers and a high Net Promoter Score (NPS), but that doesn’t always translate to having many reviews published online. While many businesses work hard to delight their customers, too few ask for a review or a testimonial.

After a customer gives you a glowing NPS score or survey feedback, you should ask them to leave a review. We’ve started using Zapier to automate this process and ask our happiest customers to leave us a review.

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You can choose to automatically send a review prompt or create a draft in your inbox. A personal touch goes a long way, especially when you’re asking your customers for a favor.

A lot of times, you get incredibly valuable feedback from customers in your NPS and churn/cancellation surveys. Thank your customers for taking the time to share their thoughts and clarify anything if needed.

The feedback you get is usually nuanced, so it’s best to combine automation with a personal touch. This means we automatically make a draft of the message and then customize it.

For example, a new entry in Type form / Service / Google Forms / HubSpot form / Jot form or any other survey tool you use Filter: reviews where the user gave us 8/10 or less Action: draft an email in your email tool (we use Gmail) Just like any startup, we move fast and test hypotheses quickly.

For example, we have a process to help our customers port their phone numbers to Payphone. Another example is having users fill out a form to sign up for early access to a new feature.

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You can push their information to your CRM whether it’s Air table, HubSpot, Salesforce, or something else. This way, you can better track your pipeline and see how well you’re moving folks through the sales cycle.

Being able to engage with our users and the broader community on Twitter and Reddit is important to us. So we have a zap that monitors our brand mentions and pushes them to Slack.

Bonus: you can create a custom tag on Payphone for contacts who registered for the Webinar. This means that you can get a business phone number for you or your team in under a minute.

It comes with calling, messaging and powerful features to help you communicate more effectively and close more business. Here are over 350 of our most popular Zaps across fifteen categories, with tools that can help everyone do their best work, better.

Businesses across all industries have been using workflow management tools to improve efficiencies in various departments. Essentially, workflow management software eliminates the wasted time your team spends on mundane tasks by automating them.

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Workflow management tools can also help you identify any inefficient processes with data and other valuable insights. It makes sense to invest in a workflow management solution if you feel like your team isn’t working at maximum efficiency.

But as you add complexity and scale to the equation, workflow management software will make your life much easier. The software is trusted by 85,000+ teams across the globe, including Nike, NASA, Netflix, TripAdvisor, and more.

You’ll benefit from custom workflows, Kanban boards, Gantt charts, and task management. Project managers will have a complete overview of the most important information relating to their team’s workflows.

Proof seamlessly integrates with apps and tools that you’re already using, like Dropbox, Quickbooks, Fresh books, and more. So you’ll need to upgrade to the Ultimate Control package to get the most out of Proof, which starts at $89 per month.

Best For Custom Workflows Automate redundant tasks and assign them members of your team. Intone has a wide range of benefits that go beyond the scope of basic workflow management.

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The software makes it easy for teams to create, share, and automate customized processes and workflows for data-driven results. Just map out the steps in a process, automate the redundant parts, and assign tasks to team members.

The software sends alerts and notifications to let everyone know when they have a task at hand. It’s one of the most versatile workflow management solutions that you’ll find on the market today.

Intone offers great discounts for nonprofits, educational institutions, and government organizations as well. It’s designed for business analysts, IT teams, process professionals, and other power users.

I like Nine because the software makes it easy to standardize your processes using automation, even for advanced workflows. This visualization makes it much easier to follow the path of sophisticated workflows.

The Nine Process Automation platform starts at $875 per month with unlimited users and 10 workflows. They also offer a basic plan for simple automations, starting at $85 per user per month with a diverse minimum.

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Zapier can automatically copy that file to Dropbox, then notify you via Slack. The software is versatile enough to accommodate single users and busy professionals, as well as teams and organizations.

There’s even a free forever plan that comes with five “Zaps” (connected apps) and 100 tasks per month. The plans are largely based on the number of tasks you need to use Zapier for on a monthly basis.

The Best Simple Workflow Management Software Automate routine tasks with conditional logic and dynamic checklists. Process Street has a wide range of potential use cases, and it’s easy for anyone to figure out.

Process Street proves that you can implement a workflow management solution as a beginner without any prior experience using these tools. Use the software to create procedure documents, onboard clients, and run processes as collaborative workflows.

Process Street even lets you set up simple conditional logic rules with “if/then” scenarios. Common use cases for Process Street include invoice generation, employee onboarding, new client set up, podcast publishing, candidate screening, IT help desk support, real estate sales, and more.

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The Basic Process Street plan starts at $12.50 per user per month. Best For Developers Backlog is a project management tool with workflow automation features.

The software helps developers improve efficiencies with things like bug tracking, version controls, and long-term projects. Another differentiator of Backlog is its user base; the platform is designed specifically for development teams.

The software comes with features like Gantt charts, wikis, task hierarchies, file sharing, Kanban-style boards, and other collaboration tools. You’ll also be able to use Backlog to build custom categories and fields to fit within your team’s workflow.

Development teams commonly use Backlog for workflows associated with bug tracking and version controls. The Best Hive has tools for project management, task prioritization, and remote team communication.

With so many businesses forced to work remotely today, Hive’s popularity has skyrocketed. It helps solve problems associated with team communication, inefficient processes, prioritization issues, and other challenges that come with working away from your co-workers.

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Hive integrates with 1,000+ third-party tools and platforms like Dropbox, Slack, Git, HubSpot, Zendesk, and more. These integrations will help streamline your workflows and set your team up for maximum efficiency.

Use Hive for real-time analytics with projects, resource planning, team collaboration, and file sharing. To eliminate any confusion about what important with this software, we’ve identified the top features and considerations to evaluate as you’re shopping around.

Workflow management software is kind of useless if it doesn’t integrate with the tools that you’re already using. Without these integrations, implementing certain solutions would add complexity to your workflows as opposed to reducing it.

Automating tasks and processes is arguably the best part of workflow management software. If you set up with automated workflows correctly, you’ll be able to save countless hours on tedious tasks.

You’ll also want to make sure team members are alerted properly and notified when they have new tasks assigned in their queue. These tools will typically have Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and other standard project management features.

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Regardless of your team size or industry, you can use this guide to find the best workflow management solution for your needs.

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