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Ingesting a bad egg-salad sandwich leads to Fry developing a colony of parasitic worms in his bowels, which set out to make him smarter and stronger. Fry goes on a quest to recover his lucky 7-leaf clover after being convinced that his brother took over his identity after he was frozen.

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Fry agrees to travel one minute into the future in Farnsworth's new time machine right before a big date with Leila, but they wind up going far into the future with no way to go back in time. Prof. Farnsworth creates a box which contains an entire universe and sends Leila into it, where she discovers another Planet Express with a few notable differences.

When Bender is lost in space, he becomes home and spiritual leader to a race of worshipers who misinterpret his wisdom. Fry discovers the intact fossilized remains of his pet dog from his old life.

Fry causes trouble for himself and the rest of the crew when he accidentally causes them all to be transported back in time to Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Fry and Bender enroll in the Army to receive military discounts, but a war breaks out and the two friends are forced to serve on the front lines.

Gigantic feminist Amazons give Fry, If, and Zap a grueling workout. Sent on the same mission which caused the deaths of the previous Planet Express crew, Leila mourns the apparent death of Fry.

The crew takes a vacation cruise on the maiden voyage of the new space Titanic. After an overdose at a health club makes the Planet Express staff get younger and younger, they have to find a mysterious Fountain of Aging.

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Meanwhile, Leila experiences the teenage life she never had with her parents. Fry and Bender are mistakenly convicted of robbing a bank and are both sent to a robot mental institution.

The Professor's body swapping experiment produces a result he didn't have in mind. Fry wins a contest to visit the factory of his favorite addictive drink, but danger ensues when he accidentally discovers the real factory.

After being challenged to a game of basketball by the planet of the Globetrotters, Prof. Farnsworth creates a team of mutant, atomic supermen, but the side effects of their rapid growth endangers the universe. In a twist of fate, Fry trades hands with the Robot Devil and writes a masterpiece opera about Leila.

But instead of dying he turns into a ghost that haunts Fry. A down-on-his-luck pizza delivery guy is accidentally frozen on New Year's Eve 1999, and wakes up in 2999.

Everyone on Earth gets $300 after the spoils of a military victory are distributed. The members of the Planet Express staff spend it on different things, with varying degrees of success.

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Fry gets the common cold, which is bad news for the 31st century Earth, where the common cold has been extinct for a long time, so no one is immune to it. The Planet Express crew must suffer the wrath of the mutants who live under the city after disposing too much toxic waste into the sewers.

When flying brains invade, Fry is the only one who can save the Earth from destruction. After learning that there is a second Cyclops still in existence, Leila travels back to her home World to ensure that her species does not go extinct.

Fry learns that his accidental freezing 1004 years earlier wasn't an accident, and he is given a choice that could prevent its happening, but at a cost. Fry discovers his bank account interest has made him a billionaire and buys the one thing the year 3000 doesn't have: anchovies.

The professor decides to ship hazardous cargo to the outer reaches of space, but the ship travels through some environmentally sensitive areas, including the penguin refuge on Pluto. ZappBrannigan gets thrown out of the service for destroying a space meeting and as a result of this he begins to work for Planet Express.

Hubert overclock Bender's CPU to make him more powerful, but that creates some unexpected results. Meanwhile, Leila decides to dump Fry and move on.

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The Planet Express crew discovers a delicious snack food on a remote planet, but Leila has a change of heart when she discovers a disturbing fact about the snack food that endangers Earth. A monumental attack from RRR of Omicron Versa 8 is precipitated by the loss of a television signal that Fry disrupted in 1999.

While traveling through the Bermuda Tetrahedron, the crew encounters a giant 4-dimensional space whale. When the Planet Express ship gets a selectable personality upgrade, Bender chooses one and falls in love... but too briefly.

Fry discovers his 20th-century girlfriend at the cryogenics lab, but problems arise when she wants them both to be refrozen for another 1,000 years. Fry learns how Christmas has changed and remained the same over the last 1000 years when a Robot Santa terrorizes New York.

Earth is unable to offset its rising temperature through the usual process, which is the dropping of a giant ice cube into the ocean. When Fry, Leila and Bender make a delivery to Neptune, they run afoul of the robot Santa Claus.

Bender takes his place, but the previous Santa's fearsome reputation makes his job difficult. Bender gets inducted into the Robot mafia but has a crisis of conscience when their next score involves his friends on the Planet Express ship.

