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Check Current Price Bulb StyleLumaPest Insect Bug Zapper Bubble Style Check Current Price Battery PowerENKEEO 2-in-1 Lantern Mosquito KillerBattery Power Battery Powered Great For Camping Doubles as Lantern With up to an acre of coverage (43,560 square feet) this thing kills bugs like a dream.

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It comes with an Often attractant that lures in mosquitos, and its UV light bulb does wonders at drawing all manner of other flying critters. Fair warning, though: the Flow tron really does draw all sorts of bugs, so if you want to relax in your yard, you’ll want this at least 25-30 feet away from where you plan to be.

The Flow tron will keep the pests away from you so that you can properly enjoy stargazing in your yard without being eaten alive. While this is not the strongest in terms of wattage (the Aspects beats this one quite easily), this Budapest model still does its job.

A large indoor insect like moths will be drawn to the light but will have a hard time making it inside due to the narrow spacing in the outside housing. This specific Aspects indoor model bis the one that I find myself using the most often, and for good reason: it works.

Made in a horizontal light style, it is boxy and visually not much to look at, but for sheer functionality it’s worth its weight in gold. The Aspects has an outer shielding which protects you from accidentally touching the charged mesh within.

A catch tray on the bottom captures most of the flying insects, although I do find that some escape containment. I find myself using it as a standing model more often, as it can be placed near entrance points for the house easily.

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Designed to be compact and powered by a USB cable, this device emits an irresistible UV light that will entice insects close. The minute they’re at the light, they’re sucked into the catch basin at the bottom of the unit, all without that classic “not” sound.

Available in two colors, white or black, this may not technically be a bug zapper, but it’s effective nonetheless. Budapest makes one of the best outdoor bug light bulbs on the market, and it works extremely well.

Easily hung inside a tent while camping, this model can act as both a traditional light source or a mosquito-killing machine. Sinatra’s insect trap catches mosquitos, moths, biting flies, stink bugs, and a whole host of other pests within its lured confines.

For the nighttime insects, a glowing UV light will draw them steadily closer to the trap. Once in range, a CO2 producer will entice insects to come right up to the trap, and then its whisper-quiet fan will suck them straight inside.

This also works well on daytime pests, and can easily suck in wasps and hornets, yellow jackets and Asian beetles, ensuring that you’re at no risk of being bitten or stung no matter when you’re outdoors. A small fan will suck insects out of the air and down into a catch container, where they will starve and die.

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If needed, simply plug it in, and it’ll easily take out larger insects like moths or wasps, too. Very few models on the market are designed in a way that makes them moth-compatible, and so if you find that your nighttime pests tend to be of the larger variety, invest in this device.

Mosquitos which are looking for a breeding location will seek out stagnant water, and when they near this trap, they’re sucked right in. I’ve owned one of these in the past as well, and for me, the real difference between the two comes into play if you plan on hanging it.

But if you tend to set yours on a flat surface like I do, you’ll find that the Pastilla is just as functional as the Aspects. Many zappers have catch trays to hold dead bugs that’ve been killed by the device.

While flies and moths are easily lured by the ultraviolet light, some insects are less interested. While they can be interested in the light, mosquitos tend to be more attracted to the smell of human sweat, or possibly carbon dioxide from your breath.

Because of insects that are drawn for alternate reasons, zappers nowadays often include pheromone lures or carbon dioxide emitters in addition to the light. There’s only one thing to be concerned about: many beneficial insects can be lured by that tantalizing UV light as well.

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Since many insects use UV markings on plants to know where to go, a light is like a beacon, just luring them closer. It’s good to be mindful of the placement of your zapper to avoid harming your beneficial insect population.

A large mesh grid covers the two largest sides, allowing insects to enter and get zapped. As the light bulb placement in This is vertical, this style of zapper is more easily made waterproof and thus can be used in indoor outdoor settings.

Many of these have a plastic exterior housing which protects the user from accidentally touching the charged metal grid inside. Made to fit into a standard socket, this is a light bulb that also has a zapping component.

Typically, these are intended for use in a sheltered location out of the rain, as they don’t have any additional protection.

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