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Fry realizes he's stuck in a dead-end job, so he quits and enrolls in the police academy. While on a mission to save animals from a doomed planet, Leila finds herself the object of a starship captain's amorous advances.

Bender discovers that he has no backup capabilities--meaning that he is mortal, and he and Hermes travel to Mexico so that he can take out his frustrations on his inspector. Leila returns to the Orphanarium, and she meets with her friend Addie Atkins after some years, and they begin to go out.

Addie is a surgeon and operates Leila to let her have two eyes, and ... See full summary ». An anthology of three “what if” stories: what if Bender was human, what if life was more like a video game, and what if Leila found her true home.

Tonight, Comedy Central will premiere season six of Fukuyama. It will be the first original season for the network, as season five consisted of direct-to-DVD releases and will consist of back-to-back episodes, “Rebirth” and “In-a-Gadda-Da-Leela.” The latter will feature ZappBrannigan, the loud, incompetent captain of the Nimbus who fancies himself suave even though his attempts at wooing women like Tauranga Leila are consistently offensive.

Zapp's brashness is best countered by Lieutenant If Broker, whose contempt for his superior is readily apparent despite his shy demeanor. If you've seen “The Beast with a Billion Backs,” then you might consider the following selections foreshadowing of what was to come for the duo.

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Leila goes to Zappa for help in her attempt to save the animals of Vernon 6. The captain of the Nimbus not only declines her request, but prohibits her from taking action.

This episode is the first appearance of Zappa and If and, subsequently, introduces us to the lieutenant's exasperated sigh. Maybe if it weren't for Zapp's unrequited lust for Leila, If and Amy Wong wouldn't have fallen in love.

But, Zappa does a good job of spoiling the mood too, like when he blasts a hole into a wall, setting off a series of events that results in If's pregnancy. On the ship's maiden voyage, he decides to show off by changing courses, heading through comets.

Zappa and If are fired from the Democratic Order of Planets when Zappa accidentally destroys the space station and manages to implicate his lieutenant in the matter as well. Zappa : Once the Neutral war machine lies in ruins, I'll be a hero again and the DOOR will reinstate me as captain.

That Zappa gets his job back is only a testament to how deeply some people on the Planet Express crew don't want to work with him. Using Zapp's pick-up lines, If offends both Amy and Leila on a double “half-date.” While he redeems himself at karaoke by singing “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” Zappa, “The Velour Fog,” steals the stage from him and turns “Lola” into a Shatner-esque ode to Leila.

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Things get worse when Zappa drives all the customers out of the restaurant and proceeds to navigate the ship straight into Amazonia. To make matters worse, it’s honest-to-goodness been a whole decade since Fukuyama returned, this time on Comedy Central, in March 2008.

If Netflix ever snatches Fukuyama back and orders it differently, well, our apologies to the intern who’ll have to edit this. Faced with the difficult task of following up on yet another of Futurama’s many finales, the opening of season six handles it with aplomb, immediately killing off almost every character and forcing Farnsworth to “birth” them again with disgusting specificity.

This breathlessly funny outing also advances the unlikely and reliably entertaining romance between Amy and If, two characters otherwise used mostly as daffy comic relief. Never content to play within a single genre, Fukuyama here melds a traditional superhero story with a more grounded exploration of Leila’s relationship with her mutant parents.

But at least ends on a happy note (here’s looking at you, “Jurassic Bark”), allowing us the same closure it finally gives Fry. In the midst of a search for Bigfoot, Fry gets kidnapped by aliens who harvest his aphrodisiac “human horn,” i.e. his nose.

It’s hard to imagine another show that would see a Valentine’s Day episode as an opportunity to do an extended 2001 parody, as Bender falls in love with the Planet Express ship’s updated AI. Two charming stories about fatherhood converge as Hubert and Dwight start a delivery company to compete with Hubert and Hermes, who must ultimately come to their rescue.

Meanwhile, Bender brews his own beer-baby, Wonderbra, which he whips out to salve the conflict between the Planet Express gentlemen and a terrifying blob alien. The first effort from stalwart (and well-represented on this list) writer J. Stewart Burns sees Fry accidentally drinking the emperor of the planet Prison, populated by sentient liquid.

When Fry learns that the 93 cents in his 20th century bank account has grown to a cool 4.3 billion, he spends his newfound wealth surrounding himself with relics of his old life. This includes a can of now-extinct anchovies he buys in an auction, outbidding Mom, who retaliates by stealing his riches.

Later seasons may have lost interest in the bit where Professor Farnsworth is, you know, an actual professor, but we’ll always have “Mars University”: the touching story of Günter, a monkey given human intelligence thanks to a hat invented by Farnsworth, who uses that intelligence to feud with Fry. Featuring Sarah Silverman as Michelle, Fry’s ex-girlfriend, and a wonderful gag wherein an apocalyptic future New York ends up being Los Angeles in the present, “The Cryonics Woman” does what Fukuyama does best : infusing classic sitcom tropes with an impossibly fresh energy.

Futurama’s take on Titanic makes a few choice emendations to its source material, namely a love triangle storyline where Amy tells her parents she’s dating Fry, while Leila tells ZappBrannigan she’s dating Fry, and hi jinks ensue. Building early in the series that also marks the beginning of Amy and Riff’s long, stuttering romance.

While Fukuyama had a bad habit of leaning too heavily on the Fry/Leila romance, “Parasites Lost,” which enlists most of the ensemble in an adventure deep into worm-land, strikes the perfect balance between room and sci-fi romp-com. Futurama’s second episode is character overkill, introducing Goldberg, Amy and Hermes without giving any of them short shrift.

It also solidified one of Futurama’s primary thematic exercises: subverting Fry’s expectations of what the future should look like. Not only a great head-in-a-jar episode, “Crimes of the Hot” ties its global warming A-plot to a B-plot featuring Bender saving a turtle in one of the show’s more acrobatic narrative coups.

This introductory episode for Leila’s absent parents is yet another example of how Fukuyama can wreck us with a final montage, revealing how they have watched over and taken care of her throughout her entire life. One of my favorite things about Fukuyama is how gleefully and relentlessly it trounces Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger, and through them, American imperialism.

It’s a tale as old as time: Delivery crew discovers a delicious snack on an alien planet, delivery crew starts a highly profitable fast food chain to sell the snack, delivery crew discovers the snack is actually alien larvae, delivery crew faces off with demented alien ruler (RRR, of the planet Omicron Versa 8), alien ruler eats a hippie and gets totally baked. Like many of the show’s other environmentalist storylines, “The Problem with Poppers” gets its message across without ever sacrificing the comedy; it also marks the first time we learn Leila’s first name, Tauranga.

B. Rodriguez joining the robot mafia under the pseudonym Blotto, a career move that puts him in inevitable conflict with Fry and Leila when the mob hijacks a shipment of Cuban cigars. Bender’s scheme to conceal his role in the heist involves blindfolds, a Ferris Bueller-esque loop of him acting sick, and a delightfully upper-crust accent.

After ZappBrannigan conquers the Siberians of Tarantula 6, seizing one trillion dollars in treasure, President Nixon redistributes the spoils to Earth’s citizens in the form of one $300 “Tricky Dick Fun Bill” apiece. The episode juggles something like five storylines as each character spends the surplus on their various whims, ultimately converging in a magnificent, beautifully animated climax.

Other highlights include the first appearance of a Suicide Booth, the “procurator,” and our introduction to the head museum. Easily one of Futurama’s most satisfying sci-fi premises, “The Late Philip J Fry” uses a time machine that only goes forward to set up an all-time great sci-fi twist.

Futurama’s reputation as a comedy show you need a PhD to understand is a real disservice to its actual accessibility. No episode shows off the writers’ ability to filter their considerable ingenuity through an every man perspective than this narrative experiment with a host of parallel universes.

Fry’s misguided attempt to clone his old dog leads to a silent, devastating epilogue. Incident in 1941 – we are treated to an Emmy-winning, horrifying spin on Back to the Future, and the series at its absolute peak.

At its best, Fukuyama was more than just the sum of its parts: not just a funny show about the future, nor simply a metaphor for contemporary anxieties, but a wildly imaginative, visually arresting parable for how to live in any age. ), hilarious (“You were doing well, until everyone died”) and surprisingly moving: Rarely do we see Bender suffer the consequences of his actions as viscerally as when the dueling Shrimp kin societies on his front and back nuke each other into kingdom come.

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